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Found 45 results

  1. R.I.P. http://news.asiaone.com/news/showbiz/fast-and-furious-star-paul-walker-40-dies-car-crash-reports From AsiaOne: Fast And Furious star Paul Walker, 40, dies in car crash: Reports AsiaOne Sunday, Dec 01, 2013 Fast and Furious star Paul Walker has died in a car accident, online site TMZ reported on Sunday (Saturday, Los Angeles time). He was 40 years old at the time of death, the report said. According to the report, the actor was riding in a Porsche when it crashed and burst into flames. ABC news later confirmed Walker's death after it received an email from his media representative. The representative said: "Sadly I must confirm that Paul did pass away this afternoon," ABC reported in an online article. An update posted on Paul Walker's official Facebook page said that he was on his way to a charity event with his friend when the accident occurred. The message said: "It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend's car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences." Besides acting as Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious franchise, Paul Walker previously starred in other hit movies including Pleasantville and Varsity Blues.
  2. Ok my fast and furious story goes like this. Was waiting first in line at a traffic light on orchard boulevard. (road behind taka and wisma) This heavily modded and decalled evo 8 GSR rolled up beside me. And he revved letting out a lousd PSSST~ haha I retaliated with a loud Vroom~ from my 2.0 NA engine. The light turns Green, we both floored it and my pathetic stock shot ahead of the EVO and I celebrated my first street challenge victory with a TCed car! Flawless victory u say? Ok i was just kidding about that EVO 8 GSR. Actually I was caught speeding by 2 TP officers who clocked me at 68km/h on that 50km/h limit road. Oh boy was I in trouble for going at such a FAST AND RECKLESS SPEED. I could have killed someone going at such a high speed and I bet even my grandma would have suffered a heart attack had she been sitting by my side. Com'on officer, its 1am, the row of lights was on green and hey its a 5 lane straight road. He even asked me where was i rushing to? WAT RUSHING SOMEWHERE at 68km/h? I'll be at 120 if I was rushing! 170 fine. 8 demerits. What can i say. If u are suay you are suay. As long as anyone was above 60 on that road tt fateful night, I think you would have suffered the same fate. Was very traumatized by this incident. Had been faithfully crawling around singapore and craning my neck at every corner and behind every bush to make sure I wasn't going to be featured on "GOTCHA at 68KM/h!" again. One day, this paranoid driver may just fall asleep at the wheel and crash into a bunch of officers manning a roadblock. Cos there is a sticker at the back of his car stating "60km/h" Let this be a warning to all those Speedsters out there! 68 is way too fast! And on a sidenote, only my foggies was on and it was a clear night. The officer did not say a word! Hooray for FOGGIES!
  3. Rayleigh

    Fast and Furious 7/8/n

    Lai lai lai, Fast and Furious 7 infor. A review of the cars used in the making of this film. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/film-news/11499770/A-guide-to-the-cars-of-Fast-and-Furious-7.html
  4. Anyone here play FFL? We have an all SG crew, can tok kok here.
  5. Recently I see many companies chartering private buses to ferry their staffs. I see many of these mini buses driving recklessly. Which company is the one with white paint work and light blue + red strips at the bottom? Someone should warn those company who engage them that they are putting their staffs in peril everyday riding in those mini buses. Mostly are those Toyota Hi-Ace vans. Some of the daily violations I see on the road, especially around 430 - 5pm around Tuas/ Jurong area. 1) Speeding - Speed up to 100kph along 80kph stretches of PIE and AYE 2) Driving on Lane 1 3) Recklessly changing lanes 4) Failure to form up - Cutting queues 5) Turning from wrong lane The transport companies should bear more responsibilities towards their customers and road users. Even the management of the companies that uses these companies should make sure of the safety and welfare of their staffs. Otherwise, it is just an accident waiting to happen.
  6. This morning encountered a souped up K5 with very loud exhaust, spoilers, lowered suspension and who knows what else. Location is from West Coast Highway to Jalan Buroh. Watch out for him(her?), driving very fast (>90kmh) and weaving in and out of traffic, really fast and furious.
  7. I like it when Van Diesel said,"The moral of the Story. Don't buy cars in Singapore." Razor TV
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1QgNF6J1h0 FF6 trailer
  9. Try to follow ah... I spotted the speeding bus. After I overtaken it, it move back into lane 1... And then at the last video, it even overtook me (my speed was around 80-90kmh) and at the last min...force his way into the 2nd lane to take the split road to Kepple.
  10. From Yahoo! News COMMENT One thing hasn't changed since a red supercar slammed into a taxi near Bugis Junction last weekend. Ferrari's showroom on Leng Kee Road is still open for business and its flashy website continues to sell the dream of macho power and unbridled speed. Anger at the unnecessary deaths has been directed at the rich young Chinese national at the wheel of the 599 GTO that night. When the video surfaced suggesting that he had ignored a red light, Singaporeans' outrage was matched only by that of people in China who are sick of the class of individuals in their midst who think they can get away with anything (because they often do). Opponents of gun control in the United States have a famous slogan that says, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." It states the obvious, that unless you inhabit the world of Terminator or the Transformers, humans shouldn't be blaming machines for their problems. As obvious, though, is the fact that people can kill people is by failing to control the harm they can inflict with their machines. We already have speed limits, and the government has promised to step up enforcement. But, in this and all other cases of speed-related deaths, we seem to accept without question the right of manufacturers and merchants to sell fast cars that maybe just don't belong in a crowded city. The comparison with guns is instructive. The standard defence of gun rights in the US is that guns aren't used only to commit violent crimes: they can also be used for hunting and self-defence. But then you don't need a military assault rifle like an AK-47 for such purposes, so these are more tightly regulated. Cars, similarly, have mostly benign uses. When you think about it, though, it is odd that there are no special restrictions on buying the vehicular equivalents of AK-47s: cars expressly engineered for purposes that would be unsafe anywhere or anytime in Singapore. We have no speed-unlimited autobahns nor a cross-country rally course. Yet, luxury sports models like Ferraris and more-affordable racers such as the Subaru WRX ply our roads freely, packed with the kind of horsepower that has no legal purpose. True, a Ferrari is a thing of beauty even when it is standing still, so why shouldn't a car aficionado buy one like it's a piece of art. However, as last weekend's crash seemed to demonstrate, a thoroughbred strains to show what it was created for, and the temptation to let it can be irresistible. (When I last bought a car, I reluctantly decided against the Suzuki Swift Sport
  11. This is the second incidents that I have encountered with this "Fast and Furious" lorry on CTE, VRN is G__ 2734 _. I was driving on CTE towards SLE at around 8 am and in the tunnel. I have encountered this lorry twice in the last two weeks that was driving way above it's speed limit on Lane 1. The last time, he was even waving in and out between lane 1 and 2. To the management of the company, please take note of the behaviour of this "fast and furious" driver as it is a matter of time that he will get into trouble with the authority. Beside I would consider him as a "danger" to the other road users pm the road.
  12. Hi Bros, Planning to watch The Fast and The Furious 5, anyone watch it yet?? Heard people say after fist set of credits will have another part, true? btw what is the review? Thanks
  13. Link: ! Oh yeah baby. So glad Gal Gadot is back!
  14. Rollagt

    Fast & Furious 5

    Yo all F&F fans ! Check this out ! http://fast-and-furious-5-movie-trailer.blogspot.com/ Will be looking forward to it !
  15. Lmf78

    Fast & Furious 5

    http://www.filmofilia.com/2010/02/04/fast-...tails-revealed/ http://paultan.org/2010/07/21/fast-and-the...e-furious-cars/
  16. KoseiWish

    Fast and furious Red H-Integra..

    Today at around 9am at Simei Ave leading to Tampines Ave 2.. I was turning from Changi south lane to simei avenue and see the road so clear ahead and on my right side junction seems that the traffic was turning green still have ample time for me keep in the lane ahead of the traffic.. As I was turning in with signal on.. seen this red integra SCY 157.. on my side mirror closing in so fast followed by white swift sport tailing..trying to swerved back but he was so close to my side and cut in front of me..saw him cuts everbody's path in front dont know why whether he late for work maybe..or need to go the toilet urgently.. Met him again at the SAFRA traffic light with hands out and lighted cig. on his finger staring at me continuosly(sorry to disturb u on your test run)..he turn in to the industrial park and I went straight to 800+ Tampines housing estates(was behind Avante MCF 827..event not related just coincidence).. To this Integra driver if u want to race or test pick up this stretch of road is not for u as I have seen numerous accidents and even death before they change the traffic light timing there..I know Changi General Hospital is nearby..Is not Karma just fed up as u stared at me..
  17. Encountered this Vios a few days ago along BKE, one time cut across 3 lanes for the Mandai exit. (ignore the white spot on the video, it's the birdshit on my windscreen ) Will you do that so as not to miss your expressway exit?
  18. Parkingidiot

    Fast and Furious kena Jam Brake!

    MIB put the brakes on some fast and furious riceboys .... full story: ST: Illegal Racers Ambushed - 2009 Apr 21
  19. Iziz

    Fast & Furious 4!

    Just caught e sneak. Storyline improved but there r no F&F cars Wadever happened to their bottomless pit mod fund So for those bros who wanna catch it for e F&F action, think again...
  20. Banned2

    Fast and Furious 2 trailer

  21. Again Vin Diesel and Paul Walker... http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/fastandfurious/
  22. Tukibird

    FANS of Fast And Furious 2009

    Fast And Furious 2009 Trailer http://www.fastandfuriousmovie.net/ Looks Good :)
  23. Puffer_fish

    Police too fast too furious

    Cops in car upset No one was seriously injured in the accident. -- PHOTOS: WANBAO A POLICE car on patrol turned turtle in an accident in Changi early on Sunday, injuring the two policemen in it. A police spokesman said the car was on Changi Coast Road, headed for Nicoll Drive at about 3am when the accident happened. The cause of the accident is still being investigated. Neither the 21-year-old driver of the car nor his colleague, aged 26, were seriously injured, the spokesman said. The officers, who are from Bedok Police Division, were taken to Changi General Hospital after the crash and treated as outpatients.