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    Found 10 results

    1. Carbon82

      Baby Maybach

      I have a hard time deciding the title for this thread, as there are many things to write about this new Mercedes-Benz model, and I actually wish it could be made available in Singapore, but I know it is mission impossible for now, since it is only available in LHD format (so PI route is out too). Now let take a quick glimpse at this model I am talking about. Does it not reassembled the larger Mercedes-Maybach S-Class (X222), especially the quart window at the C-pillar? So what is this unique model that got me so excited? Well it is the... ... Mercedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheel Base (V213), exclusive to the China market. Anyone grab the variant shown in the above photos? It is the E350L. Now that is another talking point... Under the hood, there’s an assortment of engines, and thus the choice of model variant, which shall be very different from our past understanding of Mercedes nomenclature. Starting with the entry level E280L (notice I use 'entry level'), it use the same 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with mild hybrid found in the CLS260, which produces 184ps (135KW) and 280Nm of torque. It enables the E280L to accelerate from 0 - 100km/h in 8.7 seconds (9.0 seconds for all-wheel drive). Up next, the E300L, which has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine pumping out 258ps (190KW) and 370Nm of torque. This variant come standard with all-wheel drive setup, and the dash to 100km/h is reduce significantly 6.6 seconds. Finally, the top of the range E350L 4MATIC (sound / look sibeh atas right), uses an upgraded 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (instead of a 3.0L V6) which now produces 299ps (220KW) and 400Nm of torque. It allow a century sprint timing of 6.1 seconds.
    2. Mercedes-Maybach GLS on course to face Bentley Bentayga in 2019https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/mercedes-maybach-gls-course-face-bentley-bentayga-2019 Mercedes-Benz’s upmarket Maybach sub-brand is preparing to extend its line-up beyond the S-Class with a plush range-topping version of the upcoming third-generation GLS (formerly GL). Maybach is considered an important brand for Mercedes to develop given the rising demand for luxury models, particularly in the SUV sector, with rivals such as Bentley and Land Rover having notable success with their respective Bentayga and Range Rover. Mercedes has also seen strong growth from its AMG performance arm, which achieved 131,970 sales in 2017, and it would like to emulate this success with Maybach on a smaller but profitable scale. The SUV, which was reported to be on the cards by Autocar in 2016, is set to make its debut as a lightly veiled concept car at the Beijing motor show in April. It will then be revealed in production guise at theLos Angeles motor show in November. The car is tipped to be priced above £120,000 when sales begin in 2019. The new Mercedes-Maybach GLS will build on initiatives taken with the two-year-old Mercedes-Maybach S-Class (below). The new Maybach SUV will share the same basic aluminium and steel bodyshell and advanced four-wheel- drive underpinnings as less heavily specified versions of the new GLS. However, Autocar has been told its upmarket positioning will be underlined by a series of subtle exterior design tweaks and a significantly more luxurious interior than standard versions of the US-built SUV. Insiders involved in the development of the Mercedes-Maybach concept car, known internally as the Maybach 9, say it will not only preview the look of the new model, with a bold new grille among the elements aiming to provide it with added exclusivity, but will also highlight the sort of upmarket features, including autonomous driving functions, to be offered on the production version of the SUV A high-level official told Autocar: “We have been quietly surprised by the sales success of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which is proving extremely popular in many key markets. The plan now is to extend the exclusivity surrounding the Maybach name into the upper end of the SUV segment. We’re confident this new model will leave little to be desired in terms of luxury.” The basis for the new GLS is Mercedes-Benz’s MHA (Modular High Architecture) platform. A development of the existing MRA platform, it is intended to underpin a series of new models, including the new GLE and GLE Coupé. It provides a significant reduction in kerb weight, the capability to support a 48V electrical architecture and the very latest in radar, camera and sensor-supported driving functions. The Maybach-badged GLS is likely to be offered exclusively with the Mercedes-AMG-developed M177 V8 petrol engine. In the recently launched S560, this twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 produces 462bhp, setting up the possibility of the new model being called GLS 560 for production. The new engine, which features a cylinder-shutdown function for added fuel savings in city driving, will replace the twin-turbo 4.7-litre V8 used by today’s GLS 500. Also under discussion for the new Mercedes-Maybach model is the plug-in petrol-electric drivetrain recently unveiled in the S560e. It combines Mercedes’ new turbocharged and electronic supercharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine, developing 362bhp, with a 121bhp electric motor. In the new GLS, it is claimed to use a lithium ion battery for a pure-electric range of up to 31 miles. With the GLS produced exclusively at Mercedes’ Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama, the luxury SUV will be the first Maybach model to be produced in the US. As well as providing stiff competition to the Bentayga, the Maybach GLS has also been conceived as a rival to the likes of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Range Rover SVAutobiography. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Maybach is planning to launch an upgraded version of the S560 at the Geneva motor show in March. Among the changes planned for the saloon is a newly designed grille that will set the tone for all future Maybach-badged models. What the Maybach GLS must beat: Bentley Bentayga: Bentley got there first with its Bentayga, which has been a major lifeline for the brand. A 4.0-litre V8 diesel has gone down well alongside the W12 and a hybrid arrives this year. Rolls-Royce Cullinan: The Cullinan (its name has yet to be finalised) arrives this year. Rolls’ first four-wheel drive shares its architecture and 6.75-litre V12 with the new Phantom. Lamborghini Urus: The 641bhp Urus, on the roads in spring, is expected to double Lamborghini’s sales to 7000. The firm insists it is a high-performance car and achieves 0-62mph in 3.6sec.
    3. Alheych

      The Maybach is back...

      The Maybach brand has been resurrected. Mercedes-Benz is now using it as a nameplate for the stretched S600L. Wonder how many of those can they sell in Singapore. It should do better than the old Maybach. http://www.autoblog.com/2014/11/19/mercedes-maybach-s600-official/
    4. Why? Because they don't need to queue or make appointment for servicing at SC. Every single owner is the only buyer in 2012....song! http://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/c...egn_by_make.pdf
    5. British mag Auto Express is reporting that Daimler executives have a plan in place to close the door on Maybach. The ultra-luxury brand, purchased by Daimler-Benz in 1960, was restarted as an automotive brand in 2002 following the 1997 introduction of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach concept in Tokyo. Maybach was founded as a heavy-duty engine production company in 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach, a former technical director at Daimler. The company's first concept car debuted in 1919, and began assembly of extravagant vehicles two years later. The company halted automotive production in 1940, when they began building engines for German tanks in World War II. Car manufacture stalled for 60 years. Sales at Maybach have flatlined since 2007, and were made worse by the global economic downturn. Further, Daimler may be looking to block Maybach from cannibalizing sales within their house brand, as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is scheduled for release in 2014. The S-Class is set to be a top-shelf car with an impressive touch screen that lets the user control most interior functions with hand gestures. As we previously reported, Maybach's short-term plans include a facelift only, and no new engines. A redesign will include LED daytime lights, new grille, freshened bumper, and a hood with a new look. The facelifted Maybach could get a debut in April at the Beijing Auto Show.
    6. After months of speculation, Daimler has reportedly decided to phase out Maybach. Citing high-ranking sources, Autocar is reporting Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche will axe the brand in order to focus more attention on Mercedes. As one insider commented, "We've come to the conclusion that it is better to cut our losses with Maybach than to continue into an uncertain future with a brand that has failed to live up to original sales expectations." If everything pans out, the last Maybachs will be built in early 2013. To fill the gap, Mercedes will reportedly offer a new S600 Pullman. Source: AutoCar
    7. The two young Britons are getting hitched on Friday, April 29th, 2011. To mark the occasion, the groom, one William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor, better known as Prince William of Wales, and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton, have been "honored" by exotic car customizer, Project Kahn. The Project Kahn Wedding Commemorative Maybach 57 (what, no Bentleys or Rolls-Royces lying around the shop, guys?) is a blatant PR grab "tribute" to the new royal couple that will have nothing at all to do with the royal wedding itself reside at Project Kahn's Bradford headquarters. The touched-up super Benz features Kahn-designed 22-inch wheels, smoked glass, an upgraded interior and darkened taillamps. It also wears the license plate, "4 HRH", which means For His Royal Highness. The ultimate commemorative vehicle to mark HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day. Previous royal weddings have often been marked by commemorative stamps, coins and a range of memorabilia. However, Afzal Kahn has released the ultimate commemorative item to mark HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day. The pearl white Project Kahn Maybach 57 complete with the regal-sounding number plate: 4 HRH
    8. Davidklt

      Maybach 2010

      Nice: http://www.mercnews.net/2010/07/maybach-2010-exterior.html http://www.mercnews.net/2010/07/maybach-20...ior-part-1.html http://www.mercnews.net/2010/07/maybach-20...ior-part-2.html
    9. Launch of Special-protection version of high-end luxury saloon From September, the exclusive Maybach saloon can also be ordered with a sophisticated, factory-integrated special-protection package. The first of these specially protected Maybach Guard vehicles will be delivered to customers in mid-2004. Based on the 6.17-metre-long Maybach 62, the Maybach Guard is able to resist not only mechanical violence and attacks involving the use of heavy implements, but also protects the occupants from handgun bullets up to .44 Magnum calibre. This means that this version of the luxury saloon meets all the requirements of the European B4 "high protection" level. Comfort and driving dynamics unimpaired Maybach Guard vehicles are based on the concept of integrated special protection. This means that the protective features
    10. Hot on the heels of Acer's Ferrari laptop, GM omes up with its rebuttal.....(ok, I made this part up )...but here's an interesting read I came across on cnet.com: "GM drives Hummer-branded laptop General Motors is expected to announce a new laptop next week that's styled after its popular Hummer multi-terrain vehicles. The carmaker has signed an exclusive three-year licensing agreement with Spokane, Wash.- based Itronix to make a portable computer designed for people who work outdoors:policemen, firemen, claims adjusters and construction workers, forexample, as well as people who own a Hummer and are fascinated by anything related to the oversize vehicles. Itronix, which makes laptops and tablet PCs for the U.S. military, said it wanted to style a new category of "semi-ruggedized" laptop. Priced at$2,988, the laptops come with enough padding to survive six separate drops from a height of 30 inches onto two 3/4-inch sheets of plywood placed on top of concrete. Industrial-strength laptops, which are water-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, are finding their way onto the battlefield and the oil field. Models like the Panasonic Toughbook, and Twinhead, with its Durabook line, also come with external body armor and internal shock absorbers. Itronix Senior Vice President Matt Gerber said the company's new laptops were originally designed to meet the needs of military commanders in Iraq who told Itronix they were caught between using thick and heavy laptops used by the infantry and inexpensive business-class PCs from Dell."Halfway through the development phase, we got this call from General Motors asking us if we would make a laptop that reflected the spirit of their Hummer vehicles, which also has its roots in the U.S. military," Gerber said. Itronix said it is using the same military-grade technology (vibration and temperature standards) in theHummer laptop to launch its own brand--the GoBook VR-1. That computer, priced at $3,299, has nearly all the same attributes as the Hummer-branded laptop, including a 1.86GHz Intel Centrino Pentium processor, a 12.1-inch color display,512MB of memory, a DVD/CD-R/W combination drive, 8021.11a/g/b wireless connectivity and Microsoft'sXP Professional operating system.Both computers have a flip-out LED light to illuminates the screen and helpusers work in low-light conditions. The laptops also come with four wireless radios, including an integrated GPS antenna that helps Microsoft Streetsand Trips map software locate yourposition and help you to your destination, Gerber said. The Hummer laptop has the added features of an 80GB shock-mounted removable hard-disk drive (a security benefit for multiple computer users)and a swappable radio module that allows users to switch between North American and European GPRS/EDGE wireless plans. Gerber said the company is currently discussing adding biometric readers for extra laptop security.The Hummer laptop comes in black and silver with yellow, red or pewter-gray trim. Its battery lasts a little more than four hours; a battery extender pushes that to about seven hours. The Hummer laptop will be available at car dealerships that sell Hummer products or online at the GM-approved Web site Hummerstuff.com starting Nov. 1. General Motors lost an average of$1,227 per vehicle sold in North America during the first half of 2005,the most of any U.S. automaker,according to an industry analyst report out on Tuesday." Wonder if the last point about the losses per unit sold has anything to do with this diversification move but, if anything, I doubt if HP and Dell will be sweating anytime soon.... Notice they said zilch about the weight....