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Found 21 results

  1. kobayashiGT

    ASMR Brake Restoration!

    I find this video very therapeutic. Got the ASMR feel. haha.
  2. Hey guys, just bought a new vehicle, and I need to find out what brakes are these. I have checked around with a number of brake workshops and they tell me that these are not original Brembos - but they do not know where they come from. Any experts have any ideas? Thank you very much.
  3. Like to know which is best source to get brakes pads and rotors online? Like Brembos and Hawk. Thx in adv
  4. Tigershark1976

    Where to get brembo rotor?

    my vios front rotor wrapped liao... instead of skimming the old rotor, or getting an original rotor... thinking to get a brembo rotor for stock replacement. anyone where can i buy it cheap? Im gg to bring it to Mal for installation.
  5. As above. Got a friend asking where to buy this in S'pore. I'm not sure if this is our standard stock oem model for the 159 2.2l (non-QV). Iridium or Stiggy, you know where to enquire? I just told my friend try Tanly 1st.
  6. Have anyone try to install this ''Brembo caliper cover (front)'' and if there is will this require to drill anyhole and will it affect the warranty and saftely ?
  7. Sapience

    Brembo brake kits

    does anyone know the cost of installing a set of brembo brakes? as in the real mccoy, not sticker, painted calipers, etc... i know lintrex in singapore does it, so just wondering how much it will cost...
  8. Anyone knows where to get these replaced? 330mm slotted discs + brake pads? Unable to buy online...they don't ship to spore. Thanks.
  9. Hi there.. does anyone know where can I get Brembo brake calipers?
  10. copy from subaru and legacy forum .. time are bad .... Dear Bros, Not as bad as one brother who had just lost his Brembos...but this happened to me on the 9th December in my own MSCP: Blk 462 MSCP Choa Chu Kang Ave. 4 Was alerted by a neighbour in the morning at 8am, whom mentioned that my bonnet was missing already missing that morning at 130am; I was just at the carpark 15 mins ago doing my usual stake out before i left my ride...haiz Arrived in despair, shocked all the whatever shitty feelings, there goes my bonnet leaving my exposed engine bay naturally cooled through the night! The Son of the Biatch cut my rex grill, used a tool to pull the cable to pop the bonnet before unlatching my bonnet and started the project. Alarm was disconnected, bonnet and all the auxiliaries wiped out... Called the police for investigation and statement was taken..In desperation I drove my car to sing ming bonnetless to get a replacement..and make another trip the next day due to insufficient parts.. Its like nightmares everyday and really fingers crossed every morning hoping no more surprises.. If i manage to catch this Son,...........I guess u bros know how the story goes.....Jet Li's, Bruce Lee's stunts and all combos happy hour http://www.subaruclubsg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29160 warcraft168 wrote: This morning went to my MSCP to my shock my 4 advan rim with tires were all lying beside my car,when i went nearer to have a look, wtf my brembo capiler with roto 2 infront all gone, called the police and was told by the IO my MSCP is a HOT spot for thief for Brembo items regardless of motorcycle or car.Lastly my rims are lock with special lock nut but they still manage to unscrew them.???? So Brothers beware and take care frustrated_ Location: BUkit Batok West Ave 5 Blk 395A MSCP Nuts used: Mcgard Lug Nuts warcraft168 wrote: Infact they also wanted to take all my rims also, becos they left in a hurry. think someone saw them they panic and ran away as they left all their tools and 2 jack behind. But i am sure they are 100% pro. 1)Alarm not triggered 2)Took out 4 tyres with lut nut 3)Dismantle 2 front roto with capailr w/o cutting the brake hose. Sainz.............................. http://subarulegacy.sg/viewtopic.php?t=9965
  11. Just want to know what makes Brembo such a good braking system. Even Lexus IS-F proudly claimed to use Brembo brakes. Brake pads material and brake disc are easily copied right? The braking force is determined by the oil pressure on the pads and disc. The modulating feel is thru the various proportional valves. 4pots or 6pots, not rocket science for most car companies right? Material of pads are no secrets either. Most companies can reverse-engineer those from Brembo/leading brands easily. Why can't Lexus/Toyota itself make its own superior braking system? Why it chose to use Brembo for IS-F?
  12. i am on WRX 4/2 pot, need to change my front rotor and brake pad, price for both is abt the same ..have anyone on the below set-up? any commend? which hv better stopping power, less dust ... etc 01. Front Project U slotted rotor and 0-500 degree brake pad --> $7++ 02. Front Brembo slotted rotor and HAWK brake pad --> $7++
  13. Saw this cool Vios with Brembo brake calipers. Makes the car look great & enhances the stopping distance. Can Brembo brakes be fitted on my orig Getz rims? Will it fit? How much does it cost?
  14. If prices are the same, which wil you take?
  15. Virus

    Brembo Caliper cover

    Saw this in the auction, anyone interested?? Should be cheaper if we can organized a group buy. Starting at $80/pair. http://page.auctions.shopping.yahoo.com/sg...81?aucview=0x30 [inline caliper-cover1.jpg] [inline caliper-cover2.jpg] [inline caliper-cover3.jpg]
  16. where to get this ?? able to install on my Civic stock calliper ??
  17. Rev_zone

    Brembo Caliper Cover

    Anyone saw this design Brembo cover selling in any workshop or accessories shop ?
  18. Lucionatic

    HRE Wheels & Brembo Brakes

    Does anyone know where to get HRE wheels and Brembo brakes in Singapore? Thanks.
  19. Nivlac

    Brembo sloted disc

    hiya, Wud there b a significant difference in using brembo sloted disc compared to original disc in terms of dust and braking effects...if i am running mintex pads? seem to be having alot alot of brake dust... thx
  20. Just like to check if there are any recommended spots (value for money), to replace the stock rotor with OEM sized Brembo Max and matching Mintex pads? TIA.
  21. Spaceman

    Brembo Max

    any bros here who knows where to get Brembo Max?