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Found 46 results

  1. Flipped newspaper today and saw BMW used for quite a few lucky draws (mandarin gallery, citibank, etc)... why keep using BMW and not MERC or AUDI? Is it because BMW is more established or recognised by the consumers? Appreciate your comments and views.
  2. "POHTEHTOE" Thank goodness nobody got hurt. Shoddy workmanship? AOG? Maybe. Once in 50 years? I dunno. By Republic Polytechnic
  3. Subarugt

    Very lucky maid!!

  4. hey everyone, thought I would share my experience... went to buy a replacement set of ball joints for my ford focus and went to the workshop to change. After taking out the ball joints, teh mechanic realised that the joints are too small for my car. Called the stockist that I bought from, he says he got the size wrong from the UK stockist he bought from and ask me to wait for the replacement parts to be flown in... how to wait? the car is up on the lift and teh boss needs the lift for business, so he suggests that i just change the entire lower arm assembly for the entire front. He will foot half the costs of whatever the other stockist quotes him, so the left is just 140 and the right could potentially be 250 as he is getting the part from regent motors, while my car sits on the lift for another day... feel really insecure, but have to go through with it. Thank goodness he is at least a reputable parts stockist, can't imagine what would happen otherwise...
  5. ....wah, parking attendant got fren fren one also ah http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=77518 If you have a friend who works as a parking attendant, you must be very lucky, says STOMPer George, who spotted this amusing parking ticket on the windscreen of a car. The ticket issued to the owner of this car was blank and stated no fines to be paid. Instead, there was a handwritten note which read,
  6. Drive_carcar

    My Lucky Day

    Seems strange such a topic appear under Complaints. But I was really very lucky yesterday. Had 3 near accidents because the other driver probably didn't check blind spot, or my car too small to be seen. Thankfully in all 3 situations I somehow managed to avoid an accident. I was going back to clients' office after lunch, a short drive from Punggol to Bishan. On TPE heading towards CTE, I was on the middle lane, and while overtaking this cement truck, the cement truck suddenly deicdes to filter out to the middle lane as well, when I was already right beside the joker. Gave the fella a good long horn. When I got onto CTE, just after Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 (I think), this MPV (grey Wish) was joining the E-way from slip road. I was on the middle lane as well, and this MPV just filter all the way from slip road to 3rd lane, and then was drifting near me, and I was just side by side with that fella again. Another good long blast from me. Then after I got off CTE at AMK Ave 1, going towards Bishan, there's this part of the road where is kind of kinked to the left, not sure if it's a permanent feature because there's lots of road works there. So I dutifully keep to my left most lane, and there was this silver Altis, which took the kink too sharp and attempted to cut me off from my right. Not sure what's wrong with some people nowadays. Please check blindspot okay? Times are bad enough already, and I'm sure we can all do with less problems to deal with. Drive defensively!
  7. Hishercar

    How lucky can you get

    http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/12/technolo...&ei=5087%0A SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 11
  8. crooked a$$holes in mediacorpse ================= AN EXECUTIVE at MediaCorp Enterprises was fined $8,000 yesterday for helping to rig a lucky draw the company had been hired to organise. David Quek Siak Yeong, 43, an assistant vice-president, admitted that he agreed to accept a $2,500 bribe from a contestant in a daily draw giving out $5,000 in Shell petrol vouchers. In return, he asked a subordinate to 'pick' the man as a winner on Oct 17 last year. Quek is the most senior MediaCorp official to be implicated in the rigging of the 'free fuel for a year' promotion. Teh Gim Leng, 29, who was in charge of the daily draws, was convicted in July. He was sentenced to three months' jail and ordered to pay a penalty of nearly $6,000. Quek yesterday pleaded guilty to asking for $2,500 in fuel vouchers from 'winner' Chan Chor Meng. A second charge of asking another contestant for the same sum was taken into consideration. His lawyer, Mr Adrian Wee , said Quek had suggested 'in jest' to Teh to let some of his friends win the contest. Teh agreed as he had been doing precisely that, Mr Wee added. Asking the court not to impose a jail term, Mr Wee said MediaCorp was standing by Quek. Later, in the same district court, Long Say Chong, 34, an engineer with Rami Technology, was fined $5,000 for agreeing to accept $300 in Shell vouchers from another 'winner'. Quek and Long were among the five people charged yesterday for their role in fixing the lucky draw, but they were the only ones to plead guilty. The cases against the other three will be heard later this month - bringing the total brought to court to 18. Of the 12 'winners' charged on Nov 12, 10 admitted to the offences and were fined $5,000 or $6,000. The other two will be attending court on Dec 15 to discuss arrangements for their trials. The maximum penalty for corruption is a $100,000 fine and five years' jail
  9. Anyone know how these people run foul of the law? Because the sentence said "they gave or agreed to give petrol vouchers in return for being picked in the Shell "free fuel for a year, one lucky winner a day" draw." I thought they call to win the Shell petrol voucher. And not offer petrol to win petrol leh. Is there a typo there? http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../389592/1/.html SINGAPORE: Twelve people who had either agreed or given bribes in exchange for having their names picked in a lucky draw ran foul of the law. In a statement, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said they gave or agreed to give petrol vouchers in return for being picked in the Shell "free fuel for a year, one lucky winner a day" draw. All 12 - 10 men and one woman - were charged in court on Thursday. They face a possible jail term of five years or a maximum fine of S$100,000 if convicted under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The executive who took the bribes, Teh Gim Leng, has already been sentenced to three months' jail and fined S$5,900 in July. - CNA/vm
  10. Was in JB for my usual pumping and dinner with a friend. Pumped full at Pelangi Shell and left. At the exit of the station, one guy and one woman, early 20s approached. They claim that they are from this company which r newly formed, and wishes to use this lucky draw as a marketing strategy. They passed me and my frnd each a broucher and wanted us to open it. if it says thanks, then too bad, and if there is a price hiiden, i have won. True enough i opened mine and inside shows a round silver or blue circle. That guy became v exicted and said OMG this is the big prize, immediately called his manager and the manager spoke to me, asking if i'm in relation with the guy giving out the lucky draw as he scared we might be in cahoots. Then he showed me a lot of newspaper cutting saying that i have won the lucky draw, the prize would only show upon reaching the office and using the machine to scan. After much pestering, he brought me to therir office at Desa Tebrau. Everything seems fine at the office, manager started explanation to me abotu the whole company, nothing fishy. The main problem is that when i acknowledge that i wanted to check out the prize, i would have to prepare RM3798 to pay for one of the company new products and some custom or govt GST. Upon checking the prize, they would collect my RM3798 and process the prize, collected within 30mins. The prize that they are giving are prizes like toyota altis and holiday packages, each worthing at least RM6K. so no matter wad i would nv make a loss. However after much thinking and all these cases of conman, i decided to give my frnd a call, a salon girl whom i regulared. she mentioned that all these are con tricks and upon paying, the prizes would turn out to be those useless worthless stuffs. In the end i gave up the "PRIZE" and went off. Just want to remind MCf pals who frequent JB, if u happen to meet these guys, dun waste ur time. I'm lucky to have wasted an hour and RM5 of petrol only. They might one day start to use abuse to bring out ur $$ b4 letting u off.
  11. muahaha... is this a joke or wat...... Boleh land going to cane racers..... http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...0418-60522.html lucky not happening here..... i cant imagine tat happening here.... i think the law enforcers will be getting a risk of being beaten up or killed while trying to catch those racers next time......
  12. Hi All, Please beware when you enter any lucky draw in future. Marketing ppl r getting more sly these days. My personal encounter: Recently, on 31 Dec 07, received an sms saying that my application for XXXXX credit card has been approved and will be send to me within 3 days, and if I do not receive the card in 3days please call this number. I called up the credit card company and told them I received this sms even though I did not apply for their card. They investigated and told me that I have automatically applied for their card while entering a lucky draw when I pay my bills using those A*S machines/kiosks located in malls or petrol stations. At the end of paying bill using those kiosks, there is those lucky draw thingy where you r required to enter your contact details. And that is how they got my contact for application. This is really ridiculous! how can a lucky draw contest be associated with credit card application. From this lesson, I will reminder myself not to enter any lucky draw contest or survey anymore. Regards Orac
  13. Wishing all fellows MCF members a : ..........."HAPPY NEW YEAR".................. and abundant of HEALTH, WEALTH & LUCK ....... in 2008
  14. A chinese lady (sounds like Taiwanese) been calling me the past 1 week to congrats me on winning a phone lucky draw. I was told I won the 2nd prize; 45 days tour round the world. I have to fly to HK to commerce the trip, and also told this would be the only cost i have to come up with. However if I choose to cash out, i will "LOSS" about $10k value of the ticket. I would still cash in $48,000 (Singapore dollars). Each time when told to talk more, I told the lady I am away or busy. Yesterday (sunday), she actually told me that, they have a mini fair at East Coast Park (near MacDonalds). And there are signs leading me to their booth.. just have to quote AK3698. Anyway, I was too busy shopping yesterday. This morning.. since I was so free... when she called, I entertained her.. and her calls has not stopped since then... I am supposed to call a law firm in HK to verify myself... so the $48,000 can be successfully transferred to me. WAHAAHAA... I am rich!!! I will soon get $48,000!!! By the way... it's REAL!!! cos they even got website... and just put in AK3698.. and you will see that I did win the 45 days tour round the world! http://www.ap-ta.com/login.asp
  15. Lets say if someone call you and say you won $100k. But you Don't have to pay lawyer fees, or open a new bank account or fly to HK to sign papers. All they want is the three items. 1) the bank account details of your local bank 2) and your credit card numbers to verify your identity. 3) or your scanned passport and IC for them to verify your identity WOULD you give them the details they asked for, in exchange for them to deposit the $100k in your bank? For those of you who still think its a scam, then tell me in what ways will it be believeable to you guys that you guys actually won $$$ and how do you guys want to be paid? I can think of being paid in cash or cheques. But then you will still need a lawyer or bank account to do the internation transfer of funds and paperwork? Still need to fork out some cash first right? HOW THEN?
  16. Altivo

    Lucky Draw Scam

    haha... never tot it would happen to me. No, i was not conned but they tried. Today, i received a call on my mobile from this number +8551111. The caller was a lady, most likely a PRC based on her accent and the fact that her first qns to me was if i spoke mandarin... Anyway, the conversation went like this... in mandarin though Caller: Good morning Sir, how r u? Do you speak mandarin Me: yeah... what's up? Caller: I'm calling from Venetian Macau, the newest Casino in Macau and the purpose of this call is to inform you that you have won a 1 week free stay in our Presidential Suite along with USD 100,000 worth of free chips. Me: Really? I've no idea of participating in any lucky draws in Macau. In fact, i've never been to Macau. Caller: (laughing...) well, it doesn't really matter cos your phone number shows that you've won a prize. Me: (playing along...) Ok, so how can i collect my prize? Caller: It's very simple Sir, you just have to pay a small admin fee of HKD 10,000, inclusive of taxes to our company to process your winnings and you would be able to claim your prize within 2 weeks. Me: Hahaha... how about you deduct the HKD 10,000 from my winnings of USD 100,000 and just sent me the nett amount? Caller: Er... i'm not sure if that is possible. Me: Well, why don't you check and call me once your company is ready to send me my winnings. Tks! And then i hung up.... bleedy caller... think i'm stoooppiiiiddddd enough to fall for their scam.
  17. Few daya ago, received a call from overseas, claiming to be from Taiwan 皇马 Technology. They verified my particulars (of cos, I didnt give them the real one) and hanged up. Then 2 days ago, the same lady called and informed me they had a exhibition in JB, XXX Mall/Shopping Centre. When I asked for the Malay or English name for the mall/SC, she didnt manage to tell. She said each client was given a lucky number, and told me to remember my number. When around evening, she said I got one of the prizes, and needed to go the XXX Mall to collect the prize. I told her off. Nevermind, she said her colleague will contact me today and give me the details on the collection of the prize. Any bro here encounter similar situation ??
  18. Foofam77

    Lucky Draw Price

    Guys If I am lucky to win a car via a lucky draw, but that comes excluding COE, license, road tax etc, and that the won car must be registered within 2 months, how should I go about selling the car? Do I need to get the COE, license, road tax etc first, then find a buyer to buy OR can I just sell the car straight away without all these items?
  19. Hi bro ! Any News on Hua yang Lucky Draw ? Any Result ?
  20. Hi All I have been assigned to look for a software that can conduct lucky draw at D&Ds. Function is to select names at random for lucky draw prizes. Can anyone advice where to get such a software? Thanks