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    Found 13 results

    1. Some Dutch Engineering Students Built This Mid-Engine Shooting Brake From An Old Boxster Source: https://flatsixes.com/cars/porsche-boxster/some-dutch-engineering-students-built-this-mid-engine-shooting-brake-from-an-old-boxster/?fbclid=IwAR0Uk2nBKdPTcxw9wFFsvkeVBmBIwiG3ROAT-ksdb0_eBXoNBFXqEnLxOzA Four students at the Fontys Minor Motorsport Engineering school in the Netherlands have built the car that Porsche is afraid to because it has too much awesome in one package. Porsche's Boxster and Cayman are already amazing platforms, and are quite easy to live with on a daily basis. I daily drove a Boxster for several years, and it served quite well. But if you have to carry more than a briefcase or a duffel bag, you might be hard pressed to find space for it in Porsche's mid-engine platform. That's why these students built what amounts to a Cayman Shooting Brake, and it is so incredibly great. I wish Porsche would build something like this right now. The students began with a fresh 986 Boxster for the project because it's an inexpensive and reliable platform to modify. It's a well balanced chassis with great handling and a superb flat-six engine. Because the car is already an open-top design, the chassis itself is stiff enough to accept a hard top without issue. The team of engineering students worked with Van Thull Development to develop this car's composite bodywork. Up front, the car is fitted with 997 GT3 carbon bodywork, including a headlight update and new lightweight materials. Out back the car makes use of 991-style tail lights and a custom bumper and fascia. The rear hatch and roof assembly come from a Peugeot! The finished product looks fabulous, especially with the Miami Blau paint and black accent. This car looks like it could be a factory-built special edition for folks who enjoy Grand Touring across Europe with a full bevvy of equipment. The best part is that Van Thull is already working on building this as a kit for your own Boxster hatchback conversion. Pretty cool if you ask me. Maybe I'll order one.
    2. May i know following for 10yr+ 987.2 Boxster Tip: 1. Annual maintenance cost 2. Cost to replace IMS bearings and rear main seal? Thanks in advance!
    3. Here goes Oh please don't move to Complaints section. This section generates more traffic
    4. Joewu

      48k boxster?

      Did I miss something? or is this really 48k? the numbers all seems so wrong! http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=402698&DL=1112
    5. As above, hand getting itchy and am ridding either the CX-7 or the MX-5....changing to either 1. Boxster or 2. Cayman. Anyone with experience on these 2 and what are the differences between the S and non-S? Me not going to the Porsche forum as they are quite a bunch of upstarts nia..... All views welcome. Thanks in advance
    6. I was called by my friend to watch him race his 159 vs my other's friend boxster and drove all the way down to Jalan Sultan to be safety car, but knn Boxster chickened out and got no race to watch, angry I decided to race with 159 and it is indeed a fast car, no way my Passat could overtake it. However, the boxster's 0 to 100 of 5.8s should be able to whack the 159's 0 to 100 of 8s easily, why does he reject 159's invivation for a frenly race so many times? He claims got hesistation when rev-ing....so don't buy 10 year old boxster? I also sianz...my car lagi slow...which car to buy to that can whack the 159???
    7. Sabbie

      Jap Car vs Boxster

      I got a fren who bought a boxster, now I think that I should envy him, but the funny thing is: everytime I jio him out, he is in the workshop! so I am thinking: what's the point of buying a sports car if half the time in the garage and not always for modifications and enhancements....might as well drive a normal jap car like camry right? btw yesterday he in the workshop due to some sensory fault
    8. Got a shock when I saw the owner/driver of the latest model Boxster pumping Esso 95RON. Owner was pumping himself so cannot be pump attendant pumping wrong grade of fuel. Not sure is it is the 2.9 or 3.6 model. Compression ratio for above models are 11.5 and 12.5 respectively. Suzuki Swift Sports with compression ratio of 11 requires 98RON. Normal 1.6 to 2.0 family saloons have compression ratios of 9.5 to 10 and can accept 95RON. Will 95RON damage the Boxster engine or will engine just retard timing resulting in loss of power?
    9. Maybank targets 10,000 new Platinum card customers with Porsche reward programme First in Singapore to offer this unique benefit Maybank is introducing an exclusive reward programme for its Platinum card customers to increase utilisation and recruit new cardmembers. Maybank Platinum card customers who charge a minimum of S$12,000 to their credit cards within 3 months can redeem a day
    10. As above, a light-hearted poll to see who will do what with the car for a day????
    11. www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2XYQ2Up-1057.html Saw this ad with new 10 year COE. What you guys think?
    12. Soya

      T4 vs Porsche Boxster

      Some guy's story on his adventure on the autobahn. This guy is crazy.... Yesterday evening I was travelling back home from Koln. A little bit hurring on autobahn doing 190 km/h. There was one interception I passed, I was in the left lane. Suddenly, I saw Porsche going out fast from interception to autobahn. He was ahead me about 60 meters and he decided to change to the right lane. His behaviour was aggressive. Speed difference was about 50 km/h. I pressed on brakes and only now he saw me coming nearer very fast to him - he changed to the right. But still I can't floore my T4 - there was a traffic ahead. It was Boxster (not S). I thought - it have to be the Race! Let's do it! He was sitting on my tail about 5 meters, too close on this speed. We were doing 140 km/h. In several seconds the way was free of traffic and I floored. May be he did't expect it from S40 but the distance in first seconds became lager. So he also floored. He tried to overtake me. The speed went upto 230 km/h. He was behind me about 15 meters. But I have to brake because of the traffic. And so on 3 times up to I turned on my junction. Also on Saturday night I had a crazy race with MB E-Class. I think it was 320. It was 3 o'clock in the night. Autobahn 3 lanes free of traffic. The speed went upto 253 km/h. I feel my T4 can do more. But there is a Revs limiter and on that speed it was 5900.