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Found 216 results

  1. All three German luxury car makers, Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW posted positive sales growth for 2012. In 2012, BMW sold 1,540,085 cars, Audi sold 1,455,100 cars and Mercedes Benz sold 1,320,097 cars, globally, registering 11.6%, 11.7% and 4.69% sales growth respectively. http://www.rushlane.com/bmw-audi-and-merce...al-1258738.html
  2. Kurty

    New in sales

    Hello, understand that some of you might be in the sales line, i just landed myself as a part time sales rep in an established logistics firm. basically, the company does logistics for malaysia & singapore permit declaration services and my main goal will be establishing new clients.. this is the first time i'm doing this, zero sales experience. apart from friends and cold calls, how do you guys actually find new/potential clients? mass sent emails about your company? please share.
  3. Darthrevan

    15% rise in sales for France

  4. The previous post i posted , the link is not working already so this is the new link which has new updates (nov not available yet) enjoy ! http://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/c...egn_by_make.pdf
  5. i have the follow Original Full HD blue ray DVD (region B) bought from Australia last week for sales due to not compatible with local player, this is good for ppl who have player who can watch Region B blueray 100% Very new condition. The Hurt Locker The Lord of the Rings (The two towers) The Lord of the Rings (The return of the king) The Loard of the Rings (The fellowship of the Ring) Selling at $15 each. Alien VS Predator 2 - Requiem (without cover) selling $10 Night of the Musemum 2 (without cover) selling $10 ** pls make sure your player are able to watch Region B before purchase, no refundable) free delivery in local for more than $30 purchase Drop me email: joe_mit7850@yahoo.com.sg
  6. CHRISTMAS BIG SALE!! More than 30% off Buy for your love one, family and friends or yourself - Christmas, Birthday, Valentine
  7. SeriousGuy

    Car sales of 2012

    Enjoy http://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/lta/Corp...20by%20make.pdf
  8. Jasonjst

    Brisk sales for Dr Chee

    Brisk sales for Dr Chee
  9. [extract] With its dynamic good looks and handling prowess, the Ford Focus is aiming to be the international best seller for year 2012. According to Ford, the brand sold 522,821 Focus models worldwide during the first seven months of this year. This puts it ahead of the Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Golf in terms of global sales. According to Aaron Bragman, an automotive industry analyst for IHS Global Insight, the Focus has several advantages over the perennial best-seller, the Corolla. The offering from the Blue Oval brand is newer, features better handling and styling, has superior technology and a much nicer interior than the Corolla.
  10. [extract] With the European economy struggling, it is advisable to save every penny you have for sustainability. Mitsubishi did just that. If you have just
  11. Tayspiderx

    Guangzhou limits new car sales

    COE in the making...NOw they got a reason to hate us
  12. Poortraveller

    Sales person @ Fitness First Fusionopolis

    Anybody know if there is any local sales person? Can pass me the contact?
  13. Wat are the traits & skills that make a good sales person ? 1. Good product knowledge. 2. Easy-going and humble attitude, everything-can do mentality 3. Good Service for customers and clientele 4. Most importantly, a sweet talker
  14. [extract] With the current economy crisis many businesses are either folding or seeing red. As such it is rather surprising (and happy) to see exotic/luxury car maker Aston Martin handling the crisis pretty well. So well that Aston
  15. HONDAFIT08

    Any Outdoor Sales Job Recommendation

    Hi all, any 1 here with outdoor sales job to recommend that can earn around 3k monthly including basic + transport allowances + comm? thanks
  16. click 2012 car registration selfexplanation
  17. Tjkbeluga

    Moving house sales....

    Hi guys, I have some furnitures for sale..... Check it out! http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46788
  18. A study was recently done by J.D Power on the factors influencing car buying decision. The study was conducted from more than 24,000 US buyers of 2011 who made their purchase in 2011. Although the study was not done in Singapore, there are some interesting points that local consumer and distributors can take note. The study found that word-of-mouth is typically a critical factor in the choice a car buyer makes, yet conventional wisdom about which brands have the best quality may be sorely out of date. The study found that 40 percent of buyers said they steered clear of one brand or another because of what they had heard about quality, rather than actually checking for the latest data.
  19. Trusty

    EU Summer sales

    hi anyone knows if buying international big names, gucci, lv, burberry, chanel and such in Eu is cheaper? i heard lv will not have sale even if i buy in paris itself. and also for burberry. as for gucci im not sure if the outlets or the boutiques will be a better place to buy? please share 1 thing i know for sure is, chanel have to buy in paris.
  20. The six thirty Chinese news reported that many car dealers are desperate and worried about the reduced impending quota cut. As of now...margins already low and not making money. So hope to seek gov understanding to ease the pain. Let's see......if gov is firm on the cut.....sure some dealers will be suffering for the next three years. Survival for the fittest.
  21. self pwned http://www.facebook.com/pages/Really-Screw...1470154?sk=wall NTUC Fairprice, Singapore
  22. that was really fast. wonder what happen to the owner who decided to sell. hit TOTO buying better car?