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Found 11 results

  1. The current 10th generation Civic was officially unveiled on 17 September 2015, and after close to 5 years, the next gen is on the horizon. The spy shots below shown the 5 door Type R variant, which look more upright than the current gen even though it was wearing heavy cladding. More spy shots of the other variants can be expected to surface very soon. Stay tuned.
  2. This car looks good. Anyone have the indication of the price? Saw 1 on the road just now along AMK. http://paultan.org/archives/2007/06/05/toy...allion-for-jdm/ Nice interior. Nice specs. Push button start somemore.
  3. Source : http://www.carscoops.com/2014/07/2015-subaru-wrx-sti-is-most-technically.html 2015 Subaru WRX STI is "The Most Technically Specialized Car" for Under $40,000 Think of a car that provides more performance and capability in one single fairly-affordable package than the Subaru WRX STI. In Europe, there may be some alternatives, but for US buyers it really is the most technically specialized car for under $40,000, as CNET’s Brian Cooley points out in this review. Its interior is still about a decade behind the competition, but then again this could be thought of as a character-building feature of the car, and not a true negative point – it will feel quite dingy if you’ve just stepped out of a luxury limo, but otherwise you should be able to live with it. Buying and driving one of these is worth it for the experience of having so much control and grip within easy reach, with handling limits that can be gently and progressively approached. Subarueven went ahead and ignored the electric power steering trend and gave the STI a proper hydraulic rack – that alone should make some enthusiasts really happy… By Andrei Nedelea
  4. Hi all, I am considering between Mazda 3 2014 or impreza 4D, any bros can advise? Also which models have the most options for mod, I would like to change the exhaust, body kits, lightings etc... Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone Can share anything/comments about this car? I am looking at this among others for the next car.
  6. Hi guys!! was looking for a new car recently> took great interest into this car by NISSAN Nissan Almera LOOKS GOOD DOESNT IT!! Here are some review i got from one of straits time website. Description Good ol' austerity drive Despite a lack of frills, the Thai-made Nissan Almera gets you to your destination hassle-free By Christopher Tan Published: November 5 2011, The Straits Times ................................................................................ ............................................. When Japanese car manufacturers started to shift production to Thailand in the 1990s, they had two things in mind. One, to get around the high tariffs which many South-east Asian markets imposed on imported vehicles. Under Afta (Asean Free Trade Agreement), cars assembled in member states are subject to preferential taxes. Two, they were bracing themselves for a possible labour shortage back home. A number of plants in Japan were already relying on imported labour by then, even as companies were raising salaries to attract domestic workers. Toyota and Honda were the first. They launched Asean-specific models - the Honda City and Toyota Soluna (which became the Vios) - back in the mid- 1990s. While these cars have been selling like hotcakes in emerging markets in the region, they get a mixed reception in sophisticated Singapore. When COEs are relatively low, they cruise along the upper half of the sales chart. But when COEs are high (like now), they sputter. It does not help that Japanese manufacturers designate fairly basic models for the region - models that lack the bells and whistles increasingly common in other cars, even the once-austere Korean makes. The new Nissan Almera is the latest example. The carmaker's second Thai- made model to arrive here (the first was the March in February), the Almera goes head to head with Honda City and Toyota Corolla Altis. Size-wise, the Almera sits between the two other Thai-made Japanese rivals. But visually, it comes across as the biggest - possibly because of its height. At 1.5m, it is the tallest of the three. This trait translates to immense headroom in the car, which incidentally is not too shoddy in terms of legroom and elbow room either. Boot space, at 490 litres, is decent. While there is plenty of space in the Almera, there is not much else you can say about that space. The cabin is rudimentary, with a cockpit that is minimalist and an equipment level that might have been modest 20 years ago. Strangely, however, it does not add up to an altogether unpleasant experience. While the interior is unabashedly plasticky, it is not pretentious. Nissan has not attempted to dress it up with faux wood or gaudy metallic surfaces. The features are nothing to write home about. Manual air-conditioning controls, a sound system that sounds hollow and powered windows with no one-touch operation. The only concessions to modernity are electrically operated wing mirrors, a keyless access and ignition system, and a boot lid that can be opened from the rear (rather uncommon among Japanese cars). Its drivetrain is similarly simplistic: a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder that puts out less than 100 horsepower, mated to a four-speed autobox that does not have a manual override. If you want a five-speed transmission, you will have to choose the manual version. It has front MacPherson strut suspension and torsion beam for the rear. Although basic, the Almera betrays none of the harshness its more sophisticated siblings used to show whenever they went over a hump. The car gets front-ventilated disc brakes and drum brakes for the rear wheels. As expected, the Almera is not what anyone would call a driver's car. It has more body roll than a belly dancer - even at the slightest agitation. It lacks oomph and often requires high revs to get going. And its steering is loose and woolly. Despite all that, the car is not excruciating to drive. It has good all-round visibility, a relatively tight turning circle and it is a mind-numbingly easy car to operate. Which makes it ideal for driving schools. Being relatively lightweight, the car is fuel-efficient too. It is a rather stylish-looking car too, even if completely devoid of bling. The Premium version gets tan leather upholstery and 16-inch rims. Too bad Afta-compliant cars do not enjoy preferential tax treatment in Singapore. Note, it states that the car is the largest SEDAN of its range, in my opinion should be Toyota? Honda? How ever when i want to know is that other than SIZE, is it superior in other aspects? Engine efficiency? Air dynamics? Hope that you guys can help me with my decision making... FYI i'm more interested in Japanese made cars anyway if anyone is curious i got my link from here. NIssan Almera
  7. Sorry, just realized post in the wrong session. Mod, pls delete the thread in http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...682392&hl=* Any good place to recommend for aftermarket or original parts?
  8. i just changed to a used cs3 - 06 model. the fc is onli 9km/l - is this normal - i am quite heavy footed my full tank is 375 km for 41 litres. cs 3 owners care to share your full tank mileage or what could be wrong, just changed oil, spark plugs and air filter. thank you all. hoping to hit at least 11 km / l
  9. Dear All, A friend's distant contact trying to sell a Latio. End06 model Latio Sedan. Am wondering if there's any major thing I can do to check if it's good condition as it looks good both exterior and interior... What about Timing belt etc? I asked they said new lah. but how can I tell as worried that it won't be cheap.. If so, when is usually the next change and how much is it? What other major expenses or Crucial stuff I must check or enquire I should consider when I buy a Old Latio? Thanks so much in advance and any advices welcomed as I'm really a first time buyer!!! =)
  10. Anyone here still driving a 2006 Cefiro 2.0L? What are the things to look out for? Thanks!
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