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Found 22 results

  1. chitchatboy

    The quest to find better driving roads

    Feeling a little cooped up with work a couple of weekends ago, I felt the need for a drive to reward myself after all the slogging. Knowing that Singapore has no ideal road for driving, I chose to head up North like many other car enthusiasts searching for some decent asphalt. After a call and a quick discussion with a mate, we made our way towards Desaru. Not knowing where to stop for good breakfast after using the Second Link, we stopped at some random coffee shop for some tim sum. Nothing fantastic to be honest. It was not long before we got on highway E22. Long and straight road equals huge urge to step on it. Okay, this was shot by my passenger when it was going downhill and I did not notice the excess pressure on the throttle. There was some no speeding involved. At higher speeds, the Ignis Sport remained surprisingly stable with no hint of floating. However, the close-ratio gearbox meant that the engine could never really settle down. The lowered suspension coupled with the car's short wheelbase also meant that it was not the best cross-country machine to be in. While not apparent on our smooth local roads, Malaysia's bumpy roads sure bounced me around in the Recaros quite a bit. A good example of badly paved roads. Notice the part where the road joins the bridge? I misjudged and went over it at high speed and oh my, I swear i had some air time! Totally did not expect that and I was definitely more cautious after this. Meanwhile, the F30 BMW 320i driven by my buddy looked like it was soaking up all the undulations very well. I did wish I was driving that instead. The iconic suspension bridge of highway E22. Pretty amazing to me. A quick turn into 90 and 92 brought us to The Pulai Desaru Beach Resort where we took a break. Chose not to nap despite the hammock looking very tempting. Not the calmest of seas but safe enough to play in. Soon we were on the move towards Sungai Rengit area to have some seafood lunch. This was where the Ignis Sport shined. Free of traffic, I soon found myself going at a decent pace. On these small roads with some blind corners, I was able to push hard as the steering fed vital information to me. Gearbox ensured the engine was kept on the boil. Stopped by the last part of road 90 for some photos... Pretty scenic actually.. Alright, I admit I was damn hungry and food photography was totally forgotten. Sorry people. Food was tasty enough for the price but nothing much to shout about. With nothing much else to explore around the area, we headed home. And now slightly familiar with roads on the return journey, let's just say I had even more fun going back!
  2. Will be gg on Jan. Would like to ask all Is drastic safe for our car to park. Cause scare later car lost
  3. Astro

    Desaru Fruit Farm

    Hi was at the malaysia tourism fair yesterday and came across a booth promoting a tour to Desaru Fruit Farm and it sounds interesting. So before I make any booking just wondering if any forumer had gone on the tour and what is your comment ? Should my family of four go on a 2D/1N or 3D/2N tour ? Lastly they are charging $175 for a 2D/1N tour is it worth while ?
  4. NAI011

    Trip to desaru

    need advise anybody ever bring ur own bicycle to that destination ?
  5. HI Bros, Anyone is kind enough to guide me on where is the new Desaru Highway? Should I use Tuas checkpoint or Woodlands ? Can anyone help me? Thanks
  6. Dear bros & sis, I've not been to Malaysia road trip for long time. Wonder if this is an easy trip? Any recommendation on getting a GPS, does such device helps? I got lost using one some years back, it's a GPS on my HTC phone, sigh. If anyone of you have been regular to Desaru, let me know your experiences. Thanks:)
  7. Hi all, is anyone familiar with the changi ferry terminal? I need to book tickets to desaru but there's not much info on it online. Any website for booking or tel number to call? I read somewhere that parking at e terminal is free for travellers. Anyone parked car there during your trip before? I wonder whether it is safe! Tks in advance for any advice
  8. HELLO BOYS & GIRLS. I wil b going on a road trip to Desaru Beach Resort N Kota Tinggi Waterfalls depart Sin 3 Mar abt 9am & rtn Sin 5Mar abt 4pm. I night in Desaru & 1 night in KT. Anybody want to join r welcome. Families N singles r welcome. Me wil b self, wifey N 2 chio-bu. Try to let me know early to cfm hotel bookings. We also going to eat cheap & good lobsters at Rengit which is near Desaru. BKT wil b at e usual place near K.Tinggi. Maybe u can call my mobile 90044853 as i wont b coming in here often lately. All expenses u pay yourself as I am not a commercial organizer. Im just a happy traveller. Hee.
  9. Icebrush79

    Trip to Desaru - some advise pls..

    Hi guys I am planning a weekend getaway with my Would be staying at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort. As I haven't been to Desaru since I was like 3 years old... May I ask the kind bros and sis here what are the things I can do there?? I mean, only within the beach and hotel area... eg water sports?? activities?? etc (PS: won't be driving in as i'll be sending my car in for servicing and light maintenance during the period of absence) Would also need to find out, how much would I need to bring?? (eg SGD 300?? 400?? ) - of course i'll change the monies to RM. Thanks in advance guys
  10. Road trip on 16 Oct 2010 (Sat) Safety briefing on 08 Oct 2010 (Fri) at Kallang Mac 8pm Desaru Fruit Farm Driving GS Ah Cow DJ Ah Ball (tentatively should be ok, however, Oct 17 traveling) Sardin Ben10 Unltd Copa Rex Not driving AGG (alone if can go) FS luckytan desaru fruit farm - leisurely drive followed by makan fruits and then drive to desaru for seafood at sungei rengit. in between got ostrich farm and crocodile farm, if those have kids are interested. more complicated but more fun. GPS confirmed needed. Will be 1 whole day from 7am onwards. i also never go before except for the seafood dinner Guys as discussed previously, pls let me know if you can't make it. Let's hope we can pull this off successfully so we can plan to go further up the next time.
  11. Just come back from Desaru last Saturday. When with wife for short holiday. Drove in last Thursday. Stay at Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. I dont know whether u guys remember Impiana Desaru. The resort was abandon for more than 8 years. The Lotus group took over last 2 years, refurbish it and recently soft launch it. They having promotion now RM160 ++ for one bedroom suite. Going back there this Dec.
  12. Hi all. OK seems like the Kuantan trip has to b KIV so we now planning a short 2D1n trip to Desaru and/or KT waterfalls. KT hotels quite cheap & can stay there 1 night to chill out. Seems like a nice short drive up but thinking of going the weekend b4 or after the Nat day holiday to avoid the crowds & massive jams. Anybody interested & want to go. Or maybe suggest different dates? We can go on fri early & back sat evening or maybe weekdays sud b much better. Main intention is to chill & enjoy a nice drive with cheap & good food.
  13. anyone knows? the highway from Senai to Desaru supposed to be completed by June 09. Hope to have a quicker drive for a beach getaway. Any drivers used it so far? Thanks
  14. Hamburger

    All in 1 farm@desaru?

    anyone been there b4 or if there is any? Heard on e radio ppl goin there for croco farm, fruits (durian), etc.
  15. We are planning for a 2 nite stay at Desaru in March. Heard that some are pretty rundown and cleanliness are very bad. Any recommendation for a nice and clean resort in Desaru with some seasports and go-kart and ATV? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  16. Hi, I am planning to drive over tomorrow. Anyone has been there before? What are the charges like? Their website not very user friendly... Thanks in advance
  17. I am planning a day trip to Desaru, mainly to visit the fruit farm. I have the following questions which I hope forumers can help me with, especially those who have been there and done that: a. Time needed to tour fruit farm (I am thinking of allocating 3 hours max and spending 2 hours in the afternoon at the Kota Tinggi waterfalls) b. Worth detouring to Sungai Rengit for lunch or dinner? c. Recommended breakfast places enroute to Desaru (not in JB, if possible) d. Can we get good durians at the fruit farm? e. Any durian farms around Desaru worth visiting? f. Best beaches to visit in Desaru, preferably with good and clean waters like those found in Terengganu. Any comments would be appreciated, planning the itinerary now.
  18. Yep! Seems like they got a surplus of rooms over the May Day weekend. In contrast, Bintan Resort is fully booked out. Those who have no plans can go to www.latestays.com for a quick booking. Just did mine for Thu 01 May 2008. MYR305 for 01 May and MYR269 for 02 May. Desaru good for a 2D1N stay. I wouldn't suggest 3D2N. Forgot to add. Come tomorrow at 12mn, cannot book 01 May anymore. Might be worth a try but no guarantees.
  19. Spinworkx

    Driving to Desaru

    Anyone here driven up to Desaru before? Is it very boring there? I saw online they got farms and firefly watching and stuff like that...sounds ok to me.. I'm looking to o for a short 2 o 3D holiday nearby just to relax with my GF and Desaru was like the nearest one i could find. Would appreciate some comments or any other alternatives for something nearby that i can drive to an relax :) How's the parking in Desaru..safe or not?
  20. Les548


    does anyone know where is the fireflies in desasu and also the location of the pulai desauru beach resort is? I plan to go there next week for a short trip. Any comment from you guys?
  21. Here are some of the pics taken during my Desaru trip with Doc Mike. Here's some on the way up along the trunk road.