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Found 12 results

  1. Gheeheng

    Need Advice on Tyres Change

    Dear All – Hope all is well. It has been a while since I start a new thread. I need some advices on tyre change. I have sleepless nights. I am currently driving a manual Avante 1.6L car. Just this Saturday (4th May) I just changed my 2 old tyres (Kumho) installed in the front, to 2 new one (BFGoodRich Advantage T/A) My previous Kumho was changed on 11 July 2015 at a Mileage or 39800km Last Saturday 4th May 2019, I went to one workshop to request for a tyre rotation service because last November when I went to Komoco to service, they refuse to rotate for me because they told me my Kumho tyres are getting bald head (BOTAK), 2 words from them "NO POINT". In the end under Mechanic’s advice last Saturday (in Bukit Merah Lane), I changed Kumho to BFGoodRich. Kind of confused why need to change now and I cannot find any good review on BFGOODRICH! Per last Saturday, my car Mileage read 79285km (Means my Kumho ran for 39485km approximately. Now the configuration of my Avante is 2 Front tyres is a pair of BFGoodRich 2018 and 2 Back Tyres is a pair of Michelin 2012 (Changed before I change Kumho) My Question now is Is it necessary to change my Back Tyres to a pair of new one? Should I use back BFGoodRich? The threading still left a lot to use. Is Michelin brand. Hence I just want to confirm can we use a 7 years old Tyres? I went to Sin Ming one of the Motor shop to request to change BFGoodRich from front to back so that I want to wear off the Michelin pair when I put them in front, Uncle told me he refused to change because Michelin ones are 2012. He told me his has a strong principle being a professional car mechanic, what happen if after he changed and then my car got into accident? May I know what are my options? I have sleepless nights after I changed to BFGoodRich. Because I intend to change all four to GoodYear which I have been researching for months that Good Year are fuel efficient tyres. Option1: Change Michelin to BFGoodRich? Option2: remain same configuration under COE ends? Option3: Change all 4 tyres to GoodYear? Option4: Sell my car now and get a 7 seater? My COE ending 2020 May next year. Mileage done is still less 80k. one Full Tank 45L I can clock 700km per 1 pump of 95. I only drive on Sat and Sun. Mine is a OPC. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Anyone use Bridgestone techno sport tyres before? Any review will be much appreciated. Time to change tyres for my ride.
  3. Hachi

    Neuton Tyre

    Anyone using? NT 512? Better than Kumho??? Thanks..
  4. JJaassoonn

    Yokohama BluEarth-RV-02

    Dear all, Any comment on the new launch Yokohama Tyre https://www.yokohama-online.com/Tyres/Car-Tyres/SUV-Off-Road-Tyres/(product)/RV02
  5. its a 2011 toyota camry currently on Michelin Energy XM2. 215/60R16 95H. need to change all 4 tyres since its been like 4 years already. not sure what tyres to change to so just here to get some recommendations. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am thinking of changing my tyres on my Estima. Current I am using Dunlop (225/50R18) but few months back it hit a nail so I am contemplating to change it soon. The current model as I have checked with many shops are hard to replace (ie such models are not common in the marketl) so it's best to change all 4. I have been reading that certain brands have their pros and cons. In my previous ride which is a Toyota Wish from BM, I used to always use Yokohama (stock). I am not into tyres so basically safety is the top prority and I do travel to Malaysia quite abit with my family. Any brand of tyres to be recommended for safety and fuel efficency? Thks.
  7. Terratoss

    Viking PT5

    Hi all, I got these viking PT5 since feb 2018. Have been using them now for about 16000km. When I 1st gotten the tyres, I kept the pressure(cold) at front(~37psi), back(~35psi). The road contact seems ok when I go over e.g. dusty areas, wet areas, I do see front and back tyres have full/good contact with the sand/water marks on the tyres. I observed something about the tyres after my 1st 10k km rotation. It seems like the back tyres aren't really contacting the road fully at the shoulder areas about 1-2cm from side wall. Previously, when tyres were new, at 35psi(cold), its was alright. Now, it seems like it is over-inflated. I tried reducing to 33psi(cold), it looks slightly better but not 100%. Any other users have similar experience to mine?
  8. Hi, as the topic, no need to be branded and also no China brand (no offence). Any decent brand(s) at the price of $240/each and below to share? Thank you very much.
  9. MrJ

    Buying 2nd hand rims

    Been looking to get a good set of 2nd hand rims. Been told to look out for cracks, warps, signs of welding etc... is it also advisable to bring it to a tire shop for balancing before purchasing ? any recommendations or tips ?
  10. Senny

    205/50R16 Tyres

    Hi bro, Currently driving a lancer with the following tyre profile 205 / 50R16, is there any recommended tyre budge $400 for all 4 tyre to last 2 years? For my profile 205 50R16 , is there any ways to change to another profile tyre type maintain my rims? Sry for my newbie question Thank you so much bros! Huat Cai !
  11. Vinceng

    Membat Passion

    Just in case you are thinking what the subject title is about... It's not a replacement for Viagra or some new Love Hotel. It's a brand of tyre from Spain. First time seeing this. More rare than China made Linglong or Double Coin tyres.
  12. Any of you who just collected / collecting soon, your new Accent, and intend to upsize your tyres, pls PM me. I want to buy your 4 stock tyres, 175/70R14.