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Found 8 results

  1. Solar

    Good TCM to treat cough

    My 4yr old is having this consistent cough with phlegm for about over 2 weeks already.. western medication is useless and we don't want to put her thru antibiotics. The last round took about 4 weeks to recover.. with antibiotics, and she was so weak during the course. We thought it is probably time to try TCM instead. Anyone has recommendation for a good TCM physician / doctor?
  2. Wanbao reader snapped a photo of this 5 year boy who climbed onto a car and jumped up and down on the car's bonnet and roof. After that he climbed onto the rear of the lorry and played with the tools inside. Boy's parents are not around. The wanbao reader shouted at him to get down but he refused. Worried about the boy's safety, she alerted the police. So naughty this boy! http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/story20160314-413299
  3. Kindergarten teacher charged with ill-treating child Published on Aug 29, 2012177 697 1 Purchase this article for republicationBuy SPH photos By Elena Chong A former PAP Community Foundation (PCF) teacher was charged in court on Wednesday with ill-treating a child and using criminal force on her. The 25-year-old woman is alleged to have ill-treated the five-year-old by telling her to remove her clothes and stand naked in front of her classmates in a classroom on Aug 15 last year. On a weekday morning last August, she allegedly swung the girl and caused her to hit her head against a whiteboard. She is also accused in two other charges of pushing the victim, causing her to fall on a basket of toys; turning her around and pushed her on the shoulders, causing her to fall and hit her forehead on a wooden shelf
  4. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/maid-charged-for-...%99s-drink.html Lucky I don't have a maid at home.......but not sure what my wife has put in my drinks though......
  5. Thugstercena

    Treat or trick of 2nd hand dealer.

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...581&DL=2166 13dec2005 70k mileage. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...585&DL=2166 13dec2005 93k mileage something fishy going on?
  6. Was following this thread in SQ Talk Can't help but think SQ is just as out of touch and clueless abt the customer feelings on the ground ...when compared to the men in white panties. SQ Talk
  7. How many Drivers really forget to put parking coupon? when i didn't put it's not because I forget but don't want to put. Same goes for OPC drivers. how can forget to put? He also want more unrestricted time but refuse to submit to less tax cut etc. If only he have half the intelligence of MCFers discussing about OPC, he will not be a joke
  8. Letter to forum Here's what Alexandra Hospital did MY AUSTRALIAN friend and her family visited Singapore last year and during their stay on Sentosa island, one of their three children was scalded in a restaurant. She was immediately taken to Alexandra Hospital where the nurses took care of her just as swiftly. The hospital dispensed with bureaucratic requirements like insisting on passport details which impressed my Australian friend. Her gratitude increased when she saw that the hospital's priority was to treat her scalded daughter. After treatment, we proceeded to settle the bills but the cashier replied that there was no charge. My Australian friend was amazed, and I was proud as a Singaporean. Minor gestures make a world of difference. It matters even more when we are but a little red dot. My Australian friends have only wonderful things to say about Singapore and those in Alexandra Hospital made it happen. So, I am disappointed that Singapore General Hospital (SGH) insisted on collecting a mere $90 from Mr Filip Lou, despite his heroism. Ironically, its insistence has turned out to be a stiff price to pay for insensitivity. I hope SGH will follow Alexandra Hospital's lead and learn a thing or two from this small hospital with a big heart. Cindy Lim (Ms)