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Found 67 results

  1. Josephycc

    Rare Toyota corolla?

    wah! It 4AGZE Engine !!! Rare, but normally uses 16-Valve EFI for 90s corolla. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...493&DL=1000
  2. Josephycc

    Rare Toyota corolla?

    Sorry wrong topic CLOSED
  3. dont know got bluff or not.... Vanness Wu still a virgin???.. ~~~~~~~~~ http://sg.news.yahoo.com/xin/20100423/ten-...im-3c1b9bc.html Extraction....~~~~~~~~~ Has he been keeping up with his chastity pledge? The pious Christian insisted he has, she respects him, and they limit themselves to hugging and holding hands. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ mean she wanted to but he says no!!....... such a want to make believe, which boyfriend will say no huh???... only a gay will reject IMO....
  4. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...429&DL=1000
  5. I didn't know Proton also got SKYLINE GTR here is the video :
  6. Hogster

    Rare MPV

    Interesting and rare. Check out that OMV. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2IaJUoI-1000.html
  7. Sickscientist

    Toyota Will ?? Rare?

    Yo guys, Just came back from M'sia NSH.. Then got tailed by this Toyota HB, looks like Ford Focus but broader and longer... All the way from Yong Peng to SG... Then found out its a Toyota.. Anyone knows abt its engine specs?? Looks menacing...
  8. Since the CNY is round the corner, and hv a bit of time in the office, I thot I will share some photos with fellow sporeans. Photos taken at my apartment's garden.. Longest running snow (3days, 3 nites) since 1964.. Heaviest snow storm (14cm thick) since 1991.. I slipped and fell last nite outside my home , damn bloody cold, ice kachang everywhere...
  9. Soho

    Old rare honda civic?

    hey bros... these few days i have been spotting this rare civic ... Never really notice it around untill recently. have seen about 3 of them. the front looks like the old stream and its a hatch-back with civic behind. its a 4 door so its not ek9. what model is it? why is it like so uncommon in singapore?
  10. Why huh? Only seen twice on road....how come so rare?
  11. King

    BMW 850...Rare car!!!!

    last week, saw a SBX x, single digi plate wrx blue.... iat first i thought is 350...close look 850...wow front, look like knight rider amazing!
  12. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-nnhC0ae-1000.html Loved this car seldom see it on the road
  13. Today was very lucky, in 1 day saw 2 rare gems. 1) Lancia Monte Carlo 2) Toyota Celica ST1800 Hope you guys dun mind my lousy shots
  14. Irxsve

    Rare Piece....

    Check this out..... http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2EtujnBL-1096.html
  15. Heart Attacks In Kids: Rare But Real CHICAGO, Oct. 1, 2007 (AP) Beth Meter is a cardiac nurse who has seen plenty of heart attacks, so when her son complained of sudden crushing chest pain that spread to his arm, she was certain he was having one. Doctors at first didn't believe her. That's because her son had just turned 13. A report from Ohio doctors documenting nine cases over 11 years in kids as young as 12 says heart attacks in children are a rare but under-recognized problem. For Beth's son, Dan, it took a month to see a specialist who confirmed the diagnosis. Luckily, 1
  16. Vit4wd

    Rare Toyota For Sale

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2EkXrAo-1000.html The owner upgraded the front headlamps to Carina lamps. This SOHC 8V Toyota is a genuine workhorse.
  17. Rare left hand 2 door accord coupe spotted this morning at Kent Ridge Park Car park A. Swee! Any bros can give a full run down of the specs and data?
  18. Verve

    Rare model

    didn t expect anyone to pay S class money for this, or to even bypass the audi a8 for this one. must be sg's first one on the road
  19. Lionflyer

    Super rare car spotted

    Need to confirm. I was craning my neck in the taxi to get more details... Was at Novena square/revenue house junction around 630 and the car sped off towards Orchard thru Scotts Road. Left hand drive. Volkswagen. Passat. Coupe. Did not managed to catch the plate leh, but with the ang moh aunty drive and left hand drive, sure CD plate.
  20. Vit4wd

    Rare Toyota

    Doubt any of you has seen one before.
  21. Hint: The brand is a Popular Jap Car.
  22. Carmaniac

    Rare hyundai?

    Saw this hatchback version of the Hyundai Accent today at Ang Mo Kio Central.. The design sure looks decent Sorry for the blur pic.. 1.3 mp cam nia