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Found 321 results

  1. Hi Guys, I know this sounds stupid, but can i replace my SSS strut with those from the SS1.5/1.3. I cruise the NS very often and would like to have a less bumby ride (especially at the rear). A stockist told me that i have to change the coil spring (front) as well, and the spring seat, bushing .etc etc. Sounds like a lot of mod to me.. thanks VT
  2. I just did machine polishing this morning and found 2 spots with swirl marks. Its was like the paint melted and curd there after. Causing some unsightly marks. I do not wanna doubt the company involved but could it be the machine's doing?
  3. STOMP Coupon-using patron gets 50% off, but smaller portions and slower service
  4. What do you think? We install chaff in our cars to prevent speed cams from capturing.....
  5. it used to be accessible by passenger cars on saturdays after 7pm and part of sundays. i am wondering if anyone knows if it is still available for access by passenger cars and if yes, any change in timing?
  6. Just for a thought, CPF money is used to pay home loan, medical fees etc, why can't this money be used to pay for own funeral expenses cos it is personal usage afterall????
  7. Sofarsogood

    Using Google Chrome to view MCF

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone else here experienced the same problem I have. I use Google Chrome mostly, and when it comes to MCF, the replies are shown below the main thread in a collapsed form. The diagram shows what I meant. I tried to look for settings in the forum but couldnt find any. It only happens when surfing MCF. Any help?
  8. Dear detailers, Someone asked if wiping removes wax/sealant earlier. But how about using squeegee after washing your car to remove excess water? Does it remove the wax or sealant? Thanks for sharing.
  9. I noticed that most Singaporean use CASH instead of CREDIT CARD when pumping petrol in Malaysia, is there a reason why? Is it due to poor exchange rate from the bank ? Anyone care to share some insight? Thanks
  10. which one has better look...intend to mod this on my mark X
  11. Hi All, I am using Denso Iridium sparkplug. I dunno wat model but today I went to a workshop the guy recommend me to use K24 model. Saying the normal iridium is only K20. K24 is for colder temp (something like tat). Cost more expensive but very good respond. Any bro can share your experience and comments?
  12. Westender

    Using auto correct when you SMS!

    Pick this off in HWZ. Couldn't stop laughing! http://damnyouautocorrect.com/
  13. Was having lunch today at Old Airport Road hawker center when I saw a Nissan Cube drove past. Was telling my friend that I almost bought this car a couple of months ago. What struck me was the # plate it donned. It was SKC1M. We then went on to debate how much that would have cost and it would probably be more expensive than the car itself blah blah blah. Out of curiosity, I went on to onemotoring to check on the car but it says "NO RECORDS FOUND". Does it mean the car owner is using a fake plate? Or I sotong took down salah #?
  14. As above...if it is timing chain..do we need to change it? My understanding only timing belt need to be changed..anyone know?
  15. Wonder if it's worth changing to Bosch Platinum IR Fusion spark plugs? Has anyone noticed significant difference using these plugs?
  16. I was recommended to use GoodYear LS3000 and after checking out the GoodYear website, the technology used in this tyre looks fantastic and suitable for premium saloon cars. Any brothers here have any experience about this tyre to share?
  17. Hi all, anyone using or used GAB coilover? Any feedback? How's the comfort, performance, etc? Thinkin of gettin but wanna gain more info. Currently drivin honda Jazz. Pls share ur knowlegde. Tks.
  18. Any bros here using free Andriod GPS on their cellphones? Like to know which ones can without a data plan (those that can download maps), thanks!
  19. Hi there, Assuming you have just bought a resale HDB flat and have sufficient CPF to clear off your loan at one go, would you do it at the prevailing market situation? What are the plus and minus in doing so? Please comment. Thank you very much. Regards,
  20. Versatile

    Anyone using ProSports Gauges?

    Yesterday hand itchy want to DIY remove the visor cover but failed badly. Accidentally unplugged the 12V cable and have hard time fixing it back due to the short cable. Managed to fixed back but my gauge LED colour changed and the peak beeping sound came back again. From that i found online, to remove the beeping peak sound, hold the button on the gauge with ignition off and release it after 6sec after ignition on. (Don't have to crank to turn engine on) - True? Since the LED colour changed and the peak beeping sound came back, does that mean that all the settings has been resetted? Please advice. If it's really hard reset.. probably i will need to head down to my workshop and get them configure for me and also remove the visor cover at the same time..
  21. Hi guys, can advise which grade of ATF does mazda3 uses? Devron? SPIII? and how many litres required? thanks alot!
  22. Just to let everyone know that I got a $100 fine for parking in a loading bay to buy food at the nearby coffeeshop. There was no warden and everything was peaceful and quiet. While buying food I was careful to keep an eye on my car so as to do the sprint if there was a need. But the HDB $100 ang pow request came in the mail today. My car was caught on CCTV so no horse run. So just have to pay up. If you frequent the Bt Panjang area please do be careful. Life in Singapore is getting tough.... :angry:
  23. Was wondering can you guys search Malaysia's postcode? I can only search Singapore postal but not malaysia although i changed my country to Malaysia. Is there anyway i can do it? I tried searching "Jalan Sulam" & "Jalan Dato Sulaiman" or Taman Sentosa.. all cannot be found.
  24. I have been using newspaper to clean the windows and mirrors. Newspaper is effective for cleaning up glass and mirror but I am not that sure if the side windows are also glass or plastic. Side window material is differ from car makes or pretty standard material? So far I do not notice any adverse effect on the side windows but dunno about long term.