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Found 707 results

  1. Hi Volkswagen owners, if you want to sell your 18" rims, or know someone who wants to sell, please PM me. I need a used set. PCD 5x100, offset 35. Any condition, scuff marks etc accepted.
  2. Kungfu

    Change rims

    contempting to change my current rims - SSR Type C Replica - to some even lighter rims then this set (though I feel they already quite light weight)....anybody can advice which set is even lighter, the first set is my current rims.....driving a toyota sienta attached pics
  3. Hi there i will be getting my Accent soon. Would like to find out the cost of the 13 inch sports rims? Also any place where it's good and cheap? Thanks
  4. Seangoh

    Help! Badly damaged rims

    Hi Bros out there, I just whacked my rims against the road kerbs. Any experts out there can advise if the rims can be repaired? If can, which workshop is recommended for good worksmanship? TIA. Pics as attached. Heart bleed sia....its a SSR Type F rims.... Btw, the a piece of my tire side walls also ganna scrapped off, should i change tire also, its quite new, onli 5k run-in... sigh...appreciate any advise please..
  5. Hi all, looking to buy a nice set of used 17" rims with tyres, used is fine, anyone selling or can recommend anywhere i can go to? budget wud be all in under $700
  6. Some rims have deep/complex patterns, some have deep 'outer ring' (which holds the tyre) that extends almost 1.5 finger-length inside of the spokes. Do you guys wash every single part/spot of the rims? Do you use tools like milk bottle brush to clean these hard-to-reach spots or just use finger/cloth/sponge to 'dig' as far as possible and leave the un-reacheable spots untouched? When you choose your rims, do you also consider ease of maintainance/washing?
  7. Hi, I looking for rays replica hub cap or center cap if that's what u call it, any where I can find it? Thanks!
  8. Ak007

    Skoda Superb Stock RIMS

    Hi bros..........Looking at clearing the stock Superb 18inch Thermisto Rims.... Slight kerb which has been polished on 2 Rims....and Slight rash on 1.... Still in good condition......Looking at $250 for all the 4.... If interested pls PM.....
  9. Limlien

    Anyone Keen on this Rims

    Anyone Keen on this rims...
  10. Hi guys, can I get some advise on the above? Recently got into an accident and one of the rim was damaged. The authorized workshop told me that surveyor says that they cannot find the same model of rim to cover the damaged one. They will refund me $120 and I can get my own full set rims or top up $300 to get their full set rims. Is this normal with all insurance coverage and workshops?
  11. All bro/sis, need your opinion on this. Intend to upgrade stock 15 rims. Car manual recommends only up to 16. Problem is stocks for size 16 is limited while 17 has lots of it. So asked service engr will it affects the car warranty if change to 17 & the advice is to follow the manual. Did not gives clear Ok/Not OK. Next is insurance issue. Will the insurance company decline liability if rims were changed to 17 as car manual states only up to 16. (Think 1 insurance company did that). Should I change to 16 (limited choice = may not like) or proceed to 17 (lot of choice to choose) & risk warranty/insurance issues (touch wood). Gone are the days where you just change to what you like. :( Thanks in advance.
  12. been trying to find the stock 17 inch B-Class rims but to no avail. So no choice but to get the standard 17 inch C-Class rims. It can fit B-Class, right? If anyone came across the stock 17 inch B-Class rims, please let me know. Thanks a lot.
  13. Pokyman

    18" - rims

    yo bros ... if i change my Wish rims to 18 " from 15" , would i have any braking issues? My stock brakes able to handle the upsize? thanks in advance
  14. Doraemarc

    17" Rims

    guys.... i'm thinking of changing a new set of rims. my current set r original steel rims which weighs a ton... any lightweighted, steady yet cheap rims to recommend?? thanks!!
  15. Mrlancergtx

    18" Advan Racing Rims

    Hi Bro's, Any place to recommend for buying original advan rims ? What would be the damage to expect? Regards
  16. Hp93868686

    Getz's Stock Steel Rims

    Anyone here know where can I get these Getz's 14" stock steel rims with wheel caps? Intend to transfer my current 15" sports rims to another car
  17. NightWind

    Staggered Rims & Spare

    Hi all as above any bros here r on staggered rims and have issues getting a spare tire to fit both front and rear? Any solution? Thks
  18. Hunting around for a new set of rims...problem is my current 15" are warped, but my tyres are still pretty new...so I'm torn between just replacing the rims or go for an entire upgrade to 16" or 17" Went down to Leong Seng and fell in like with the ROH Adrenaline (Realised Turbobrick using that too) but only comes in 16" and 17" and weighs 12kg! Dun think my car can tahan the weight At a loss at what to do now ...haiz Looked at the OZ SL 17" at 7kg! But the 17" looks like its 15" !!!! Not good.... And prefer the gun metal color of the ROH... Next looked at 5Zigen Fireball Gun Metal ....NICE......but dunno whats the weight.... What u guys think???
  19. Le_Stig

    Prodrive Rims for Saab

    **Moderators of this section, delete if you deem not appropriate, thanks. I have a 17" Prodrive GC07J (Refer to link below) for sale PCD: 5x110 Offset: 7.5J Offset +34 Colour: British Black (Grey in colour) Weight: 7.1kg Each Condition: One of the rims has a scratch in one of the spoke but all 4 rims balance perfectly. http://www.lstauto.com/index.php?main_page...a5f54f36c7472ec PM me to discuss further with no obligations, thanks.
  20. Hi all, I am driving a Sylphy 1.5, 13 months old. Yesterday I realise the sports rim silver start to peel off and inside is black in colour. It is not due to scratches as all my rims are perfect without scratches. I wonder anyone who is driving the same model (2010) has got this problem. I compliant to Tan Chong and is going down and ask for replacement. If posible change all to other model as I am afraid the other 3 will peel off soon also.
  21. Hope to get more views here. Selling 1 PAIR (2 rims) original 15" Watanabe rims, $200neg. See my MCF FS ad: 1 PAIR 15" Watanabe FS Used to have it on my KP60 (ES 3928U, now long gone). Bought the 5-year COE car on it's 4th year, had some good fun with it. Got a 1.3L + 5 speeder from a KE70 guy who swapped in a 4age into his corolla. Welded up the diff and managed to do some donuts etc. Any more KP60s around? Used to see a blue pre-facelift one when I was working in Boon Lay.
  22. Hi guy, i saw this product online which protects our rims from kerb rashes. However i dont think this company ships to singapore. Do you guys know of any similar products available here? This was the webbie i found. http://www.alloygator.co.uk/home.asp
  23. Hoppie24

    Original Jap VS Replica Rims

    Found this video while surfing forum, have not use the light weight Replica ones before, is it really true in the video? The replicas i have used are those thick thick ones so far ok leh. But recently traded in for an Advan RS, i wonder if the Advan can perform like the Wedsports.
  24. Glendon

    Where to buy SSR rims?

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of 15" SSR rims for my Honda Civic ES5. I tried Leong Seng Tyres & Automotives and their website says they are out of stock on SSR rims. Anyone knows where else I can get these rims? Thanks!
  25. Any bros interested to DIY repair and respray their rims....I 'm thinking to do so...that's why looking for khakis. If any experienced bros willing to help will be most welcomed! Advise needed!