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Found 213 results

  1. Karoon

    Guess which proton?

    written this week... Dr M's
  2. Can somebody who understands bahasa explain what is going on? Do they always chase this hard and cuff all speedsters now, or are these cars on the wanted list already? I swear I only speed on NSHW when it is safe to do so.
  3. I am posting this not because I bought a just gotten a Satria Neo. But having test drive other hatch backs like Swift and Jazz, I must say for the price its not a bad car. It handles very well with its stock suspension and good high speed stability. Even at 190KM/H, can feel the car hugging the road and the bumps on the road. There is no "floating" feel. For cornering, it has some understeer but its quite forgiving. Even when the rear does lose grip, it does not snap out suddenly and easily allows me to regain control of the car. Its short wheel base and low height also makes it very agile. Its like a point and shoot car. Of course, the interior isn't anything fantastic (mostly plastic) but since its cheaper than most Jap/Korean makes, I can't exactly complain too much. Overall, I am impressed. This is my first venture in Malaysian cars and I have to say I am impressed.
  4. DRB-HICOM has been offered to take control of automobile manufacturer Proton, again. Khazanah Nasional, the Government body which owns a majority share in Proton has agreed to sell 42.7% of Proton to DRB-HICOM for the amount of RM1.29 million (USD$412million) at around RM5.50 per share with an option for DRB-HICOM to purchase more shares pending necessary approvals. According to the press release "The proposed acquisition is expected to create business synergies and opportunities for DRB-HICOM Group and Proton to augment the localisation and local vendor programmes,". The statement goes on saying that the group will also maintain its intention and interest to safeguard the Malaysian national car company while at the same time encourage, facilitate, grow and enhance Malaysia's national automotive industry in order to make Malaysia a preferred automotive hub capable of rivaling its neighbours. The proposed sale will also enable the Malaysian government to let the private sector run businesses without interference and also allow free market forces to happen instead of the controlled Malaysian automotive market. This in turn would mean that the Malaysian National Automotive Plan may be overhauled again to reflect this change. Grand ambitions for sure. Or is this a statement concocted for press releases. The thing is, the Malaysian conglomerate once owned Proton a while ago and the management prior to the one running DRB-HICOM sold Proton back to the Malaysian government. And now this current group intends to take it to higher heights. Or will they bleed the company dry? That question is hard to answer as Proton at this moment has a huge factory in Tanjung Malim, Perak that is underutilised. Proton is also widely used as a vehicle to extend 'help' to local businessmen allowing them to be vendors to Proton. This people are usually politically connected and somehow keep on supplying sub-standard parts to Proton. Which is why Proton cars sometimes have a lot of things going wrong with them. So would they kick out all the under-performing vendors and replace them with people who really care about quality? Would the new management utilise the excess production capabilities as they do have various assembly programs with companies like Honda, Mercedes Benz, Suzuki and just recently, Volkswagen. Aside from assembling the above mentioned locally DRB-HICOM also distribute the Audi brand in Malaysia. Could this lead the way for Proton to assemble Audis locally at Proton's Tanjung Malim plant? Now another question that would need to be thrown about is what would happen to Lotus? Proton bought Lotus sometime in 1996 and that company has basically slowly bled Proton ever since. Lotus is currently in the middle of its long term turnaround plan and questions are being asked on whether the new management has the muscle to continue with Lotus' gameplan or flog (in whole or a dilution of its shares) the performance car manufacturer to someone else. It is quite worrying as recently car companies with a bit of heritage and history has ended up getting screwed or very dead after being taken over by another. Think Saab in this context people. Furthermore, it would be utterly boring if I visited the Proton Center Of Excellence in Shah Alam and they do not have some Lotuses there ever again. So the only thing we can hope for is that DRB-HICOM isn't going to conduct one of those corporate exercises where personal profit is the bottom line. Another question that may need to be asked is whether the current Managing Director, Syed Zainal Abidin will continue running the company. He has been doing a decent job over at Proton and has been instrumental in bringing up the name locally. Before he came along thing were much worse. Proton were actually building cars that even Malaysians weren't one bit proud of owning. At least now Proton cars may still be their choice by force but at least it isn't crap.
  5. I didn't know this till today and I must say I am surprised. http://www.porsche.com/usa/aboutporsche/po...y/variocamplus/ This is the Variocam plus variable valve lift technology used in Porsche engines. Its actually the same system use by by Proton in their Campro CPS engines and its licensed to Porsche. Of course, they say its actually developed by Lotus...... http://gen2clubbrunei.blogspot.com/2008/12...2-cps-iafm.html Look at the intake cam profile and compare it with Variocam plus. They are essentially the same. Both systems also use flat tappets with a locking pin to change the cams. Of course, the Proton engine does not have continous VVT implemented, only fixed VVT and VVL similar to MIVEC and early VTEC systems. Video of Variocam plus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwWp5TLGMVk Video of Campro CPS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjn6bdvYdKw
  6. FaezClutchless

    Is Lotus Cars Ltd for sale?

    [extract] When Proton acquired Lotus in 1996, many felt that it is hard to see something or anything with regards to the collaboration between the two companies. Lotus has always been an automaker which specialises in sports and racing cars while Proton builds economical sedans and hatchbacks. Perhaps it was an ideal business moment for Proton to acquire Lotus at that time and over the years; we could see that Proton has used Lotus
  7. http://kereta.info/wp-content/uploads/2009...led-500x322.jpg Proton is using the rally scene as a platform to showcase their cars, namely the Satria Neo Super 2000.Rallying also has done wonders for Subaru and Mitsubishi in their brand building efforts.Read the full news from Bernama below. NEW PROTON R3 RALLY TEAM UNVEILED. The Proton R3 Malaysia Rally Team was Wednesday unveiled to Proton advisor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, marking its comeback to the coveted FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship since its last participation in 2004. The ceremony was held at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here and was also witnessed by Proton Holdings Berhad chairman Datuk Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh and managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamad Tahir. The team, consists of renowned rally driver Karamjit Singh and his regular co-driver, Jagdev Singh, will also be made up of engineers and technician from Malaysia. Dr Mahathir, on seeing the Proton Neo Super 2000, said he was overwhelmed by the car, describing it as
  8. Hi bros, thinking of going msia for major servicing. Timing belts, a/c belts, brakepads, radiator flush, some bits to fix and maybe engine mounting. if not convenient can pm me! Thanks!!
  9. Jordanplus

    Mit Lancer EX = Proton Inspira

    Bolehland is luanching Proton Inspire (lancer EX) i think soon will hit proton singapore showroom
  10. The cabin of the cars we drive are something that needs lots of thought during the design stage. It is quite necessary as this is the place that most of us spend during commutes. It is also the space where we use to carry our carry items like our shopping and small goods, if we are too lazy to pop the boot that is. The cabin is also the space where we put our take-away meals and drinks. We have our cup holders for our Starbucks coffee and other storage space to carry those burger boxes too. However, in Asia, especially this region we carry our food and drinks in the ubiquitous transparent plastic bags tied with a plastic string (very plastic indeed). These bags do not come with a flat base for putting them flat and if you fill it up with our local favourite, the 'teh tarik' (something loosely translated to pulled tea or milk tea) then you need someplace to hook it. These days most cars do not have the pop up door locks as it is safely located at the door handles instead of up where the door sills are. And you cannot use the coat hook that is usually located at the grab handles near the roof of the car. Imagine hanging a plastic bag filled with hot tea up there. What you need is a proper hook located somewhere where it is easy to reach and safe to carry the hot the tarik bags. Some cars like the Malaysian Proton Exora MPV and some variants of the Perodua Myvi come with these hooks standard. The Proton Exora has one up front on the dashboard too (the main picture above). Proton even acknowledges this as the 'teh tarik hook' as quoted by a veteran Malaysian journalist. Volkswagen has this as an option to be used for those with the car's head rest supports, which is quite forward thinking for a European brand in order to cater to local markets. While you can buy these 'teh tarik hooks' really cheap at any car accessory shop, I think these hooks should be made standard on all cars sold in South East Asia. Manufacturers, do take note. -Proton Exora seat hook - VW snakey option
  11. hi proton bros, the present high coe has finally taken a toll on proton s'pore. they are going to trim-line their operations here. its official, just received letter from proton s'pore today. from 1st august 2011, their service centre will be located at 383, sin ming drive (TTS centre). all operations at their current service centre at leng kee will cease on 30th july 2011. the workshop facilities belongs to TTS eurocars pte lid which currently sells brands like fiat & chana cars. its still not clear how proton s'pore & TTS eurocars pte ltd will operate its services. will only know come 1st august 2011. hope it will be better for proton owners. history in the making......
  12. Proton Inspira
  13. I think the Inspira will sure be popular one. Then the Satria R3 is abt the best car Proton has ever made. Sad that they are not here in SG. :(
  14. Mustang

    Proton Malaysia Models

  15. Just watched an Oz TopGear this afternoon.............. they also have celeb driving around a track in a 'reasonably priced' sedan... guess which car they use?? A 2nd gen Proton Satria (Neo)............... Malaysia Boleh!!!
  16. Jfkoh

    Evo with proton badge

    saw an evo with proton badge @ expo yesterday.. so eager for inspira.. sorry no pics. there are always lancer trying to be evo, first time saw a evo trying to downgrade his car
  17. Mustang

    Setting up a SG Proton club

    Toying with this idea of setting a SG Proton club rather than a one make show.This way we can organised trips to Malaysia,Arrange a visit to Proton City in Tg Malim Perak or the Shah Alam plant.We can also attend their annual meeting with Proton Chairman on feedbacks at Putrajaya.Heard those registered Proton clubs do get discount servicing their cars at Proton SC.How bout it?I understand Proton in SG is just a small market but once if we get together who knows we can be a big family?I've got offer from MY Saga BLM and Exora club but not so interested cause i got hope that someone more influential here can set up a club.
  18. on highway this morning. u drive like a mad dog on sg soil. and best part, zip zap no signal. like tat u r losuy driver, cannot mutli task while driving. anyway, peak hour , hope u get caught.
  19. Saw the specs that their latest Campro CPS put out 145HP. Wow, thats even more than some 1.8L engines!! Pretty impressive. Cause the rest I check out all around 125HP only. Of course don't compare against the old engines of the 90s like Honda B16 or 4AGE etc since these engines are no longer in production and do not meet current emission standards.
  20. Mustang

    Proton Tuah concept

    Proton Tuah
  21. Mona-vie

    Disappointed with Proton

    bought a 2nd hand Satria Neo. Just 2 days and alarm spoilt. Car can't even start. Got to tow to WS. Worse no one at Sin Ming could fix the car. Now have to tow to Proton Service Centre.... OMG......
  22. Only until today than I realize that if our proton cars are not serviced by Proton Singapore or their authorize workshop, the 3 years warranty will be void. Maybe I am the only one here who in not aware of this ruling but just to share my finding with the fellow proton car owners. If you choose to let your own machanic to service your car better think twice now.
  23. Hi! I am thinking of getting this car. 2nd hand one of course. Anyone knows about this car. Is it expensive to maintain this car? Cause it looks pretty decent and the price is quite ok too.
  24. Proton Perdana replacement