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Found 709 results

  1. Ruzhyo

    WTB 5x100 15in rims?

    Been looking around for 5x100 15in rims. Any kind soul can point me to the right place. Tried a few places but they all tell me no such thing or very rare.
  2. Link

    Sprayin of rims

    Hi guys, i am thinking of spraying my rims, change colours. Can i know roughly the damage and any good workshop to recommend? I am concern if they bother to take out the tyres instead of spraying with the tyres on. Thanks
  3. Kungfu

    Lenso Rims

    Is this rim durable, hoping to trade in my current rims for this set. But got only 4 spokes, can tahan toyota sienta or not?
  4. Artz

    Swap Rims

    Any shop to intro to swap rims? i know most tyre shop able to do it. but where and what is the reasonable rate? heard from $20-$30 per car? actually i wonder swap rims, necessary to do balancing? just do a direct swop wont it solve the problem?
  5. Hi guys. I bua my rims against the kerb a few days ago and scratched my rims badly. Morever my tires gonna become botak soon. I had a few options in mind and i hope to get suggestions from you guys. My SiR is currently on 15". I went to Chen Jin Tradings this afternoon and the boss quoted me: 1. Change new 15" rims and use back tires - $400 + 2. Change new 15" rims and new eagle F1 tires - $650 + 3. Change new 16" rims and new eagle F1 tires - $950 + Chen Jin official website The boss said one tire cost about $120 and I'm quite doubtful of all the pricing he quoted. So i hope to get feedback from you guys. I personally fancy option 3 but to up 1" is additional $300 ! So which option do you think i should go for ? or should i go for option 4: 4. Repair existing rims + respray ($300 +/-) I'm in a dilemma and hope to get useful feedback from you guys =) thanks! For those who intend to give stupid suggestion like asking me to change car, PLEASE EXIT THIS THREAD NOW. Thank you.
  6. Ram_ram

    Rims For MPV

    Hi... I'm looking around for Chrome 18" or 19" rims for MPV... Wondering what would you recommend? TIA!
  7. Hi My stock tires are 185/65/15R. Can my current rims fit a broader tire, say 205? I'm thinking of changing to 205/65/15R. Thanks
  8. on hand can only think of RM. Which brand is better ?
  9. driving a merc B Class and thinking of upsizing the stock rims to replica AMG rims. will it void the warranty?
  10. Jetabout777

    Mille Miglia Rims

    Hi all, Would like to know if anyone knows shops that distribute Mille Miglia rims in SG? Thanks in advance!
  11. Zaxed

    About SIR rims and OZ

    wondering how heavy is the Honda SIR rims? what's weight consider heavy? if rim are heavy. what's the effect to the car? where can i buy a OZ rim that are light and cheap?
  12. Getting an Advanti Rim $180ea and Yokohama S Drive 205/50/16 $165ea.
  13. Hi, I've got kerb rash on 3 of my 4 rims. It's not major, and nothing a bit of touchup paint/pen cannot do. The snag is that my rims are gold in color, so there are 2 cause of concerns: 1) Finding the correct color 2) Can the touchup withstand the elements (don't want fading after a couple of weeks of rain/wash/sunshine)? Any suggestions?
  14. Hi Guys, Planning to let go my 1 month old tyres with rims from my Octavia A4 . Very good condition and excellent road control. Any one interested for upgrade , pls let me know. PM your offer. Regards,
  15. Just checking...anyone has any idea how much is a good price for a set of 16" Subaru Legacy Sport Rims (Stock) with minor curb scratch...? Thanks.
  16. As topic above. I hav been lookin at rims the pass few days. Seems like most places sellin the same designs.
  17. hi bros.... i have given up trying to sell 3 rims... now just want to scrap them... anybody, know if we get anything ? ie. by weight or something ? if you have done it before, a contact would be much appreciated Thanks kindly PM me.
  18. Hi does anyone know the difference betw TR Emotions and Work Emotions rims? I was asked by a tyre shop to purchase a 2nd hand TR Emotion rims. H/w I am not familiar with this brand and searching the internet yields varied results and also references to Work Emotion CR Kai rims. They even look similar. I am guessing the TR Emotion rims are replicas of the orig Work Emotion rims? Tks.
  19. Cloudywind

    Rims getting "dull" looking

    Hey guys, I noticed that my rims are getting "dull" looking, not shiny anymore... do you have the same problem? I've been washing them with just shampoo but recently found that the color are turning abit matte and its not smooth to the touch anymore. Do you know of any rims cleaner that can bring back the shine? Thanks ahead for the recommendations!
  20. Saw tis ad. Selling at 1k with falken tires. Is it worth buyin? Btw, anybody knw hw much is the new set of rims? Pls advise. TIA (thanks in advance).
  21. Dear All, I am looking around for used/new rims and have found the most lead from Vagsg. They have rims for sales ranging from Bora, Jetta, Golf to A3, A4 etc, even Scirocco also have. However, I am not well versed in this area and will thus appreciate any advise on which type fits my ride. I am currently driving Octavia A5. Was told my specs is 5 x 112, offset +35. Does it mean that any deviation from this specs means I cannot buy? I would also prefer a 17" rim, though I won't rule out 18" at this stage. Saw the Scirocco rims and was very impressed by its design. Any idea which tyre shop carries the same design and can fit the Octy? Thanks in advance.
  22. Edmokh

    Weight of rims table

    Hi all, Came across this site where it has all the weight of the rims. http://www.superhonda.com/tech/wheel_weights.html Hope this helps in ur purchase. Enjoy...
  23. Hello! Decided to sell my rims cos sticking to 16". Resprayed few months ago, still in storeroom. Please come my house view if interested. Contact - 98552277 PCD 5X112, 8.0J. Offset35. Think the Centrebore is 57.1? Pictures ---> http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2632833
  24. Greekgod

    Rims & tyres for my ride

    Hello bros, Can you all give your expert advice on what rims/tyres should i get for my aveo5? Preferably light and good rims but price should be reasonable. Also, will 15" rims decrease my FC? Pls help.