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    Found 41 results

    1. Lucaswh

      Mini Cooper queries

      Hi asking for my dad. For the Non-S Cooper, how is the maintenance like? Fuel consumption, insurance and regular servicing cost (AD versus outside workshops) ? If getting used, anything to look out for? Thanks!
    2. Hi all, Am looking for used car and had narrowed down to 2016 Mini Cooper 1.5 & 2016-2018 BMW 118i. Both having same engines while one is Aisin 6 speed auto and the other is ZF 8 speed transmission. Will maintainance, repair cost and cost for spare parts be around the same since both are actually BMWs? I think both are prone to oil and water leakages as well? Also, which car can withstand creeping/inching while in heavy traffic congestions? Because I will be travelling to JB almost 2 days a week (of course not during the CB now) so would like to know which one can actually ‘tahan’ traffic jam for long hours. Am not looking at DSG transmission as this one confirm cannot withstand creeping/inching for long duration. Your inputs to help me decide which of these 2 cars will be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
    3. Suirattigas

      Mini Cooper S Clubman- 18" or 19"

      Hi there, I’m getting my ride next weekend. Currently it is fitted with 18’. Any fellow mini buddies out there fitted with 19’? Can you share your views? Is the ride really very much Firmer?
    4. Spotted a Mini Cooper in Punggol with no car plate behind. Camo pattern paint with super dark windows. Anyone seen before?
    5. Johnniboy

      Mini Cooper workshop?

      Besides agent, any other workshop can service Mini Cooper with excellent service? Need to do some repair work for a Mini Cooper . Thanks
    6. Hi All, Please share with me if you guys have any good workshop to recommend, i'm driving a nine years old cooper S
    7. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...106&DL=1086 Looking to get a spare car for zipping around during the weekends. This model looks cool with good price till I saw the total owners=6! Anyone knows the history of this car and if upkeep will be an issue for mini? TIA!
    8. What do you all think? Do you all agree the MCS is the most powerful 1.6L road car ever produced (don't talk about others with mods or racing of course)
    9. What a fookin baller
    10. Xstudio

      Mini Cooper VS Mini Cooper S

      I'm really in a dilemma between these 2 models.... they only difference in the turbo and it's only bout SGD 200 odds.... any suggestions? By the way I need some takers for my Honda if possible... sigh...
    11. Hi ppl! Mini Cooper has always been my dream car (somehow just like this small & cute car). Having searched online for the past few days, I've more or less decided to get myself a 2nd hand (abt 5 years old) Mini Cooper S / Cabriolet. Any owner of Mini Cooper S / Cabriolet that can advise on the performance or sturdiness of the car? Any issue with the turbo charged engine? Or maybe the convertible top? Etc. Any feedback / advice is welcomed & much appreciated. Cheers.
    12. Viceroymenthol

      Mini Cooper buang

      Going off the railings Published on Sep 10, 2013 -- ST PHOTO: RAJ NADARAJAN Police officers inspecting the scene after a car shot over the railings on Fort Canning Road yesterday - apparently after its driver fell asleep. The female motorist, in her 20s, suffered head injuries but declined to be taken to the hospital. The police were alerted to the incident at about 2.30pm.
    13. Some cuties inside also.
    14. Kiadaw

      The Mini Cooper questions.

      As I may be moving soon to Europe, & I am looking for an affordable, small, decent looking, & fun car....(while I save up for the big boys later when financial allows & more used to the road conditions there). If everything ho say, I will be living around 100km from the ring, & I can see myself lapping it once in a while, or drive up the ALPS. so I hope for something decent & handles well. The Mini Cooper S is selling at well below 10k Euros now used in Germany.So I thinking of a mini, so here are some questions. 1) Which is the best version. Is it the mini cooper s? 2) Which is better, Manual or auto, thoughts? 3) What is the tuning potential for the mini. The official U.K webby state 0-100 at 7 sec (manual), it is possible to mod to say 5 sec. Realistic target? 4) What is the webby of Mini club in Singapore. 5) Any thing I should look out for? 6) Any other cars I should consider too? On a side note. I may be looking to sell my evo 9 soon. Thanks.
    15. I was shock MIni Cooper rated the most unreliable car. Even their parent company BMW is rated way below average.
    16. Hi All, Came across Cooper Tires being sold by Tyrepac. The prices seem to be on the cheaper side. There are a few series available and it is MADE IN ASIA. Is this a China Tyre? The top model thread pattern looks similar to GT Champiro, the Indonesian tyre.
    17. When the COE was at 10k or lower? Just wanna do a quick comparison against the current SP.
    18. Minikong

      2011 mini cooper sports

      any 1 of you intend to go and test drive the 2011 cooper s? of have any 1 of you driven it before? feed back please!
    19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNDWIWy30tg...feature=related Dun know why they destroy such a great car???
    20. Valtino

      Upgrading Cooper S supercharger

      Hi bros i just got myself a 2nd hand Cooper S and my plan is to change the pulley which is suppose to increase the boost for the charger. Im not so familiar with Conti work shops in singapore but any to recommend ? also roughly how much do i need to spend for the pulley itself? thanks more info about it before doing it would be great.
    21. Lycanthrope

      Mini Cooper sports and Clubman

      hi Saw a clubman on saturday morning, its quite a good looker ....... anyone driving a mini ..pls come in to give your reviews and comments Thanks
    22. Kelfinity

      Mini Cooper

      Any Mini Cooper/One/S owners here? Care to share about your driving experience? Please dun direct me to minisg.com. Thanks.
    23. cute! if its very cheap might be fun to drive around in... untitled.bmp
    24. Latioboy

      Fast Cooper!

      Hello to the dark green Cooper i dunno whether JCW or Checkmate version. Nice zig zagging coming from Upp Serangoon road all the way to Serangoon Gardens. This shouldnt be in Complaints thread but please, haha, drive safely, a few cars had to siam you. But overall, the racer boy in me says, SIBEI GOOD ZIG ZAGGING SKILLS YOU DID amidst the traffic. [thumbsup]