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    Found 436 results

    1. ? Which one to go for ? Cheap & good.
    2. kobayashiGT

      2020 Mitsubishi Lancer

      This thread is curated from this youtube channel. This is the 2020 Grand Lancer. This is the front view of the Grand Lancer, the design cue does have a bit of Triton in it. 🤔 But it is definitely a whole new take from the past Lancer outlook that hasn't been a refresh for the longest time. I sure like the side profile of the new Grand Lancer, the line from the front A-pillar to the driver door does make the car sportier. I just hope that the vent is real! So that there is some performance purpose for the holes. The rear view of the car is nicely shaped too. The boot has a little duck tail the looks sportier. And I also like the rear bumper the way it has vents. The c shape LED lights to seem to have taken a lot of re-iterations from the recent Civic and Impreza. Nothing much to fanfare about it. A closer view of the Rear LED Light. Here's a look on the front DRL. A bit like golf thou IMHO. Okay. To the interior. This youtube channel is from Taiwan, so is LHD. I like the ipad style centre display! The steering wheel looks very minimalistic! A full LCD display and a nice pedal shifter. 🙂 You can do different configuration on the smart display too! How cool is this! This is by far the favourite for this car. A tesla-like infotainment system! Just look at the size of the screen! OMG! This is so damn good for displaying a map. Reverse mode. Let's come to the back, the centre trunk is quite protruded, so maybe for a long-distance drive, best is to just sit 4 paxs. Look very spacious~! Here's the car key. The boot opening is very practical. I think is big enough for all barang barang. The wheels are fitted on 16" 5 spokes alloy rims with Bridgestone Turanza T001, A very highly recommended touring tyres for those who want comfort and minimum road noises. I will highly recommend Turanza! Okay. That's all for now! Enjoy!
    3. Neo

      Lancer Ex 1.6

      Hope to find kakis who are driving the same model since this variant is still relatively unknown even to workshop.
    4. Mitsubishi set to resurrect Lancer Evolution Source: https://www.motoring.com.au/mitsubishi-set-to-resurrect-lancer-evolution-119217/ Reborn Japanese hero to share its underpinnings with Renault Megane RS, according to fresh reports The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is set for a rebirth. British publication Autocar reports the cult-favourite Japanese sports car will be revived under the alliance between Mitsubishi and Renault. Continuing a rich history kicked off by the first-generation model in 1992, the Lancer Evolution XI is set to offer “supercar-beating acceleration together with the choice of either traditional four-door saloon or five-door hatchback bodystyles,” according to Autocar, which cites Japanese-based sources. The newcomer will reportedly share elements of its drivetrain with the next-generation Renault Megane RS, using a turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine mated to a dual-clutch gearbox and an advanced Mitsubishi-developed S-AWC four-wheel drive system. Presently, the Megane RS engine makes 224kW and 420Nm in its most powerful Trophy-R trim similar outputs to the 226kW/414Nm Evolution X that was retired in 2015. However, the possible addition of electronic boosting in a 48V mild-hybrid system being developed for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is likely to increase its reserves,” the article claims. The 11th generation of the four-wheel-drive Lancer Evolution has been conceived to sit on the CMF-C/D F4 platform developed within Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. The Evolution’s revival is reportedly part of Mitsubishi chairman Osamu Masuko’s plans to restore the Japanese car-maker’s famous performance status. Seventy-year-old Masuko is set to relinquish his position as Mitsubishi chief executive to Takao Kato. However, the Mitsubishi veteran will continue to lead the company in the position of chairman. Previous plans by Masuko to develop a successor to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X were placed on hold following heavy losses at the company and its subsequent purchase by Nissan in 2016.
    5. I'm proud to present the final product of my lancer CB1. Spend alot of money / time and effort on this car. =) My Previous ride was a 22 year old GTti!. Hope you guys will appreciate my end product! Cheers, Kelvin
    6. Recently my car having this issue that it can't accerelate pass 40km/H and I have to release the pedal and step again in order to move and after a few minute I will cut off again, and this happen only on raining day, towded to C&C to have a check and the answer they gave me was my led taillamp resistor was cut away? And they said I had change the taillamp, I told the guy this led taillamp was original from C&C for 2016 model lancer ex, the issue is I been driving for the pass 1 year plus and this issue happen right after I service with them in December 2018, I didn't even touch my taillamp before how could the resistor cut away and the insisted me to change the whole taillamp for $800 plus in order not to have the same problem again, what I am not happy is about they accuse me for cutting it away, any bro can advise me what should I do? I am really lost for now
    7. Calfskin

      Mitsubishi Lancer - EOL

      Oh man... The "unkillable" Mitsubishi Lancer is finally gonna be killed by the makers... http://www.autoblog.com/2017/01/06/mitsubishi-lancer-production-ends-august-2017/ From the latest facelift, you kinda know that they're not making any efforts to catch up with the revamped Kia K3s, Mazda 3s, Civics, etc.... So sad...
    8. Ronnieseah

      Lancer starting problem

      got a 2005 lancer 1.6A. having problem starting, sometime need to crank very long for it to start. mechanic suspect wiring problem but cant solve. anyone encounter this before?
    9. Both these 2 cars are very close in depreciation in the used car market. Lancer Ralliart 1.8T is 4 speed auto, 165bhp, OMV 21K Lancer 2.0L EX auto is CVT, 155bhp , new model, OMV 18K Which is a better choice? Have only tested Ralliart turbo, engine is a little rough. Power is isn't that fantastic.
    10. Hi, Hope bros/sis here can recommend a workshop for installing open pod air filter setup for CS3. Understand the installation will require a customised piping and the filter can choose from a wide range of brands and design. Will also appreciate an estimate on the price of the setup. Thank you.
    11. Again, I started this without expecting such overwhelming support! We have over 8000 views for previous thread - which is overzealous if we look at other ride threads (average 1000 views) I got my ride early last year and wanting to find out more abt the ride + know more similar rides owners....we have indeed come a long way. Sorry been busy and lesser time to come in. Cheers bros/sis!! =========================================================== Please continue our discussion for Part XIII! Thanks everyone CS3 Owners: 1. Xtraun 2. Josephteo 3. Outside83 4. Icekitten 5. Creative_tec 6. Fong 7. jalibhoy 8. Blacklancer224 9. Maroon5 10.Katou 11.Octopus 12.Kanchelsk 13.Cloudywind 14.Deepstink 15.Beyond_26 16.Xiao_Qiang 17. Titanium 18. Threeleggedman 19. Patience 20. Sagz 21. JB15 22. Lynni LANCER EX Owners (new model) 1. Jonnie_sedan 2. Axils 3. Xspace 4. 5. Ex-Owners (Owned Lancers b4) 1. Hiphiphoray (now driving Sonata ) 2. Mazda323 (now driving Mazda323 and Toyota Hiace ) 3. Gtrend (now driving RX STI JDM MY08 ) 4. Azarael (now driving Lexus IS250) 5. jezter (now driving e9 gt) 6. upandcoming (now driving opel astra)
    12. Just took over a used Lancer GLX sport (Auto) (2007) version. Mileage is around 65K. Any thing i should take note of ? Like change timing belt ? and what are the thing in the engine i need to take note of ? BTW, what the difference between GLX sport and GLX ?
    13. Hi all, Any place to recommend for timing belt change and how much?
    14. Hi, My company is looking for the above for a 2-3 weeks assignment at a construction site in the east. The job is to be present on-site during the operation of a gondola to install a fixture on a 9 storey building. PM me your costs, $$$ and we can discuss from there. Thanks
    15. Hi, which of the above choices will you get for car about 9 year old, be it an OPC or normal plate. Please advise...
    16. Hi all Jap car user users, considering buying this car (Nissan Latio, Toyota Vios & Lancer) but need your experts input on the maintenance cost. how much do you spent on maintenance on your Latio
    17. I witnessed this accident right in front of my eyes while standing at my office window. The Trailer rammed into the back of the dark blue Mitsubishi Lancer and pushed it for a good 10m into the first lane. Can't tell if it was a lane-switch mistake. See pics.
    18. I'm helping a friend to ask since he doesn't have a forum account. Is there any reliable (and cheaper) workshops in the west side that deals with Mitsubishi? He is driving a Mitsubishi Lancer EX 09 model. I wouldn't say a workshop specializing in Mitsubishi since they seem rather rare now-a-days, but he is looking for one after getting chopped by C&C and hearing horror stories from another friend whose workshop did not detect an oil leak for him. Thanks.
    19. Vinceng

      Iconic 1980 Lancer 1.4SL

      Good to see an iconic Lancer in the resale market. This Lancer came in 3 models - 1.4GL (4 speed manual, without tacometer), 1.4SL (5 speed manual, with tacometer) and 1.6M (5 speed with tacometer, shared same engine as Galant 1.6). The 1.4l model was the top seller from 1979 to 1982. The Toyota Corolla 1.3 did not even come close. It was the most spacious in its class. But the *Lancer F 1.2 replacement model in 1983 was a failure and sales dropped drastically. *Refered to as 3rd generation Lancer Fiore in hyperlink below: http://jambu2011.blogspot.sg/2011/09/generation-by-generation-mitsubishi.html It came with skinny 155/80R13 stock tyres. Many owners upgraded to 175/70R13 tyres. It came without power steering and you need brutal muscles to navigate a parking lot. Power in 1st gear was non existent. Rev till 4000rpm + , and the car accelerates to 20km/h max. 4000rpm on 2nd gear gets you to 40km/h. Significant power comes only in 3rd gear. That is based on only the driver on board. Today's 998cc Perodua Kelisa can anytime beat this Lancer in a 0-100km/h sprint with minimal effort. But there is no way I will pay $23,800 for this Lancer. Grossly underpowered, hard gearshift, no driving pleasure and a fuel guzzler at 10km/l for a 1.4l N.A. engine. And you need to add lead additive during every top up. Using unleaded petrol leads to significant loss of power. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=393718&DL=2548
    20. just wondering if anyone is driving the abovementioned car and can give a review on it?
    21. Am contemplating between the two models. Power wise, is the difference noticeable on local driving? How about on NSH cruising 130-160km/h, any difference to noise, comfort level and engine stress? Currently driving a kia rio 1.5m and looking for a little more power for nsh cruising and local highway cruising. Am a high milege user but more highway than city start stop traffic. Searched around the mitushibishi threads but no one seemed to have done such a comparison. Any bros here can offer some advice?
    22. Which would you choose and why? Bare in mind, for yr 06/07. Recommendations/Opinions on other cars in similar range welcomed. Thank you.
    23. Hi, 1st of all I would like to apologize to the Lancer MR... Totally my fault. I cut into ur lane be4 I checked mirror n almost caused u to buang. Really pai say. No excuse. U never whack me I damn heng liao. As for the EX, bro relax... When I entered SLE I was pissed with another car n a taxi so I zoomed into the 1st lane. Speed was fast so ended up right behind u. Tailgating u. I had no intention to jio u but my speed was fast mah... Then u drop gear so I follow suit. We zoom zoom awhile till around thomson flyover I relax liao. Then MR over take from left and I follow as 1st lane not fast enuf. When I pass u ard Mandai I even gave u a peace sign. But u seem damn buay song me cut here cut there... I still trying to tell u relax bro peace.... So I signal left n hazard abit. Then appeared MR... So I waved to stop so I can apologize to MR. Totally my fault. Then EX u come to me and shout abit.. Bro I guess I have offended u with my tailgating u. But bro relax lah. My intentions were not to jio u just want u to know that. Anyways apologies to both of you and also to the many cars this morning on the SLE hope everyone is ok. Cheers and have a good day all.