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Found 643 results

  1. Tricor

    Honda Civic or HRV?

    Visited KM showroom, cant decide which to book as they have their pros n cons and price diff only abt 1k. For a family with two teenagers, which will be a better choice? Anyone which has the same situation as me? Appreciate all the advises. Sorry for the typo error, should be Honda instead of Hinda.
  2. Despite Honda’s reputation for building great engines, the Japanese automaker has been slow to adopt direct injection (DI) & Turbo Charged (TC). The technology is now commonplace in all segments of the market, and allows for higher compression ratios and therefore improved efficiency & preformance. Good sign for Honda fans, Finally Honda introducted direct injection (DI) & Turbo Charged (TC) to their inline 4 cyclinder engine, eqipped on 2015 Civic Type R http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/honda/civic/85978/honda-civic-type-r-2015-price-release-date-and-specs unfortuntely it's FWD, when can honda adopt AWD in their sport car?
  3. It is time of the year again I got a quote From AIG of $1511 (Excess $2600) 55% NCD Aviva $1734 excess $3000 my ride Honda civic type r (FN2) Is this a good quote cause i was paying $1400++ last year, this year increased again Any agent here can quote lower? email me at gonggong12001@yahoo.com ASAP
  4. https://www.facebook.com/JBBroke/vid...3591232526124/ Really sia suay max, already so cheap to pump in malaysia and still run away. Next time they not going to let us pump petrol till you put a deposit if more incidents like this happen
  5. SeriousGuy

    2016 Honda Civic Patent Leaked

    So this is the new Civic?
  6. slickshifters

    Honda to use its Civic Tourer in BTCC

    Honda Yuasa Racing’s decides to run the Civic Tourer in the 2014 British Touring Car Championship. Cool to see a wagon back in racing. Reminds me of the volvo 850 also in BTCC.
  7. flashbang

    Honda Civic Prototype unveiled

    http://www.autoblog.com/2016/03/01/honda-civic-hatchback-prototype-geneva-2345/#slide-3816673 Looking pretty sweet for a prototype. I wonder how the final version will turn out? Edit: Sorry boss, supposed to be "Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype unveiled"
  8. Anybody letting go of their TPS which is in good condition? Otherwise third party TPS reliable or not? Thanks in advance.
  9. *Posting on behalf of a friend* Appealing for witnesses or video feed of an errant silver grey Honda Civic and a white Volvo V60 along Beach Road at 6.30pm today, Feb the 12th. The accident happened infront of the U turn of 324 Beach Road. The Honda Civic cut three lanes and side swiped the Volvo V60. Unfortunately there was no in car camera and as my friend came out to ask a bystander to be a witness, the bloody Honda Civic driver escaped and drove away. Could not get his number plate in time. If anyone has a video feed of the Honda Civic, please pm me. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am considering to buy used Hybrid and chanced upon a used 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3A I started to read into this forum and want to get a feel of technical/common issues (if there are) typical of Honda Hybrid. It seems that the unstability or depletion of hybrid battery is quite common. The dealer told me that a replacement battery is between 1.5 - 2 thousand (cant check with Kah Motor over weekend). Any brothers/sisters drive hybrids over here in this forum? Can advise if the hybrid batteries is a bugging issue (and any other things that i should watch out for)? I plan to buy this for my wife, and wanted some hassle-free and good FC car. Thanks for your help.
  11. Was following behind you yesterday 6 Jan 16 along TPE towards ECP around 830am. the traffic was heavy and almost bumper to bumper... I noticed your car keep releasing a lot of smoke from the front wheel, under the bonnet... I'm not sure if you realised it or not... u exited at ECP towards City... I can't catch up to notify u..... sorry, forget the car number... need to check my DVR... but if that does match the description, please take note of your car.
  12. Been looking at the 2 choices for replacement. Seems 1.8 Civic can be cheaper than the 1.6 Corolla! Any issues that I need to be aware for the Corolla? What are its known problems? I heard the aircon not strong for Altis?
  13. Gilahonda

    Civic Upgraded Tyre Size

    Hi peeps! Anyone here can advise whats the correct tyre size if lets say I want to upsize my rims to 18 inchers? Currently driving civic fd 1.8 with 16inch stock rims and tyres. Thanks!
  14. I am looking for owner of White Honda Civic of SGY1986J. Your car has brushed against my car during your magnificent parking. The incident happened on 26th November 2015 at around 9am in the morning at Jurong East Street 24 facing block 252. Background Female driver performing a reverse parking and brushed against my car. The driver over steer at 08:18 (timeline) and realising her mistake steer back (double hit). Thereafter, the drive decided to park at another section of the carpark. She drove off at 8:19:54 (Timeline) and went to another section of the carpark which is located behind Block 252 see 08:20:02 (timeline) and picture. The time indicated is lagged by an hour. Kindly be brave enough and come forward. Please contact me at 90303387 for clarifications.
  15. MichelleTan_160477

    is this SGY3350E civic driver drunk or high ?

    http://roads.sg/index.php/video/357/sgy-3350e-dangerous-and-reckless-driver-what-are-you-trying-to-do?t=MTQ0NzUxNjQ5NA== what is this driver of SGY3350E trying to do ?
  16. Sdf4786k

    Old honda FD2R still the best

    The sound of a Honda wail sure is nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3x-89XSQ9k
  17. Dscheng

    2015 JDM Civic Type R

    http://www.honda.co.jp/CIVICTYPE-R/new/ Anyone waiting for this? Vtec turbo Kick in yoz ~! Roooarr plus Pppissss. Dont play play 300ps le. What is the expected price in Singapore? SGD$200k?
  18. Hi all, anyone knows can this HU be used in local cars like the honda civic?
  19. Gilahonda

    Honda Civic

    Can someone enlighten me what is the difference between civic 1.8a and civic 1.8 vtis? Which is the better model?Which model with paddle shift?More accessories? Thanks!
  20. hi guys i'm looking for items to beef up my engine. currently running dc5 stock engine. was thinking of getting cams and maybe intake. anybody has suggestions? i've alr done my exo and decat so i'm just gonna leave it as that. thanks in advance guys! if anybody is selling used parts for dc5 or k20a please let me know!
  21. Which would you choose and why? Bare in mind, for yr 06/07. Recommendations/Opinions on other cars in similar range welcomed. Thank you.
  22. Lovethecars

    Civic 1.8 vs Altis 1.6

    Is there anyone who can share with me the difference between the Civic 1.8 and Altis 1.6 - in terms of the drive and fuel consumption and etc... Intending to purchase a used car for short-term drive - around 2006 or 2007 cars...
  23. Anyone install this in their Honda R18A engine? Need some feedback.
  24. This is the coupe concept version for the US market. But I think you can get some style clues on how the sedan version would look like: Sketches of the sedan version: