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Found 21 results

  1. source: https://gtspirit.com/2019/11/23/guangzhou-auto-show-2019-highlights/ While most of the European and North American media are on the West coast of America for the LA Auto Show we headed East to the Guangzhou Auto Show 2019. As the second most popular Chinese motor show after the bi-annual Beijing and Shanghai shows it attracts more than 900,000 visitors annually. Guangzhou is the capital of the South-Eastern Guangdong province which is home to more than 100 million people and close to Hong Kong and Macao. The Guangzhou Auto Show provides an ideal opportunity to find out how the automotive market and car manufacturers in China are doing. The first thing we noticed at Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair is the number of halls filled with exhibitors. Virtually all major Chinese and overseas brands are present at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show and cover a total of 15 halls. Also for fans of luxury and exotic cars there was little to complain with AMG, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maybach, McLaren, Porsche and Rolls-Royce among others all showing their latest and greatest models in Guangzhou. From the popular performance brands only Ferrari is not there this year. A very strong contrast with the poor turnout at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show and certainly against the trend of dwindling interest in motor shows around the world from exhibitors and visitors alike. Chinese manufacturers are catching up. FAST! A few years ago one could easily mock the Chinese car makers for their odd brand appearance and sub-standard products. But Guangzhou Auto Show 2019 should be an eye-opener for the rest of the world. China is catching up and it is catching up fast. Hall after hall we are surprised by new Chinese car brands. Not only the cars they present are a significantly better than a few years ago also their brand appearance is much better. Nearly all Chinese car manufacturers offer visitors additional experiences – games, interactive presentations, live performances and more to keep visitors on the stand longer and connect with new audiences in a different way. Several brands took inspiration from how Mini presented itself and took that to the next level. It makes the actual Mini stand here in Guangzhou look dull in comparison. What goes for the brand appearance also goes for their products. The exterior is very much up to personal taste and can be deceiving but interior design shows what Chinese customers want right now: large screens, touch and connectivity. Clearly new Chinese brands are taking less inspiration from established European brands and more inspiration from Tesla and smartphones. The young tech-savvy Chinese audience clearly digs it, the stands of the Chinese brands were buzzing all day long. The average buyer age is much lower in China as it is in Germany or the United States. Another key difference is that most customers buy their cars cash without financing or leasing. Byton M-Byte Geely Icon Beyond the buzz at the stands of most Chinese manufacturers there were surprisingly few people at the Audi, Volkswagen and most of the Japanese brands. At closer inspection some of the China-only models Nissan, Toyota and even Volkswagen (like the Phideon and Lamando) offer in China look fairly dated on the inside with small screens and limited connectivity. At Volkswagen the Golf 8 was not there yet, instead the center stage was taken by the Volkswagen Tacqua (Chinese T-Cross), Touareg plug-in hybrid and the new Volkswagen Viloran MPV concept. In terms of e-mobility there are some mixed signals coming from China. The number of State subsidised electric cars has seen a huge increase the last few years but as the government reduced both buyer- and manufacturer subsidies the number of electric cars sales tanked the last few months. Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius is carefully optimistic about sales of premium electric SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz EQC as in the luxury segment there are not many full electric models available yet and the luxury segment is less price-driven. Concept cars at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2019 Denza X styled by Mercedes-Benz Like all other foreign manufacturers Daimler also has joint ventures in China to produce and sell at the massive Chinese market. The new ultra luxury Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 celebrated its world premiere in Guangzhou. The Chinese long established a taste for luxury and over two thirds of all Maybach models are sold in China. Another car expected to do well in China is the new GLB. This compact SUV available as optional 7-seater variant is aimed to satisfy both the demand for SUVs as well as space. The Mercedes-AMG A35 L Limousine also celebrated its world premiere although this long-wheel base version will only be sold in China. Mercedes-Benz also brought the EQS show car to China to share the design vision of its upcoming full-electric flagship limousine. Most interesting of them all was the introduction of the new Denza X. This Chinese SUV is available as a plug-in hybrid and full electric version. It is engineered and build by Denza (a joint venture between Daimler and BYD) in China but styled by Mercedes-Benz. Also available as 7-seater the full-electric version offers up to 520 km of range and does 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. A modern exterior is complemented with an equally modern interior with a large touchscreen console and camera integration for video calls and WeChat. Pricing starts at 289,000 Yuan which translates to around 37,000 euro. Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius said it will be exclusively available on the Chinese market but new Smart models built by Geely in China will be sold in Germany and the rest of the world from 2022. Denza X For European car makers the magic letter in China is L European premium car makers aiming to maintain or boost their sales have long learned to adapt to the Chinese wishes and customs. One letter is key to this success: L. It stands for long – or long-wheelbase – and aims to satisfy the demand for cars with large legroom in the rear. For a long time this desire for leg space had to do with the large number of chauffeur driven cars. But in todays China where even the majority of the premium cars are owner-driven the large leg space is a way of doing good by family members, friends and business partners taking place on the backseat. Take place on the backseat of nearly any Chinese car at the Guangzhou Auto Show and you will find ample leg- and headroom. I’m 1.90m tall and already had plenty of space. Most European cars on the other hand feel very cramped in comparison hence the necessity for European car makers to create long versions of their models sold outside of China. Audi was the first brand to celebrate success with their China only A6 L more than a decade ago. Now you can find L versions of a variety of European premium cars including long-wheelbase versions of the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Volkswagen Tiguan, Jaguar XF L and many many more. The Chinese market is so important that some manufacturers decided no longer to offer a shorter version but to sell the long-wheelbase variant all around the world. Audi A6 L Mercedes-Benz E300 L Jaguar XF L A Toyota for 150,000+ Euro Believe it or not but one of the most desirable cars for wealthy Chinese is a Toyota. This Toyota Alphard minivan is so popular in fact that customers pay a premium to get the car quicker as there are significant waiting times. At the Guangzhou Auto Show Toyota showed the successor to the popular Alphard called the Toyota Hellfire. Equipped with sliding doors and two lazy boy seats on the second row it is very practical but far from beautiful. The price for this new Toyota? A whopping 1,200,000 Renminbi – over 150,000 euro and that is if you can even get your hands on one as the demand is more than the supply. Toyota Vellfire Copycats and Clones – Not gone but less Most of us recall one or the other blatant copy car produced in China. The number of copied designs is becoming less and the unique designs of Chinese cars like the Byton M-Byte, Geely Icon and the Denza X are clear indications for the growing professionalism and maturity of the Chinese car manufacturers. Having said that we still found a few pretty clear examples of a copy-paste design job: Enovate – Porsche Taycan copy Roewe RX5 emax – Volkswagen Touareg clone Beijing BJ80 – Mercedes-Benz G-Class duplicate World Premiere for the Aston Martin DBX Unveiled only a few days ago the Aston Martin DBX celebrates its global auto show debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2019. Equipped with a turbocharged 4.0 V8 from AMG and electronics from Mercedes-Benz the 2.245 kg SUV accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. The Aston Martin DBX has a top speed of 291 km/h. Ironically the DBX was the only SUV we sat in all day that felt a bit cramped in the back, so it might satisfy the Chinese desire for luxury but in terms of space it falls a bit short. Chinese Tuning – Low-riders vs luxurious minivans The tuning and customized cars on display in Guangzhou are generally divided in two categories with very little in between. On one hand of the tuning scene you can find tricked out lowriders and stanced cars that hug the tarmac and impress with more camber than most cars can handle. On the other hand there are dozens of companies specializing in personalizing and upgrading minivans – mainly the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. These tuning companies take the otherwise fairly practical V-Class into the realms of the before-mentioned Toyota Alphard. European tuning companies trying to cash in on the trend include Lorinser and Mansory. Conclusion The Chinese automotive market remains strong amid trade war turmoil and reduction of electric car subsidies. The Chinese car manufacturers have made incredible progress in terms of branding and product. Some Chinese brands still produce obvious copies of European premium cars but there number is getting smaller and smaller and the popular (new) Chinese brands set themselves apart by offering unique designs appealing to a young tech-savvy audience. It remains to be seen how the driving dynamics of the latest generation Chinese cars are but if they made as much progress there as with design it won’t be long until the Chinese car makers are ready to take over the rest of the world.
  2. Yes, the Nissan GT-R gets another round of refreshing, with the Nismo variant even more hardcore than its predecessor. Shown at the New York Auto Show, the king of the GT-R range gets a number of revisions but does not get an increase in horsepower (600bhp). That said, its turbochargers have been refined and now feature a modified turbine shape and fewer blades. Interestingly, they are the same ones found in the GT-R GT3 race car and are programmed to provide the same amount of boost. Meanwhile the six-speed dual-clutch transmission have been blessed with new software, improving the adaptive shift control and a more refined ‘R’ mode. Its titanium exhaust system has also been revised. In order to extract more speed out of it, Nissan has tried removing some weight and they have succeeded by shedding 20kg of weight with newer components and parts. In addition, the new carbon fiber bumpers, front fenders, hood, roof, side sill covers, trunk and rear spoiler add up to another 10.5kg worth of weight savings. Eagle-eyed readers might notice the new front fenders are now similar to those found in the GT-R GT3 race car. They are said to end hot air away from the engine bay and smooth the airflow along the body. More weight shavings come in the form of the new 20-inch RAYS forged aluminum that are wrapped in new Dunlop tyres that features a wider tread and fewer grooves, increasing contact patch by 11% Handling wise, the suspension has also been revised with enhanced yaw rate response, while the steering rack is also improved, offering more linearity and precision than before. Lastly, new and larger Brembo carbon ceramic rotors, 410mm at front and 390mm at the rear are claimed to be more durable and stronger than ever.
  3. Hi, Some pictures to share from this past weekend Apologies if I didn't catch some debut that you're interested in. http://imgur.com/a/OKFyR
  4. hahah Sian 1/2 liao ---- yahoooooooooooo
  5. Akram_saheed

    All new Murano unveiled at New York Motor Show

    Nissan has revealed the all new 2015 Nissan Murano at the New York International Auto Show. While the original Murano was inspired by the elegance of Italian Murano glassware from which the model took its name, the third generation took its cues from the Nissan Resonance Concept. The prominent glass areas of the first generation Murano were retained and expanded with the new design, including the use of its jet-inspired roof and D-pillars that appear disconnected from the roof that help visually lighten the cabin. Another key element is the continued refinement of the boomerang-style headlights and taillights, which were originally introduced on the Nissan 370Z. The new design is slightly lower, wider and longer, enhancing the aerodynamics while not compromising the desired crossover height and stance. The instrument panel height is lower than previous Muranos. Centred between the outer wings is a large information and control centre with an available eight-inch colour display with multi-touch control. The cargo area has been reconfigured to provide a projected best storage space in the segment (with seats up). The rear cargo area, accommodates four large suitcases and can accomodate more load with the flat folding rear seats. The Murano will be available at launch with a standard 3.5-litre DOHC V6 rated at 260bhp and 325Nm of torque. Also standard is an advanced Xtronic transmission tuned for quick response and smoothness. Fuel economy is projected to be enhanced by approximately 20 percent versus the current generation Murano, due to the approximate 58kg overall weight reduction, enhanced aerodynamics and engine/transmission efficiencies. The 2015 Nissan Murano will be offered in four grade levels when it goes on sale in late 2014 in America - each available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.
  6. Bentley is envisioning a powerful and even more efficient future with the Bentley Hybrid Concept – a technology showcase that previews Bentley’s first plug-in hybrid model, set to be a dedicated version of the all-new SUV available in 2017. The Bentley Hybrid Concept will be on display at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition on Sunday 20th April. As the first luxury brand to present a plug-in hybrid, Bentley leads the way in bringing new powertrain choice to the luxury automotive sector. Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, comments: “There is no doubt that plug-in hybrid technology is true to Bentley’s values of outstanding luxury and effortless performance. Combining our renowned engines with electric power reinforces and enhances both principles, and so we will gradually introduce this powertrain across our model range. By the end of the decade, at least 90% of our production will be available as a plug-in hybrid. We are proud to be pioneering these developments in the luxury sector.” The Bentley Plug-in Hybrid System Through Bentley’s hybrid system, customers will have a wider choice of modern, powerful and efficient powertrains. The plug-in hybrid system will offer a power increase of up to 25% together with a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions, both without any compromise to the exquisite luxury, timeless design and industry-leading refinement for which Bentley has become renowned. Bentley hybrids will also be capable of driving at least 50 km on electric power alone, allowing for emissions-free city driving with the option of enhanced performance on the open road. The Bentley Hybrid Concept The Bentley Hybrid Concept is based on the flagship model in the Bentley family, the Mulsanne, to show that hybrid technology enhances even the pinnacle of luxury and performance. Copper is used as an exterior and interior styling element to highlight the car’s electrical veins, including copper details to the headlamps, radiator shell bezel, brake calipers, feature line details and badges. Copper accents continue in the cabin, with inserts to the hand-crafted veneers fascias, switch bezels and instruments. Copper cross‑stitching to the Mulliner Driving Specification diamond-quilted interior provides the finishing flourish.
  7. The second generation Chrysler 200, which had its debut at the Detroit Auto Show, becomes another contender in the most competitive mid-size sedan category. Two powertrains are available: a 3.6-liter V-6, with 295-horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque, or a 2.4-liter inline-4 that produces 183-horsepower and 173 lb-ft of torque. A new 9-speed automatic transmission delivers about a 13-percent fuel economy gain, not to mention (hoped for) performance gains. The gearbox is controlled via an electronic Audi-like rotary knob shifter at the base of the center console. Chrysler joins Audi, Subaru, Ford and Cadillac in offering all-wheel drive on its mid-size sedan. The 200 boasts 60 safety features—the most available in the segment and promises an estimated highway fuel economy of 35 mpg, “The design of the 200 debuts the new face of Chrysler,” said Al Greenwald, president of Chrysler. It’s an elegant, fluid, and understated design which is enhanced by LED daytime running lamps, fog lamps and tail lamps. The higher-end 200 S-model has exclusive gloss black trim and accents, dual exhaust, black wheels and sportier handling. It shares a platform with the Dodge Dart, Jeep Cherokee, and Alfa Romeo Giulietta - and benefits from the tinkering that has been done to previous models in terms of fit and finish and powertrain refinement. “This car is the result of what we learned working on those vehicles,” said Kathy Graham, a spokesperson for Chrysler. “Everything’s better.” It’s equipped with state of the art technology and available in distinct trim levels. An imprint of the skyline of Motor City in the floormats emphasizes Chrysler’s slogan: Made in Detroit. The 200's intended production plant has a 400,000-vehicle capacity and an energy consumption reduction of 62-percent from previous plants of this scale. One veteran photo-journalist called the previous Chrysler 200 one of the three ugliest cars he had ever photographed. The new 2015 Chrysler 200 is definitely not that car any longer.
  8. Tokyo, February 7, 2014 - Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, has just unveiled the all-new Legacy (US specifications) at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show currently being held in Chicago, United States. The new Legacy ushers in the sixth generation of its model, a full 25 years since the first generation Legacy was released in 1989. A shared universal value among the past models of the Legacy is the strong, unwavering trust built up between driver and car. Over the course of the past quarter century, Subaru has consistently sought out a presence and value commensurate with its flagship model. We have purely focused on developing the kind of vehicle that acts as a partner to enrich its owners’ lives. In order to further solidify the trust we have built up, in the new Legacy, we took this sentiment beyond just functional values; ride quality, environmental friendliness and safety performance such as the new “EyeSight” and Subaru’s first rear radar system. We also brushed up its very essence—the design and quality at the core of its emotional value. The Legacy’s polish gives it universal appeal as a true sports sedan providing trust-inspiring driving excitement, an inspiration to drivers to dream bigger and imagine a fuller lifestyle.
  9. Chevrolet introduced the most track-capable Corvette in the brand's history via the 2015 Corvette Z06. At the heart is an all new 6.2-litre LT4 supercharged V8 engine that will deliver no less than 625bhp and 861Nm of torque. It will be linked to either a seven-speed manual with Active Rev Match or a 8L90 new eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters to enhance both performance and efficiency. Extensive use of aluminium and magnesium allows the 8L90 to be 4kg lighter than the six-speeder in the predecessor. Along with design features that reduce friction, the 8L90 is expected to contribute up to five percent greater efficiency, when compared with a six-speed automatic. The stiffer design of the aluminium frame allows the Corvette Z06 to be offered with a removable carbon fibre roof panel for the first time - and offers 60 percent more structural rigidity than its predecessor. To deliver optimum grip levels, the Z06 is fitted with larger Michelin tyres. The front tyres are 1.5 inches wider while the rear tyres are two inches wider than the Corvette Stingray. Additionally, a track-focused Z07 Performance Package adds unique components for true aerodynamic downforce, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup tyres for enhanced grip, and Brembo carbon ceramic-matrix brake rotors that improve braking performance. The cabin is distinguished from the Corvette Stingray by unique colour schemes that emphasises the driver-focused cockpit, and a unique flat-bottomed steering wheel. The cabin offers two seating choices, a GT seat, for all-around comfort, or a Competition Sport seat with more aggressive side bolstering, for greater support during track activity. The Z06 also benefits from interior details designed for high-performance driving, including a steel reinforced grab bar and soft touch materials on the edge of the console. The new Corvette Z06 will be available in early 2015 and performance data will be announced closer to the start of production.
  10. With the world premiere of the Beetle Dune at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Volkswagen gave the public the chance to see a Beetle with a cooler, off-road look. Finished in an 'Arizona', yellow/orange metallic paintwork, the flared wheel arches are finished in a contrasting black. It is no Land Rover for sure, but it looks tough enough to take on the gruelling Dakar Rally don't you think? Overall, the Dune has grown compared with the R-Line model - on which it is based. The overall length has increased to 4,290mm and the car is both 50mm higher off the ground and 20mm taller. The wheel housings widen the body by 27mm per side to give a total width of 1,864mm. Mechanically, the Dune uses the running gear from the Beetle R-Line. Under the hood, there's a 210bhp rated turbocharged 2.0-litre TSI engine running the front wheels. Combined with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission, the Beetle Dune has a manufacturer estimated fuel economy rating of up to 12.3km/L. As with all U.S. Beetle R-Line models, the electronic XDS differential is also offered as standard. The wheel arch extensions transition into brushed aluminium sill trim panels, between which there's a chrome plated underbody skidplate. Meanwhile, the distinctive Dune logo is placed ahead of the rear fenders. The bottom of the door mirrors are in black, with the rest of the mirror being vapour-coated in aluminium. The front end is revised by the adoption of a new hood, which has a raised centre section, flanked by prominent air vents. Similarly the redesigned front apron features a large central air intake. The Dune team also revamped the interior, with two particular areas of attention. The dashboard is painted in the body colour, while the classic Beetle bin has been replaced by a grab handle that features contrasting black soft-touch material with 'Arizona' and aluminium accents. The outer surfaces of the front sport seats and the two rear seats are upholstered in 'Titan Black' leather, while the centre surfaces are made of 'Ceramic' coloured 'Gobi'breathable sport fabric. The leather and fabric areas and the front and rear of the head restraints have decorative body coloured stitching.
  11. The Toyota FT-1 is a daring design study that will be unveiled in Detroit, U.S.A, which signals the direction of Toyota's future sports car designs. The FT-1 aims to show what can be achieved when the focus is creating a sports car design that will truly excite. The FT in the FT-1 stands for 'Future Toyota' while the number 1 in the nameplate represents the ultimate. The project started nearly two years ago at Calty Design Research, Inc. (Calty), Toyota's design centre in California, U.S.A. The team was inspired by history - with the team, referencing several sports car in Toyota's sports car heritage - going as far back as the 2000GT coupe, released in 1967. In addition, the concept draws inspiration from Calty's more recent sports car concept work such as the FT-HS and the Lexus LF-LC. The bold and sharply styled face suggests powerful performance while dynamic air-intakes, exhaust ports and a McLaren P1 like - retractable wing at the rear - give physical form to the Toyota FT-1's optimum aerodynamic performance. Meanwhile, the cockpit's wraparound windshield and side glass openings are a distinct nod to the design of the legendary Toyota 2000GT. Furthermore, the A-pillars have been positioned as far back as possible to provide increased cornering visibility. The interior is highlighted with an ergonomic cockpit that aims to solely focus on the driver and enhance his/her driving experience. A delta-shaped display zone surrounds and integrates the driver to provide an exhilarating feeling of connectedness with the vehicle. An F1 inspired steering wheel and a colour heads-up display keeps the driver's attention at bay to what he should be doing best - driving. Apparently Toyota's new approach to design will see the marque trying to produce cars that connects more deeply with customers, generating a more satisfying ownership experience that complements the firms legendary reputation for quality, dependability and reliability. Having said all that, ,lets be honest here for a minute. Toyota - being Toyota - can pen concepts that rival the likes of masterpieces from Italy, but their actual production car would resemble nothing like their penned artwork. Remember what happened to the 86, or even the latest Corolla (American spec) ? Having said so, the mildly anime like FT-1 looks drop dead incredible and Toyota will have a global best seller if they can materialise this vision.
  12. Infiniti has formally premiered the Formula One inspired - the Q50 Eau Rouge performance sedan concept - at the Detroit Auto Show. The Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge expresses the firms design vision of a high-performance Q50 premium sports sedan. Featuring custom aerodynamic bodywork, the Q50 Eau Rouge is lower and wider. The performance sedan is inspired by masculinity, aerodynamics, refinement and power. The Q50 Eau Rouge mirrors components from the successful RB9 race car and almost every exterior panel is custom to the Q50 Eau Rouge. In fact only the front doors and the arch of the roof pillars are retained from its stock brethren. According to the premium Japanese marque, the interior of the Q50 Eau Rouge was designed to offer command and comfort. Precision control is afforded by a high-grip sports steering wheel and paddle shifters akin to Formula One. Red infused carbon fibre detail the doors - while the centre console complement the exterior styling. Once again, a darker shade of chrome replaces the more energetic silver chrome in the red cockpit. "If we built this car I would expect it to feature over 500bhp and 812Nm of torque. Through our various alliance partners, we have access to a range of engines featuring this performance capability which, with a fair amount of engineering effort, can be developed to exhibit Infiniti character and accommodated within the Q50 engine bay," said Johan de Nysschen, President of Infiniti Motor Company Limited.
  13. Nissan provided an advanced look at its future design direction with the world debut of the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept design study. It previews a future production vehicle - probably a CLA competitor - intended for owners with a passion for cutting edge design and driving dynamics. The Nissan Sport Sedan Concept was created by Nissan Design America in California and developed at the Nissan Global Design Centre in Atsugi, Japan. Design aspects of the Sport Sedan Concept will be adapted to all future Nissan models including the new V-Motion front aspect, 'floating' roof and boomerang shaped headlights and taillights. The 'V-Motion' movement at the front end flows from the chromed grille up through the hood. The front of the Sport Sedan Concept also incorporates the large LED boomerang headlights, a deeply scooped front fascia and wide, sloped windshield. The profile is equally powerful, with its dynamic lines adding a strong sculptural feel and connecting the custom 21-inch aluminium alloy wheels mounted with low-profile 275/30R21 tyres. The final exterior touch is the unique 'Strad Amber' paint that was inspired by the craftsmanship and rich finish of noted classic violins. Aren't Violins brown and not goldish? Regardless, the elaborate candy colour paint finish is achieved through application of an orange-amber top coat over a base of gold paint, creating a distinctive depth and bespoke richness. The Sport Sedan Concept's interior also offers cues to future production designs. The edgy and geometric look was inspired by modern furniture, apparel and accessories. Premium materials are found throughout, with the use of diamond shaped graphics on the quilted seats, stitching and panels complementing the high-contrast colours and metallic accents. The front-wheel drive Sport Sedan Concept is powered by a 3.5-litre V6 engine - capable of producing north of 300bhp - linked to a sport-tuned Xtronic CVT and features an innovative suspension layout with performance dampers.
  14. Toovo1985

    NAIAS Photogallery

    Media days are over at the North American International Auto Show, one of the biggest in the world. If you didn't have the chance of watching the main presentations that took place in Detroit, here are some photos of my favourite unveilings of the show. smart for-us image source: autoviva.com Chevrolet Tru 140S image source: autoviva.com Acura NSX image source: autoviva.com Lexus LF-LC image source: autoviva.com If you want to check more pictures go to the official NAIAS Photogallery of the site
  15. Just to refresh your memory, at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show, the German automaker Volkswagen (VW) displayed its BlueSport roadster concept. Unfortunately, not long afterwards, VW postponed the project. Some early reports mentioned that the reason production of the roadster was postponed was because the German automaker didn't see a business opportunity for the model while I would say otherwise. The car looks attractive and that, alone, should be able to attract quite a few customers already. Add that with quite an affordable price tag for a roadster, you may be surprised by the number of people interested in spending their cash on the model. Yet, rumours have been swirling on the internet with some still believing that the roadster will finally come to life. I, for one, would like to see the open-top model comes into production. Despite the various rumours on the World Wide Web, there's now a bigger chance that the VW BlueSport will actually hit our showrooms within the near future. At least, this seems to be what Walter de Silva is trying to tell us, although not so explicitly. The VW Design Chief told AMS, "I'm not the only one in our company who is convinced that a small roadster wouldn't be the worst thing for Volkswagen. This is a vehicle that we particularly like, and we always have in mind." Well, I agree with you, de Silva, I like the open-top very much, too. Therefore, it's nice to know that there're still some insiders in VW that would like to move on with this particular project. Moreover, it was confirmed by one of the German automaker's spokesperson. Just in case you can't really recall, the VW BlueSport roadster concept carried a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine when it debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The engine is good enough to spit out 177bhp in addition to 349Nm of torque. Volkswagen claimed that the fuel consumption of the roadster could reach 23.2km/L, which is quite efficient in my opinion. The company also mentioned that the car would need only 6.6 seconds to reach 100km/h from a complete standstill. Also, expect no less than 225km/h when it comes to the top speed of the car. Given its model and engine specifications, I'd say the BlueSport concept may well be slotted under such brands as Porsche and Audi. Yet again, perhaps it doesn't really matter as both the brands belong to VW as well. Now that the VW BlueSport roadster may finally come to life, here's hoping that VW won't forget to ship the model to the showrooms here in Singapore as well. By the way, the roadster is estimated to cost around USD$30,000 (around S$37,000). As I said earlier, it's quite affordable for a roadster, isn't it? The only drawback so far that I can think of about this roadster is probably its roof. I think it would have been better if VW applied a hardtop, but perhaps, the softtop is a better solution for the current estimated price tag of the roadster.
  16. RchLuvSlly

    Ferrari LaFerrari debuts in Asia

    Claimed to be the fastest street car Ferrari has ever produced so far, there's almost nothing to criticise regarding the LaFerrari. From its eye catching styling cues to its mild hybrid powertrain featuring 963bhp, I don't see anything this car is lacking of. Instead of sporting a single focal point, as in the case with most other cars, there isn't any on the LaFerrari. Well, the only one perhaps, is its canopy like roof that seems quite interesting to me. In short, this is one dream Italian prancing horse built in Maranello. Some other models such as the Ferrari 458 Spider and the Ferrari FF were also built in the aforementioned Italian city. The Ferrari LaFerrari has been detailed perfectly by means of carbon fibre material. As far as design is concerned, it seems to me that the only thing which can outdo the design is the car's stunning performance with a top speed of 350km/h and an ability to accelerate from 0-100km/h in just less than 3 seconds. As mentioned earlier, the LaFerrari is a hybrid model which means it carries a V12 petrol engine along with an electric motor. The Italian automaker is planning to sell no more than 499 units of its latest supercar - which happens to be the company's first hybrid prancing horse. Well, it seems quite a good idea to bring the model to China - through the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show - as the country may be able to 'swallow' all units of the model based on financial ability. That also leads to figuring out the actual number of units that will actually see the land of the Far East. That said, I believe that there'll be some for the Middle East to 'consume' as well. Regarding the price, as far as I know, Ferrari will stick a price tag ranging somewhere around
  17. RchLuvSlly

    Shanghai sees the official Honda Concept M

    We know that the MPV market in China is dominated by commercial vehicles instead of passenger cars. Honda sees this, too, which is why it's developed the Honda Concept M. Sketched by Honda designers at Honda's Automobile R&D Centre in the land of the rising sun, the Honda Concept M has been developed mainly for the Chinese market and has now been officially launched in the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. According to Honda, the Concept M is a next generation MPV that will offer an added value by realising a spacious as well as comfortable cabin. The Honda Concept M looks sporty and futuristic in front. It sports a pair of slanted headlamps and a large front grille that extends to the front bumper and is surrounded by chrome accents. A sporty design can also be sensed from the design of the front bumper. On its sides, the body curves and sloping roofline make the car look dynamic. In addition to that, its side mirrors sport a futuristic slim design. Last but not least, the sharp edges on the rims emphasise the sportiness of the car even further. At the rear, the car looks luxurious with its combination taillights that are likely to feature LED bulbs. Honda has also equipped the car with a rear roof spoiler. Just like the front fascia, the rear also gets treated with chrome accents. The Japanese automaker is planning to release the car next year. Unfortunately, aside from that, Honda is currently pretty tight lipped regarding the details of the Honda Concept M. As for now, you may want to watch the video below to see the car in action.
  18. RchLuvSlly

    Mitsubishi to present the G4 Concept

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Mitsubishi teased us with images of its new compact sedan. It came with four doors and it seemed to be only as big as, if not smaller than, the Chevrolet Sonic or the Renault Symbol. However, the wait is over and now, we've finally got to see what the latest compact sedan from Mitsubishi will actually look like. Planned to bow at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, official images of the car have spread across the World Wide Web. The car is to be called the G4 Concept at the automotive exhibition in China that will take place later this April. According to the Japanese automaker where the car comes from, the Mitsubishi G4 Concept will feature high clarity diamond headlamps and front grille that are cut brilliantly. In addition to that, Mitsubishi also claims that the rear combination taillights will have a sharp impression left behind as the car heads away out of sight. Judging from the images, the exterior of the Mitsubishi G4 Concept looks sporty somehow with the sporty front bumper design, side skirts, and a sporty rear bumper. There's also a spoiler trunk lid featuring a highly mounted (seemingly LED) brake lamp. The automaker is planning to sell this model globally so we should also see one on our shores when it's finally marketed. If you're curious about what it has under its hood, well, the model will feature a MIVEC engine with a displacement capacity of 1,200cc. It will be mated to a CVT transmission and the body of the car will be equipped with RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) technology. Well, it's up to Mitsubishi to claim that the car will leave a sharp impression. Yet, from what we've seen on the images, there's just too much blue on it. The headlamps feature a blue colour and so do the front grille, front fog lamps, and even the rear combination taillights. Honestly, it looks kind of tacky.
  19. Although the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show won't take place until 20th April 2013, the premium German automaker Mercedes-Benz seems impatient to reveal its latest compact crossover concept. Mercedes calls it the GLA Concept. Looking like a taller A-Class, the concept is based on the German automaker's new MFA platform. With that being said, it's likely that Mercedes will price the car close to the price of the B-Class. Besides, it will go below the GLK lineups. The interior of the German compact crossover concept is dominated by brown-silver colour combination. The designs of the dashboard and centre console are quite futuristic, too, with some blue illumination. The GLA Concept will have a total power output of 211bhp, with a probable AMG version. The AMG version is expected to feature a total power output of up to 354bhp, thanks to a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine. This latest compact crossover concept from Mercedes-Benz will come with an FWD drivetrain and will be available with either a diesel or a petrol engine. Unfortunately, though, it seems that you won't be able to buy this car at least until the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show as the production version isn't due until September.
  20. PetrolHead

    Babes of 2012 New York Auto Show

    The last day of the 2012 New York International Auto Show is on the 15th April, and any motor show isn't complete without its beauties. So unless you have time and nearly $13,000 to spend for a 18hr non stop business class flight to New York, the other alternative is to enjoy the gallery below. The blond Audi model, posing beside the R8GT and RS5 has caught my eye, who's yours?
  21. FaezClutchless

    Drug lord

    What would you do if you have a Ferrari in your possession and when you want to sell it, nobody wants to buy? One of the things you could do is to turn it into a show car and that is what the Colombian national police force has done. Apparently nobody wanted to buy or dared to buy it because the previous owner used to be a drug kingpin. The Ferrari 348 TS used to belong to a dangerous Colombian drug lord named Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante. When he was captured in 2004, the Colombian police seized his money and other properties which consist of 68 farms, 24 offices and 17 parking lots. All those items are worth over US$100 million. One of the items seized was a Ferrari 348 TS you see in the picture above. Luis Hernando Gomez Bustamante was extradited to the United States in 2007 on charges of money laundering, drug smuggling and many more. The Ferrari 348 TS was seized by the Colombian