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Found 386 results

  1. is this a sign that battery about to die? happen to my ody twice. or some sort of auto self regulating mechanism when car is too hot
  2. Billcoke

    Is Yahoo website down?

    I can't access for the pass two days, is yahoo down??? Works for Singtel, but hang for Starhub, strange.
  3. Mcf777

    Starhub mobile line down?

    Anyone kanna yesterday? till now, still got difficulty calling out/in. called starhub. they says they know about it.
  4. Give ur 5cent 10cent on this.. http://blog.gasbuddy.com/posts/The-end-all...457041-563.aspx
  5. I still saw add that put this as their description?. Is that true?. Can the dealer do that?
  6. Just saw from sgcarmart and checked their online price list, it seems that they slashed the price for all the HONDA models even though COE is going up. How come? think it's hard to be true? Some other sales strategy? Last time their list price much higher but they will give discount like >10K when you buy. At this new price, they still giving discount or that's it and no more discount? Any bros went their showroom recently and what is the real price now? Same as their price in sgcarmart or even lower?
  7. Drove up CH about three years back and took the so-called new route. Quite scary as what the writer described of vehicles overtaking on the steep slopes against on-coming traffic on the opposite lane. The drive there itself was already very tiring for us and coupled with heart-stopping moments of fully-loaded trucks and buses coming your way from the opposite lane was no joke... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_777229.html Horror ride down Cameron Highlands Published on Mar 14, 2012 I AM writing in to share my family's recent harrowing experience while returning on a Five Stars Tours coach from Cameron Highlands to Singapore. On the descent from Cameron Highlands, the driver negotiated the mountain bends at high speed, causing the coach to tilt as it lurched left and right. Ahead of a mountain bend, he overtook a vehicle in front despite oncoming traffic. Alarmed, I appealed to him to drive more carefully, but he replied that he was behind schedule. I appealed to the relief driver sitting in a passenger seat behind him to advise his colleague to drive more carefully. To my horror, the driver turned around to stare at us, taking his eyes off the road while the bus was speeding down the mountain. I shouted at him to keep his eyes on the road, but he continued staring at me for a few seconds before he stepped on the brakes and told me to take over if I was dissatisfied. I telephoned the Singapore head office of Five Stars Tours to relate the incident, and it arranged for the relief driver to take over until we reached an interchange location where a transfer of coach was arranged. Yang Zhiren
  8. by default, family car is Auto transmission, normally driving AT represent luxurious and rich, so many manual car lovers have to switch to auto to avoid to be looked down by others, how do you guys think ?
  9. Jajoba123

    Another burn down

    Hi anothr S'pore lambos gathering in Genting over the weekend and one got burnt down. http://www.kwongwah.com.my/news/2013/07/21/29.html anyone got stats like correlation on how many supercars got burnt down and the insurance premium increase?
  10. It's finally happened. Bitcoin has always been (rightly) perceived as a threat to the establishment since it became popular. The banks and governments of the world cannot control (or "regulate", to put it euphemistically) a decentralised currency. Loss of control is loss of power, and this is something they fear above all else. The US government is shutting down Bitcoin to protect its own narrow, selfish interest. It has nothing to do with protecting the interests of the people. I've never trusted the US government (I mistrust all governments on general principle, but the US government has given me a lot more reason to mistrust it), so this takedown by the DHS was a foregone conclusion to my mind. Bitcoin, apart from its many legitimate uses, is also used on sites like The Silk Road, which provides access to illegal services. The Feds have probably had a devil of a time trying to shut it down, without success - because of the decentralised nature of the deep web on which The Silk Road resides. They can't shut down the principal currency either: BitCoin is also protected by its decentralisation. However, they can (and now have) gone after the soft target - the point at which BitCoin is exchanged into "common" currency - the US dollar. That's always been the one vulnerability in the whole system. If people stop using "common currency" and switch over entirely to BitCoin or similar decentralised cryptocurrency, the governments of the world would completely lose their stranglehold over time. Don't think of this as anarchy. Think of it as the dawn of responsible government and true democracy. I don't have to quote the line from "V for Vendetta", do I? EDIT: The news is apparently 2 months old, but I just heard about it. I apologise if it's been posted before, if so mods please merge.
  11. Hi, I had my car making funny noise and my ws diagnose that I need to change the fan belt tensioner and pulley. That solved my problem but now I have another issue. Usually when I am stopping at the red light, my RPM s jumping up and down before it is stabilizing. I also noticed that the rpm also changing when I'm rotating my steering wheel. Anyone know what the problem might be? Is it related with the tensioner that I just changed?
  12. Just want to share my strange diet and herbs that I took to bring my BP down naturally. About 8 mths ago when I just turned 40, I went to the GP for some fever and when he checked my BP I was shocked to find out that it was damn high 155/90. He told me perhaps that I was sick that it got so high. He also advised me to consider taking BP pills. After recovering, I then consistently checked my BP and it hovered around 146/88 which was still high. Being overweight and with bad eating habits, I have decided to bring down my BP naturally by changing my diet and through herbal methods. I started exercising, ate modestly during dinner (no carbs after 7pm) and voila after 6 months I lost around 7kg. In addition, I take a combination of these daily: 1) Cod Liver Oil (Omega 3 type) 2) Strong Aged Garlic Pills 3) Hawthon Pills (In Chinese they can it San Zhar-Haw Flakes, the kind you eat as a kid, pink round flat candy) My Blood Pressure is now a modest 130/80! Just my 2cents worth of sharing Health is Wealth!
  13. JumpySpeedFiend

    Top man in AMP told to step down

    He has been living in high live, got a beautiful wife, nice car and the respect of his community. Out of sudden, his world seems to crumble. Politics? His own ineptness? Mismanagement of wealth? Yet to be seen. Source : EDMW
  14. donchew76

    Has 3mendouz Shine Closed Down?

    Hi, I went to 3mendouz at Wcega Plaza few weeks back but realised it has been taken up by another company. Anyone knows where it has moved to or if it has closed down? I couldn't find its website too. Thanks!
  15. RadX

    Cracking down on the Web

    moved to other thread
  16. A game changer?? HDB policy to drag private pries?
  17. Cholesterol is calling you
  18. How will it affect Singapore office, anyone know? I recall someome working for Lucasart (or is it Lucasfilm) here, & recently post how happy that disney bought Lucasfilm & hget freee Ipad mini. Disney Shut down Lucasart Anyway, sad that Lucasart is no more. I love some of the adventure games in the 90s, like full throttle.
  19. By K.c. Vijayan Senior Law Correspondent A FLAT owner's bid to challenge the HDB's move to take back his five-room unit ended yesterday when the Housing Board told the High Court it will withdraw its notice of intent to acquire the flat. Mr Chew Teck Fatt in return agreed not to proceed with his judicial review application. Justice Woo Bih Li, who made no order on the application, ruled that HDB pay Mr Chew's legal costs at the closed-door hearing. Yesterday's turn of events staved off a potential landmark case on whether the decisions of the HDB and the office of the Minister of National Development can be the subject of judicial review. When contacted last night, Mr Chew, a 38-year-old company director, said he was about to leave for Taiwan in the morning with a "heavy heart" as this matter had caused him stress for about two years. But "I felt very relieved and happy when my lawyer Kirpal called me and said the case was withdrawn, just as I was about to board the plane". An HDB spokesman The Straits Times spoke to warned that the board "takes a serious view of any unauthorised subletting as HDB flats are primarily meant for owner occupation. "In this particular case, as additional information had surfaced after Mr Chew had filed his court application, we decided to give him the benefit of doubt... "This avoids unnecessary litigation in court and will save both time and costs for the court and all the parties concerned." Mr Chew had bought the resale flat along Bukit Batok Street 25 for $480,000 in 2010. The next year, he let out a room to a couple and then a second to a Taiwanese man whose child went to school here. In both cases, he had HDB's approval. But a probe by HDB officers, which included surveillance of the flat and interviews with the tenants, found that he was not living there. It is a longstanding HDB policy that where an owner does not stay in his flat during the period of subletting, this would be evidence that the whole unit was being rented out. Subletting an entire flat without approval is against the rules, and can lead to the HDB compulsorily acquiring the unit. But Mr Chew denied renting out the whole flat and claimed he kept the third room for his use. He also said that there were times when he worked late or stayed at his mother's place at Jalan Bahagia in Balestier. At issue in the case would have been whether there must be continuous physical occupation of the flat before Mr Chew can be said to have abandoned his interest in the unit and was wholly subletting it illegally. At yesterday's hearing, the court was informed that both HDB and the minister would notify Mr Chew in writing that they would not pursue their notice of intent to re-acquire his flat made in December 2011 and January 2012 respectively. The minister's decision is made after any aggrieved party appeals to his office in a compulsory acquisition notice by HDB. vijayan@sph.com.sg
  20. Singaporeans, please support the largest public protest to date in Singapore at Hong Lim Park this Saturday evening against the population white paper and an overpopulated Singapore. It is our country, our home, and for the men, 2 years of our lives in defense of our country. Please spread the work. Lets slap PAP in the face and get those overpaid fools to change their course of action, to save our country from them and to get our lives in better shape in a country getting tougher to live in because of our governments' policies. I urge u to act, from one Singapore citizen to another. If we had not sung those national day songs as primary school kids for nothing, if u and I once had pride and love for our country, click the link below; spread the word. Thank you. This Saturday, drivers, bikers, pedestrians, cyclists, we will send the men in white a strong message and let their mockery of freedom of speech aka Hong Lim Park backfire in their overpaid million dollar faces. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showt...35&posted=1
  21. Ev0lutionz

    Thumbs down to jaywalkers!

    Yesterday along clementi avenue 6, was driving at speed limit, 50-60 kmh. Heavy rain somemore, and one part where it was quite dim, a lady wearing black.. got one damn crossing just a few tens of metres away and she choose to cross the road this way. When will they ever learn? If drivers hit them, automatically is driver fault cause never slow down! Rant over.
  22. Looks like it's time for me to control my diet and slim down..... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/hea...1249392/1/.html
  23. Tohto

    North East Line MRT Down

    Just received a alert message from LTA, North East Line is current down between Harborfront and Dhoby Ghaut. Earlier it was reported delay by CNA. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1247059/1/.html SINGAPORE: Train services in both directions on the North East Line (NEL) are delayed due to a power fault. Train operator SBS Transit alerted commuters at 10:18am on Twitter of a delay of 15 minutes. It said free bus rides are available at designated bus stops. SBS Transit first alerted commuters via SMS at about 10am, saying there had been a delay of 15 minutes due to a power fault. It said at about 10:30am that shuttle services were activated at designated bus stops to provide free bus rides.
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    Why Petrol Has Not Come Down ????

    PUB will be giving tarrif to electricty charges for the next 3 month due to lower crude oil price. Have not seen any petrol pump price went down if crude oil had fallen ..... Just pump on New Year's day for 95 Octane at $2.09 per liter. Thats before credit card discount. Although got 17% discount for using certain credit card, shouldn't pump price be lowered for the past months....
  25. Another PRC turned SINGER sauning Singaporean's bilingual ability, or the lack of on overseas forum... From his post, he clearly thinks most singers are pretty inferior where spoken language goes So what's new http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?1...se-localization By Viewport Please let us contribute Chinese localization? Hi developers and gamers! I haven't bought XCom yet, too busy. And I do habitually wait 6-12 months after release for the bugs to fall off. (bought Civ 5 and played it 12 months later, it was fabulous) I'm thinking I may buy XCom in Jan or Feb. I see the forums talk of many bugs still. But I'm glad they also tell me that XCom is the game I've been wanting. It's tough, realistic, gritty. Even to the extent that many casual gamers (those not prone to sholarly study of facts and figures and random-number-generators in games) mistakenly label XCom as "broken and unfair". And if I can't pay more for it, I might as well contribute to it (see request below). I'm once again trying my luck with developers with regards localization. I wanna do a Chinese translation for free, and have it incorporated officially. (Tried and failed with Mass Effect trilogy, plus a few other AAA titles. Am surprised to find XBox's Gear of War has Chinese, but not PC's.) Why? I want my wife and her family to share my joys in gaming. Yes, we WERE from China, but we live and contribute in Singapore now. No, we don't pirate games (you know Singapore, right?). I only believe in official updates and bug-fixes (not open-sourced, can't check for malware myself). (I maintain strong biz ties with China. My Chinese accent is fluent, expressive, original. I don't speak the Chinese used in Singapore: stunted, handicapped in both enunciation and vocab. Hence, my enjoyment of Chinese still. I speak USA English, by the way. Singapore English is also stunted, but not as much as Singapore Chinese.) In short, please do allow for Chinese localization? Publish it only in Singapore if you want. Or even in USA/Europe, where I'm sure there are lots of Chinese-speaking folks. Ok, I do realize how pointless that localization effort will be. There's also the question of Taiwan or China Chinese characters (old and new). Taiwan market is richer, but China's Chinese is more standard and widely used. Similar to how USA market is generally richer (uses "yards", "ounces", rather than "meters"), but the metric system is more widely used. Your choice. We can do either one. My wife will join the translation fun too. If I can't play together with my wife, I'm probably gonna give XCom a miss until Oct 2013 (after a long trip to Europe). Yes, I'm the only (rare) one who has perfect USA English and China Chinese mastery. Long story how I got there. Let's talk about XCom. :-) Please please let us do a Chinese translation?