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    Found 181 results

    1. Obscurest

      Toyota wish queries

      Hi all toyota wish owners, I just bought a '10 wish n would like to seek some assistance. 1) are there any dedicated forums for wish? 2) my stock wish comes with a 15"rims. Wondering what's the difference in fc if I change to a 17" rims? Is it advisable or I shld keep it stock? 3) are there any mods to enhance the asthetics of the car? Thks
    2. hi all , anyone can advise where to get lowering springs for 2017 Toyota wish. tks
    3. RickyWee

      Make-A-Wish (Subaru)

      19 year old Daniel is currently undergoing treatment for a rare blood cancer. He loved Subaru cars and asked Make-A-Wish to visit the Subaru factory in Japan. His wish is currently postponed due to the pandemic. Therefore, the Subaru dealers decided to organize a parade for him. There were more than 100 cars involved including Daniel favorite a 2004 WRX STI. I found this video quite touching so I decided to share
    4. Kelvingoh45

      Toyota Wish or Honda Stream

      I want to purchase either of them.2006 or 2007. Which is better and what are the things to look out for.
    5. Heartlander

      My Wish Came Through (haha)

      Ok now that the process has completed, I would like to share about my latest motoring experience. I have owned a 2015 Vellfire for a year, and due to many reasons I shared previously, decided to change it to 2 small rides. As I did not want to pump in much cash, I could only look at rides of upto $80k each. Good thing the Vellfire was offloaded at very good price, I eventually only need to pump in another $10k. Now what can you get for less than $80k? One thing I was not keen to go PI route again unless bopian. So the typically options if getting new rides are small japanese rides like Jazz or Note, or Korean cars like basic Elantra and K3. Then I also looked at used cars which I have never done before to see if any cars worth it. Eventually I fixed my eyes on 2013 B200 which would cost about $65k which are latest model but pre-facelift. My confidence grew after I visited a few used car dealers as the condition of the cars were really good for any 5 year old cars. The leather are basically still wrinkle free and all the internal panels and buttons are still in very good condition, unlike the jap rides I have had which look old after just 2 to 3 years. Eventually I settled on 2015 B180 which is essentially the latest facelifted model. As the 2 rides are for my wife and myself, my wife wanted to get a Jazz initially but she was put off by the Jan/2019 delivery timeline. She was not keen on Elantra/K3 after seeing them in flesh. After awhile, my enthusiasm on B180/B200 rub off on her and she decided to get a B180 as well. Now I will share why I think B180/B200 is a viable alternative compare to typical jap/Korean fares. For about the same cash outlay, it is 7 years of former vs 10 years of later. I am willing to forsake the 3 years to have better motoring experience. It is a Mercedes after all, though a lesser one so to speak. After doing test drive of Jazz/Note and seeing K3/Elantra in flesh, I am ok to give up 3 years of ownership for the B-class ride. I love the B-class ride as it is almost perfect for what I want in a small car - compact on the outside, spacious in the inside, and full of all the hi-tech features in a very safe and powerful package. Imagine century sprint of 9.1sec, assist parking, integrated TPMS, latest safety features, etc ,etc.. And best of all, it is still the latest facelifted model. And I also did abit of research on ownership cost. I used to think servicing and parts for Mercedes is going to cost much more, but reality is not really that bad. For servicing, C&C offers servicing packages of 3 and 5 servicing. For B-class, it cost about $810 for 3 servicing, and $1400 for 5 servicing. If you factor in servicing interval of 15,000km for Mercedes, 3 servicing would be more than enough to cover 2 years of servicing. This means before any replacement parts, servicing cost for my case would come to $810, which is actually lower than what I was charged for my previous jap rides over the 2 year period with 4 servicing. No doubt I have to cater more for replacement parts which is going to cost more now. And the road tax I have to pay for my B180s also cost lesser than the Vellfire, $740 + $740 vs $1800. But I have to pay more for insurance. Even for petrol also I have to pay more but not much more as the FC for Vellfire is about 7.5km/L whereas B-class should get about 12km/L sasily, so not much difference. And then I have to navigate the used car dealers to get the used B180. This part is the most tricky and dreaded as have read many horror stories. Eventually I would say I am just lucky as both cars were transferred within a week of taking over the rides after finalizing the finance part. I know I should have done more by checking service records at C&C before confirming the deal but I chose to belief the STA reports and test drives and everything look and feel normal. And after owning both rides for a week and 3 weeks respectively, I have been happy with them so far. I would not be willing to shell out the money for them brand new, but pleased tat able to get them now at about 50% off their past purchase prices. I would think they are good deals for 3 year old cars. The motivation has been to try something new as not getting young anymore. And if it does not pan out well, can just sell them away and get something else that is safer. Whichever way I see there is no harm in beating this path. And right now both my wife and myself are enjoying the rides very much as it really offer much more than the typical jap/Korean fares. And if both rides are still in good shapes 7 years from now, just need to renew the COE for another 5 years. Hope this will inspire more to do the same. My apologies for the long story, as impossible to do it in 1 or 2 paragraphs. Hope you enjoy this sharing. Cheers.
    6. anyone bros/sis driving the new Toyota Wish 2009 1.8X. 7 speed CVT? I have done so far 4000kms. doing abt 9-9.5km/L.. V bad FC.. Dont know its because of my driving or something wrong with car.. Please help by contributing ur inputs... 20% city, 50% major roads, 30 % hW Thanks
    7. Hi guys, I am taking over my FIL's Wish (2008) and extending the COE for another 10 years. This coming Dec, his COE will be expired and I am extending it on Nov. Due to the reason of his car a OPC, his mileage is about 70K Dec 08. His car is in very good condition and that the reason for me to extend the COE. What is the thing i will need to look out for? Currently i have a aircon issue whereby the aircon will not be cold when ever the engine is on idling. any help?
    8. ​Need advise on this issue, ​Presently driving a 2010 Toyota Wish, 5 months ago, the CEL came on with the VSC icon flashing and turn off. So I went to change both the O2 sensor and was ok for the next few mths. ​But recently, the same thing happen again, after a couple of days, the CEL came on with the VSC icon flashing and turn off. It came on and off after a few days. ​Anybody have any idea what might be this issue?
    9. Greenwood

      Toyota Wish - PI or AD

      I am considering buying the Wish. It appears that both BM and PI are carrying this and the price differential is $10k. PI price is below $115k. Are views from all about getting the Wish from PI?
    10. Pachelbel

      12 Toyota Wish Boot cover?

      Is there a luggage cover for Toyota Wish 2012? Does not like the boot compartment exposed with the contents.
    11. Please pm if there's anyone thinking of letting go their's. Thanks.
    12. This is what they do while issuing a ticket. so don't use excuses like: - i got put coupons but auntie never see, - auntie see my timing wrongly, - I wasn't at that particular lot at that particular time, - etc.......... so what other excuses still can be used har?
    13. Ronn

      2006 Toyota Wish Issues

      Hi all toyota wish bros, recently realised that when my '06 wish is accelerating on expressway after 70-80km/h, car starts to vibrate very very ferociously. It's like the car is travelling off road man.. Went to the WS and he said nothing's wrong with my engine. What else could the problem be? Need some serious help here, the TWCSG site is not working for me I can't even register
    14. Hi, I am deciding between these 2 cars. I have listed down some pros and cons, but can everyone also contribute to let me know more so that I make a better decision? Thanks. Of cos, I want to buy a cheaper car, everyone wants that, but I also want to know if by paying less for Sienta, will I be getting a much worst car. Is Sienta value for money compared to Wish? Also, I am not very sure of the OMV of the Sienta. Let me start off with what I know: Toyota Sienta ------------- Pros Lower price $62k Great FC Lower road tax $874 Lower insurance Cons Less power (at 1.5) then Wish (1.8) Less interior space???? Car does not look as nice as Wish (subjective) Rare in SG, so harder to find spare parts and more expensive? Toyota Wish ----------- Pros More power Great FC More interior space??? Better looking Cons Higher road tax $1242 Higher cost (About 70K) Pls help to contribute what you know about the 2 cars, thanks.
    15. Hi all, Looking for 2nd hand ride for the above mention two ride. Which one is better?
    16. ToyotaWish1131

      Arm rest for Toyota Wish 2016

      Any one fix the arm rest on the passenger seat on their ride. Able to share the contact and cost?
    17. Hi all, will need ur kind assistance to recommend me a work shop in JB that deal with my car problem. Currently my car engine oil is leaking and it cost 1K plus to repair. I am considering to get it done at JB so that the cost can be more affordable as to compare to Singapore. Please PM me ur favorable WS if u have one that can deal with engine oil leakage problem. Many thank in advance. BTW, i am driving a toyota WIsh. I tried to search in forum and goggled for WS, most of the result are for servicing. Appreciated ur help.
    18. from japanese website. no judgements given. see for oneself.
    19. Hi all bros and sis. Inputs please.Indicate which brand fuel u use and achieved FC?
    20. Hi all; just bought a toyota wish 2.0aa reg dat 2010 with 77k mileage. Engine sounds good.Pick up is good.However the fuel consumtion with eco mode on is at 9km/L. Is this normal? New eo;spark plug and atf fluid.Please advise which workshop is reliable for this kind if issue
    21. Asking for a friend. These lights turned 'ON' after his wife skidded ( but didnt lose control). Now even after resetting ecu and disconnecting battery supply. A shop said his brake accumulator is damaged and need to be changed at a cost of 4ks. Anyone had this problem before? TIA.
    22. BrandonLim

      Toyota Wish

      Hi guys I know that this is not the correct place to post but as a newbie, I can't ask much question in the maintenance and repair section. Just would like to ask do you guys know what is happening to my car? When i release my accelerator and when the speed drop to around 80km/h, i can feel the engine brake kick in. Any idea what is wrong here? Lack of Gear oil? One of my company rental cars use to have this problem, but not sure what the rental car workshop did to the car during servicing. So sorry about the posting done here.
    23. This article reminds me of these two movies, Homerun by Jack Neo and Children of Heaven. A wish for a pair of shoes. http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/teens-wish-new-shoes-come-true-20150223 http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/request-footwear-touches-donor-20150223
    24. Priceless - I drove a Wish and I cannot sing praise on the mpv's breaking braking power. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/car-crashes-into-house-at/1766066.html
    25. I know it's early, but I don't think I have the time to create a post Tomorrow as it's family time. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year.