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    Found 49 results

    1. Dear Seniors, I will like to ask if any of you are driving this particular model, as I have been experiencing it gearbox problems. A couple of time while in the jam, the panel will display a red message warning me that the Auto gearbox over heated. Did went and told the service staff at Wearners, which they told me that this car is using dual clutch. In a traffic jam situation, it will be advisable that i put it to neutral to prevent it from overheating, as the clutch system well keep on engaging while stationary during the jam. The other problem that i am experiencing is that at times, after starting the engine and move on, i will experience jerking or the gears not changing by itself and will keep dragging the gear when i accelerate. Suppose to move from 3 to 4th gears, the gear will just stuck at 3rd. Feedback to the service staffs before during routine servicing, they told me sometimes it is the on board computer system error, which I will need to stop the car, cut off the engine and wait for a few seconds before restarting the engine again and the problem will go away. This morning such problem happen again while i was on ECP. As i am not able to stop the car in the middle of expressway, therefore, I stop it after reaching the traffic light near Bugis. But before that I switch the gear system to manual while on the expressway. I was on 4th gear and try to swift the gear up as i moved faster, but the gear just skip 5th and go straight to 6th gear. Same thing when lowering the gear. I will skip 5th gear and move straight to 4th while i was on the 6th. My concern now is that as this car is coming 3 years old. Should I get the gear box change while it is still under warranty? Please advise. thanks. P.S: I am a normal driver whom don't play with manual gear as I used automatic gear since this is a daily car. When i do reversing, I will wait for a second or 2 before swifting from D drive to R.
    2. This looks very 3 series. If only it drives like one, it wuld be perfect.
    3. Looks like the hot Hatch category getting interesting next Year You Have the Renault RS which is zero to 100 in about 5.7 to 6 sec New engine. Not as ricey as the Civic and tamer. Functional Diffuser. 4 Wheel Steering, which may not be everyone's liking. Hopefully, they nail it this time round. Its downsize to 1.8T instead of 2.0 T so I suspect no replacement for displacement means the 150 to 200 kmh range will be slower on the straight. Comes stock at 280 bhp while GTi is 235 bhp. vs Civic 308 bhp. Let see what kind of prices. If the number falls in the 145 to 155 K range, probably have very good takeup rate.
    4. Civic6656

      Renault Megane 1.6(A) a good car?

      Yo bros and sis, I'm planning to change to a conti ride and was crossed between a Renault Megane 1.6(A) or a VW Jetta 1.6(A). Any experience and comments for these cars? I owned a Renault 5 before but that was donkey years back. I should say this car has lotsa problems. Everyweek squat at the workshop waiting for it to be repaired. Has Renault improved over the years? Thanks!
    5. hi all, as above. need first-hand comments on maintenance and performance. pm me if too private to share? Thanks all
    6. Ehonda

      Renault Megane

      Helping my friend to post .. he currently driving the 1.6 Golf - http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...393&DL=1000 .. thinking of changing car .. he is interested in the Renault Megane. any comments/reviews ? Below are some of the cars he found .. Tis wan got higher COE, declared 6 airbags http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...116&DL=1191 Not sure why tis wan only 2 airbags, was there ever an option for the additional curtain airbags? COE oso lower, younger by 6mth, rd tax just paid, and mileage is a mere 30k kms(but then again u guys said mileage can be tampered). http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...264&DL=1000 New is going at 56k but seems like OMV beli low, dunoe due to what... Preferably looking for the Estate/Tourer version with the chrome roof rails, but seems like only one avail on sgarmart, and seems not so neat, details oso nvr declare much, and asking for quite hefty sum... http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...656&DL=1000 thanks in advance ...
    7. Vega

      FD2R vs Renault Megane RS

      I know one is turbo and the other is NA. One has stop production and other is very new. Which one will you choose for its performance?
    8. Anybody care to comments? Pros and cons? Am helping a friend looking for 07 1.6 sedan with 6.2k depreciation. Currently market doesn't allow him to look at Toyota (VIOS) or Nissan (Latio) as the depreciation is ridiculously high at 8k-9k plus. Only 4 door sedan please. strictly no hatchback. Would interested to know more on Megane in terms of maintenance, fc and parts cost compared to GLX and Avante. So far, Megane has the highest OMV of 19-20K with low depreciation of 5k+ annually and 10k scrap return.
    9. Fantastic drive by RS driver!! check it out
    10. RoadTricks

      Renault Megane RS250 manual TB

      Hi dear all, What is your opinion on the car above?Fuel consumption, wear and tear, and most importantly, servicing intervals and cost because I am all fine about installaments, insurance blah blah blah but they say Renault items are very expensive and their servicing (Wearnes) price cut throat! Haha! :o
    11. starting to like renault but looking at alonso take the renault to the limit is like wow if u listen to the gear changes carefully so probabaly he was shifting at about 7000 to 8000 rpm with no jerk and super smooth drive safe
    12. Fishman

      Used Megane Cabriolet vs 307CC

      Comments please? Which will you choose? Glass roof of the Renault, anyone who owns one cares to comment - is it really that hot on a sunny day with roof up? thks
    13. Dualie

      New Renault Megane

    14. Vit4wd

      Megane or Altis?

      Renault Megane 1.6A Steptronic http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2Aja6Tlp-1037.html Toyota Altis 1.6A 4 speed http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2A0R7PDN-1159.html Megane's OMV is S$4K more than Altis' OMV Continental car with steptronic for same annual depreciation as Thai assembled Altis. Would you take the Megane? If not, why?
    15. Hey guys, i saw this new car being test driven today around woodlands. At first glance, thought it was a VW Sirocco, but it the car was bearing the renault logo! Very beautiful yellow with black rims. Very beautiful car man! Packs 240horses! http://www.vicky.in/international/2009/03/...e-packs-247bhp/
    16. As above. Anyone driving one? please share your view and comments.
    17. The new Renault Megane II sedan has just been launched in Singapore. And the pricing looks attractive for a 1.6 litre car. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full speed ahead for Renault sedan Sales of new Megane seen overtaking that of hatchback version By SAMUEL EE THE new Renault Megane sedan is expected to outsell the hatchback version by three to four times, Olivier Delamarre, area operations manager of Renault Asia Pacific, said at the launch of the new car at the Pines Club yesterday. 'Definitely, the sedan will do much better than the hatchback,' he said. 'This car is dedicated to the international markets, whereas the hatchback is more for the European market.' Selling point: the 1.6-litre Renault Megane sedan costs $82,888 with a five-speed manual gearbox and comes with a boot which appeals to S'pore motorists The Megane II hatchback was launched in late July and features a radical two-box design. In contrast, the sedan's three-box shape looks more conventional and has a boot - something which motorists here seem to prefer. The 1,600 cc car is also said to be the biggest in its class and boasts a long wheelbase that greatly benefits rear leg-room. Mr Delamarre would not say how many Megane hatches have been sold so far, except that deliveries are expected to be in good numbers. Exklusiv Auto Services, the authorised distributor for Renault, revealed that the hatchback's avant garde design has polarised opinions about it and surprisingly, more men than women like it. So why launch something as niche as the hatchback before something more mainstream like the sedan? 'The hatchback is very important in Europe, so it was a good model to launch first,' Mr Delamarre said. 'Also, the sedan is based on the hatch, so the sedan has to follow. The hatchback is good for the brand and what it stands for, for example, the design and image. But the sedan is good for the sales figures.' The arrival of the sedan in Singapore just a month after its world premiere appears to reinforce the last point. 'Especially for Asia, I think that we should be successful with the Megane, with all its quality and safety features and competitive pricing,' Mr Delamarre said. The Megane II hatchback is the only car in its compact segment to get five stars under the Euro NCAP crash safety tests. The Megane came out top of its class because of a body shell that protects the cabin with front, rear and side deformation zones in an accident. The 1.6-litre, 16-valve sedan costs $82,888 with a five-speed manual gearbox. It costs an extra $3,000 for a four-speed automatic transmission. The Megane hatchback and sedan are among a range of seven vehicle variants based on a common platform, which was developed at a cost of about three billion euros (S$6 billion). Mr Delamarre said that the next Renault model to be introduced to the Singapore market will be the Scenic MPV and the seven-seater version.
    18. Dont use the right lane to turn if you cant keep in lane. Going towards woodlands and you had to use the second lane to turn. Btw, she was under the railway track just before rail mall. What if theres a car beside you? Krambo already.
    19. Wonder how much will this thing cost when it reaches our shoresLooks expensive. Pictures: [inline Meg1.jpg] [inline Meg2.jpg] [inline Meg3.jpg] Video here: http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...commercial_auto
    20. Saw a 04/2005 Renault Megane 1.6L auto car from a direct owner and the agree price is $42K. OMV is $20700 COE is $18300 Paper value now is approximately $31.5K. Looking at driving for a year and intend to export the car at the 3rd year. Like to ask whether is this a good buy since French car body does not command a good value. Have anyone of you ppl exported the Megane body and how much you got for the car body
    21. Was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing when I saw this black Megane (SFC464*T)came at a high speed and jammed brakes stopping after the stop line of the crossing. I looked at the driver and saw the female yawning with her mouth really wide open. That 40-ish woman really had a big mouth. I checked the TP website and was delighted to find out that she had an outstanding summon, served her right: Date of Offence Nature of Offence Amount (S$) Demerit Points 05/05/2007 SPEEDING (EXCEED SPEED LIMIT OF 70KMPH ROAD) UNDER SEC 63(4)RTA CAP 276 (21-30KMPH) 150 6
    22. A used megane is abt $55k. Is this a good buy ?
    23. Seansene

      Renault Megane review

      While the Megane II hatch has been generating love-hate views over its rear end styling, its sister sedan - sorry, Sports Saloon - has quietly slipped in almost un-noticed. The car is built on the new C platform - jointly developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which means that the platform will also underpin the next Sunny. It's handsome enough, with taut surfacing and crisp edges. Taking the many body styles into account from the start means that the boot flows as a natural accompaniment to the rest of the car, rather than a hasty add-on that other hatch-turned-sedans are guilty of. Although the faces are identical, the two body styles diverge from aft of the front doors. For one, the wheelbase is stretched by 61mm over the five door to a barely believable 2686mm, surely the longest in this class. That's 16mm longer than a JDM Accord's for goodness' sake! In addition, the boot is also larger than its predecessor at 520 litres, again class-leading and matching that of the Skoda Octavia without the latter's envelope-sized rear vision. And all this with a full-sized spare - kudos, Renault! In actual use, the rear is spacious, if not as gargantuan as its wheelbase suggests. Certainly it gives the Civic a good fight for greatest legroom, although the front seats could be mounted slightly higher to allow feet to slip under comfortably. The seats themselves are comfortable, and provide good support for the lower back and head. Storage space abounds everywhere, and if you're not careful, you could lose track of where you placed that darn cashcard - in the door pockets, armrest pockets, chilled glove compartment, centre console, rear centre armrest, rear screen compartment,or even the underfloor storage areas... whew. As with all Renaults sold here, the Megane comes with factory-fitted single cd-player, which allows for remote audio controls at the steering wheel, and an eye-level display at the top of the dash. The other controls are simple and logical, but of course I wasn't interested in them. My primary concern was the driving interface. So where's the key? As it turns out, there isn't one, not in the traditional sense at least. Like its bigger brother (or sister) the Laguna, the Megane gets a card-operated keyless entry and ignition system. Which means you get in, slot in the card, and press the start button to fire up the engine. Pretty cool, but I'm not sure how long it will take for the novelty to wear out. Release the aircraft-style handbrake and let's go. We tried the 1.6l auto, which has a tiptronic-type over-ride. For a VVT engine with a claimed 115bhp, it doesn't feel that powerful, sweet or eager. Possibly because the max torque isn't anything to shout about at 152Nm, or that it's generated at a high-ish 4200rpm, or that it wasn't run-in yet. Or maybe because it's an auto... the manual was only available for pre-booked tests, so I guess we'll find out later. Whatever the case, progress is decent, and shifts are smooth. My first impression of the steering is that of lightness, but being speed-sensitive, the weight builds up as the numbers climb. Unfortunately, feel is not there, so you never quite know what the front wheels are doing. Okay, this problem afficts just about every other car in the class, but I'd like to see someone other than Ford and Alfa providing feedback in this very important dynamic area. Hustling the Renault down some windy roads reveals a chassis that's safe, if not overly enthusiastic. Where it really shines is in the refinement of the suspension, which is simply top-rate. The Megane can roll over small speed humps without stopping for breath, and with the passengers hardly noticing, such is the suppleness of its ride, and the tuning of the dampers. A retracing of the same route later in my Focus revealed a less relaxed, if more precise drive. So unless you're trying for a lap record in the Renault, you won't get anything but nods of approval from the spouse and kiddies. Another area that the family-minded will pay close attention to is safety. The only car in it's class to acheive a five-star rating in the benchmark EuroNCAP crash tests, the Megane has two-stage airbag activation, as well as a weight sensor that adjusts the aggressiveness of the airbag. Deactivation of the passenger airbag is also a doddle, requiring just a turn of a switch at the driver's door. In addition to its remarkable airbag count, it also features separate load limiters on the lap and diagonal sections of the seat belts, and ISOFIX anchorages on the rear outer seats and front passenger seat. Full marks here. At $82,888 for the manual, the new Renault is priced very competitively. I cannot understand why they charge $5k more for the auto though, other than to fleece 90% of car buyers. It's completely laden with kit (such as cruise control, sensor-controlled automatic wipers and headlamps, as well as rear and side blinds), has an excellent safety record, and serves the role of a spacious, comfortable ride with aplomp. Anyone looking for a 1.6 car without considering the Megane is a fool indeed.
    24. Taken from AutoCar 19th July Issue: Britain's New GTi King : Scorching Astra thrashes Golf GTi and Megane Cup exerpts from the article regarding the new Astra VXR/OPC "The suspension is probably the Astra's finest moment. Thanks inpart to Vauxhall/Opel's German in-house tuning arm OPC, but mainly, you suspect, to the skills of Lotus, which was closely involved with the chassis from the beginning, this is arguably the most focused car ever to wear a Vauxhall/Opel badge" "behind the 225/40 ZR 18" CSC tyres nestle the biggest front brake discs (321 mm) to adorn any Vauxhall/Opel, even at the rear, it boasts dinner plate-sized 278mm discs. There is also anti-lock, ABD and Brake Assist for good measure" "on the move, the Astra is quick with a capital F, and has moves that are way beyond anything the Golf can muster, if not the Megane, a device fast enough to dispatch all but a very small number of so-called performance cars, only a well-driven Caterham or an EvoBishi with a Genuine nutter at the wheel would be quick enough to put clear air between themselves and the Astra" "the Golf is nowhere by comparison, featuring neither the straight line wallop nor the heroically well-tied down chassis composure of the Astra. Critically, the Golf doesn't even ride as smoothly as the Astra over tricky piece of road" "the Astra is appreciably neutral when cornering; 237bhp and fwd means torquesteer off the line" "the Megane's ride is too hard to the point of irritation on anything other than glass-smooth roads, and to begin with the steering feels too light, too darty, not feelsome enough and nowhere near as faithful to the Astra's" "there is something about the Renault that doesn't quite work overall. It's one of those strange hot hatches that's fast, very fast, but that's it. There's not really a whole lot more to it's vocabulary -- and therefore appeal-- than sheer pace. In the end, it trails the others (Golf and Astra) by some margin" "the Golf is the most complete package here, true, but in this instance complete packaging can take a hike. real hot hatches, ones that we remember fondly for year to come, are meant to look good, go like clappers, handle and ride beautifully enough to make you weep-- and blow cars as sensible and complete as the new Golf GTi into the weeds. Torquesteer and all, that's precisely what the Astra does. Which is why it wins, easily" Opel/Vauxhall Astra OPC/VXR 0-62mph 6.2sec Power 237bhp Torque 236lb/ft power to weight 170bhp per tonne 4 cyls in line 1998cc, turbo 6 speed manual Front MachPherson Struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar Rear Torsion beam, coil springs Front brakes 321mm bentilated discs Rear brakes 278mm ventilated discs Wheels 8JX 18in alloy Airbags Driver, passenger, side and curtain Stability Control Yes Traction Control Yes Brake Assist Yes