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Found 195 results

  1. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, usually just called the "Iditarod", is an annual sled dog race in Alaska, where mushers and teams of typically 16 dogs cover 1,161 miles (1868 km) in eight to fifteen days from Willow (near Anchorage) to Nome. The Iditarod began in 1973 as an event to test the best sled dog mushers and teams, evolving into the highly competitive race it is today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iditarod_Trail_Sled_Dog_Race http://www.iditarod.com/ Google Earth Trail
  2. Othello

    Last Meetup of 2008

    trying my luck .................... yet again Date/Day : 13 or 20 Dec Saturday Time : 2 - 4 PM Venue : Bishan Golf Range Carpark (prawn fishing there) This is DEAD centre of spore liao ...
  3. Chelsea manage to scrap through to the last 16 with a 2 - 1 win over CFR Cluj-Napoca with the help from Didier Drogba.......... Elsewhere, Liverpool manage to beat PSV Eindhoven with a much weaken side and three youngsters. RB rest SG, Xabi Alonso and Jose Reina with Stephen Darby, Jay Spearing and Martin Kelly all getting their first taste of Champions league football. ........ ESPN Soccernet report : Chelsea 2 - 1 CFR Cluj-Napoca Didier Drogba climbed off the substitute's bench to send Chelsea into the knockout stages of the Champions League with a 2-1 victory over CFR Cluj. The Ivory Coast international, a 65th minute substitute for opening scorer Salomon Kalou, poked the ball under CFR Cluj goalkeeper Nuno Claro for the winner just six minutes later. But Drogba's efforts were not enough for Chelsea to finish top of Group A after Roma defeated Bordeaux. Chelsea have only themselves to blame for finishing second. They squandered two chances to top the group during a European campaign that has eventually seen them stutter across the first-stage finishing line. Luiz Felipe Scolari insists he feels `zero pressure' as coach of Chelsea but his animated behaviour on the touchline in the early moments of the game suggested otherwise. PSV Eindhoven 1 - 3 Liverpool Liverpool had to come from behind against PSV Eindhoven to clinch top place in Group D, but in the end this Champions League victory was achieved at a canter at the Philips Stadion. Boss Rafael Benitez rested Steven Gerrard and sent out a much-changed side against the Dutch champions. Rafael Benitez hailed Liverpool's young brigade as they produced a compelling victory that made the Spaniard a record breaker. A comfortable 3-1 win over PSV Eindhoven in the final Champions League Group D match means Benitez has now won 40 games in Europe as Liverpool manager, surpassing Bob Paisley's previous mark of 39. ............................. Y N W A ............................
  4. any comments? should it be early 40s??
  5. Everytime when a car has been serviced by a distributor, the distributor would indicate the next mileage due for servicing Or month due for servicing whichever is earlier. I am just wondering if it is ok to just to send our car for the next servicing based solely on the Mileage and ignore the Month due. I ask this because I have travelled overseas for 3 months after my car's last servicing. The car is due for servicing this month or a mileage of 30148 Km which ever is earlier. However, I have cloaked only 24234Km till now. Wouldn't it be a waste of $$$ to send the car for servicing 5000km before its mileage is due simply because the duration has been six month since the last service ??? Any brothers here face this scenario before ??? Would you still send your car based on the 6 month period still ???
  6. 1. Could you remember what do you do on your last day of work? Do you buy makan for your fellow colleagues or choose a quiet exit instead? 2. Finally quitted from a company that I've worked for a decade. Have seen enough and was tempted to do a quiet exit. Meaning keep a low low profile, not telling anyone, including clients, associates, colleagues and etc. Regards,
  7. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5700431505846055184 This video is a little long. 1 hours 44 minutes. The front introduction might be a little dry to some. It made me tear. Feel very touched and inspired. If you have the time, I would highly recommend you to watch!
  8. I have got this in front of my car when I went downstairs to get my car in the carpark to buy my supper. This is really the last honest person left on SIngapore. But he really have scratched my car at the front bumper area around 10cm, scatched off my car paint. I just called him and really there is someone answered the phone and willing to pay for my damages and ask me to send him the invoice and he will send me money via account transfer. I am shocked that there is still a honest person in SIngapore. I am still in shocked! Image: http://www.sgnick.com/my-life/the-last-hon...t-a-note-for-me
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    Last Lunchie Meet at SM with Typhoonz

    Look like this coming Monday (30/06/08) will be a last lunchie meet for Typhoonz and his gang at SM leow lor...... Lets celebrates with a bang for Typhoonz for his last eyeing of his office minah ..... kway png or bkt or herbal chicken......
  10. I posted few days ago (6/12/07) on POSB who charges $4.50 for coins deposit by a child who was given a "Piggy Bank" in form of a 'can' by POSB in school so as to encourage him to save. His mother was fuming mad and wrote to the ST Forum page to complain. In today ST Forum (11/12/07) read: "POSB Staff Wrong to Levy Coin-deposit Fee" DBS reply : We are disappointed that we failed Mdm Tan's son when he went to our branch to deposit his saving into his personal POSB account. In conjunction with the Children's Day this year, we produce specially-designed POSBkids Savers coin banks tp encourage our young customers to start saving. When the coin banks are filled up, the children can bring their savings to their favourite POSB branch and deposit the money into their POSBkids saving accounts. No coin-deposit fee is levied for these children. We are sorry that our staff at the branch made a mistake and deducted the amount from his account. We have spoken to Mdm Tan and apologised to her and her son, and have since refunded the fee to his account. At least DSB had clear the air in regards to saving by child. My only hope is that it could be extended to all form of coins saving by the child in regardless of whether the "Piggy Bank" is issued by POSB or not. As well the coins is creditted into the POSBkids account, the coin-deposit levy should be waived.
  11. Application9999

    Anyone feel better off after the last GE?

    KNN...Our old grandpa Lee said 5 years is enough to kill off the country if we go for the opposition...So what is your take on our life after we give them our life for the past 2 years?
  12. why was the causeway so jammed last night? even at 1am! still have like hundreds of vehicles there!
  13. all bros/sis here.. need some help.. last year when i was still under SHC before changing to AIG i had an accident. today, the other party's insurer sent a letter asking for reimbursement of $3,300.. what should i do now?? i am insured under AIG now.. do i have to pay cash or let SHC know?? please help. TIA.
  14. Police move in after angry crowds demand refund for cancelled Sentosa show http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getFullSizePhoto.do?id=23379http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getArticlePhoto.do?id=3880 http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getArticlePhoto.do?id=3878http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/photo/getArticlePhoto.do?id=3879 "Some foreigners began to bang tables; staff (including a manager at the counter) just nonchalantly said "Sentosa will never give cash refunds. If you're interested in swapping tickets for vouchers, step forward." ------------- according to the past rules.. the apex stops with the manager and his staff.. time to move on..
  15. Anyone know.... just saw on the sign board at first say massive jam CTE towards SLE.... then later on en-route to Punggol, saw the sign say CTE road after AMK Ave 2 CLOSED!!!!.... exit at Ave 5.... what happen leh.... Mas Selamat running arond the expressway????
  16. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,120109,00.html? TO gain a further saving of just over $1, these Singapore petrol-pinchers are willing to put themselves at risk. They are not content to just pump a tank of 'cheaper' petrol in Johor Baru before returning to Singapore. No, they want their tank 100 per cent full, filling up all remaining space, which serves as a safety feature. Danger? Who cares:: A man watching an attendant fills his Singapore car with petrol at a Johor Bahru station after tilting it with a wooden ramp.--Pictures: Johnathan Choo To do this, they would go as far as to tilt their car sideways, by propping up the rear tyre with a brick or using a jack to raise the car. In doing so, drivers would be able to pump in an extra litre of petrol (see graphics on Page 7). However, motoring experts warn that these drivers are putting themselves in danger because there is a reason that fuel tanks are not meant to be filled completely. The extra space is meant as a safety feature when the fuel expands. If the tank is totally full, the inflammable vapour could seep out, posing a fire risk. (See report on next page.) If the tank's cap is not properly secured, excess petrol will also gush out when the car is level. Experts also warn that over-filling can ruin the engine as well as release harmful vapour into the atmosphere. The total savings for pulling such a dangerous stunt? Just about a dollar for that extra litre of petrol. Pump attendants across the Causeway said it's not unusual for 'kiasu' motorists to try to maximise their petrol top-up before returning to Singapore. And it must be getting common - one petrol station even provides ramps to 'tilt' the cars. In Singapore, pump prices range from $1.58 to $1.83 a litre. In Malaysia, prices are almost halved, from 70 cents (RM1.60) to 83 cents (RM1.91) a litre. Just two months ago, it would have cost close to $90 to fill up a 60-litre tank here. Now, it's about $70 with oil prices having dipped from about US$80 ($123) a barrel. With the three-quarter tank rule, visitors on short trips to Johor Baru (JB) would usually save about $10 to $20 by filling up before returning to Singapore. But some are not content with such savings. Pump attendants have noticed more Singaporeans stepping out of their cars armed with jacks. An attendant at a petrol station near the Sentosa area in JB said: 'This middle-aged man, a regular here, would jack up his old Mercedes on one side.' But these are the more extreme cases. 'Mostly, they will just push and shake the car because they think this can get rid of air bubbles so they can pump more in,' he said. Cheap tactic: This wooden ramp at a Johor Bahru petrol station weighs about 10 kg and is placed behind the rear wheels. Singapore manager Derrick Tan, 40, said he was shocked to see what these drivers were doing when he was in JB recently. Initially, he thought a fellow Singaporean had a tyre puncture because he was jacking up his car. 'But when I realised he was doing it to pump more petrol, I was speechless. When he saw me staring, he gave me a smug look, probably thinking he was very smart.' During The New Paper on Sunday's check earlier this week, at least one petrol station about 5km from the Causeway provides customers with a ramp to help them tilt the car. At each pump, a wooden ramp is available for customers' use. It is about half a metre long and 15cm high. The ramps are solid wood, and weighs about 10kg each. A ramp is placed behind one of the rear wheels, and the driver reverses up it and parks the car so it's tilted to one side. Only Singapore-registered cars appeared to use this ramp. When we approached the drivers, none wanted to be identified. A couple in a Singapore-registered Proton did not want to speak to us and tried to stop us from taking pictures of their car. The only driver who agreed to be interviewed claimed he could get $20 worth of extra petrol in the tank using this method. An employee at this Caltex station, Miss Siti Zubaidah, 24, said about 70 per cent of its Singaporean customers will use this tactic. 'Some customers have told me that they can get 80km more from the extra (petrol) they put in,' she said. But most pump attendants said that, at best, car owners can save about $1.30 to $2.20 on average for small to medium cars, while larger cars such as MPVs can save about $4. The Caltex station operator said he offers the service because it's what his customers want. 'To me, the customers come first,' he said. The operator, who did not want to be named, took over the station's operations about a month ago. 'The previous operator offered this, so I just continued offering it,' he claimed. And yes, the tango tilt is unique to owners of Singapore-registered cars. Miss Siti said: 'Only Singapore cars do it. I've not seen any Malaysian cars use the wooden ramp. Maybe Singaporeans want extra petrol, and it's cheaper here.' However, Mr Gerard Ee, former president of the Automobile Association of Singapore, questioned if the minimal savings is worth the effort. 'In theory, you could get a little more petrol in, but how much air space can you fill? 'If it's an older car and the tank cap doesn't fit well, fuel can leak out and that can be dangerous. Fuel against the bodywork of a car erodes the paint as well.' Mr Mark Alexander, 34, a car owner, thinks it is ridiculous. 'How much can you save? If you can afford to buy a car, why can't you afford to cover petrol?' There are certainly other ways to save money on petrol: Make sure the tyres are inflated correctly, the engine is serviced regularly, there is no unnecessary heavy load in the boot, and cut down on using the highest octane level fuel. Most cars can run efficiently on 92 octane fuel. And for an even better way to save money on fuel, take the bus.
  17. Hey there, i heard auto gearbox cost between 4-6k to replace. Can i know what is the expected lifespan of an auto gear box? THanks!
  18. Hi all, come to 2008, obviously owning a car is much costly than last year, bloodi fuel price , farking ERP ...etc but our income...
  19. Friendly leeminder to all fellow peasants. 1 week from now. no 2 week. no 10 days. Mizz it tio si kena summon liaoz...
  20. If went for holiday for more than 7 days are you still able to start engine? Will the alarm consuming battery power?
  21. April 2, 2008 Man collapses and dies after dancing HE LOVED swinging to the beat of arcade dance machines, and went dancing there thrice a week. But on Tuesday, Zhang Wei Ming, 23, danced for the last time when he collapsed and died after dancing for about half an hour. Mr Zhang, who helped in his father's contractor business, was at an arcade at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station at around 8pm when he suddenly passed out. Nobody knew how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. He was found dead after he was taken to the Singapore General Hospital. His family told the Chinese evening dailies that he smoked heavily, kept late nights and had Thalassemia, a type of blood disorder. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...13.html?vgnmr=1 RIP
  22. Around 11pm, me and wife decided to go for supper (after 4 kids have slept). Left Hougang Central and head towards CTE. Around 11:15pm, stop on the center lane along Hougang Ave 2 & Ave 8 junction as traffic light is red for me. Light turn green and suddenly a old uncle start to cycle along the pedestrian crossing from my left, I stop and quickly take a quick glance at my right side mirror. A red Mz3 on my right lane wasn't slowing down when approaching the junction, I quickly blast my horn (2 pairs of Steble Magnum + 1 stock disc = 5 horns) at the uncle cyclist and he stop momentary and lucky wasn't knock down my the Red Mz3. Before I move off, I shouted to the uncle in hokkien "uncle, red light don't cross, uncle, very dangerous ah!!!" here is the video taken from my N95 and just to let you all know, the handphone is mounted on a holder all the time when I drive.
  23. Dear fellow sillyporeans as studied the local and world markets with intensity, I have come to the following conclusions: we are definitely going into recession any attempts or measures by the government to avert this recession is just prolonging the start of the recession for starters better tighten your belt your job may not be there tomorrow if any investment gains now better liquidate if not may end in negative territory what have I done liquidate my property and thinking of renting looking for investment bargains take care of your own finances before too late this is really serious, in a few months time if those who laugh at this posting may have to eat their words if it turned out better than we have spare cash to invest later good luck and start praying
  24. Freeze on government fees extended till end of 2008 Posted: 27 February 2008 1612 hrs Related News