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Found 278 results

  1. Thaiyotakamli

    51 People Inside 6-Seater China Van

    Watch this awesome video. Police stop one bakery van in China and surprised by the content of the van http://youtu.be/YRNfx1B1WNo
  2. Thaiyotakamli

    100 people in this world...

    After watching the video, i realised we are fortunate to live in Singapore
  3. Hi all, Make Singapore better place for EVERYTHING. Note for all bosses construction company: -please reduce your karaoke season, golf clubing to make your worker safety. no matter how, we all same human, regardless race, nationality, etc, right?
  4. I just wonder how do they managed to drive around in wet weather with bald tyres? I meant bald to the point where I can't see any threads near the edge of the tyre. On the center only left some faint looking lines. thread wear indicator very visible. Its almost like slicks already. Cause today just saw a car parked at my office there with such front tyres. I wonder how do they managed?
  5. Hi anyone got tickets to this coming weekend Star awards 2016 part one? Where do people get them? I can't find any info on the web, it would be awesome if you guys have spare tickets lying around. I don't mind paying a token sum of $50 and collect at your convenience! :) Or are there any official channels to get the tickets from?
  6. LIVE now An EgyptAir domestic flight with 81 people travelling from Alexandria to Cairo landed in Cyprus with a suspected bomb on board after being hijacked, according to the airline's spokesman and Cypriot officials. http://www.straitstimes.com/world/egyptair-plane-hijack-with-81-people-reported-on-board?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&link_time=1459236599#xtor=CS1-10
  7. Like that also can? Social media stuff can track our happiness? [laugh] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1261028/1/.html S'poreans appear to be happiest people in Asia Posted: 19 March 2013 1921 hrs
  8. This is no accident, more like murder in broad daylight. A car drives at high speed and knocks over two persons, in broad daylight. One person falls on the hood in front of the car, and the car rolls over him. That is not all. The driver gets out, and starts KICKING the fallen! Kicks one, then runs over the kick the other. All this in broad daylight, in front of at least two other people who just stand by and watch the drama unfold!
  9. Mach

    Some people are so evil !

    How can someone be so cruel ? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/viewPost6517.aspx
  10. Thaiyotakamli

    Ultimate Siao People

    This world got these kind of people surprisingly http://youtu.be/bUpAB8efK3g
  11. Funny? how would you respond? If suay suay got police around, they might just shoot the guy
  12. Greatbirdlegend

    The hard truth: People in Asia dislike sex

    This is just too funny that I had to post. ----- Mon, Apr 04, 2011 The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network Email Print Decrease text size Increase text size The hard truth: People in Asia dislike sex by Nury Vittachi A newly-wed bride on honeymoon put on her sexiest clothes. Her husband reacted in the obvious way
  13. I want to get this off my chest. Why do people not move back in the bus? As a frequent bus traveller, I want to explain why it is not so easy to move back. If you look at the below picture, you realise this is standard for SMRT buses. So why do people not move back? 1) With no space to put the foot under the chair, it is impossible for people to stand behind the other when standing at the back. Hence, people can only stand in a single file. Unless they are very small. 2) With the upraised end at the end, people cannot stand on it safely when the bus is in motion. From the outside, it does appear that the people do not move back. 3) With the curve at the back, it appears from outside that people are not standing closely to each other when in reality it is not always the case. It just appears that there is a distance between the standing passengers at the back. It is true there are inconsiderate jokers around but the design of the bus is not helping. Recommendations 1) Widen the standing space at the back 2) Have an overhead compartment like the tour buses so thart people can put their backpacks, haversacks and briefcases on it so that there will be more standing room overall. A lot of the space is taken up by the backpacks, school bags and so on. I am writing this to SMRT also but tot of posting it here as well. Will update on outcome
  14. SUV and wagon both have extra 'cargo' space but a SUV is heavy and less stable (due to higher centre of gravity), less fuel economical, etc than a wagon. A SUV doesnt really drive like a sedan while a wagon does, more or less. Try going fast through corners and you can feel the difference in handling. In Singapore most SUV users seldom go off road so the so-called off-road ability is hardly needed. But we see much more SUVs than wagons everyday. Not all SUVs on the road are 7 seater, so the extra passenger seats shouldnt be the key reason for the owners.
  15. http://theconversation.com/smug-couples-patronise-singles-to-feel-better-about-themselves-21770 An interesting read. Lately I have been meeting up with old friends and I start to feel pissed off when our conversation focussed on my weight and singlehood. I mean like. If I am fat, what is TT to you and if I am single, tts my choice. Sometimes the focus is so much until I dun feel like talking anymore...... Like there is no other topic. Any Bros here have any similar experience ? How do you handle it? For me. I simply learn to choose my friends better.
  16. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/students-complaint-over-starbucks-staff-backfires-netize#xtor=CS1-10 Omg, a student complained starbucks staff on clearing she and her friend books to one side after they left for 30 minutes just because they want to hog the seats. This is very bad, instead of them feeling sorry about being inconsiderate , they felt nothing is wrong and went to make a complaint. Z generation is our future Singapore. If they continue to behave like that or worst, our country is doomed. I hope , MOE, ministers and other relevant authorities to step up and have very clear stance on this case to prevent abuse of complain and to lecture them, to reverse the course of what are the bad habits or shell I said is too pampered.
  17. i think we should have this in singapore, maybe in science centre, good for teaching kids about sex education in a fun way with a large size sample ** THIS IS NOT A TIKO TOPIC!
  18. This is rather morbid, but hey everyone has to go one day. Got pic to see....... https://sg.news.yahoo.com/puerto-rico-woman-propped-chair-wake-231708318.html SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — An 80-year-old Puerto Rican woman has been memorialized at her wake sitting in her favorite rocking chair and wearing her old wedding gown. At a San Juan funeral home, the body of Georgina Chervony Lloren was propped up in her red-cushioned rocking chair Monday and wearing the gown from her second marriage 32 years ago. She was surrounded by plants and flowers. Her daughter, Miriam Chervony, said her mother specified that this was how she imagined her wake. She died Sunday. The wake was held at Marin Funeral Home, which is well-known for putting on unusual, thematic wakes. At one wake, a slain boxer was memorialized standing in a makeshift boxing ring. At another, the deceased was propped up on his motorcycle.
  19. As above. Having a debate with wife about an resale unit we saw recently.
  20. Filipino militants snatch 2 people in Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Suspected Filipino insurgents seized a Chinese tourist and a hotel receptionist from a dive resort in eastern Malaysia, and then fled on the speed boat they arrived in, Malaysian and Philippine officials said Thursday. The kidnapping late Wednesday underscores the persistent security threats in Sabah state, a popular tourist destination and dive spot that is a short boat ride from the southern Philippines, which has long been home to a dangerous mix of Muslim militants and kidnap gangs. It could also complicate already strained relations between China and Malaysia over Kuala Lumpur's hunt for a jetliner that disappeared March 8 with 153 Chinese citizens on board. Six men armed with pistols raided the Singamata Reef Resort, according to a police report forwarded to The Associated Press by a security official. It said the Chinese victim was a 28-year-old woman from Shanghai, while the receptionist was a 40-year-old Philippine national. The Singamata is a midrange resort popular with Chinese tourists in the Semporna district of the state. It has cottages on stilts over the water. A receptionist at the hotel declined to comment, as did police in the district. The attackers were believed to be from the Abu Sayyaf, a Filipino militant Muslim group that has been implicated in seaborne kidnappings for ransom in the region before, said a Philippine intelligence official who didn't give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media. Last November, suspected Abu Sayyaf militants shot and killed a Taiwanese tourist and kidnapped his wife from a resort in the Semporna area. The woman was released a month later in the southern Philippines. Authorities didn't say whether a ransom was paid. Such deals are normally not immediately disclosed to the media, if at all. The Abu Sayyaf had tenuous historical links to international militant networks, including al-Qaida, but a U.S.-assisted Philippine military crackdown on the group's heartland in Sulu province in the southern Philippines has weakened it considerably in recent years. The group has around 300 fighters and is more focused on ransom kidnappings than the global jihadi cause. Militants are holding more than a dozen captives, including two European bird watchers who were seized from Tawi-Tawi province in 2012. In 2000, Abu Sayyaf gunmen crossed the porous maritime border with Malaysia in speedboats and snatched 21 European tourists and Malaysian and Filipino workers from Malaysia's Sipadan diving resort and brought them to the southern Philippines, where the captives were released in exchange for ransom. Malaysian authorities, worried that the kidnappings have tarnished the country's image as a tourist destination, have beefed up security and patrols along the sea border. ____ Gomez reported from Manila, Philippines. Associated Press writer Chris Brummitt in Kuala Lumpur contributed to this report. Source : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/filipino-militants-snatch-2-people-malaysia-050838547.html https://sg.news.yahoo.com/filipino-militants-snatch-2-people-malaysia-050838547.html
  21. Philipkee

    Do people live on the internet?

    When I see posters having 40, 000 posts on the internet, I just wonder. I mean, I get 400+ posts I already consider myself a regular then i see posters with 40 000 plus posts i mean do they spend the whole day posting on this forum? * i am just curious, please dun junk
  22. Just watched Fifth Gear's feature on 7 seater MPVs getting rear ended by a lorry going 40mph. http://fifthgear.five.tv/jsp/5gmain.jsp?mn...tion=Crash+Test The results are not pretty. Some people comment that if the headrests were up, it wouldn't be that bad, though. I would think that hatchbacks like Jazz, Swift, Yaris, Aveo, etc wouldn't fare much better.
  23. http://business.asiaone.com/news/my-house-jb-belongs-other-people SINGAPORE - Mr Mohammed Dawood Mohamed Jamaludin did not think twice when he was offered an opportunity to buy a house on freehold land which costs just RM208,000 ($81,890) in Taman Bukit Kempas, Johor Bahru. After receiving a windfall from the sale of his 3-room flat in Boon Lay in 1994, he agreed to buy the JB house and was ushered to meet a member of the staff from MBF bank to arrange a loan. As the house was designated a "Bumi Lot," the staff advised him to use the name of an unknown Malaysia woman, Ms Noraulhuda Zainal, as the buyer to ensure he gets a loan. "I paid a deposit of RM20,000 and agreed to pay RM1,800 in monthly installments afterwards. "The bank staff said, after five years, the name of the owner would be changed to mine," said Mr Dawood, 68, a father of two and grandfather of two, recalling the buying process in 1994. He worked as a cleaner and lived in the house for five years. He spent $30,000 in renovations for the two-storey house with four rooms. "Every weekend, I will come back to Kempas with my wife and sometimes my kids. I loved the house as it had a garden where I could grow various plants. "I paid the RM1,800 installments every month, but had a few difficulties paying for a few months, said Mr Dawood. He claimed to have paid more than RM160,000 in deposit and monthly installments over five years. But the joy of living in his own home changed when Ms Noraulhuda kept pressuring him to vacate the home as "someone wanted to rent" and the rental income can be used to lighten the burden of paying the monthly installments. "I remembered agreeing as it would make it easier for me to meet the monthly installments," he added when Berita Harian met him in his Jurong West home. After a few months, Mr Dawood had a big shock as Ms Noraulhuda, without consulting him, told him that the house had been sold. "Two weeks later, I visited my home in JB but found that I couldn't even enter as the padlocks had been changed." "Then, someone came out of the house and told me to go, saying that I have nothing more to do with this house," said Mr Dawood, recalling the incident in 2001. Unhappy with this treatment, he tried to contact Ms Noraulhuda but failed. He also tried to meet the bank staff that had processed his loan application, but the bank itself was closed. After realising that he had been cheated, Mr Dawood tried to engage several lawyers to settle his matter but it was all in vain. Then, the house was sold by the bank as the new owners of the house failed to pay their monthly installments. Again, the house changed hands, making the situation even more complicated. "I have engaged five different lawyers but all of them said there was nothing they can do. Some asked for payment without doing anything for my case. When I called them, they said they were overseas or were in a meeting. "One lawyer only met me for five minutes in a coffeeshop," said Mr Dawood, who paid $18,000 to the five lawyers. He has made four police reports in Johor Bahru, but the police advised him to take legal action against Ms Noraulhuda through his own lawyers. Three weeks ago, a lawyer told him he can own the house again, providing he pays RM400,000. "This matter caused a huge headache. The previous case was not even settled, but now the lawyer told me to buy back my own house?" said Mr Dawood, irritated that he once decided to use another person's name to buy the house. "I've realised my own mistake. If they can swap it with a 'non-Bumi' lot with the price of RM300,000 maybe I will buy as I really like the house." 'Nothing much he can do': Lawyer There isn't much Mr Mohamed Dawood Mohamed Jamaludin can do to claim ownership to the semi-detached house in Taman Bukit Kempas that was bought under a Malaysian woman's name nearly 20 years ago. The fundamental problem lies in the fact that the house sits on a designated bumiputera lot. This means the house can only be bought by or transferred to a Malaysian who is of ethnic Malay origin. To complicate matters, the RM208,000 (S$81,567) house was bought under a personal agreement, and the property has changed hands three times. Mr Pusphalatha Naidu, from solicitors and lawyers Puspha Naidu in JB, confirmed this when Berita Harian approached him to comment on Mr Dawood's chances of regaining ownership of the home which he bought using a Malaysian woman's name in 1994. The housing loan amounting to RM194,000 was under the name of a woman, Ms Noraulhuda Zainal, but the monthly installments of RM1,800 were paid by Mr Dawood. Mr Dawood stopped paying the monthly installments after five years as the house was sold to someone else by that time. "He doesn't have a straightforward case as the 'Bumi lot' house was bought under the name of a Malaysian woman. This is the pursuant's fault. "No lawyer will take up the case as the ownership of the house is difficult to prove. The other problem is the fact that the house is a designated 'Bumi lot' and cannot be bought or transferred to a foreigner. "We also found that the house changed hands several times, and that the bank auctioned the house as the second owner could not meet the monthly installments. "It has been bought by someone else. The case will get more complicated every day, if he wants to pursue," added Mr Puspha Naidu, one of the five lawyers Mr Dawood engaged for his case. According to Mr Puspha, all the lawyers, including himself, cannot help as the Malaysian property laws clearly state that foreigners cannot own houses that are designated for bumiputeras. According to The Straits Times report on Sept 25, 2013, the bumiputeras, mostly ethnic Malays and indigenous tribes of Sabah and Sarawak, form almost 68 per cent of the population. "This is complicated even more by the new regulations recently passed by the Malaysian government that foreigners can only buy houses costing RM500,000 and upwards. "This is the current law. If the house owners want to sell the house to a foreigner with the price of RM500,000, would Mr Dawood be willing to buy the house?" asked Mr Puspha, while stating that this case could be a lesson for foreigners when buying property in Malaysia. According to Mr Puspha, Mr Dawood has tried to claim the RM165,000 he allegedly paid to MBF bank as monthly installments and deposits for the house.