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Found 215 results

  1. Anyone interested in free 4D/3N stay in Phuket Marriots 2bedroom villa, pm me by today. Stay comes with free airport transfer. Only condition is to attend a 90min presentation during the stay.
  2. Pmmj_mao

    Lobang for kitchen reno

    Hi guys, I know I should have post this at renotalk, but I feel more comfortable with getting comments from the seniors here. I need to renovate just my kitchen, and have been searching around for good contractors, but no luck. Anyone have any reliable contractors to recommend. Looking for good workmanship and reasonable prices. Tks... folks...
  3. Mockngbrd

    Picha lobang

    Upper Changi Road East near Changi Court Apartment https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=753478691363967&set=a.420702941308212.99801.416856241692882&type=1&theater
  4. Hi Bros and Sis... I just got my Bto 2 room flat Hoping to find good recommendation for flooring aircon renovation at good price Thank you very much
  5. Hello guys, im planning to go taiwan from 23 to 29 April. Anyone got any lobang for driver? Need it to chauffeur my group of 5 pax
  6. Any bros and Sis here got any lobang to get the Garmin GDR35 at a good price?? Challenger selling at $299, hoping to find anyone with good lobang to share......... Thanks many many....
  7. Civic6656

    Any lobang for Rolex watches?

    Hi bros got lobang for Rolex watches with better discounts?
  8. Old-driver

    Any Lobang for Glass Rapair

    My wardrode glass door panel cracked... anyone can recommend any handyman who can change the panel? Any help is appreciated.
  9. Any good lobang for car air con servicing? Cheap and good? Currently my air con filter jam i think got funny ticking noise from fan i think... Just need to service and flush the air con... Pls advise thanks
  10. Bros I am going for ICT gonna need the 20" x 15" big ziplock bag. Any one know where to get I want big, cheap and clean not 2 but may be 30(Bulk got offer?) haha Ps very long never go golden mile there liao. Thanks
  11. My friend and I starting up a small business, looking for designer to help us create logo, name cards, flyers i.e Prices quoted all damn high, $500 for logo? If you know of any designers that charge reasonably, please let me know. Thanks in advance! :)
  12. Hi I'm looking for one used car below $10K just for to and fro from work. Anyone got lobang? Currently already got a car but driven by my wife fetching my kids so maybe I'm looking for those cheap car or coe car.
  13. Used to be on KU31 when i was on 17". Afetr changing to 18" cannot find a suitable tyre for a reasonable price coz I used to pay $490 for 4 KU31. 18" cost $165 which I found still too expensive. On Neuton for 100km. Really bang for bucks tyre. Be amazed at the price too. Call Mrs Chew at Kah Tyres at Lavender for pricing. I don't want to put here how much I paid.
  14. any suggestions? just need a simple one for my cash register.
  15. I not from Kia ok... though I driving same brand car. Maybe bros here can combine to get bigger prize?$20 petrol voucher leh. Or go MSCP carpark dustbin search...sure have inside... [laugh]
  16. Enforcer533

    Any lobang to get car bra?

    Hi people, Recently notice more and more stone chips on bonnet and bumper area due to travelling alot on NSHW. Am aware that there are such thing as "car bra" to prevent such chips.(refer to link below) http://www.autobra.co.uk/shop/volkswagen-golf-c-106_110.html However, I'm not resourceful enough to find it online for sales in singapore. Any one have any lobang on where I can get it locally for camry 09? Thanks and regards. enforcer
  17. Hi anyone have recommendation where to get a decent quote for my exhaust sliencer? Just the sliencer box, no need the whole exhaust. Thank you, i'm driving a toyota rush
  18. Full day parking is $26 per day, anyway to pay lesser than that such as park at Sentosa island? Or I heard there is complementary ticket, anyway to get that? TIA.
  19. Dear bro annd sis, Anyone know where to find good deal for walkie talkie, those short range one not intended for singapore use, so export set are welcome. I went Mustfa damn expensive. Thank you in advance. Regards, Rustyz
  20. Stash

    Need Lobang: I/D or reno shop

    Hi Guys/Gals. My Boss has a projects for me. Need some advise n opinion. We are a Restoration, Customization and Gold Coating Company (new age gold technique) We are able to Restore/Customize antiques, heirlooms and personal treasures. We are also able to add a layer of Gold onto almost any surface. ie: plastic chrome shower heads, sanitary fittings and many more. We are a back end company that provides services for others / other companies. We are now looking to enter/venture into the interior design/developer market. Is there any one out there with the right contacts or have their own company that we can speak with? (commission) We want to see how we can enhance the quality / BLING in their projects.a Im new and clueless in this industry!!! PLS PM me for company details and my contact
  21. Creative_tec

    Need part time job lobang.. anyone?

    Hi All, Just wanna check if anyone have any lobang for part time job? i have a full time job working in a bank from 4 to 12pm and i hope i can find another job that allows me to work from 1am onwards till morning or during weekends. i have my own vehicle and i have thought of doing delivery during the weekends but looking thru the papers, there is no lobangs. Thought of giving tutions as well but i am just a diploma holder.... if you guys have any lobangs, can reply me or pm me. thanks thanks.
  22. Looking for hire with driver for 15 pax any lobang?
  23. Westkid

    Any ad hoc workers lobang?

    Regular table wiper or undertakers not considered Any lobang?
  24. Powerkeong

    Need Lobang for Van Rental.

    Hi Bro, I need to rent a van from 18 - 29 june to do some work. Anyone out there has lobang on renting a van? My budget is around $30-$35/day... Prefer to get a Toyota Liteace/Opel Combo... Please help me. Ima desperate now...