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Found 707 results

  1. Silklee

    "Original" honda rims

    I am thinking of changing the rims on my civic to 17 inch ones. I have seen Kah Motors selling rims in their accessories section. Are those rims being sold elsewhere as well, coz i am pretty sure Kah Motors's pricing for their rims (and tyres) are a killer. Is there anywhere else that i can go to that will in all likelihood be cheaper than buying from Kah Motors?
  2. Mllcg

    SSW Rims

    How are they? changed tyres just now must change rims also coz one piece dented. old rims were SSR. hows the quality? weight? im using the forged alloy ones
  3. Hermes_1

    Dragon racing rims

    Hi, anyone heard of dragon racing rims?? It is from Taiwan. Anyone tried them out?? Need some comments. Thks
  4. Lycanthrope

    Rays - versus gabbana rims

    hi Pls advise where can i buy Rays -versus gabbana 18" rims..? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, Going to buy a second hand 05 Jazz. But the previous owner did some modification and change the rim to a 16". Just wondering for the below RIM and tyres (roadstone): any shops to recommend that I can change the tyres and rim (using trade in to offset)? any recommends which rim and tyres I should go for? the previous owner also added a front strut bar and D2 Adjustable Coilover....
  6. Picanto

    SSW rims

    Hi anyone using these rims from stamford tyres? i understand these rims are replicas. therefore would like to ask opinions about the quality of the rims.
  7. Kar_lover

    Best shop to buy rims?

    Hi All I am looking for rims and wondering if bros out there can recommend any one-stop-shop or your favourite shop? Looking for shop which carries wide range of designs and brands from Japanese like Wedsport/Advan and also non Japanese like OZ. And of course good price and service. I ve been to a few shops and seems like nowadays hard to find japanese rims. One shop told me Jap Yen now very high they can't afford to hold stock so buyers have to indent in advance. Even Stamford main showroom at Lok Yang also quite a few models they tell me no stock or last piece. Appreciate any info given.
  8. Camrytron

    My new 17" Rims+Tyres swee bo

    Just upgraded from 215/60/16 to 225/50/17.. Old sets is running on Michelin Vivacy.. New sets is on Good Year Efficient Grip.. New sets read 98W and treadwear is 340.. Can any bro explain to me Pls??? Tyre is make in Germany..
  9. I purchased a black colour sport rim from LS tyre shop in payaubi. Initially they used the chrome colour metal nut to secured the rims. I don't really like the metal nuts as it look a but odd and don't blend with the black rim. When I asked if can change to black colour, they claim there a charge of $50 (total 20 nos) as the black colour is made of better quality and would rust whereas the chrome metal colour one would rust. Anyway tried to bargain for better price but not successful and purchased from them.It is reasonable for them to claim so and charged that amount for black colour nuts?
  10. Hi all, will like to find out if rim previously from Honda or Toyota car able to fit on Nissan? Understand all 3 brands PCD are of 5x114.3. Wat not sure is the size of the centre bore between the 3 brands for a perfect fitment. Pls kindly enlighten. Thk you. Regards
  11. Hi any bros keen to let go of their ralliart rims? Please PM me. Thanks
  12. my car came with the orig 16" rims. look puny and want to up size to 17 or 18 inches rims. but seems hard to find. where to find?
  13. Gee

    Care of White Rims

    Anyone using? I know may not that many.. But Any tips of cleaning maintenance? Mine start turning to tea stain like color due to brake dust. So far car shampoo, cleaning liquids have failed me. Going to replace the brake pads but was wondering if anyone going through same thing. Image for illustration purpose only Thanks.
  14. Ngsehchoon

    My 18" RAY rims

    I have just upgrade to 18" RAY rims for my rides. Love it
  15. hi guys, a friend i know told me whenever he change tyres there will always be some scratches. He has been to many different tyres shops. Even some widely recommended shops such as Soh Brothers, p-- ---g, etc, all have scratched his rims to some extend. Any idea if any tyre shop gives guarantee for no scratch of rims or workmanship is superb?
  16. Tweakmax2

    Is volk rims light

    http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...p;product=31698 Any comments? How heavy is a 15inch rim ?
  17. Hi all, Anyone know where to get 4 x 108 PCD used 16" rims in good condition. I have called quite a number of popular tyres/rims shops but they don't have. Thank you very much. Regards,
  18. Aimnfire

    Question on rims

    can a damage rim such as slight warp or bend will cause a slow leak of air? my tire is leaking air slow about 3-5 psi per day the thing is, it is on a slight dent rim only during high speed balancing you can see the rim wobble previously same problem but after i change a new tyre and after about 4000km the problem resurface so back to the top sentence...
  19. Dear All I would like to trade my 16" rims plus tyre with 15" rims with tyres. top up from buyer and labour by buyer. Interested parties please contact me @ 90920257. Gary Ong
  20. Calvinus

    Changing Wheels (and Rims!)

    I am dying to get my hands on a new set of Volks rims for my car but can practically only do so when my wheels are due for a change (thats where I sneak in the extra upgrade). Unfortunately based on what I have been seeing, it does not seem that tires wear out fast enough for me to get my wheels changed any time soon (my relatives can drive their car for 10 years without changing tires!). I am therefore not sure when is it an appropriate time to change wheels. Also, how does upgrading my rims affect my drive. Assuming I upgrade from stock alloy 17in rims to a VOLKs 18in aluminium rims, will it result in obvious savings in fuel consumption? will the increase in size give me problems such as requiring to make many adjustments to my suspension etc? Finally, where is a good place I can buy original VOLKs rims?
  21. Looking for a set of 18" or 19" rims with tyres for my merc. Would prefer used rims or else will go for new. Should be going down to LS soon, or any other good shops with reasonable pricing? Thanks!
  22. ER-3682

    "ProDrive" rims.

    Hi friends,good morning,does anyone knows,who is the stockists for the above mentioned rims,i saw a 5 legs,twin spoke type mounted on a GTR,i would like to ask do they have 19 inches for the 370z,thanks.
  23. Flyby

    Scratched rims repair

    Wanted to share this with more people. $35 and above for each rim. can get spares to replace rims during repair so you can drive off no need to wait there. workmanship pretty good. Do call before going down to check if Ah Hoe is free to do rims for you. Definately wont have to wait a few weeks for your turn. maybe 1-2 days at most. Can say recommended from forum see can get discount anot lah. btw, i dun make any $ for this. Hoe Tyres & Sports-Rim 10 Braddell Rd 6282 6782 Sometimes i cannot tell where it was repaired