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    Found 33 results

    1. Koolaba

      VW Jetta

      Hi all, Some pictures to share with you while I am overseas : the notchback version of the Golf V - the Jetta. The rear lamp clusters are very similar to the latest Passat (the silver car next to the black Jetta). Read from a couple of motoring literature in Europe that the Golf VI will be introduced earlier than expected, in 2008 or so. This will probably be the shortest production run for the Jetta. http://www.motortrend.com/features/auto_ne...006/112_news11/ A preview of the Golf VI (albeit small) http://www.autozeitung.de/pages/auto-news/...02-vw_golf6.jpg
    2. Tigerstrike

      Help. Jetta Owner Manual Needed

      Hi Jetta Owners, I had year 2010 Jetta 1.4 TSI giving me problems and I do not have the owner manual for troubleshooting the fuse box engine & cabin. Please advise me if any free download. If you have the owner manual, kindly take picture of fuse box diagram (Engine side & Cabin) in the manual for me. :) Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced.
    3. Carbon82

      2018 VW Jetta

      Following Skoda with it new Octavia, the new Jetta seems to be much larger than the existing model, and likely to hit close to 4.7m in length. Design wise, I am seeing hints of Audi (headlight), Honda (grille) Ford (C pillar) and Hyundai (taillight). Hopefully the car look better in metal, just like the current B8 Passat. Photos were rumored to be taken at VW Mexico manufacturing facilities. In case you still don't believe this is the new Jetta, but some other VW model for Brazil or China, here are some spy shots of the new Jetta taken earlier.
    4. HP_Lee

      VW Jetta Reviews and Users

      Hi Members This thread mainly for VW Jetta comments... Happy reviews and contributions
    5. Nikolaiski69

      Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.0T

      Hey guys...here's the review...a good car for those who love the GTI, but must have 4 doors... do note the error in the title of the review. It should be "Volkswagen Jetta GLI" http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=42
    6. Hi All, I admit that I am attracted by Jetta because it is a Europe car and the current offered price is very attractive too. it is spacious and the boot is huge. However, when I went through all the threads, it seems it got a terrible history. I have a few questions: 1) the 7 speed gear box- when I checked with the sales, he told me it is not an issue any more for those 2015 Jetta. How likely I can trust him? he told me the sales figure is good this year. 2) Currently WV only offers 3 years warranty for the gear box now. After the warranty, the sales told me it is about 2K+ to replace it. If I want to keep this car after 3 years, Do I have to budget this 2K+ every year based on the information given by some brothers in this forum. 3) Besides this gear box issue, Is there any other main issue for this model? The sales kept telling me that I don't need to worry about it any more since WV has fixed it for the year 2015 model. if it is still a concern to me, he suggested me that I can sell it just before end of the 3rd years. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Ken
    7. Although Jetta GearBox's negative impression, but its sales figure don't lose "sell like hot cakes" Mazda 3 and Altis
    8. Fivegear

      Volkswagen Jetta Sportline

      Hello there! Saw the Jetta Sportline 1.4 today at Motorshow 2016 and quite like it. Do any bros/sis have any experience with this model?
    9. Hi, I have a few occassions when the fan kept running after I had shut down the engine. The first time it happened, I just turned on the engine for 1 min to shift my car. When I shut it down, I can see the fan turning. I turn on and off the engine again and it was gone. The 2nd time happened when I was using the car battery (engine not on) to vacuum. After I shut everything down, the fan remained. After about 5 mins, it went off. The 3rd time happened when I shut down the engine and turned it on again after 2mins. I drove it for about 100m before shutting down. The fan remained and I had to restart the engine and shut down again. Anyone had similar experience? Is this normal? My MK6 Jetta is the non-sport version.
    10. One and only Jetta Mk VI 6 with the original Volkswagen Adaptive Forward Light retrofitted. In fact, the only Jetta here in Asia with the original Volkswagen Xenon AFS lights ! It cost a bomb though compared to the cheap Chinese rip off which looks almost identical but function wise, it cannot be compared. http://jimmy-cbx.blogspot.sg/2015/07/jetta-mark-6-original-xenon-drl-led.html
    11. One and only Jetta Mark 6 to be equipped with the original Volkswagen Chassis Control system. PS : This is the only Jetta with a C/S buttons that really works ! The write up is here The system consist of 4 electronic control shock absorbers, 3 level sensors, 3 chassis acceleration sensors, controller, harness, new bump stops, harness etc. Anthony is the first to own this very rare and unique Jetta Mark 6 2015 model. The handling and control of this Jetta is like no other ! Here is a video from Seat to explain the basis of the DCC ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHJ3jJ8-bvk
    12. Hello all brothers, my car Lancer EX left 4 years 8 mths, wait for COE to drop or buy new car better? Thinking of VW Jetta or Polo....found out my EX 1.5 can trade in at $55k to dealer at Cars @ Expo...hope to clear my $15k loan and roll over to my new car and hopefully pay less than $1k per mth for instalment. Jetta heard $1.2 k per mth...very tight! Any advice? Both cars got any issue? Thks for feedback!
    13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiYKjf8lXA8 Jetta is surprisingly last 1. Focus 2. Mazda3 3. Elantra 4. Cruze 5. Jetta
    14. Plan either buy used Jetta sport or Mit Lancer 1.8 Turbo. Which is better? I heard from VW forum, thousand of ppl complain abt DSG gearbox. any advise?
    15. Guys, starting this thread to blog my visit(s) to the VCS. more updates to come once I have my file on hand.
    16. as above, 4 litres for VW Jetta 1.4 TSi isit enough for servicing? thanks
    17. Patricklyb


      any bro here driving the above mentioned new VW JETTA SPORT! care to let in the con and pro of the above! mi thinking of changing ride but afraid of the twin turbo maintenances!
    18. Volkswagen releases first official photos of all-new Jetta to arrive early next year Volkswagen has issued the following press release: Volkswagen today released the first official photos of its all-new Jetta, which goes on sale this coming March in the U.S. and Canada The Jetta model is Volkswagen's most popular in the U.S., accounting for about 40 percent of the brand's overall volume in this market. It is perennially the number-one selling European nameplate sold in the U.S. The photos released today show a completely redesigned Jetta sedan, and depict the fifth generation of the German automaker's sedan that first went on sale in 1980 in the U.S. Set to make its worldwide public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show on January 5, 2005 where its price will also be announced, the new Jetta will be a significant evolution of this Volkswagen model that celebrates its 25th year in the U.S. and Canada in 2005. During that time, it has generated sales of more than 2.2 million units in those markets. Like its predecessors, the new Jetta will offer a distinct choice in the compact sedan market. The new Jetta has bold dynamic styling and larger dimensions than its predecessor. As always, the Jetta's styling, technology and European character will attract people who love to drive and desire something different. As expected, this sophisticated Jetta also offers traditional Volkswagen value for the money. Since the Jetta's introduction in 1980, this compact, affordable German sports sedan has evolved significantly with each new design. This new Jetta is no exception: it has grown in size from the previous model, while again offering a more advanced level of German engineering and technology that is unique in its competing market segment. Drivers of the new Jetta will enjoy the model's first fully independent suspension system that uses a multi-link rear and optimized front axle, a new powerful base engine with a larger displacement of 2.5 liters and five- cylinders generating 150 horsepower (versus a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter, 115 hp engine in the previous model), a new optional six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic including a special "sport" mode selection. In addition, later in the year, Volkswagen will offer its revolutionary transmission called DSG (TDI only), which is essentially an automated manual transmission system offering the inherent efficiency and economy of a manual with the ease of operation of an automatic. Also among the most impressive new driving advancements are a standard high-tech electro-mechanical steering system, a new technically advanced electronic stability program (ESP), and new-generation ABS all-disc brakes. The new Jetta's interior will be roomier than ever with a larger trunk and more legroom and occupant space. As one expects from a modern Volkswagen, the new Jetta will offer a highly refined interior treatment, with a long list of standard comfort and convenience features. Some of the safety features for the new Jetta include front side thorax airbags, Side Curtain Protection (for head) in front and rear, crash-active front headrests, crash-optimized foot pedals that descend upon serious impact, Daytime Running Lights (DRL), three- point safety belts at every position, adjustable headrests for all five occupants, front belt pre-tensioners with load limiters, and safety belts with emergency locking retractors complete this all-new Jetta sedan. Built for worldwide distribution at Volkswagen's high-tech production facility in Puebla, Mexico, the Jetta's assembly process promises to set quality standards for this model segment. Volkswagen AG invested extensively to further advance the modern assembly sequences and technologies at its sole North American site -- a facility that according to internal quality audits ranks as one of the Volkswagen Group's top factories in the world. The new Jetta has a stronger body than its predecessor, recording double- digit improvements in its dynamic and torsional rigidity. This is achieved through the use of more high-strength body panels, world-class design and engineering, and an advanced, highly automated, laser-welding system. The result is a dramatic increase in laser-welded seams -- nearly 14 times more than the previous Jetta. The net benefit of this bonding process is a class- leading fit and finish, improved body strength, crash protection, driving dynamics, and reduced interior noise. This all-new Jetta once again documents Volkswagen's attention to detail, unique driving dynamics, high-energy looks and quality materials to match and exceed the expectations of the North American customer.
    19. Lalaisgongon

      New Vw jetta!

      how come no one discussing about this new 1.4 l jetta?!?! avante got like 6 pages. its a cheaper golf with a boot! anyone interested?! i am!
    20. Proton_neutron

      New 2011 Jetta VS Hyundai i45 2.0L

      Would appreciate a debatable view on the above 2 cars. Thx. New Jetta 1.4TSI Sport 160bhp: 0-100kph: 8.3s 7DSG. Est price: S$130k. But there should be the 1.4TSI 122bhp and 1.2TSI 105bhp 7DSG versions, starting price from est S$110k. Hyundai i45 being a larger car, is going for S$120k. Space and exterior size is important, so is adequate and relaxed performance.
    21. Piyopico

      All new 2011 Jetta

      All new 2011 Jetta Much better than the existing Jetta ............... priced much cheaper in the US too.
    22. Vicz

      Jetta 1.4TSi

      Saw the review on ST yesterday. Seems that its a very attractive proposition. Any comments? Would u pay this price for an A-Class or this piece?
    23. Dee

      Jetta 1.6

      Hi guys, Any bros here own a VW Jetta 1.6? Can give a review and feedback on wat's the negative stuff abt this car? Thanx alot in advance.
    24. which ride u pick? jetta GLI 2 litre 200bhp engine vs ralliart mivec 2 litre 240 bhp both got space fetching people around $115k vs $116 k who to pick
    25. Nikolaiski69

      VW Jetta 1.4 TSI vs BMW 323i

      In my first proper VW review at my new workplace..we took the BMW 323i out and the Jetta 1.4 TSI.. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/review.php?AID=30 Keeping in mind that the 323 and Jetta wasn't meant to be an apples to apples comparison but rather, to test the fact that the Jetta indeed can put up to 2.5 litre engines, they're both pretty much on par in the wet. I feel that the Jetta could've been faster if not due to the fact that it doesn't really inspire enough confidence in the wet while going at speed as the BMW, but then again, they are very different cars, and "at speed" often meant waaaay past legal highway limits.. don't like the fact that it doesn't have flappy paddles :( as usual, any sort of feedback in an effort to improve the quality of our articles will be greatly appreciated )