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Found 133 results

  1. ATTACK 1: BOAT QUAY [*] Clubbers bashed by gang for being in wrong place? [*] FRIEND BASHED SO BADLY THAT HIS... HEAD IS SWOLLEN LIKE LUOHAN FISH [*]GANG'S STREET [*]GANG'S TERRITORY [*]FRIENDS' TERROR A NIGHT out for four friends ended with one of them being attacked by a gang for no apparent reason. By Genevieve Jiang 03 July 2008 She spurned supper invitation. Did it lead to... CAR CHASE & ATTACK? IT began with an invitation to supper and ended with a terrifying attack and car chase. By Teh Jen Lee 03 July 2008 What is happening to our society ????????, it is so dangerous............and unsafe.
  2. with petrol hike 40%, wonder is it safe to go KL this weekend? Should I postpone the trip?
  3. You drove too fast that night, young man simply to show that you can You stepped on it without a care simply to show that you dare The reaper followed you on tight as you sped on in the night Flooring it was all you knew Reckless speed a deadly brew All it took was a loss of grip for your car to fly and flip crashing back upon the ground The scrapyard has a new friend found You lay trapped in crimson pain Another soul that foolishness slain Everything just fades to black as Hades takes its driver back Rest in peace, young reckless fool They should have taught you more at school The reaper waits for those like you His sickle swings both swift and true The sun would shine for you no more As you lay broken in darkness' core The tears that flowed shall one day dry When each has said his last goodbye. A new day dawns, but not for you The world still painted in myriad hue You're another fool who bit the dust But fear not, you won't be the last.
  4. Idunspeed

    Is this safe?

    Saw this in Jurong area. 3 of its wheels are 14" but one is 10". The 10" tyre is almost flat due to the weight of the car. I am just wondering if it is safe to drive a car wif wheels like this? wouldnt the car be swaying towards right??? see attachment.
  5. Hi all, Currently in a dilemma as to whether to get a 3 yr car which has 120,000 km done. Car has been regularly service at dealer as seen thru the service record. Think it suffered a slight accident at the rear, plus windscreen got a wiper scratch. Any advise/comments? Thanks
  6. Juz came back from JB, I was at Gaint Lesiure Mall at abt 4pm, while I was collecting my car at the open car park, one youth approach me n hand over a piece of promotion booklet to me and ask me to open it so that he can earn one ringgit commission, juz to help him I open it, when I open it he told me I won a big prize, than he showed me an old piece of newspaper showing all the grand prizes, at this time another youth appeared telling me I'm so lucky.He told me I can go and collect from Jusco Terbau. I told him I will collect them later, they insist that they go together with them now so they can have their 50 ringgit commision, I told them I have to pick up my wife first before going, they try to open my car door to board my car, i rejected them and they left.I dun know whether I am KIA SEE or unfortunate / fortunate to let my prize slip away.I always believe to play safe than to b greedy than to regret. I dun noe any bro/Sis experience tis in JB. If any please share with us.
  7. April 8, 2008 Three cars broken into, valuables stolen THREE parked cars had their windows smashed and valuables stolen by thieves in three different locations. On Sunday evening, a man in his mid-30s had about $400 worth of items stolen from his car at the open carpark at Block 359, Clementi Avenue 2. He parked it there overnight and returned the next morning to find his front passenger window smashed and his cellphone, Bluetooth headset and a pair of sunglasses missing. On Monday morning, a man in his mid-40s parked his car at an open carpark along Carpenter Street at about 10.35am and returned at 1.30pm to find the rear left passenger window smashed. Missing from his car were a briefcase containing office documents. In the third break-in, a man in his mid-50s had electronic items stolen from his parked car along Kallang Road on Monday morning. He had parked his car at about 10am and returned at noon to find the rear left passenger window smashed. Items including two laptops - one worth $1,200 - a camera worth $270 and camera accessories worth $100 were missing. Police advise the public not to leave valuables exposed in their vehicles and to lock it away in the boot instead. Witnesses can call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000. Just yesterday, one lady driver lost $2K after hiding her handbag below the driver seat before gg to toylet at Jurong Hill. Window was smashed. http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_225052.html basically 4 cars in 2 days... how safe you think it is?
  8. Garlic

    Is it safe to do so

    Hello everyone, I plan to send one of my rims for repair which will take approx. a day. Need the car for work and thus, I'm considering fitting the spare tyre and leaving the rim at the shop. Problem is, I'm on 205/45/R16 and the spare is 175/70/R14. Will doing so be dangerous? Will be fitting the spare to the front left side. Thanks
  9. Iceland raises interest rate to 15 percent Bloomberg News Tuesday, March 25, 2008 COPENHAGEN: The Icelandic central bank raised its key interest rate by a record 1.25 percentage points at an emergency meeting Tuesday to halt a slump in the krona and a surge in inflation. The currency made its biggest ever jump against the euro. Sedlabanki said it raised the benchmark rate to 15 percent. It had not planned to hold a rate meeting until April 10. It was "crucial" to reverse the krona's decline "as quickly as possible," the bank said in a statement on its Web site. The krona has tumbled 17 percent against the euro in the past three weeks on concern that the global financial turmoil would make it harder for Iceland to finance one of the world's largest current account deficits. The country risks "spiraling" wages and inflation if that decline is not pared, the central bank said. Inflation reached an annual rate of 6.8 percent last month. "They were losing the battle with inflation," said Ludvik Eliasson, an economist at the country's second-largest lender, Landsbanki Islands. "Inflation expectations were rising significantly over the past few weeks on the decline of the krona. They had to do something convincing." The krona gained as much as 5.3 percent against the euro after the surprise announcement and jumped as much as 6.3 percent against the dollar. Inflation has exceeded the central bank's 2.5 percent target every month since April 2004, while the current account shortfall stood at 15.6 percent of the economy last year, according to data from the national statistics office and the central bank. Inflation probably quickened to 8.4 percent this month, according to the median estimate of five economists surveyed by Bloomberg. This year's slump in the krona represents the second time investors have shunned the currency since 2006. The krona lost 20 percent against the euro that year, sparked by concern the current account gap was unsustainable. The currency recovered in 2007 as inflation slowed and the current account deficit narrowed. This year's global financial turmoil has once again undermined confidence in the currency.
  10. Hello brudders here, trying to seek some advice from you guys. Is Foreign Currency Time Deposit safe? relatively low risk? Why do certain countries offer a higher interest like NZ?
  11. Today something almost happened to me, I was pumping petrol at East Coast Esso and was walking to pay for my petrol. I stood near the pump nearest to the payment coutners and stopped for awhile to look at the petrol prices and a Subaru WRX sped through the kiosk almost hitting a car and me in the process, the car driver also honked at the Rex the longest time, for me it was a mixture of shock and anger. Why do people do these kind of things? In a petrol kiosk speeding off after pumping petrol? What is he trying to show off? What if there was a kid there walking out and the Rex cannot brake in time.....this is totally unrespondsible and a total danger to the public. Just my rant and hopefully help send a message out about safe driving.
  12. Somebody

    Test kit for "safe period"

    hi ladies and gentlemen, i recently came across an add briefly about a test kit for ladies to determine safe periods for .... saw the adverts at bus stops too, but couldn't get a clear look. seems like it will indicate when is "safe", "not safe" or "dangerous". anyone got any idea?
  13. Click here http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-change-a-car-battery-2
  14. Beanoyip

    Patched up tyre safe?

    Hi guys, One of my tyre had a 2" screw stucked in it yesterday. The guy at the shop managed to patch it back by stuffing some rubber piece into the puncture. (Not sure whats the term used) My question is, is this process safe for the tyre. My tyres are only 1 year old, quite a waste to change just 1 tyre. Thanks alot!
  15. What a way to go ! Straight into a brick wall at 110 kmph ! How safe is safe when continental cars are concerned ? Guess no cars are designed to crash into a brick wall in excess of 100 kmph ! CBX
  16. Dennisk

    3.5 years rubber. SAFE?

    recently i checked my tyres while i was washing my car, i realise that i was given about 2 years old tyres when i purchase, my tyres manufacture date is 0104 , 1st week 2004 i have been running for about a year already ( 30000km), is it safe to carry on using these tyres. i learned that the rubber will harden over time. now the tyres is about 3 and half year old. thread left still can last about another 10km. will anything happen? FYI: tyres: Goodyear Revspec RS-02
  17. enjoy the video clip here: http://www.vimeo.com/clip:28402
  18. Hi All, I need some advice from u guys ... if i am trading in the old car for a new car in a PI shop... they now ask for the LTA pin i have for the old car... is it safe to do so... what could be the worst senario it can happened...
  19. How safe is it to rent out your car? I mean as a private owner, how safe is it? Anyone rent out their car as private owner before?
  20. Steppenwolf

    Paint Safe Duster for QD?

    According to the guide to Quick Detailing in Autopia.org, using a Paint Safe duster is a good way to remove dust that settles on your car. This should be done before the QD spray comes out. More on the article here : http://autopia-carcare.com/inf-quick.html Anyone do this here in Sgp? I'm not refering to the normal feather duster, i'm refering to something like this :http://autopia-carcare.com/oxo-1050580.html
  21. 1. Would the number of spokes on the wheels directly contribute to the stability and safety of a car? 2. There are wheels that have many tiny spokes while some with just 3 spokes. Would less spokes also mean lesser weight on the wheel/rim? Thank you. Regards,
  22. Lots of threads about the safety (or lackof) in JB/M'sia. Wanted to start a more positive one - if you need to park your car in JB/M'sia - where is the safest place to park it ? I'd think 4- or 5-star hotels and resorts will have the best security in mind - for both personal safety and the car safety. Their business depends on it. Of course the normal measures apply e.g. park head in, steering wheel full turn, steering lock etc.
  23. hi i working at alexandra districtpark... cheapo to pay the 100 bucks season parking... is it safe to park in labrador park which is free, that place quite wulu, i scare i kenna raped....any alternatives?
  24. ok fella, safe driving....
  25. Got my car today, but because by the time come out from collection centre. HDB branch already closed. Is it safe to just park as usual at my HDB MSCP for the night? Don't want to gonna fatimah ticket leh.