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    Found 51 results

    1. Hi all, i am looking to let go a set of Vossen cv7 20 inch rims comes with Conti cs6 tyres here are some specs : Rim 20 inch, PCD 114.3 x 5 9J width +32 offset condition 9/10 no major kerb rash Tyres Continental Contactsport 6 tyres 255 / 30 / 20 more than 80% left of life. previously fitted on Lexus GS450h, will be able to fit most japanese and korean cars of similar sizes or bigger. letting go at reasonable price, anything reasonable will let go due to rush sale any takers pls PM for WhatsApp, or just simply reply to this thread Thanks !!
    2. 2018 Bentley Continental GT Is Sleeker, Slimmer, Boasts 48V Mild-Hybrid System https://www.autoevolution.com/news/2018-bentley-continental-gt-is-sleeker-slimmer-boasts-48v-mild-hybrid-system-120061.html For the third-generation Continental GT, the British automaker decided to make the four-seat longer and wider. The front axle sits 135 millimeters further forward, thus creating the impression the hood is longer and the car is more hunkered down to the ground. All in all, these visual changes are made possibly by MSB, the platform Porsche developed with the Panamera in mind. With Porsche know-how, Bentley decided to mild hybridization in the form of a 48-volt electrical system. The reason? Dynamic Ride System, which uses electronic actuators on the anti-roll bar of each axle. Not only does themild-hybrid system improve handling, but the new Continental GT promises superior ride comfort. The interior is, make no mistake about it, just as impressive as the exterior. For starters, you’re asked to choose between 15 carpet options, 8 handcrafted veneer plus 4 dual-veneer options, as well as 15 upholstery options. 21-inch wheels come standard, with 22ers also available. Despite the fact Bentley offers a mind-boggling 17 exterior paint colors and 70 finishes in the extended range, customization is infinite provided the buyer’s pockets are deep enough. Compared to the 2017 model, the 2018 Bentley Continental GT relies on a dual-clutch transmission with eight forward gears. The fast-shifting tranny makes a great team with the revised W12 engine, a twin-turbo behemoth with 635 PS (626 horsepower) and 900 Nm (664 pound-feet) on tap. 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph)? 3.7 seconds, thank you, on to a mind-bending 333 km/h (207 mph)! Bentley refused to confirm if the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 from the Panamera Turbo S will be added to the range at some point in the future, but chances are the synergy will happen in order to make the Continental GT attractive to a wider audience. Slightly lighter than before (2,250 kilograms or 4,960 pounds), the Continental GT further brags with body panels that are made out of aluminum crafted using Super Formed technology. “We are the world leader in luxury mobility and our products and services define new luxury in the automotive world. The new Continental GT encapsulates our desire to innovate as well as celebrate our heritage and take the Bentley ownership experience to the next, unparalleled level,”declared Wolfgang Durheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley.
    3. My current set of Bridgestone RE001 (205/50/R17) has been used for 3 years and it's high time for me to replace them soonest possible. I have checked with 2 tire shops and below are what they have quoted: Shop A - CSC 5 (215/45/R17) - $230 per pc nett. (Inclusive of GST, installation, balancing, FOC tyre repairs & unlimited rotations every 10,000k with purchase of 4 tyres). Shop B - Bridgestone RE001 (205/50/R17) $220 per pc nett (Inclusive of GST, installation, balancing). This shop does not have CSC 5 but quoted me CSC 3 (215/45/R17) @ $265 per pc (High price as this model is NOT ON OFFER). The price of CSC 5 and RE001 quoted by these two tire shops are quite competitive. Which one is the better deal? Your feedback is much appreciated.
    4. Dear all. All new Continental Sport contact 6 launched. But think targeted at 19 to 22 inch. Maybe just launch. Wonder when will arrive in our shore. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/Continental-Sport-Contact-6-First-Drive.htm The Continental Sport Contact 6 is here, and it's fantastic! Launched 1st September, the new Sport Contact 6 replaces the Sport Contact 5P as Continentals maximum performance summer tyre for sports cars. Initially available in 19 to 23 inches, the Sport Contact 6 pushes the tyre towards the segment the Michelin Pilot SuperSport currently occupies, and while it's not quite as track orientated, it should give the Michelin a little competition for those who enjoy fast road driving. Already ProvenWhile the Sport Contact 6 is new to market, it's already a proven tyre. The Sport Contact 6 is the OE tyre for the new Honda Civic Type R, which recently destroyed the Nurburgring FWD record, setting a 7:50.63, only 10 seconds slower than a Porsche Cayman GT4! To further prove the capabilities of the new tyre, Continental invited TyreReviews to Bilster Berg Race Resort in Germany to learn about, and test the Sport Contact 6. DevelopmentOur biggest criticism of the outgoing tyre has always been steering feel. The Sport Contact 5 and 5P were never short of wet grip, wet or dry braking performance, or even good levels of comfort, but for a sports tyre they felt sluggish, soft and frankly, unsporty. The engineers at Continental have worked hard to address this. They've designed the tread pattern with "force vectoring", which helps transfer the forces more evenly through the tyre to give a stable cornering force, and added a new "Aralon 350" belt to the carcass, to give the tyre structure higher stability at speed. We'll cover both these technologies in detail over the next few days, but the simple version is they give the tyre a 14% better steering precision over the Sport Contact 5P and 11% better dry handling. When combined with 7% better wear (another weakness of the outgoing tyre), 7% less noise and 10% higher high speed stability, the result is a very capable tyre. Our TestingSadly at the launch Continental didn't provide the previous tyre to directly compare against, but what they did offer us was the ability to run on the tyre in both the dry and wet, on various vehicles. In the dry, on a VW Golf R, the tyre was impressive. Bilster Berg might have a new surface with a high coefficient of grip, but the tyre was still monstered the lap, giving plenty of lovely feedback right to the limit, and a nice progressive slide past the limit. The same was true of the tyre on the Porsche Cayman GTS, Mercedes A45 and Audi RS3 in the wet, with the Sport Contact 6 harnessing the all wheel drive nature of the Audi and Mercedes to provide quite astonishing traction, and when using the RWD Porsche in torrential rain, still providing incredible grip, communication and balance. ConclusionContinental simply don't make bad tyres, and while the Sport Contact 5 and 5P never really excited us, they were nearly always best in class when tested. Now with the Sport Contact 6, Continental have produced an exciting, world class sport tyre. Tyre tests in 2016 are going to be extremely interesting! If you're interested in the technical details we'll be publishing a technical report on the Sport Contact 6 over the next few days, otherwise be sure to leave a review if you buy yourself a set. Launch Sizes255/30ZR19 (91Y) XL FR SportContact 6 265/30ZR19 (93Y) XL FR SportContact 6 275/30ZR19 (96Y) XL FR SportContact 6 295/30ZR19 (100Y) XL FR SportContact 6 305/30ZR19 (102Y) XL FR SportContact 6 225/35ZR19 (88Y) XL FR SportContact 6 245/35ZR19 (93Y) XL FR SportContact 6 265/35ZR19 (98Y) XL FR SportContact 6 275/35ZR19 (100Y) XL FR SportContact 6 285/35ZR19 (103Y) XL FR SportContact 6 245/40ZR19 (98Y) XL FR SportContact 6 255/40ZR19 (100Y) XL FR SportContact 6 295/25ZR20 (95Y) XL FR SportContact 6 305/25ZR20 (97Y) XL FR SportContact 6 325/25ZR20 (101Y) XL FR SportContact 6 245/30ZR20 (90Y) XL FR SportContact 6 255/30ZR20 (92Y) XL FR SportContact 6 275/30ZR20 (97Y) XL FR SportContact 6 225/35ZR20 (90Y) XL FR SportContact 6 245/35ZR20 (95Y) XL FR SportContact 6 255/35ZR20 (97Y) XL FR SportContact 6 275/35ZR20 (102Y) XL FR SportContact 6 295/25ZR21 (96Y) XL FR SportContact 6 325/25ZR21 (102Y) XL FR SportContact 6 255/30ZR21 (93Y) XL FR SportContact 6 265/30ZR21 (96Y) XL FR SportContact 6 295/30ZR21 (102Y) XL FR SportContact 6 255/35ZR21 (98Y) XL FR SportContact 6 305/25ZR22 (99Y) XL FR SportContact 6 265/30ZR22 (97Y) XL FR SportContact 6 335/25ZR22 (105Y) XL FR SportContact 6 295/30ZR22 (103Y) XL FR SportContact 6 315/25ZR23 (102Y) XL FR SportContact 6 255/35ZR19 (96Y) XL FR SportContact 6 225/40ZR19 (93Y) XL FR SportContact 6 305/30ZR20 (103Y) XL FR SportContact 6 235/30ZR20 (88Y) XL FR SportContact 6 315/25ZR19 (98Y) XL FR SportContact 6 235/35ZR19 (91Y) XL FR SportContact 6 245/35ZR19 93Y XL FR SportContact 6 MO 265/35ZR19 98Y XL FR SportContact 6 MO 245/40R19 98Y XL FR SportContact 6 RO1 235/35ZR20 (92Y) XL FR SportContact 6 265/35ZR20 (99Y) XL FR SportContact 6 245/30ZR20 (90Y) XL FR SportContact 6 RO1 305/30ZR20 (103Y) XL FR SportContact 6 RO1 245/35ZR19 (93Y) XL FR SportContact 6 RO1 295/35ZR19 (104Y) XL FR SportContact 6 RO1 255/30ZR20 92Y XL FR SportContact 6 RO1 245/35R19 93Y XL FR SportContact
    5. Hi all japan and continental car almost same (or some of them cheaper continental) price now, but why ppl still buy japan car? example: honda civic 1.6 vs renault megane 1.6. the price cheaper megane(correct me if i'm wrong) interior : megane sure win engine : maybe honda win ? stream/ wish vs opel zafira/ citroen grand c4. the price -+ same !!! (the most only diff 1-2k more expensive continental car) interior + space: sure continental win engine : maybe japan car win ? Any idea what other reason ppl still buy japan car ? thanks for any reply.
    6. Any in-depth reviews on this tyre? Supposedly better than CPC2. How's the sidewall compared to CPC2? Still as soft? It appears that they are still selling CPC2. Don't think the CPC5 is a replacement for it. http://www.continental-tires.com/www/tires_de_en/themes/car-tires/summer-tires/contipremiumcontact-5.html
    7. any brothers have tried either tyres? like to hear your experience or if there are any writeups comparing the 2
    8. Ithunk

      Is ford a continental car?

      as above
    9. Hi all, Does anyone know of a local parallel importer that brings in continental cars? Thanks
    10. Hi Bros/Sis, Anyone knows any workshop that currently carry stock for Continental Comfort Contact for 185/55R16 ? Have called a couple of workshops I was recommended to but they didn't have stock. Thanks.
    11. dear bros Changed my tyres to Falken 225/50/R17 recently to try as the price is half that of continental. previously was using michelin. Anyone can tell what is the difference to justify double the price? Anyone changed before and at what price? Thanks
    12. I am driving a Toyota Vios. With current profile of 195/55/15, I enjoy a more comfy ride, many times, I don't realize I was already traveling at 110 km/h, and mind you, I mentioned I am driving a Vios :p But I suffered with poorer pickup as compared to my previous 195/50/15, which gives me a very bumpy and road sensitive ride. I am now toying with the idea of 185/55/15. Hope it's a right balance and correct choice. As my topic, I am trying to judge if the above mentioned tyre can suit my driving. When I was still a cool driver, Goodyear NCT5 175/65/14 - normal a-b tyre Sumitomo HTR200 185/65/14 - normal a-b tyre When my patience runs out due to road idiots Bridgestone Turanza RE080 185/60/15- crap!!! Toyo DRB 195/50/15 - good in dry, wet i no balls. sensitive to road surface, loud Hankook VENTUS ME01 195/55/15 - dry acceptable, wet is purely crap and i meant it. more on the comfort side. Was reading on Michelin PS3 but I thought it would be a bit overkill for me. Continental Premium Contact 2 vs Bridgestone Turanza ER300 I like the thread pattern and I believe they are better than normal tyre.
    13. Carfan777

      Bentley Continental Supersport

      Hey guys I was wondering if any one of you owns a Bentley or has driven one? I presently own an Audi RS5 and I plan on upgrading to a bentley supersport however i am on the fence about buying it brand new or second hand... I can afford both but, just curious if there is a stark diffrence. I have been to the Bentley show room and they claim that its better to get it brand new (possibly because its a sale for them) Fyi brand new Supersports cost around $990,000 and there is only one second hand one in singapore costing $808,000 http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...715&DL=2190 but Malayan motors can help me import an authorized used one. Thanks guys in advance
    14. recently check tyrepac for new tyres saw they have the new CPC5 on sale. The reviews on them are quite good and they are no1 on a few charts, granted the competitor are quite lousy tyres, the only competition was T001 and P7 (but got one test 4th vs PS3 5th) anyone using them...my altis 195/65/R15 got not much choice (considering 16 rim, but gave it up...no point)...looking at 1) Advan DB 2) XM2 (tried it on previous Altis...good then but overrated now) 3) CPC5 4) ZE 914 (not much feedback) 5) T001 (successor to ER300, my current tyre..good but VERY VERY noisy now) looks like CPC5 is a good choice (cheap too) so wondering if they are really worth it. Was leaning to Advan DB. Anyone try then already?
    15. Nowadays, many car brands are bringing in smaller models, ie. Audi A1, Volkswagen Polo GTI etc. More people are turning to compact Continental cars, instead of buying Japanese/Korean family sedans. What do you think are the reasons for the popularity in compact Continental cars?
    16. Hey, i need your inputs on japanese and continental. Which one would you choose? I plan to get a second hand toyota hiace or a volkswagen caddy 1.9 tdi. Need you guys to tell me more about which one is better because i heard loads of stories that continental van have very very high maintain cost especially if you need to replace parts. Thanks!
    17. Ahbengdriver

      Continental Extreme Contact DW

      Anyone has used this new performance tyre and care to share? Also, which is the cheapest place to get continental or are they market priced.
    18. Looking at the thread of these 2 make/model it somehow got the similar side in their thread design but in terms of price it's really hell lots of difference. From what I enquire yesterday base on 215/45/17, a pc of CSC2 is $320 while S1evo should be around $215 I guess. Just fix up a 2nd hand set of CSC2 and find its stopping power is really superb compare to my previous RE001. Sidewall is really hard. Tyre squeaking sound level is quite high. Haven got a chance to test out the grip on cornering but I suppose it's good as well since it bite well during braking and this model is one of the highest performance tyre under the Conti range. Anyone had tried up these 2 tyres and can share your experiences here? After this CSC2 I should be trying up S1evo. Continental CSC2 Hankook S1evo
    19. Would like to find out more about this tyre's characteristics, I just got this set, replacing my 2 year old Potenza RE050 which is a huge improvement in the road noise dept. No idea about the grip levels compared to the RE 050 though. Any comments?
    20. Aaronlkl

      Continental Sport Contact 3

      Anyone on the above tyre? Which country is it made in? What damage for 225/40R18?
    21. Hi, Was having coffee with a client juz now n he mentioned tat Conti 16" tyres in JB cost ard Rm 210($90) each. Any bros here knows how true it is? Btw, how much would it cost in singapore? Me all the while using Falken and it would cost ard $130/tyre.... So thinking of changing to a cheaper one.
    22. Just got it fixed on my ride at Stamford .. one word .. shioksss!
    23. dear all, I just saw on today papers Stamford running promo on the above tyres. for 195/55/R15, price is $85 and 16" and 17" $140 - $150. I called up, the person said they are made in malaysia but very good tyres. So for bros interested, you may contact stamford. For me, im interested in the 15". Does anyone has any comments/feedback on this particular tyres? Thanks!
    24. Sweet deals, Continental rides Continental rides have never been cheaper with plunging COE rates. Coupled with the falling euro, here is your rough buying guide. Mon, Nov 10, 2008 By Christopher Tan LAST month, certificates of entitlement (COEs) - Government-auctioned permits to own a vehicle here - sank to the lowest level in recent months. The COE premium for larger cars (with engines above 1,600cc) was especially low, settling at $7,589 - half its usual value in recent years. It was the first time that COE prices had reacted so swiftly and so drastically to an economic slowdown. In all previous crises, including the Asian financial meltdown of 1997 to 1999, premiums defied sentiment and stayed pretty firm. Besides weakened spending, the strong Japanese yen has contributed to the soft premiums. After all, cars from that nation make up the lion's share of cars sold here. Since sellers did not pass on all their currency cost increases to buyers for fear of losing out to the competition, their profit margins have narrowed. This, in turn, has weakened their ability to bid for COEs. Even though COE premiums may rebound this month, the industry consensus is for prices to remain pretty soft for the rest of the year and for at least the first two quarters of next year. What all that boils down to is this: Folks who are partial to Continental cars should be able to find some sweet deals, especially since the euro has also dropped in value. Here are some models worth considering: JAGUAR A new version of the flagship XJ debuts in late-2009 or early-2010, but those seeking a posh carrier should still pause for the current feline limo. The 3-litre V6 is a good place to start as it adequately embodies the three core values of the XJ line: comfort, comfort and comfort. It isn't shoddy on performance either. Constructed from aluminium, the big, long-wheelbase car is as light as a Mercedes AMG racer. And its interior is oh-so-English-country-club. Price: $246,000. JAQUAR XJ FLAGSHIP: The car boasts a high-tech,lightweight aluminium body that's longer, wider and taller. If you feel the XJ is too old school, check out the XF (above), a sporty and gadget-filled sedan that still boasts the curvaceous bodywork and sublime leatherwork of the Leaping Cat. The variant to drool over is the supercharged 4.2 V8. Equipped with starship-like transmission and steering-mounted paddle shifters, it deploys its 416 horses to reach 100kmh in just 5.4 seconds. Price: $295,000. VOLVO The S80 is one of the most undervalued executive sedans around. It is very spacious, very well equipped and has a clean styling that will stay in vogue for a long time. It also packs a lot of performance and comfort, with solid doors that are light on the triceps and safety features that have long been the hallmark of Volvo. Its adaptive cruise control, which applies the brakes to keep its distance, is one such feature. Ease yourself into the brand with the S80 2.5T. Price: $164,000. Then, there is the the Volvo XC60, one of the best-looking crossovers ever made. In the case of the 3-litre T6 version, perhaps the sportiest, too. The car, powered by an inline-6 turbo engine, hits 100kmh in 7.5 seconds, which is decent for a biggish crossover. Price: To be announced when car is launched in January. MERCEDES-BENZ Of all the cars in its extensive line-up, the E200NGT should get special mention because it is the only purpose-built bi-fuel car you can get from a showroom here. The E200NGT (below) is equipped to run on compressed natural gas as well as petrol. Unlike the gas-converted cars here, its CNG innards are neatly and intelligently packaged so they are unobtrusive. Its engine is modified to combust the cheaper and cleaner fuel with no ill effects and no loss of power. Not only that, Merc agent Cycle & Carriage is on an aggressive sales drive, by pricing the car nearly $30,000 lower than usual. Who says you can't save the Earth (and some moolah) if you drive a luxury car? Price: $136,888. E200NG: Cycle & Carriage has priced the car nearly $30,000 lower than usual. LAND ROVER It is still probably politically incorrect to go for beefy SUVs like the Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover. The Freelander, on the other hand, is rather palatable. Like the Disco and the Range, the new Freelander (right) is a competent climber, crawler, carrier and cruiser. On the road, the 3.2-litre offers car-like ride quality, a commanding stance and effortless straight-line tracking. And it is the only (affordable) SUV you can park in a hotel driveway without being shooed away. Price: $168,000. BMW Obviously, the model to have is the all-new 7-series (below). It is just as luxurious, but more fuel-efficient, sportier and less daunting to operate than its predecessor. The new Bavarian limo range will have turbocharged engines for the first time. Due to arrive as early as January, the first variant available will be the 750Li. It is powered by a 4.4-litre V8 turbo churning out 407bhp and 600Nm of torque, enabling the big sedan to reach 100kmh in 5.3 seconds. A 740i with a 326bhp twin-turbo six-cylinder engine will be available later. Price: To be announced. THE NEW 7-SERIES: Just as luxurious, but more fuel-efficient, sportier and less daunting to operate than its predecessor.