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    Found 211 results

    1. Honda's a genius in churning out state-of-the-art small cars. Here's why. The 2014 Honda Jazz is 4cm shorter but it offers 138 liters more cabin-space volume and nearly 13cm of extra rear legroom - compared to the predecessor. Here's how Honda engineers eked out extra room in a shorter car. For starters, Jazz's wheelbase has been stretched further apart by 3cm allowing its rear seat bench to move back outwardly by 7.6cm. Next, engineers made the centrally-mounted fuel tank located beneath the front seats thinner liberating more space for passengers but retains the same liter-volume as previous models. Plus, the new Jazz could be served in a hedonic shade of lemonade yellow to go with its packaging.
    2. Can somebody tell me the diff between these 2 car? As in the exterior. How to diff them without looking the interior/engine bay? One of the picture is Jazz while the other is Fit. cheers people.
    3. 2021 Honda City Hatchback Revealed As Regional Fit / Jazz Replacement https://www.motor1.com/news/456232/2021-honda-city-hatchback-reveal/ It's much bigger than the Fit without clashing with the Civic Hatchback. In an SUV-hungry market, it’s refreshing to see Honda hasn’t given up on regular cars. A year after introducing the City Sedan, its five-door counterpart is premiering today as a replacement in some markets for the Jazz / Fit supermini. It largely carries over the sedan’s styling, but adapted to the smaller footprint as the City Hatchback is 208 millimeters (8.2 inches) shorter. At 4345 mm (171.1 inches) long, the new small hatch is significantly larger than the Jazz without stepping on the Civic Hatchback’s toes. Even though it carries over the sedan’s wheelbase, Honda says the five-door model boasts greater legroom and so-called Ultra Seats with Utility, Long, Tall, and Refresh modes for extra convenience. In Thailand where the City Hatchback was unveiled today, Honda will sell the car with a turbocharged 1.0-liter gasoline engine. The three-pot is good for 120 horsepower and 173 Newton-meters (128 pound-feet) of torque channeled to the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission. There’s a sporty-looking RS trim featured here in red, but it’s all show without any extra go. This City Hatchback RS range topper has more than just visual tweaks as it also comes generously equipped with paddle shifters, six airbags, cruise control, rear charging ports, and an armrest for passengers sitting in the back. Honda also installs an eight-speaker sound system, an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment, and red illumination for the digital screen in the instrument cluster.
    4. Hi Pple.. I am looking for a place for dining, with Live Jazz or English rock music, to organize for a group of friends. Pls share with me some ideas.. Thank you so much. =)
    5. Hi Guys I'm looking to get a 2nd hand car once my COE is up in 2 months time. Looking for a car that has another 1-2years left. Narrowed it down to these few models: 1. Toyota Altis 2. Honda Jazz 3. Kia Forte Would prefer the car to be easier and cheaper to maintain. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
    6. Hi I am selling my Honda Jazz 1.4A hatchback and need advice on how to price it as this is a 2006 car and I can't find any similar car selling online. Only see Honda Jazz 1.3A car selling and their COEs expire about 6 months later than mine. Sorry I had to post here as this is my first post to the forum, and I am not allowed to start a new discussion thread till I've posted 10 approved posts. Please also excuse me for asking questions that may seem ignorant. Here are my car's details: COE Expiry: 3 Jan 2021 (car COE has already been renewed once before) Mileage: 177303km Registration Date: 04 Jan 2006 COE Rebate: $8540 (hoping to sell the car by end Jun 2019) I've overhauled the gearbox and changed out the aircon fan motor, fan radiator and belt. The car has some minor paint scratches and radio is not working but there is a cable you can connect to your mobile phone/media player to listen on the speakers. The previous owner installed a pretty good sound amplifier in the car so music sounds great in the car. Here are the photos: Thank you for your time!
    7. Jammy_buttons

      2018 Honda Jazz 1.3LX tyres

      Hi, I am currently driving a 2018 Jazz 1.3L with stock rims and tyres (175/65/R15). I am thinking about changing them to the XM2 and the size is 185/55/R15. I was wondering if the XM2 can fit the stock rims? TIA
    8. Just scrap my old car. Salvaged my ICE. Pioneer P99 Sinfoni 3 way Audison 6 channel amp Audison capacitor My new ride is the 1.3 Jazz with build in HU. How ah? How to intergrate my old ICE? Don’t want to swap out the stock HU as it has car info and controls inside. Guess my P99 can’t be used. How to use the speakers and Amp? Can I use the mid in the front door, base in the rear door and tweeters replace the stock? Any shops to recommend?
    9. Hi Guys, I'm looking for Jazz Mugen Spoiler. Any bros/sis here can recommend a gd shop in S'pore tat sell this subject spoiler or any spoiler tats similar (something like this?). TIA
    10. As above....preferably with good quality recordings. Something along the line of Diana Krall.
    11. I have read in an Australia report that the new Jazz is LESS economical than the old Jazz due to heavier weight. Just wondering if those who own both Jazz models find this true? The old one hits 14-15km/l easy on auto. Latest one I have read is abt 13km/l or worse. "Further, the higher revs (which you need because the new model also put on 45 kilograms, making the Jazz the heaviest among its peers) tend to blunt fuel economy. The previous Jazz was a fuel miser but the consumption of the new model has lost this advantage and consumption is now on par with its peers. We averaged about 10 L/100 km around town, and about 7 L/100 km on the open road." http://www.drive.com.au/Editorial/ArticleD...mparisonID=1609 Hope to hear fm you.... :)
    12. Hi guys....i m looking for the exhaust system for my GD1 Jazz... from the cat to the tail pipe. Which scrapyard can i buy from? Appreciate yr info....thks
    13. Looking for the Best Wet Grip tyre for my new Jazz. It come with crappy Dunlop SP31 all season tyres, that is suppose to be low resistance to save fuel. The original size is 175/65 R15. I am looking for 195/60 R15 or 195/55 R15 (more choices). Or any size that is popular in Singapore. Anyone who drives Jazz got recommendation? Is this unknown brand good? http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=6508
    14. Dear all Fit/Jazz Owners, Jackspeed is currently offering a promotion for fellow Fit/Jazz owners, please refer to the following:- 1) Full Automotive OEM top-grain leather: $ 700 2) Combi-leather: $ 550 3) Steering wheel: $ 180 for normal, $ 160 for GB of 10 or more at confirmation 4) Gear Knob and Hand Brake: $ 80 each for normal, $ 60 each for GB of more than 10 at confirmation 5) Gear Knob and Hand Brake Gaiter: $ 80 each for normal, $ 60 each for GB of more than 10 at confirmation The above includes 2 free embroidery with artwork provided, price excluding GST. 2-tone and contrasting stitches are included in the package. Change of design to be discussed separately, exceptional complex change of design to be impose a norminal design charge and to be discussed separately with our designer. Leather and man-make leather used will be compliance to EURO, ASTM, DIN, BS and ISO standards, which are typically the OEM Automotive standards being call for. Jackspeed premium leather will be used, which is the top-grain cow hikes leather, the most premium layer of the hike. Technical specifications can be provided upon request. You can choose the colours you prefer, the range for full leather will be wider than the colours for combi-leather. Please let us know if GB are being organized so that proper scheduling can be arranged, otherwise come at individual basis for colour, design and installation schedule. You may look for Joan or myself Desmond at 96951379 or desmond@jackspeed.com for further information or clarifications.
    15. Hi experts, Pls advise me. Im driving a manual 06 jazz, renew coe. When my car @gear 3 especially, low rpm, between 2 to 2.5, It jerks and shake. Once it hit, 2.5,its normal. Petrol : shell 95 = very bad jerk almost every time Shell 98 = not so bad. Jerk not so hard. Shell Vpower = much lesser, light jerk. All filter changed. Engine mounting also change ( based on recommandation ) workshop advise change 8 sparkplug. I feel if is spark plug, what petrol also should jerk. Please advise me
    16. Can anyone enlighten me wats the difference between honda fit and honda jazz? nothing important, jus to ease my curiosity...
    17. Hi, Just bought a used Jazz, many things unknown as no manual book. Anyone knows what is the wiper size for Honda Jazz 09? Some indicate as 24" 14" some 26" 13" So which is correct? Batt size? Wheel pcd?
    18. I am looking at getting a second hand Vios or Jazz. Anyone keen to sell to me or if you know of anyone who need to sell please PM me. Thanks!
    19. Hi, I am a newbie here... and newbie to car stuff also. My honda jazz 1.4 will be coming in a few days time. I want to change the default rims and tyres to better ones and thus need some advice. Default is 175/65R14, I was thinking to changing to 15" will do. Budget is about 1K+ I read the forum here and is interested in the Falken Azenis ST115 and OZ F1 Cup. Experts please advice if this is okay, how much it cost, where is the best shop to have it change. Also, I can't seem to find from the website the ST115 has 15", is it true? Or are the specs abroad any different. If I change to 15", the specs should be 185/55R15 rite? Is there such a specs or must I change to some other specs? Your advice is much appreciated.
    20. Vit4wd

      Honda Jazz

      Think the owner fitted a BOV. Could hear the PSSSTTT sound from engine as it roared past me.
    21. This morning a scooter knock on a White Fit/Jazz side mirror. But im the guilty party. I was trying to go in between the stopping Fit & a Estima when suddenly the Estima move again. This caused me unable to stop in time and knock on the white Fit/Jazz side mirror. Hereby would like to apologize and will take responsibility of your damage if there is any. Please PM me if you are the one. Fit/Jazz bro here pls help me to post on their club forum on my behalf as I am not able to do so. Thanks. Best regards, The Guilty scooter
    22. Hi all bro/sis, does anyone here knows of any work shop / mechanics that have hands on experience with honda jazz/fit. My buddy and i are pretty concern of our cars landing in some work shop that understand nothing about our cars. FYI : there are some mechanics who replenishes CVT fluid with normal automactic gearbox oil and give you confused looks when you he says "What??!? your car has 8 spark plugs?"
    23. SeriousGuy

      2014 Honda Fit/Jazz

      Why so UGLY.