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Found 34 results

  1. Sharkles

    Anyone using Blaupunkt BP-9.0A?

    It seems like the more popular brands are Blackvue or Iroad cameras. I am given the Blaupunkt BP-9.0A with the following specs Resolution : Front 2MP FHD 1080 30fps, Rear : 2MP FHD 1080 30fps Wide viewing angle: Front - 140, Rear - 120° Screen display: Front, Rear, PIP 3.5” touchscreen LCD display Preview, download, playback Videos & Settings Configuration via Smartphone Wireless Control App Automatic memory card format (Format-free Technology) Fixed ‘High Temperature’ & Variable ‘Low Car Battery Voltage’ Cut-off 24-hour automatic park recording Motion detection, automatic display shutdown, G-sensor, loop recording Support up to 128GB Micro SD, Class 10 & above Micro SD Seems pretty legit and decent and i suppose i can save moolah and use it? I just need to get an additional battery pack (Was quoted Cellink) to support its 24hr motion sensor activation to record.
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone out there own Blaupunkt New York 800 Multimedia Player? This unit comes with 1) GPS navigation 2) USB media player 3) Reverse camera support 4) Bluetooth Parrot Mobile connection 5) DVD player 6) etc This is the product source and specifications. http://www.blaupunkt.de/index.php?id=959&a...cache=1&L=1 Any comments and feedback such as performance, reliability and support for servicing? Thank you very much.
  3. Any users for the above mentioned here? Any feedback or review?
  4. Hi all, anyone knows can this HU be used in local cars like the honda civic?
  5. Wonder if anyone has experience with these 2 components speaker 6.5inch which I saw from Autobacs. Blaupunkt GT 65.2c (blue cone) vs Pioneer TS-1720c. The environment over at Autobacs is rather noisy, so it is difficult to determine which set give better meaty sound. Also they have a few testing area where different amplifier is hook up, so setup is not same for fair comparison. Somehow I thought the sound from Blaupunkt GT65.2c is reasonably good but seems nobody uses it. Is the brand not popular or really lousy? I intend to hook up with a power amp 70w x4. Any comments?
  6. Hi All, Any Guru have tried either one of these active subwoofer to be mounted under the front seats. 1) Kenwood KSC-SW10 2) Blaupunkt THb200A Want to know which one is value for money and pricing? Thanks.
  7. Anyone out there knows any shop that services Blaupunkt CD changer less their own service center? I got a IDC A09 with a stuck CD-R inside so I really need to resolve it... Going to the Blaupunkt service center will be the last resort of the last resort as I know that their rates can literally kill... Please advise... Kam siah kam siah...
  8. Typhoonz

    Blaupunkt IDC A09

    Need to find a 2nd hand unit for the above. Mine's just went kaput. All the number lights are flashing. Not to sure why. Anyone can recommend?
  9. Permanentheaddamage

    Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB 52

    Is this deal good? http://www.pinliang.com.sg/promotions.htm I am looking for a HU that can play mp3 from a MMC/SD. As for digital radio, Singapore don't have right?
  10. Gonna get a monoblock and the Blaupunkt PCA 1350 was one of the options. Has anyone used this before or has any comments on it? Thanks.
  11. Anyone uses this set of components and coaxial before? any comments? was intro to this by Ong Hin Seng at tampines, anyone had their systems install by them before? any feedback and comments on their workmanship and aftersales service?
  12. Rafiano

    Blaupunkt HU

    Can anybody tell me why Blaupunkt is not a favourite among ICE enthusiasts? It seems that Alpine and Pioneer is the preferred brands. How is the Blaupunkt new series of amp and component speakers/ HU?
  13. Hi Guys, I am looking for AUX IN cable for my Blaupunkt HU (Syracuse MP35). I checked the manual it state the cable part number should be 7 607 897 093. Can recommend a reliable shop that sell this cable at a good price? Thanks n advance!
  14. Hi folks, I'm using Blaupunkt Daytona Beach C34 (head unit) and IDC A 09 (changer). The disc changer is not able to play CDs. When I push the Play/ Pause buttom, it flashes ERR msg. But the CDs work fine on my home system. Now the CDs are stucked in the changer and cannot be ejected. Has this happened to anyone before? Anyone knows what happening?
  15. Hi Folks, Could someone give comments on the Blaupunkt TSA 460 (Class-D) 4-channel amp ? Any one has tried using one or any commetns ? Was thinking of using this to power the front and rear speaker. Hear from some installer that this amp is not usable for such setup. Any comments and advise would be appreciated. Thank you.
  16. hi guys! I'm new here, i just checked around for blaupunkt dealers and the last time there was some talk about this was 2002 or something...so i thought i would ask u guys here for advise... i am gonna be getting an alfa 147 and would wanna get the IPOD interface for my blaupunkt, according to one of the dealers, my stock blaupunkt can't be used, and i gotta get other sets...however after an over quote of 300 bucks above the original price of the LA(blaupunkt) i a bit scared of him already...so just wanna find out the real deal from the more experienced guys here... where would u guys do up your blaupunkt? with the ipod interface? and maybe some suggestions on what else would u guys add? errr...maybe with a budget of 1500-2000? including the head unit and IPOD interface... thanks!
  17. Saw the Blaupunkt ads in Today. MPA5 amp, UP=$699, now at $199. I already have Alpine 7000 series CD-Receiver. Will this amp add "umph" to my ICE ?
  18. Tough luck with my stupid Blaupunkt - IDC-A 09 CD changer!! This is the second time! Anyone else having this problem? http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Aftermarke...ain%21_P954571/
  19. As per subject, my Blaupunkt - IDC-A 09 CD changer konk out tet again! Any brudder here has any recommendation for another CD changer? Preferbly can play MP3, and not too expensive. 5 disc is enough, and can load disc from the front (like the Blaupunkt ID-A 09). As my audio system is Blaupunkt, do I need to get back Blaupunkt, or can I get other brands? How much would a typical disc changer cost? Thanks for the advice!!
  20. Brothers, Anyone saw the Blaupunkt speaker and amp package promotion in Straits Times Home Section; Page H9 on Friday 29 April? Free gift is an iPOD shuffle that I thought would be nifty. Have been itching to upgrade my speakers and amps for some time. Anyway, there is a list of participating outlets shown in the advert: Acoustics Autosound Pte Ltd@Annamalai Ave Choon Chong Auto Company@Upper Thomson Road Chop Yong Moh@East Coast Road Chuan Hi-Fi & Car Accesories@Braddel Road Class Auto Pte Ltd@Paya Ubi Ind Park Nam Huat Auto Acc@Jurong East St 31 Ong Hin Seng Auto Accessories@Tampines St 11 Pin Hiang Enterprises@Zion Road Specialist Audio Accessories@Bukit Merah Lane Swift Motion Enterprises@Desker Road Tong Lee Wee Auto Supply@Bukit Timah Road Would appreciate if any brother could offer advice on which might be the best shop (in terms of workmanship, price etc.) from the list to install my system. I am thinking of Choon Chong as it is closer to my place. Anybody has experience with this shop? Thanks a bunch. -imc10
  21. Birdieputt

    Optra's Blaupunkt Head Unit

    Hi guys! Does anyone tried to upgrade the sound system of your Optra. I'm just wondering if the Blaupunkt HU has a pre-amp output.
  22. I've got a Woodstock DAB 52 for sale. Its used for 4mths, no warranty but will give 1 week personal warranty. If anybody is interested i'm hoping to let go at $460-$480 with the CD Changer. The $600 offer from pinliang does not come with a 10disc changer. Kindly email me your contact number if you are interested. Will deal instantly at $480 and if u wish to offer lower, i'll take note of your offer. But should any other bros offer a price closer to what i'm looking for. It'll go to the higher bidder. Ivan wzmivan@gmail.com
  23. I want to change the stock Blaupunkt CD HU in my new ride to one that can play MP3. Have to stick to Blaupunkt brand cos need to work with the built-in Blaupunkt CD-changer. Can anyone recommend a good Blaupunkt MP3 HU model? (don't need DAB stuff). Also, which dealer/installer to recommend to do the switch? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi bros, anyone interested to add in the cd changer to your ride? i narrowing down to the CD changer as i think more pple interested in the changer rather than the HU. The original price for the brand new changer is $450, i willing to go half or less for my 3month set. can sms to discuss price if interested. my contact is 97676803. here is the URL for its specs: http://www.blaupunkt.com.sg/7607769100_main.asp
  25. yo bros, anybody interested? price fully negotiable as long as reasonable... can call or sms me at 97676803...