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Found 202 results

  1. Zrun

    Street racing video

    Look at this video.. THis is crazy!! The car in front looks like Audi A3.. Very fast car. http://members.home.nl/nica23/P1010001.MOV
  2. Saw this over at HWZ Forums: http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showthread....8664&forumid=11 Hope this encourages MCF brudders and sisters to drive carefully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8/9/04 - around 0030 hours @ Sengkang area(anchorvale) heading towards jalan kayu. Motorcyclist Accident and died immediately. I was there after the accident happen but b4 the ambulance came ... From the looks, it was quite sure he was dead already cause non of his friends move or touch him ... they just sat there motionless ... Heard from eye witness n some shouting between the ppl there ... Group of bikers ('beng's age around 30) were going down the road very fast then a Black Modded STI moved up to speed with them ... Somehow the STI suddenly surve towards the right where the victim biker was riding n he had no choice but he scaped the curb n was flung forward hitting the side metal barrier ... Guess the impact was on the head n he died immediately cause even the helmet was smash n the blood was rushing from the mouth ... When the ambulance came ... they check the guy then just started asking questions to those ppl there ... Guess they already know its too late ... The owner of the STI was a plumb under 20 guy... N the beng's nearly wanted to beat him up n cursing that rich also no use ... cannot pay back the life ... Lots of emotions flare when the victim's brother came ... He couldn't move when he saw the brother dead on the road ... He just kept shouting for the driver to go n carry his brother off the road ... So sad ... all the friends were crying n cursing themselves ... Well, hope you guys with fast cars ... dun let the emotions go to your head while driving ... even when a bike speed pass you, theres no need to prove anything ... cause if u r hot in the head , will can do anything ... including purposely surving to stop the biker from passing you ... unless you wana live your life in regret n misery ... Well, for bikers, ... you will never win in a car-bike race ... the price to pay is your life ... (Think the police still need more witness, if you saw it, pls call the police ... they r still checking if it was really the driver's fault, even if it was, the max he'll get is 3 years jail ... so ... road accidents r never fair) Drive safely ...
  3. Paging for Terence! Paging for Terence! I know you lurk around here! When can you bring in RP21?
  4. Jgoh

    Look Who's Going RACING!!!

    Ooooo La La... Look who's going RACING!!! Aston Martin Racing reveals DBR9 Aston Martin has issued the following press release: Aston Martin Racing has revealed further details of its all-new DBR9 that will spearhead the marque
  5. Any bros know which shop carry them? Looking for a 16" gold one.
  6. anyone know about this lady?
  7. Unknown_G7

    Street Racing on S'pore???

  8. Mondeost220

    Ferrari racing at orchard gudang??!!

    was at S-eleven orchard last nite...as usual the souped up civics were around..but this time round..saw a ferrari(should be the latest 360 modena) doing rounding...1st time i c it..it's racing with a maserati...the roar of the ferrari engine is really unique...after which the ferrari is back again...this time racing at high speed with an evo8 .... aniwae tot s11 was a gathering of riceboys..din expect an italian to show u SOLID ENGINE ROAR
  9. Peugeot at the Geneva Motor Show Peugeot will introduce a whole breed of the new 407 range at the Geneva, including the saloon, estate and a racing coupe prototype. Peugeot has issued the following press release: 407 SW- the alter ego The quickening pace of changing lifestyles generates new sociocultural trends that overturn established principles, including our relationship with the car. Anticipating these profound movements, Peugeot constantly adapts its different product ranges in all market segments. Peugeot has created a new family called the 407, to succeed the 406 in the middle upper range that constitutes the Marque
  10. Mondeost220

    Focus-es racing thru CTE

    around 9+pm at CTE just after YCK exit towards city...saw 2 focuses...one black hatchback and one farni colored sedan flying thru CTE...shld be ard 160km/h and above.. sounds damn raw...happens to be any mcf members?
  11. Here is a shot of my Kyowa Racing rims and Michelin Pilot Preceda. Just thought to post since I saw the posting on the Preceda
  12. Zrun

    Racing video... funny

    http://epjfsa.net:8080/poorGSX.wmv Highlights: My parents are going to be so pissed.. Also in a cool low voice : That was my engine Aftermath picture http://web.umr.edu/~rah9tb/hahadsmloser/aftermath-low.WMV
  13. time to drool again ... some pixs of the RACING HONDA FIT from the recent tokyo motor show ... TOTO miss by a bit kanna top prize liao ... 6 numbers !!! http://www.honda.co.jp/motorshow/2003/auto.../fit/index.html And there also some update to the honda fit next year also HONDA as the packaging which is superior, low with fuel economy and advanced style in popular small car "fitting" new interior color improvement of additional setting, adoption and riding comfort and operation stability of advanced equipment is assured in the customer of wide age layer, all the type national traffic ministries "super - acquires exhaust recognition low," October 21st (the fire) from, sells from the HONDA four wheel all dealer of entire country. In addition it administers similar improvement suicide seat rotary seat car concerning "fitting Al mass," of the welfare vehicle November 7th (the gold) from sells from the HONDA four wheel all dealer of entire country. Fitting A type -Sales planning quantity(domestic month) Series total 15 and 000 units -Main modification point In the interior color it is soft with upper quality "the chiffon beige interior" of color tone in 1.5T, W and A new setting. Adding "shore line beige metallic" to 1.5T, W and A in the body color. The HONDA smart card key system (
  14. Hi just want to check with u guys how much does it cost to install the above mention? holder + volt + rpm ? If i bought a 2nd hand or from those shops tat sells accessaries how do i install it? and if i ask a machanic to install for me how much will they charge?
  15. Mondeo

    Hong Kong Racing

    A very interesting web site. Please take alook, for those dun read the chinese, please take alook the pics. http://www.haase.com.hk/street.html http://www.haase.com.hk/street2001.html http://www.haase.com.hk/street2000.html
  16. Anyone have try these before.... how much???
  17. SEAT's Shock New GT Racer EAT continues to be pushed as Spain's answer to Alfa Romeo and now it's going racing. This is the Cupra GT - a 500bhp-plus, carbonfibre-bodied racer that will be built to order from the later part of this year - and it made its debut at the Barcelona motor show. It's powered by the 2.7-litre twin-turbo V6 engine last seen in the Audi RS4, mid-mounted and driving the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox. Underneath the swoopy styling themes, which echo the Tango roadster concept and look set to be adopted by all future SEATs, there's a conventional steel tubular chassis. The Cupra GT weighs 1100kg and Seat claims it will accelerate from rest to 62mph (100kph) in 4.2 seconds. Top speed will be dependent on specific track gearing but 180mph is feasible. The huge rear wing and underbody venturi ducts are said to create significant downforce. And the rest of the spec backs up the menacing looks: double-wishbone suspension, 378mm AP Racing brakes, over 500bhp and 442lb ft. Initially the Cupra GT will compete in the Spanish GT series but customer cars will be available for teams contesting GT championships throughout the world from 2004. - Taken from www.evo.co.uk
  18. Sapience

    OZ Racing

    OR ?? i went to their website, saw the Chrono Evolution model, damn swee... http://www.ozracing.com/eng/car/index.php?fam=3&wheel=7 i was wondering if anyone has used this before, or in fact any OZ Racing rims. care to comment?
  19. Phochem

    OZ Racing 2003 calender

    Any OZ fans?? http://www.ozracing.com/eng/ozone/calendar.php
  20. Hi guys just want to share some exciting happenings in NUS, Singapore our very own Formula student racing team.... http://serve.me.nus.edu.sg/fsae/images/tnp.jpg http://serve.me.nus.edu.sg/fsae/
  21. Any bros herad of this product from UK?
  22. Here's S60T5R, Yttrium and YSFOO (AKA Super 7) and me... after a race!
  23. Mondeo

    JAGUAR X-Type Racing Concept

    My NO.1 brand
  24. So far quite a few of us have raced with each other, sometimes with other unknown racers around the world, it's great fun and there were some serious track side stunts n accidents too since some of the racers' names (real ones) which appear in the game (usually also on the car's number plate) do not appear in this forum, i m not too sure who's who maybe let those who know who's who make a list of names used in the race against the nicks used here... much appreciated cheers n thks
  25. Just reading the papers today and realised that if we book the whole racing track for one hour in Jurong, it would cost S$1300.00. Thus if we have 30 members going there to trash one another, each individual would pay only S$44.00 . Quite a good deal leh ... maybe you can become acording to car brands with the exception of me - E46Radx (Juan Pablo Montoya), Magfocus (Eddie Irvine - btw where are you these days), Seansene (Pedro Dela Rosa), Guyver (Mika Salo), Foo (McNish), MikeChong (Micheal Shumacher), Alfa TS or Alfpoon (Rubens Barrichello), Kelvin Gadgeter (Ralf Shumacher), Vtecian (Jacque Villeneuve), Vtim (Olivier Panis), Vtecinisde (Fisichella) and .... and so on and so forth. Ooops, forgot , me become Alex Yoong .... Then we can really race one anothers wits ... and not worry about dumping our cars in walls or road kerbs (pun intended Guyver). Anyone supports this idea ??