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Found 184 results

  1. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...oyed_after.html whoever that wating for bus sure
  2. Saw got people selling Pioneer Coaxial Speaker TS-A1674S. Out of curiosity, i bought it. Anyone can verify it?
  3. $600 include install can buy? they tell me local set with warranty. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...p;product=21738 thanks
  4. Wonder if anyone has experience with these 2 components speaker 6.5inch which I saw from Autobacs. Blaupunkt GT 65.2c (blue cone) vs Pioneer TS-1720c. The environment over at Autobacs is rather noisy, so it is difficult to determine which set give better meaty sound. Also they have a few testing area where different amplifier is hook up, so setup is not same for fair comparison. Somehow I thought the sound from Blaupunkt GT65.2c is reasonably good but seems nobody uses it. Is the brand not popular or really lousy? I intend to hook up with a power amp 70w x4. Any comments?
  5. Contest from 1st May 2012 till 31st May 2012 Take part in our contest by answering 3 simple questions and stand a chance to win Pioneer Audio Products worth up to $967 (3 prizes in total). More details here : http://www.sgcarmart.com/contest/index.php
  6. Hi Guys, I am planning to change my Suzuki Swift stock HU and component speakers to : 1. Pioneer P3450 2. Helix E62C or B62 / German Maestro CS-6508IV. ( Price?) 3. Sound Proof my 2 front door.( How many layers? ) Any guru to advise? It would be good if you are able to indicate the shop name and price of the Helix component speaker through PM. Can't really get much info from Google for Helix E62C and B62C component speakers from owners. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  7. i bought my set about 14 month ago and today is suddenly gone crazy, the volumn will automatic turn to the highest 40, even if i press down the volumn, it will automatic turn up to the max again, this happen in all the mode CD / Radio or even SD card. Anyone face similar problem before? any advise?
  8. Just want to clarify, the pioneer Circus is a big round having 3 lane entrance from most direction. Depends on which exit, if I'm exiting 3rd one I will normally enter the roundabout from the inner most lane. We all know when we travel shorter distance at inner circle. If The car that enters the roundabout at the same time as me using center lane he will be slower than me and end up at my back by the 3rd exit. My question here is, as the roundabout does not have lane marking and I am signaling and inching out after the 2nd exit to the 3rd exit as I'm heading into the third lane of pioneer road north, the same car behind me at about 1 car length starts to pick up speed and horn his way to get out of the way. Would like to know am I in the wrong or I should exit into the 2nd lane of pioneer road north since he speed up.
  9. fellow MCFers, i'm always tuned to 95, but recently, reception seems to be a problem. i'm hearing some radio noise, initially thought my speaker go kaput, but i change to another station or MP3 mode, it is fine. does anyone have the same problem as me?
  10. Full article here Basically, the youth got chased and stabbed so many times his intestines came out.

    Who thinks Pioneer SMC will Fall?

    As Above
  12. Hi ICE gurus, i was in the US and i saw some Sat Nav 2DIN headunits from Pioneer and Alpine that is not available in Singapore. Any problems buying form the US and fitting to our local cars? i know the maps can be bought locally. But was more concerned with the radio, etc. thanks fluffy
  13. My friend give me a JVC head unit I am thinking of swapping with my old pioneer one. Is the harness used same? Cos my friend give me without the harness.
  14. please help me decide ... and your reasons why, thanks! Sony WX-GT78UI http://www.sony.com.sg/product/wx-gt78ui OR Pioneer FH-P6050UB http://www.pioneer.com.sg/storefront2/Prod...p;CatId=2,24,34
  15. any one interested ...it comes with blue tooth kit....pls sms me at 91766380
  16. Hi bro, looking for a use HU... Size is the same as Subaru OEM 2 din headunit Kindly give your best offer.. Thanks * Mod, if i posted at the wrong place or i cant post WTB thread, kindly remove this thread, as the market place don allow me to post
  17. Didnt know my tap of the horn could make you suddenly drive all crazy... Now both our morning are spoiled which i believe is not worth. Plus You work in this area and my vendors oso around this area, so many chance to meet again. Singapore small, tuas even smaller... Next time i see you, i will give you a friendly tap of the horn again. Up to you to react friendly or crazy again...
  18. hi all, i am driving kia sorento and wonder whether the original amp they provided us able to install with aftermarket HU. i do not wish to spend money on additional amp n woofer. is it true some cars have their own connectors that will not fit aftermarket brands n thus need to bypass the amp n connect the speakers to HU? talked to 1 of the staff and told me if different then need to bypass. i do not wish to be smoked as i cant even see how my amp looks like. it will be a waste if my original small woofer in the car also cannot use if i chg the HU
  19. SimonTan

    Pioneer Mono amp

    Anyone knows where else I can get Pioneer GM-D8500M or GM-D7500M. Cant get from Sim Lim. Anyone knows where else?
  20. Wanted to go for this 7'' unit..any one here installed?
  21. The display looks pretty good. http://www.pioneer-eur.com/pressr74.htm
  22. Mysteria

    Pioneer WX210A

    Hi all, Asking all I.C.E gurus , i'm a noob on I.C.E, was quoted $450 for the a/m sub. Is it a reasonable price? If not are there any other stand alone sub to recommend? i'm not looking for amps so only subs with built in subs pls. Thanks in advance for the inputs cheers!
  23. Anyone can tell me where can I get the above item? Tried many audio shop but all run out of stock...... Or anyone got one to sell..... I lost the original remote which come with HU. Now got problem if want to ATT the HU.
  24. Nkotb

    Pioneer P80

    installed the p80 today... still on stock speakers.. if i listen to mandarin pop, what speakers should i go for ? CDT , Focal, Helix, Rainbow and alpine series S ... so many and so confusing.. btw, i bought a 2 din bracket on my own and was charged $20 for the spacer to fill up the gap because the player is 1 din. Is it a standard practise ?
  25. saw this black car (should be a fit) fallen on its left and landed on the pavement at the pioneer rd north roundabout leading to aye. there were a couple of cars stopping by the roadside too. anyone saw it as well?