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Found 1 result

  1. NEUTO Therapy: Restoring the health of your car Give your car's engine a clean bill of health with NEUTO Therapy - the world's first intelligent hydrogen dry cleaning system. NEUTO™ Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy™ is the world first Hydrogen Dry Cleaning System that can effectively DIAGNOSE, PRESCRIBE, MONITOR and CLEAN the car engine with pure and dry Hydrogen Gas stored in the Solid State Metal Hydride Canister. It is exclusively invented for vehicles running on Internal Combustion Engines. NEUTO™ THERAPY™ removes stubborn micro molecular carbon layers at hard to reach places like air manifolds, piston rings, valves, and spark plugs without causing any damage to the car engine wall and components in the engine. NEUTO™ Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy™ can naturally cleanse the car engine in the most sustainable organic way. Green and Organic Hydrogen is one part of the hydrocarbon molecules present in the fuel and it has higher heat capacity than carbon atom. When hydrogen gas enters the car engine compartment via vacuum inlet manifolds, it chemically reacts with the carbon deposits to form hydrocarbons such as Methane gas. Hydrogen reverses the carbonization process and improves the combustion efficiency close to perfection. The end products of the complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water vapor. This is a green and organic way to better clean the engine by converting the carbon deposits into hydrocarbons that get burnt away with no other pollutants or harmful byproducts to the environment. Safe and Effective Hydrogen gas is stored in the Solid State Metal Hydride Canister. Metal hydride storage technology produces 100% dry and 99.9999% purity hydrogen gas. It has the highest hydrogen mass density at room temperature and much lower storage pressure compared to highly pressurize compressed gas tank and freezing temperature cryogenic hydrogen storage cylinder. Safety is never compromised. High purity of hydrogen gas also means that NEUTO™ THERAPY™ can effectively clean your car engine to breathe new life within 20 to 30 minutes of the process duration. Restore and Revive No two cars are exactly alike even with the same make of brand and model. Every car has different technologies, engine capacities, traveling mileages and most dynamically every human driver is uniquely different with his/her own driving habits and behaviors. NEUTO™ THERAPY™ world first patented iEGA technology tailors every treatment for your car engine with precise control of dry hydrogen gas amount released at calibrated flow rate and optimal process duration. When the carbon deposits are effectively removed, car engine performance is restored and revived to its former glory. Symptoms of bad carbon buildups such as rough cold start, unpleasant engine noises and vibrations during idling or premature detonation conditions will improve significantly. You can expect maximum drivability performance in torque power and fuel efficiency improvement by 10-20% statistically. Due to varied engine technology used, capacity, mileage traveled and the unique characteristic of the driver habits and behaviors, no two cars is the same. Our first in the world patented iEGA technology customized treatment tailored to your car at the right hydrogen flow rate within an optimum duration defined. The Best Engine Doctor you could ever have Restore and Revive We care for you and your car. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Awards: Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards 2017, Clean Technology Winner UNIDO Global CleanTech Innovation Program, National winner Singapore Sustainability Awards, Green Technology, Winner Singapore Environmental Achievement Award, Green Innovation, Merit Winner SiTF Best Innovative Infocomm Product (Enterprise) Finalist Visit NEUTO workshops and experience the Magic of Hydrogen today! Website : http://www.neutotherapy.com/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/NeutoTherapy/ Supporting news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1zAQwaPF8Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5s-KCE6p9U