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Found 989 results

  1. Cool_jazz

    Which tyres will you buy?

    Hey bros/sis Looking to upgrade my tyres.... been hunting around the WHOLE DAY and the size I need are out of stock!!! Both the Rosso and the CSC 2!!! 205 x 55 x 16 So since it will be a while b4 new stocks are in.... will like to garner some opinions/preference. Please PM me if you got lobang Cheers Cool_jazz
  2. Adawang

    Will 5S

    Does anybody know or seen this car "WILL 5S" saw one on Friday evening at Tanjong Pagar flyover with twin exhaust with the badge WILL 5S. There is also one in Yishun area, black in colour. The car is very unique, looks like an insect becos of pointed backside Not sure of the make.Have seen only two so far. Sori. dont have photos to capture it for u all to see
  3. Scene: Lornie Rd towards Adam Road (03 lanes) Weather: Heavy Downpour Time: abt. Noon Was travelling 55-60km/h on 2nd lane behind a convoy of vans & lorries (later found out the 'leader' was a bike upfront). Decides to filter out & overtake as 1st lane is clear of vehicles. From mirrors, noticed a dark color alfa approaching from far. I filtered right into 1st lane & accelerates. Alfa approaches 'fast & furious' & in seconds, was tailgating me. I checked my speed (am travelling @ 75km/h already). I accelerate more to reach 80km/h but the alfa still does not give up (bugger on his high beam & tailgates me even closer - telling me to f**** off). There was no way for me to filter out due to the convoy of vans & lorries to my left. I only managed to filter back in after abt. 15 secs. The alfa immediately sped off (hitting 100km/h, I supposed) I was mad... veli mad!!!! On such a lousy weather, travelling @80km/h is already my limit (or rather, above normal road limit). What if I decide to jam hard on my brake suddenly??? I don't think the bugger behind can response in time.... Therefore, my advice to the alfa stylo who tailgates me today: BU YAO XIA WO... WHEN I'M AFRAID, I WILL PANIC & CAN'T REFRAIN MY LEG FROM JAMMING HARD ON THE BRAKE SUDDENLY, DON'T FORCE ME..IT'S DANGEROUS.......FOR U, I MEAN... Does any of u guys practice what the alfa stylo did
  4. Hi all, Just a fun poll for those into looking at a FUN but SERIOUS Race-car
  5. Hi! there, everyone, When you look at a battery, what's on your mind? Check out this link and your perception will be a lot more different. http://www.uuhome.de/william.darden/ Rgds Paul Yong
  6. Greeting Skodians, I have introduce another pro skodian into this forum. Will try to get him to the next meetup??? Provided if there are enough enthusiasm for a meetup since the last. Sorry, I tried to go, but am engaged in the PC Show in Expo. Btw, is there a SOG decals as well beside MCF? Cheers May Skodians Unite.
  7. My battery just died...cannot even crank the car... so I changed to a new one myself. After changing new battery, car can start perfectly on first crank....but then...car remote cannot work...central locking also cannot work. Took out the Stinger Alarm main unit...see see look look...unplug and plug in all wires...still cannot. Tried to reset the alarm...manual say press reset switch 3 times, etc, but cannot find reset button on the main unit.... Does the central-lock depend on the functionality of the alarm? Sian...now got 3 things to fix liao...cracked windscreen, remote and central lock...zzzzz Want to change car when my OMV for this year finish in 8 month's time...scrap this one and get a new corolla
  8. I just did my alignment and balancing not too long ago (< 1 mth). Will be changing my tyres soon. Do I need to alignment/balance them after the change?
  9. I am thinking of going for a 205/55 /15 from 195/60/15 which is abt 10-13mm smaller in overall diameter, how much will not speedo and tacho run?
  10. Juz wondering.......
  11. i'm currently using a 185/60/R14 tires on my Accent 1.5 GLS. juz wondering will changing tires improve fuel economy?
  12. Some pics to share of a Santa Fe SUT (Sports Utility Truck) Regards Lester
  13. Lightspeed

    Toyota Will VS

    Anyone know anything about this car? Have a friend who's interested and we'll probably go down to a PI and have a look. Need more info and comments... All the sites I've been to are in Jap http://www.will-vs.com/car/ http://www.clubciao.com/new/willvs/core.html Thanks!
  14. The Monza F1 has just completed over the weekend and both Williams/McLaren were whitewashed. Montoya - DNF (suspension failure), Ralf - DNF (Engine blew up on the 5th lap) and Kimi - DNF ( engine blew up). Coulthard - missed out on points by coming in 7th. It's a Ferrari 1-2 for the 3rd consecutive race followed by, look at this, Irvine's Jaguar! After the great start by Ralf and Montoya, I thought that Monza might be their race. All this talk about the BMW POWER, with engines that revs up to 19000 rpm! How Monza's supposed to suit Williams with it's fast straights. The result was still a big zero. Montoya is the qualifying king (7 pole position ) but with no wins to his name this year. And those Michelins that's good for qualifying but cannot last the whole race. Williams and Michelin better go back to the drawing room and come back with a more reliable machine and better suited tyres next year or they are gonna be whitewashed again next season! And that's not gonna be good for F1! McLaren is on a slow and stready decline................... If they are not careful, Renault may beat them next year!