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Found 406 results

  1. I have this colleague, an old timer, 50+ yr old ang mo. he has quite bad BO. Everytime he comes into my room for discussion, i feel faint. How to tell someone nicely without him feeling offended?
  2. Any idea how to figure this out using the primary school model method: There were 124 sausage and curry buns in a bakery. When 5/8 of the sausage buns and 4/7 of the curry buns were sold, the total number of sausage and curry buns left became 48. How many sausage buns were there at the bakery at first?
  3. Watwheels

    Problem with local Men & Women.

    http://www.divaasia.com/article/14475 Finances are top stumbling block to marriage by Sophie Hong THE majority of single Singapore women still hope to get married between the ages of 25 and 30, despite national statistics showing a trend of them putting off marriage. In a recent straw poll done by my paper of 70 single women aged 35 years old and below, 57 women indicated that they hope to tie the knot eventually. However, their dreams of attaining marital bliss are obscured by financial woes and finding that elusive Mr Right. Among the reasons why they remain single, 32 women said that it is because they have yet to find the right partner. Others who hold white-collar jobs with a monthly income of more than $2,000 stated that they are looking to establish a career first before shifting their focus to their love lives. "Women are getting more educated, compared to the past. Now, more Singaporean women hold master's or PhD degrees," said Ms Violet Lim, founder of dating agency Lunch Actually. According to the Census of Population 2010, women make up almost half of university graduates in Singapore. To top it off, the number of female doctoral-degree students at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has gradually climbed, from 31 per cent to 35 per cent over the last five years. NTU has also enrolled more than 4,000 female students in its postgraduate courses in the last academic year. Meanwhile, 38 per cent of the students who enrolled in a postgraduate programme at Singapore Management University last September are female. Similarly, the National University of Singapore (NUS) saw an 83 per cent increase in its number of female doctoral-degree students, compared to 2005. The time taken to complete a postgraduate programme can range from one to five years. Ms Lim said: "When you have spent so much time on your education, you would want to build up a career first before moving on to relationships." However, there might be factors other than a higher education that have contributed towards women becoming more career-minded as well as an increase in the number of career- minded women. Said Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser of NUS' Department of Sociology: "Singaporean women also value their independence, which would be compromised if they take on the role of both a wife and a mother." Women are also delaying marriage due to finances, with 29 women polled saying that their biggest concern is whether they have enough savings. A further 13 women worry about being unable to afford a house. Among the 70 women polled, 64 earn a monthly income of less than $4,000. "A house is an investment, and if I'm going to be spending a small fortune on it, I want to make sure that it is in a good location," said 24-year-old operations executive Stephanie Kay. She added that she may still need financial help from her parents after marriage if she wants "a decent place". Said Ms Kay: "I would feel comfortable letting my husband be the sole breadwinner only if he earns $20,000 a month." Ms Lim also commented on what former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew said to a 27-year-old female PhD student during a university dialogue held at NTU on Sept 5. Mr Lee had advised the unmarried student not to waste time starting a family, as it was "more important and more satisfying than your PhD". Ms Lim said: "I can tell you, from my experience in the industry, that there is truth to what he said. Time is not on our side." She added: "It might be a good strategy for men to focus on their careers before their relationships, but that is not the case for women." Ms Lim stressed that having a career and a love life are not mutually exclusive, and finding a balance between the two is not impossible. "Be disciplined in setting aside time to go out, relax and socialise," she advised. Survey of 70 single women aged 35 and below 57 women plan to get married. Out of these, 44 plan to have kids; 42 plan to tie the knot before they turn 30 years of age; and 26 plan to have children two years after their wedding. 13 women say they do not plan to get married. They cite reasons such as the cost of living and that Singapore men are boring. 32 women say they are single because they have yet to find the right partner. Another 20 say they are focusing on their careers while 12 women say they are focusing on their education. These women are aged between 21 and 30 years old. Six women cite following reasons why they are single: They are uninterested in dating; they do not have enough time for relationships; and there are not enough eligible men in Singapore. 42 women say they worry about financial matters when it comes to marriage. Their biggest concerns are whether they have enough savings (29) and whether they have the means to buy a house (13). 35 women say they will consider having children if they are offered better maternity benefits. These benefits include longer maternity leave, equal chances of promotion when they return to work and a bigger Baby Bonus.
  4. fellow MCFers, i'm always tuned to 95, but recently, reception seems to be a problem. i'm hearing some radio noise, initially thought my speaker go kaput, but i change to another station or MP3 mode, it is fine. does anyone have the same problem as me?
  5. Kezg1

    Computer problem...need help

    Hi as the above..my nephew comp. can only boot up in Safe mode and not normal boot up. He does not have a recovery disc or anything like wise. And when I try to system restore, this is the prompt window below. Hope someone can assist...Thanks System Restore has been turned off by your system administrator. To turn on System Restore,contact your system administrator.
  6. Genes

    Problem viewing posts..

    Every topic I click now does not show normally. It will show like a condensed tree where I click a portion, it will only show that portion. Does anyone know how can I set it back to view the forum normally? Help please..
  7. Ldlian987

    Brake rotor problem

    Hi I have a 2003 corolla, mileage 45k (genuine, odo not adjusted). 1 week after going for 40k servicing at BM (got discount), there was a knocking noise from the rear when I brake. It happens when I brake at low speeds (0-40km/h) but not at high speeds. The tok tok sound has higher frequency at like 40km/h than at 10km/h. I do not feel any change in the brake pedal feel or the braking power. So I brought back to BM and after test drive, they said rear brake rotors need to be replaced. I was like huh, there was no mention of brake rotor during servicing? They said they informed me to monitor an EEEE sound (another separate issue) when I reverse and brake. They also said it could be dirt or debris getting in the brake pads/rotors that caused it to wear out. I was quoted $457 nett to replace both rear rotors. Anyway I was not convinced by their explanation. During servicing the brake pads and rotors were cleaned. Could it be possible that when putting the brake pads back after cleaning, they were not positioned properly, causing the rotor to wear abnormally? This is just my guess. Or is it really time to change the rotors (they are 8 years old)? I would like a 2nd opinion so which workshop (reliable and honest only) should I go to let them see what's really wrong? Any other suggestions or solutions? Thanks alot!
  8. Nicholassoong

    Problem with QQ Video Call

    Hi Pple, I have a problem with my QQ. I tried to chat with my overseas friend using QQ. However, whenever we try to do a video conference, the video connection will disconnect shortly. I am using a wireless network. The wireless connection will also disconnect itself when the video connection disconnect. But when I do not do a video connection, the wireless network is stable. Any friend here has experienced such symptoms? Appreciate if you could advise me how to resolve this problem. Thanks!
  9. hey guys..i wake up in the morning to discovered my driver side power windows isnt working..seems like no current is passing thru. all other windows are working fine. could it be the motor damaged? any idea how much would it cost to rectfiy the problem? many thanks!
  10. sharing this info... especially for drivers who change their own oil... Last oil change... N today's oil change... I poured in my usual measured amount (measured with measuring cylinders)... But oil was a lot above H mark... Even after starting engine n measuring with dip stick immediately. So today I seriously thought I didn't do a good job in draining my old oil... Maybe car was not on proper level ground... So when I checked my oil again a few hours after my oil change, I was prepared to drain some oil out... But when I pull out my my dip stick... Knn the yellow handle came off and the metal dip stick fell into the hole... WTF... maybe too many times measure oil level until handle came loose... hahaha... thank god i had a screw driver with a magnetic extendable tip (i bought many years back from a cute mei mei walking ard selling it at Maxwell market)... got my metal part of the dip stick out and fixed it back to the handle and measured my oil level and it was normal... wahhh.. heng sia... lucky i didnt drain any oil out... if not confirm oil pressure light sure come out and god knows what damage i might cause... hahaha... just sharing....
  11. Got some problem with my throttle cable and accelerator this afternoon. The accelerator pedal was very hard, feels like its stucked. cant be press at all... after a few tries, it went down and the RPM goes up and stop there without coming back down. I immediately off my engine, found that the Throttle Body is stuck in Open Position instead of Close Position even after i release the accelerator. I had to manually turn back the Throttle Body. The cable seems very stiff, doesnt pull smoothly as before. dont know if its going to snap soon or what. when i was driving back home in the morning there was no problem at all. it only happens when i start my car a few hours later. Anyone knows any good workshop near hougang that can fix the problem. Thank you very much....
  12. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...907&DL=1000 saw this ad while glancing in sgcarmarts.. selling at huge mark down .. u think got any problem? paintwork looks ok hor.. good and reliable car for first time budget buyers.. not related to sellers lah..
  13. Hi All... I went to BCC but seems like they r nt tt competent and r like changing parts just to earn money... My situation was like tis...While driving my aircon compressor will stop and warm air will keep blowing out of my vents... after like 10-15mins compressor kicks in again n air con comes back... 1st situation : BCC claim my fan motor nt wrking.. tts the cause of it...I insisted that i saw the fan moving only occassion stopping...if it jam it will nt rotate at all...since my van is ard 7yrs old and BCC is the "Specialist" i gave them a benefit of the doubt... After replacement of FAN motor and drive out to bishan rd my air con died on me again... 2nd time i went back bcc i put the vehicle for 2days...they claim they couldnt find the fault...totally waste of my time...have to tell them my problem and they say : OH your compressor is spoilt. Have to put there another extra day for the "chief engineer" to troubleshoot.. He got quite a reputation so i trusted him n gave him the benefit of the doubt. Claim my compressor was faulty tts why..i asked if mayb its the air con relay might be the caused of it, they replaced my air con relay with theirs and let me try... Ok i changed the compressor... The same problem came back again.... 3rd time: Went back again as adviced and put my car for full day...couldnt find fault...i told them cannot be whenever i on/off the air con there is this sound...den when i demostrated to them, they said oh ya your relay got problem.. I replied that the relay is theirs and they say that their relay is faulty 1... i told them off why in the first place let me try with a faulty relay?? In an anger i left and went to another wrkshop to do....to my horror BCC gave me a relay for pwr door instead of the air con relay...the wrkshop owner showed me the diff...even the pin formation also different... So now my van replaced fan motor, Compressor and Air con relay, the problem still persist... Anybody know what could the problem b??
  14. Just went up Genting last Sunday with my 4 year old Hyundai Tucson. It was a hot day, and after about 4 hours of driving, the air-con started to fail with only normal air coming out from the fan. I heard a lot about Tucson air-con failing, I even laugh at my friends who are driving them, but never thought that it will happen to me one day. They went back to agent, who claimed that the thermoset stops functioning, agent just did a reset but it comes back again later. Anyone knows what will be the repair likely to be so that I can get well equip with this knowledge when I visit any workshop (maybe you guys can recommend me a good air-con service workshop?). Cheers!
  15. 客工声称狮城工作难,因此患得心脏病,还上庭向公司索讨超时工资1万2000多元。 来自山东省的张先生(45岁,无业)告诉《新明日报》,他在2009年9月份来到本地,当建筑工人,第一个月就因为不适应,脸肿脚肿,必须看医生。
  16. Hi all, I watched a talk show and the guests made some comments about Korean speaking English. Scenario One Jane asked the Hotel receptionist, "Where can I find a Copy Machine?". The receptionist replied her, "oh you can go to the restaurant and they have the machine". Jane thought the restaurant really have a copy machine but she was redirected back to the receptionist as there isn't a copy machine there. later, both realized whats going on then Jane asked the receptionist how do you say "Copy" and "Coffee". The receptionist said, "Coooo..pi" and "Cobbee". From here, they realized that almost all Korean really have difficulty pronouncing the "P/F". Scenario Two A male guest was fetched by a female counterpart (Kim) to a University in US. Since the University has restricted area for parking, Ms. Kim asked the car park attendant, "Can I f.u.c.k here?". The attendant looked at Ms. Kim with amusement! Since Ms. Kim asked the same questions repeatedly, the car park attendant had no choice but to replied, "You can f.u.c.k. anywhere here you like, I can't be bothered.". That guest was so embarrassed about the whole incident. Regards,
  17. Quekahwhye

    Manual gear got problem?

    Good day, Any bro or sis know what went wrong? Need new gear box? Where to repair? On 1st gear need to release almost fully before car start to move.
  18. Cdior

    Knee problem helpppppppp.

    i fall down 3 weeks ago... n since than, i canot walk for 1 week, my knee cant bend, till now... the doc today say, do a MRI to confirm the problem. he say min. meniscus tear to worse acl tear. i ask him to admit me into hosipital so i can claim insurance, he say not possible cos gov hosipital no space. i do not wan to pay 1000+ to do a scan for a knee. n i wan to scan 2 knee =( he suggest, just operate it, n they will put a scope inside n fix it for me. anyone know any pte doc or hosipital, can admit me n do the scan + op so i can save the $2000++ thanks !!
  19. Hi All, my car horn intermittently doesn't work, went to workshop, but due to it's intermittently no working, they couldn't fix the problem yet so I still drive the problematic horn car, any idel
  20. VellfireS

    Guys , one problem...

    My GPS is a Garmin Nuvi 1460.. It was just bought last year.. 2 days before , I was going to JB in my dad's car.. I placed the GPS in between the driver and passenger seat for the fear of the car's windscreen tio smash.. Without knowing that the GPS was in the centre space , my dad went to put some things there.. As a result , my GPS screen cracked.. Any ideas on what I can do? Any service centres here? I tried to on.. The display is perfect.. But the touch screen does not work... Please help me bros.. Thanks.. P.S. Pictures will come soon.. Akan datang..
  21. Quote from Straits Times http://www.straitstimes.com/ST+Forum/Story...ory_657415.html --------------------------- MANY people prefer to debate why petrol prices across the Causeway are cheaper rather than consider the implications of cheaper fuel ('Fuel competition' by Mr Lewis Goh; April 6). Singapore has a petrol tax (currently fixed at 44 cents per litre) to discourage car ownership. As my family prefers to travel largely by public transport rather than drive, I have gained from the tax. Thanks to the tax, the Government has had the money to spend on MRT projects. By contrast, Malaysia has problems subsidising many daily necessities, including petrol. The only reason it can subsidise petrol is that it has its own oil fields. Given its tight budget, Kuala Lumpur has issues developing its mass rapid transit system now as the estimated price tag of more than RM36.6 billion (S$15 billion) is sending shockwaves. If Singaporeans believe that with cheap petrol, the cost of living in Malaysia is low, the harsh reality is that the daily cost of living in Malaysia is higher than in Singapore. It is not surprising that the tax regime in Malaysia is high with corporate and income tax at up to 25 per cent and 26 per cent respectively. Do Singaporeans want a government that imposes higher taxes to subsidise residents? Cheaper petrol is more than just a question of lifting the three-quarter tank rule. Tan Pang Soon ------------------- WTF is this kuku thinking???!!! Didn't even get many of the facts correct
  22. Hi there, I am having problem with my Hyundai Matrix 2005 Problem arise after battery changed. The "control unit and the fobs is out of sync". Means that my fob (transmitter) does not transmit any "Lock/Unlock" command. Will anyone please detail me the step/s to rectify this problem. Tried few procedures but doesn't work. Thanking you in advance Regards
  23. lady owner here. my front suspension got prob, bumpy ride on my 4 yr altis. was quoted $380 to change. Is this price reasonable? Not familiar with car repair , so am asking advice here. Do u hv a contact for cheaper source? Is changing in JB cheaper?
  24. HI, Anyone can help me with my problem regarding brake pad
  25. Ner000

    Volvo turning problem

    My 06 s60T5 makes a strange noise when i lock my steering to left or right for a turn...it sounds as if the tyres are rubbing against the body but my rims are only 225/50/17...shdnt be happening rite?