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Found 4 results

  1. There seems to be a common occurrence between such drivers… Can’t quite put my finger on it… What happened? A BMW 2 Series (220i Coupe SR HID M Sport if you care) ran a red light at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8. This is in itself, nothing special. More evidence to Singaporeans being bad drivers perhaps. But this time, there’s also the driver’s wife and child in the passenger seat. Small enough to warrant needing a child seat, if the Facebook post is to be believed. Next level irresponsibility right here. Getting into an accident is one thing, but imagine also dragging your child and spouse into whatever mess you created from being so kanchiong. Only to be first at the next traffic light too?? It baffles me what motivates people to drive like this. Online chatter Netizens noticed a similarity in this incident with other drivers… Others were concerned and wanted to bring this to the attention of Traffic Police. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. With the arrival of the BMW U06 2-Series Active Tourer and G42 2-Series Coupe, BMW Singapore has now completed their local lineup of 2's which quite interestingly also means that the 2-Series now has the most versatile mix of cars on offer. With a choice of a front-wheel-drive 4-door sedan with the Gran Coupe, a front-wheel-drive MPV with the latest Active Tourer or the brand new and sublime rear-wheel-drive 2-door Coupe. For the latest 2-Series Active Tourer, a model that with its first-generation successfully introduced an entirely new segment of owners to the marque, BMW have incorporated the bold aesthetic flourishes of its more premium siblings into its exterior design. With the prominent kidneys, slim tapered headlights, clean-cut side surfaces and increased rake on the windscreen eschewing a sportier visual dynamic over the outgoing model to pair with its significantly improved cabin ambience. For the local Singapore market, there will be two 218i variants available both powered by BMW's B38 TwinPower Turbo In-line three-cylinder, the Luxury line and M sport. With the M Sport featuring not just key visual enhancements but also adaptive M suspension with frequency-selective damping and a 15-millimetre drop in ride height. Whilst the price of the M Sport variant has yet to be announced, do expect it to command a slight premium over the Luxury line's S$220,888 pricetag (S$229,888 for the higher-specced Launch Editions). Both 218i Active Tourers sit on BMW's UKL2 platform which it shares with the 1-Series hatchback and 2-Series Gran Coupe, so expect this little MPV to serve up a class-leading driving experience. There's no news yet on whether the 225e or 230e PHEVs will be coming to our shores but with the local authority's continuous push towards electrification, we wouldn't be too surprised if they eventually make their way over. Of course, the star of the day belonged to the 2-Series Coupe, the most BMW of BMWs available for sale today. Compact, agile, usable and capable of delivering plenty of smiles per mile, the 2-Series Coupe is quite simply the embodiment of everything enthusiasts love about BMWs. Having driven one in Germany a few months ago, I'm already smitten. For the Singapore market, two distinct variants will be available, the flagship and very lovely M240i xDrive powered by BMW's venerable 3-litre Twinpower Turbo'd B58 Straight-Six in B30O1 guise pumping out a stomping 382 horses and juicy 500Nm of torques, and the entry-level 220i with a 2-litre Twinpower Turbo inline-four B48 producing a still respectable 184 horses and 300Nm of torque. Unfortunately, there's also no news yet on whether the middle ground 230i (with its updated 248hp B48) will make it here but from what we gather, don't get your hopes up. The price of entry for the new 2-Series Coupes starts at S$257,888 for the 220i and S$$349,888 for the M240i xDrive. Better start saving then. *Prices are accurate as of 10 March 2022 and are inclusive of COE.
  3. The BMW 2 Series Coupé is the quintessence of automotive individuality and creates its own class. The revolutionarily sporty design exudes motion even while standing still. Its radical dynamics with a decidedly lively rear-wheel drive and a high degree of comfort in the exclusive interior round off the uncompromising driving experience. It is apparent from the very first moment: when you take your seat behind the wheel, there is only way to go – straight ahead. Wild, rebellious, unique. The BMW 2 Series Coupé has everything that defines a sporty coupé. Its unmistakeably athletic design emphasises the driving dynamics that make it the best in its class. Perfectly-balanced 50:50 weight distribution, powerful BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and the intelligent BMW EfficientDynamics measures all define the coupé. Its dynamics culminate in the M240i, an engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in next to no time. Faithful to its slogan: Less rules. More performance. Laid-back look, compact proportions – the first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible. Its extroverted design language with short overhangs, powerful contours and a muscular rear reflect its self-confident nature. The Luxury Line, Sport Line and M Sport packages as well as a comprehensive range of Original BMW Accessories add further spice to this character. The BMW 2 Series Convertible follows nobody; it strikes out on its own. And the BMW M240i is even more impulsive. With its M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine, it unleashes the dashing side of the BMW 2 Series Convertible and not only speeds up the airstream, but also takes driving pleasure to a whole new level.
  4. Saw the new BMW 218i coupe at showroom and price looks attractive! Anyone bought this already???
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