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    Found 76 results

    1. Anyone seen the news on the fabia vRS 2000 concept car recently unveilled??? Really a looker. Check out new car.net website http://www.newcarnet.co.uk/Skoda_news.html...hlightws=Skoda#
    2. Mikael74

      Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI

      2 new skoda cars launched, the skoda yeti 1.2 tsi and the skoda fabia 1.2 tsi Of more interest to me is the fabia 1.2 tsi, at 73,800 is this the cheapest car available now that has volkswagen 1.2 tsi engine and 7 speed dsg???
    3. Stanley

      Rear Bumper for Fabia

      where can we replace back bumper for Fabia other than CA? CA's quoting $1000+++ for the replacement. rgds
    4. Strix

      Skoda Fabia 1.2TSI

      Hello!!!! was wondering if there is any fellow skoda fabia 1.2TSI owner out there?? By the way anyone know where im able to get accessories for my car?
    5. Taken from Sgcarmart. The Fabia RS+ and Octavia RS+ were among the cars that Skoda displayed at the W
    6. Shawrac

      Gathering all Fabia Owner!!!!

      HI everybody, Shawrac the Fabia Combi is back to gather all fabia owner to list out all their Mod and problems, cos i alway seeing all talking on the Octv & Superb. This is to bring the Fabia up to be the Hit topics again!!! So Fabia Fan, let bring out wat we have and also share some of our problem which me too is facing!!!!
    7. Skodasales

      Fabia owner look here

      Hi, have 1 piece of K&N filter for Fabia to give away. Any1 interested, pls sms me at 90227372. Tks
    8. Got this from an italian site, and translated the below with WorldLingo. Looks like a soop up Fabia, called Brisk Fabia (probably from it's Rally heritage) it beats the look of the new UK made Honda Civi-Type R, love this look. But running 0-100km seems a little far fetch even with a 2.0TFSI engine, but that is what the site says, bad translation though but you roughly get what they are talking about. Here is the original link, http://www.autoblog.it/post/8419/dalla-bri...00-cavalli#more
    9. This Skoda Fabia concept S2000(Rally version) sure looks great if it applies to the 2007 Fabia and make it really sporty looking.
    10. Cool_tiger

      Fabia Styling kits

      Hi Bros, Anyone know where to get the Fabia styling kits? My friend is driving a Fabia 1.4 (M), black and like to install the bodykit. What about AutoVox? I was told AutoVox is quite X. Any advice? Cheers. Rgs.
    11. hi dear Skoddies Found this interesting link (plus video) of a "sweet" Fabia. See the video and you will understand. :-) http://www.uberreview.com/2007/05/skoda-fa...-sweet-car.htm/ bless tashi
    12. Fisheye

      Latest on Fabia...

      Guys taken off Top Gear... What's interesting is the 170BHP 1.4TSI engine that they MAY put into the car..... April 2, 2007 Cash Czech Skoda has just released prices for its new Fabia, and they're as keen as a pot of especially fiery Dijon. The second generation of Skoda's supermini is due to debut in the UK on May 17 with prices ranging from
    13. Shawrac

      Get to Know Fabia Better!!!

      Hi Fabia Owners, Just to check with u how is your fabia serving u? Any comon problems that u want to share among us? Will for my Fabia combi, i got this probelm where the recycle air button sometime cant turn on and auto off, check with Skoda, they said it due to senor that why it auto turn off, do u have this probelm? Or others pls sure as i only own this from brand new two years only!
    14. Easyrider

      Fabia Owners

      Hi all, New to this forum after driving a Fabia for 9 months. Found this site while looking for workshops that know how to repair a Fabia Amazing thing... while searching this forum, I found out who used to own my Fabia and read his posts about all the problems with the car too... No wonder he sold it to buy a Honda City Anyway, it's nice to find a community here that gives advise especially to new drivers like me!
    15. Hi all, Chanced upon a new Fabia which was smashed by falling trees in the Alps. Nevertheless, the passenger cell remains intact with minimal signs of intrusion. I cannot imagine the result if it is a Japanese compact saloon.
    16. Spas

      2008 Skoda Fabia

      Premiering at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2007, coming to showrooms early 2008 - The new Skoda Fabia. An uncanny resemblance to the Suzuki Swift. It's that roofline lah.
    17. Fluffy

      Spy photos of New Fabia

    18. Echelon

      Skoda Fabia II pics

      Found the pics for the face lifted Fabia, looking good too. Sorry but I was not able to locate the specs for it either.
    19. Salomon

      Polo or fabia?

      i wonder is smart 2 get a fabia over a polo, after all the omv is higher, techincally the same, but poorer equip. n it oso cheaper
    20. Contax

      Fiat Panda or Skoda Fabia

      Read today ST classified and was pleasantly surprise that Panda is going for $52800 and Fabia is $54999.Both are within my budget. Of course on my radar there are also Aveo , new Rio , Matrix , Vios etc...(all under $55K ). I have been driving both japanese (toyota/honda) and korean(hyundai) for the last decades and felt that maybe i should give conti car a try but was always shy away because of high price. Any bro or sista here already/about to own the panda/fabia can share your view ?
    21. Firstcall

      Spyshot: Next Fabia

      SPyshot of next Fabia Staion in wagon form http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/66221/ne...re_to_hide.html
    22. Lightspeed

      Strut bar for Fabia

      Came across this on the net... Fabia guys might wanna check this out SEAT Sport Mk4 Ibiza Strut Brace on a Fabia [inline StrutBrace2.jpg]
    23. Sky8807

      End of My Fabia

      Hi All, After 3 yrs and 2 months, decided to let go my fabia. Sold my fabia to car dealers at about $5000 above paper value. Getting a 2hand jap car, WagonR+. It's great to have a skoda forum, unfortunately the skoda car population here is rather small, exclusive no doubt. Wish you guy and gal all the best in your Skoda ride. Bye,
    24. Sky8807

      Fabia rear light unit - LH

      Got a Fabia rear light assy (LH). Slight damage on the bottom plastic, taped it to prevent water entering. Can use as spare. Anyone interested can give me your contact. No charge, just come to my area and collect. (Bk Panjang)