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Found 116 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone know the permissible / common frequencies used in our car alarms remote control in Singapore? I believe maybe 315MHz and 433MHz? I checked IDA website and it seems like from 250 to 450 all are permissible. But whats the common ranges here? I'm also looking for a frequency meter. Just saw one for $20 but even the seller was telling me the accuracy is very bad and it appeared very plasticky. If anyone knows where to get a cheap/good one, please advise. Thanks.
  2. How to controlmotor insurance despite the fact that I have not made any insurance claim for the past 20 years or so but my insurance premium just keeps getting higher and higher http://tankinlian.blogspot.com/ Three years ago, the General Insurance Association, representing the general insurance companies, announced several measures under the the Motor Claims Framework, as an attempt to control claims. I felt at that time that the measures were not practical and did not address the root of the problem. The regulator gave its support for the framework. The insurance leaders proclaimed that the measures would be effective in controlling the fraudulent claims and lower the insurance premiums. It was a pipe dream. The measures actually caused the claims to escalate badly. The premium rates increased by 30% during the next two years. There is a big difference between declaration of intent and producing the actual results. Two years later, the Consumer Association (CASE) formed a joint task force with the insurance association. They approached the problem more holistically. The task force was lead by the president of CASE who was supposed to have the political clout. The joint task force identified the problems and recommended the remedial actions. This time round, it appeared that the measures would be more effective. I read a news report recently, quoting the president of CASE, that seemed to hint of slow progress in stopping the escalation of claims. Are the measures recommended by the joint task force ineffective? Over the years, we hear of countless cases of fraudulent motor claims involving aggravated damages, inflated repair bills, and claims for non-existent injuries. Complaints about fraud were not acted by the police. The insurance companies were supposed to deal with the fraud by rejecting the claims, but they need evidence to justify their rejection. With time, the insurance companies found that it was easier to pay off the fraudulent claims rather than to incur the expense of investigating these claims. Fraud has to be controlled by legislation and enforcement. It cannot be handled by expensive litigation through the courts. The parties that benefited from this unsatisfactory state of affairs are the lawyers, who have the opportunity to earn large fees from litigation work. Someone pointed out that a few members of our parliament or their immediate family members are involved in law firms. Could this be a reason for their reluctance to address this issue of public interest? In the absence of effective action, the consumers have to pay the price through higher insurance premuims. Tan Kin Lian
  3. Ferraricalifornia

    New method of speed control???

    check this out!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Flu_RRLMTGU
  4. Hi guys, my remote control for the mentioned settings is spoilt. cant seem to buy them anymore. is anyone kind enough to lend me his to change some settings? it should last no more than 5 mins at your convenience. thanks!
  5. Don't you think so? I do understand about supply and demand and some simple economics. However, I feel economics cannot be applied to everything in this world. Some things are necessary for basic survival needs rather than just a money making tool and oil is one of them..... This is because almost everything in this world depends on oil. Rise in oil prices will drive up almost everything (even food prices etc are affected as you need transportation and processed food needs energy to process). Even the cloths you wear are made from oil (eg polyester, nylon etc). FYI, a hike in oil prices back then cause a rather big surge in cooking ingredients prices (I know because my dad was in this industry, but retired around 6 months ago). If you ever do frequent Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, you will notice the hike. The reason for it is massive increase in oil prices lead to increased in transportation cost and hence price goes up. I don't know if rising crude oil prices will create a bubble and then burst (then crisis/recession again). However, if crude oil prices goes up like nobody business, I wonder what will happen to people esp. in poorer countries.
  6. As abv, pls share when can I repair or buy new one?? Am driving a 3yo Altis. Thks!
  7. ok, i started a thread asking the exact same question yesterday but for some reason i got a warning for it not sure why because no reason was given but i really have a problem its my little brother doesn't keep still in his seat while i'm driving he's already 6 yrs old so i can't put him in a baby seat and he refuses to sit at the passenger seat do you guys have the same problem? what do you do? he fiddles with my radio, lights, once he even wanted to open the car door while i'm moving at 60km/h
  8. Nom107

    Is thing loss control [crazy]

    not even one year, last year thing were so bad. tis year my pay not go up yet ( but job go up more more ) but so many many thing had gone up. ( house, coe, rent..... etc ) soon many many follow go up !!!! look to me like something is out of control wat the miw doing
  9. Last month, Toyota recalled 133,000 2010 Prius models due to a braking issue that could cause a momentary loss of stopping power. However, in many of the claims filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the vehicle's cruise control was brought into question, with drivers stating that they had difficulty getting the system to turn off when the brake pedal was depressed. According to Ward's Auto, 11 percent of all 2010 Prius complaints filed with NHTSA cite this issue. Toyota is now starting to look deeper into these complaints, and believes that the majority of them are the result of driver confusion over the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), which is an option on the top-rung Prius V trim. In talking with Ward's, Toyota spokesperson Dave Lee says that drivers are confusing the Prius' adaptive cruise control for unintended acceleration. Lee states that when drivers use the cruise stalk to adjust vehicle speed, the rate of acceleration is much higher than when the gas pedal is pressed
  10. http://health.asiaone.com/Health/News/Stor...221-187195.html
  11. Hi bros.. yday i was jammed in the expressway during peak hours.. and road condition was wet cos just stopped raining.. when the car in front of me moved further the gap opened in front of me.. so i picked up speed from 20kmh to abt 50kmh.. of cos keeping a safety distance. the car in front suddenly jammed brake.. i quickly braked hard too.. at dis moment i felt brake was working.. but i felt and heard sounds like 'klog klog klog' continuously at the front wheel.. the brake seemed working but the car did not stop and further travelled few metres more with the sound.. i felt like losing traction.. i dunno what's wrong.. been driving for so many years i think it is very ignorant of me to not know what actually was wrong. could anyone advise what actually went wrong? isit brake pads worn out? brakes not working? road wet? and where did the klog sound come from? i suddenly dun dare travel in lane 1.. cos i dunno when this might happen and dunno the next time this happens how long a distance my car will keep moving before coming to a complete stop..
  12. today i had a confrontation with a red transcab driver over some horning incident. i stop my car in front of him and procceed to confront him. that taxi driver did not get out of his cab. its really lucky that he is in the cab.......because at the heat of the moment, i would have given him a punch and a kick to the groin if he really open his door and confront me. anyway to cut the story short, please share with me how to control road rage. i am really lucky that this incident did not result in a violent act from me. friends and foes of picanto....let your answers roll.......
  13. Hi, anyone know the selling price for Pioneer Steering Remote Control CD-SR100? Installation workshop if any?
  14. The Land Transport Authority said on Monday that ERP rates at 31 gantries will be adjusted for the year
  15. Angmokio

    Damage Control on FT policy?

    recently the tone on FT policy has change somewhat, I smell fear. Replenish, redefine the oasis Inflow of migrants must be managed to ensure S'poreans don't lose out: SM Goh 05:55 AM Nov 06, 2009 by Asha Popatlal asha@mediacorp.com.sg SINGAPORE - On any given day, some 100,000 tourists are in Singapore, while more than half a million foreigners live and work here. Everyone must go the extra mile if this is to be "an oasis of harmony", said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. "But let me add a caveat here. Those who come to drink from the oasis must add to our ability to replenish the water, and not just consume and deplete the stock. "By this I mean that we must manage the inflow of talent and new immigrants to ensure that Singaporeans do not lose out and in fact benefit from their presence." Speaking at the 50th anniversary of the Real Estate Developers' Association of Singapore last night, Mr Goh spoke about Singapore's need to be one the most liveable cities in the world, which would require a new identity - beyond that of being "clean, green and safe". "If Singapore cannot differentiate itself as an outstanding city, we cannot sustain our high quality of life," he said. Pro-business policies, connectivity, low tax rates, family-friendly environment - these have been the Republic's competitive advantages in drawing talent and investments. But not for much longer, for this edge is "fast being eroded as other cities start to acquire similar attributes". "Singapore must, therefore, project a new identity, one that captivates the eyes, moves the heart, stirs the soul and inspires the mind. "To stand out, Singapore must go beyond being clean, green and safe. It must be a vibrant place which boldly embraces talents and ideas. "Most importantly, it must hold special meaning as Home for its citizens, both here and abroad," said Mr Goh. His vision of a distinctive Singapore encompasses a convenient, compact and aesthetically-pleasing city with gardens and water spaces, marrying environmental sustainability with economic vibrancy. "Singapore can be a city big on economic ideas but small on environmental footprint," he said, such as by making public transport the choice mode. But "even as we aspire to benchmark ourselves against the best, we must not price ourselves out" - whether in terms of business rentals or homes for people. To those worried over recent price hikes, he assured, an adequate supply of homes is in the pipeline while the Government is releasing more land to "ensure that property prices do not fall out of sync with economic fundamentals". It will also continue to factor in growing demand from permanent residents in the resale market.
  16. I am using a cheap Sony HU ... and have been checking out the forum regarding the steering wheel control (which doesn't work now). Hope bros can enlighten me. Are the infra-red steering control interfaces only for Pioneer HUs? Or are there any universal ones that will work with my Sony HU? Thanks in advance ..
  17. GoodCar

    Chevrolet Cruise control

    Anyone know where to install cruise control for Chevrolet Optra. There seems to be a provision for this on the righthand side of the steering wheel.
  18. Danieltan07

    Crimestopper remote control

    i have a crimestopper 2016. But my remote control is spolit. anyone knows where can i get one?
  19. Girl cries molest, top NUS grad says I can't control ejaculation 24 Sep 2009 SOURCE: The Straits Times POLICE, laboratory technicians, a psychiatrist and a urologist were all harnessed to look at the mystery of a drop of semen on the thigh of a woman on a bus. Did it appear because of a hair-trigger ejaculation of a male passenger
  20. Nutsack

    Remote Control Cover?

    Hey guys. Been trying to find a cover/case for my remote control. Something like that: It's hard to find even on ebay. Trying to find where to buy in Singapore. Any lobang?
  21. BoneStock

    Sunny's remote control

    hi bros, Both my remote control units konked already. Whats the cheapest way to get replacements? My ride is Sunny N16 FL. thanks
  22. Gadgeter

    Speed control

    I don't know about you, but I know this would slow me down! I see myself slowing down, trying to "straddle" the hole, then breathing again when I cleared it without hitting it! This is actually a speed control device and much cheaper than speed cameras. P.S: I believe this is some kind of advertising...
  23. MadDog70

    Cruise Control

    How useful is cruise control in a car? Do you guys often use it?