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Found 82 results

  1. Car key broke into two. No spares, no replacement. Anybody knows of a good workshop that can replace the whole car door lock assembly? I am driving a lao ya 20 year old car :( Xie xie da jia
  2. Hamburger

    Digital Door Lock

    any bros and sis uses this in their house main door? Whats the pros and cons and most importantly.......$$
  3. my rear seat car door lock is spoil.. passenger cannot open the door from inside but opening using the outside is ok.. how much will the repair roughly cost?
  4. therock

    Help needed with a lock

    MCF is not only a place for cars but people who are knowledgeable and resourceful. I've got an issue. I did some reno and I can't find the key to the lock of the cabinet housing the PUB meter, is there someone who can open it and make a key without destroying the lock / door? Thanks bros!
  5. Pokyman

    Steering wheel lock

    Is it a good deterrent against car thieves? Thinking of driving into JB with my new car, so worried about car theft. Read stories about them able to bypass ur car electronic alarms, etc ... So is a wheel sterring lock good enough to prevent them from stealing or towing away ur car?
  6. Fishy

    Unlocking Defcon CL lock

    Hi, I have a laptop with a defcon cl lock. The combination was not changed but I couldn’t unlock it. Think the lock is spoilt. Anyone knows how to unlock or remove the lock? Or anyone has a big powerful saw to cut the lock?
  7. VellfireS

    Alarm and Lock issue

    Bros, I recently am having this problem whereby when I unlock the car, the side mirror opens but door doesn't get unlocked. I've been to the agent twice. Bo use. Since it cannot unlock. I have to manually open using the key. It's very troublesome. The best part is.. sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Really a heng suay situation. Anyone know where can I get it it rectified? Or should I go back to agent to screw them? P.S Car is 2 years old. Mileage coming to 80k..
  8. Jay5555

    Is igloohome smart lock good?

    Want to get a smart lock and saw this ad online. Have anyone use this before? Should I get it?
  9. Contax

    HDB falt main door lock

    Hi , my main door door lock need to change as the lock lever sometime don't work as it's require . Any recommendation ?
  10. Bluemice

    Window grill lock

    Hi, Anyone knows where can I buy this ? its a lock for a wrought iron window grill and this is for the sliding window , with a slide-lock thanks mice
  11. Kungfu

    Replacing Main door lock

    Want to replace main door lock but tried several shops still hard to find this Union lock.............just need to buy a similar model and just replace.......do not want to modify anything!!!! Anyone can help???Where in singapore plenty of shops selling door lock???? Whatsapp me at 94369018
  12. Hi All, Just want to get some expert opinion on the necessity to get an anti-theft steering wheel lock if I am driving parking at City Square in JB. If yes, anyone knows where to get one? Any recommended model/brand? What is the avearge price range? Thanks
  13. MrWeiwei

    Steering Wheel Lock

    Dear bros, anyone got good lobang for steering wheel lock?
  14. Hi all, I watched a Youtube video on Legend and they have this feature that I thought is pretty useful. It works this way: 1.The door lock automatically release without the need to press the remote key when you are near the door. Helpful, if your hands are occuppied and digging out the keys from the pocket is troublesome. 2. The door will not be locked if you place your car keys in the car. Good feature if you accidentally left your car keys in the boot and you close it without noticing it. Just wonder whether got such feature that we can get from 3rd party alarm system? Do you know? Thank you. Regards,
  15. Peng

    Looking for Gear lock

    I am looking for Gear lock, some call it Car Shift gear lock. Basically padlock your gear so as to deter (not prevent) hijacks. Autobacs and Soxxi do not have, Qoo and Taobao also never see. You can check image in attachment or here --> http://www.solex.com.my/cars/ (under product 555si) Any vendor or workshop to recommend? Thank you in advance for your help.
  16. Sash1401

    Avante central lock

    Any bros driving avante having problem wif the central locking button which is Juz beside the driver seat right hand side where the window panels r? I'm having dis prob whereby the locking n unlocking only activate after pressing a few times. Any bros can recommend any place for checks? Thanks in advance
  17. Pardon my ignorance. 1) Which model of BMW does not allow one to open the door from inside? 2) Child-safety lock? Also available for the front driver/passenger door meh? 3) Aside from car battery dead or electronic failure, does some BMW car really has a function to lock the four door permanently and not able to open from inside? Police looking for 2 men who robbed woman of $50,000 Wed, Apr 09, 2008 The Straits Times POLICE are looking for two men who robbed a woman of $50,000 on Tuesday. One of the men, armed with a knife, confronted the woman in her 60s in the driveway of her house, off Braddell Road, as she was getting out of her BMW car. Her three-year-old grand-daughter and a Filipino maid were in the car at the time. The robber got into the rear seat with the girl and maid and ordered the woman to drive to a bank at Hougang Central. Along the way, the second robber joined them. At the bank at Block 850A Hougang Central, the woman was made to withdraw $50,000. The robbers took the money and fled at about 1.30pm. Police said the two robbers were Chinese. The first suspect, aged between 30 and 40 years, is slim, with tanned complexion and is about 1.7m tall. He spoke to the victim in English and was last seen wearing a black jacket with dark pants, and a navy blue baseball cap. The second man, aged between 40 and 50 years, was last seen in a black and white striped shirt and dark coloured pants. As the woman was taken to the bank to get money, the maid and the little girl were locked inside the car parked at a multi-storey carpark in Hougang. The maid waved furiously to a man for help as he was pulling into the lot beside the BMW. Mr Ting Ming Sheng, 45, who runs a coffee stall at a hawker stall, was shocked when he saw the two in the car, which was locked from outside, with the child-safety locks engaged. He wanted to call the police, but the maid begged him not to, saying that the robber had threatened to kill all of them if she alerted the police. Mr Ting eventually called the police, who arrived shortly and freed the maid and the baby from the car. Anyone with information should call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000.
  18. Any opinion if some good and expensive($100 plus) bicycle locks are need or just waste money? example: u shape steel (from trek bicycle shop) + double big chain with hardest yale lock is enough to secure 1.5k bicycle at some mrt bicycle slot near city area.
  19. hi , i have encounter this problem . my alarm seems to have problem when i have use my alarm to lock it , but after a few minute my vehicle will auto unlock it without using any alarm . anyone know the issue and where to repair it? thanks !
  20. Ozkaki

    RPM / brake auto lock

    hi anyone knows where to get this for Mazda? device/module is to lock the doors when car go above certain RPM. Some will lock if brake is stepped. My car is running on canbus.
  21. Sp33dst3r

    Lock nuts for rims

    Anyone knows where to buy lock nut for rims?
  22. Anyway know based on the above condition. What could be wrong? I have been experienced some sort of grinding noise around the front area of my vehicle upon steering when I'm moving of my carpark lot usually full lock steering. This only happens when moving off and not an issue when moving or parking into a lot. It only happens when I just did my vehicle alignment few days ago..
  23. recently installed this remote and alarm system. no manual given. 4 stupid buttons which i don't really understand top button is to LOCK doors without sound. left button is LOCK doors with beep beep sound. right button is UNLOCK doors with beep beep sound. bottom button also LOCK doors without sound. can't understand y the top and bottom button is the same. i can't silent unlock my doors if i didn't silent lock my doors but anyway once i on engine, step on brakes, it will lock the doors. i asked the shop how to disable. he only know how to tell me it's a safety feature, very good. didn't even answer my question. Anyone knows if there's any button combination i can press to disable locking of doors upon stepping on brakes? Don't need it at all cos no kids in car.
  24. repair need how much? who knows?
  25. repair need how much? who knows?