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Found 5 results

  1. Call our 24hrs hotline @ 96888773 if you have any battery or tyre issue. X-Speed Mobile Recovery We provide Car battery replacement and tyre repair onsite at 24hrs islandwide daily . We are open even on public holiday . Jumpstart service ,diagnosis onsite and motorbike tyre repair . Have enquiries about your vehicle issue , please do not hesitate to contact us at 96888773. https://www.thebatterystore.com.sg/ Brand we carry : We accept Cash ,Net and (paynow transfer) also. Please like us facebook or ​whatsapp us
  2. 24HR Car Battery Replacement Specialist & Car Tyre Repair Services | ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore is a car breakdown recovery company that offers 24-Hours Roadside Assistance to motorists whose vehicles have suffered a mechanical failure leaving them stranded. If you are currently in a breakdown situation, please call us at +65 8618 9000 so we can render immediate assistance. Emergency Roadside Assistance Whenever You Need It When you’re on the road but faced with a mechanical failure with your vehicle, e.g dead car battery, flat/punctured tyre, our friendly 24-Hour Dispatch will help you with all your car breakdown service needs such as a car battery replacement, car tyre repair, car jumpstart or even car towing. 24HR ON-SITE CAR BATTERY REPLACEMENT Have you ever been stranded outside because you can’t seem to be able to get your vehicle to start? There are many reasons as to why no matter how hard you try to crank start but it just fails miserably. Well, the most common problem is due to a faulty/flat battery. (FYI, if your batteries are more than a year old, they might be due for a car battery replacement.) Why choose us? #1 We come to you, real FAST! Our fleet of recovery vehicles are strategically located at the different regions of Singapore. #2 Saving numerous vehicles every day, there’s no vehicle too difficult for us to handle! #3 We carry only “fresh” new batteries! (restocked weekly) #4 All our car battery comes with an on-site warranty, you might want to check it out! #5 Quality products you can trust! #6 We operate round the clock! Signs and Symptoms Your Vehicle Battery Needs Attention: #1 Headlights are dimmer, especially during and right after starting #2 Horn sounds weaker than normal #3 Engine cranks more slowly than normal #4 Engine cranks but won’t start #5 Engine won’t crank 24HR ON-SITE CAR TYRE REPAIR & PATCHING At ARS, our mechanics are not only experts in car battery replacement, we also offer car tyre repair and patching to road user faced with a punctured car tyre as a breakdown service. Wherever you are in Singapore, we will be down to assist you with just an ease of a call. One of the problems every car owner is bound to face every once in a while is having a punctured tyre.The problem with a punctured tyre is that it can happen anytime, anywhere. It won’t wait till the perfect time when you are ready to have a Tyre repair or replacement. If you notice a punctured tyre when you are at your home, you are not supposed to drive it anywhere as it might damage your tyre sidewall and might lead to spending more money to replace a new tyre. Here are some things I bet you never knew about your car tyres... Some Common Tyre Damage to Look Out For: #1 Tyre tread depth of below 1.6mm across the central #2 Breakdown in the integrity of your tyre structure #3 Damage caused by external objects such as nails and other sharp objects. #4 Ageing of your tyre rubber #5 Bead damage to the tyre #6 Exposed cords of the tyre #7 Problems with previous tyre repairs 24HR CAR JUMPSTART SERVICE Before we get into details regarding the steps to be followed in order to give your car a jump-start, we should know when to opt for a jump-start and when to get a car battery replacement. This is equally important to know since frequent jump-starts are not advisable for the life of a battery and for the other electrical units present in a car. However, having said that, there are situations when a jump-start can be helpful, when you are stuck somewhere with your car and require an immediate solution. The car battery may fail for several reasons such as long periods of inactivity, headlights or interior lights being left on, or the harsh humid weather. No matter what the reasons are, they are a plan spoiler, and all you really need is a little boost. Contact us today for help and let us get you back on the road in no time. SAVE OUR NUMBER, WHETHER IT'S A FLAT TYRE/CAR BATTERY OR ANY OTHER BREAKDOWN PROBLEMS, WE'RE ONE CALL AWAY +65 8618 9000 Norman OH! And we accept NETS too! Click to visit ---> WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / WHATSAPP / CALL
  3. Swift Battery Specialist Swift Battery Specialist provides onsite 24hrs Car battery replacement, Car Battery jump start and Car Tyre repair services in Singapore Islandwide. We are the specialist in the automobile field that will fix your car break down issue with our onsite recovery team. Swift and immediate response for pricing matters,call us at: +65 8858 9959 More information at https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg Why choose Swift Battery Specialist: Genuine and Branded Car Battery at low cost Premium selected Car Battery that will last longer and better performance by Swift Battery Specialist Professional Team. Fresh stock ALWAYS AVAILABLE no matter what car you drive. 24 Hours Singapore Islandwide support and reach within 30-45mins or lesser. Average Car Battery Replacement, Car Jump start and Car Tyre repair time only 5-15mins. FREE Phone call diagnostic and troubleshooting. All Car Battery comes with warranty. Services Swift Battery Specialist Provide Car Battery ReplacementSwift battery specialists mechanics standby all over Singapore and provide 24hrs car battery servicing. Our 24hrs car battery replacement service speed is as fast as 5 minutes time and arrival time within 30 minutes. Rest assure, If we are able to Jump Start your Car Battery we will assist to save up the cost of changing the whole battery! Price Start from as low as $120! Car Battery Jump StartOur Swift Mechanics are all professionally trained in performing Car Battery Jump Start. Without proper safety precautions and knowledge, it could damage your car and you will end up paying more repair cost! Trust Swift Battery Specialist and we get the work done. Price Start from as low as $50! Car Tyre Punctured RepairFlat Car Tyre because you accidentally or unknowingly ran over sharp nails, glass shards or etc? It might be too costly to change a whole new Car Tyre, we can help you to fix the Car Tyre hole! Our Car Tyre Repair solution will last forever without changing a new Car Tyre. Repair cost start from $70 onward. Car Spare Tyre ReplacementWhat if your Car Breakdown on road and Tyre is beyond repair? And worst, you have your own spare car tyre but don't have any tools to change it? Engage Swift Battery Specialist and we will get this done for you! DO NOT DRIVE WITH FLAT TYRE AS IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR RIM! Repair cost start from $70 onward. Process & Procedure: Engage us by calling +65 8858 9959 Tell us your problem and all information then we will diagnose remotely. We will determine the issue and advice further. Pricing will be quoted before heading to your location. (ONSITE RECOVERY ONLY) We will ask for your details and also provide you with estimated arrival time. Swift Battery Mechanic will arrive onsite and fix your problem! WE ALSO ACCEPT PAYMENT WITH: VISIT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Carousell
  4. THE BATTERY SHOP SG 24-HR CAR BREAKDOWN SERVICE HOTLINE 8166 4455 On-Site Mobile Car Battery Replacement Car Batteries in Singapore usually lasts about 1.5 to 2.5 years due to the warm humid weather in Singapore. When you can't start your car, there is a possibility that your car battery is flat/dead and a car battery replacement is needed. Call us (The Battery Shop) 81664455 we will come to you to get your car replaced with a new car battery. Upon engaging us, we'll arrive at your location in 15-45mins. (Depending on traffic) Delivery and Installation with NO GST, We also accept NETS or CASH payment! Before we start to replace your car battery we will ensure to back up your car memory to prevent unnecessary reset of ECU settings, radio, time, odometer and seat settings etc. After which we will conduct an alternator test (charging system) and starter motor diagnosis for customers to ensure both are in good condition. Replacement/Repair/Patching of Punctured/Flat Tyre Having a flat Tyre? Unfamiliar with the tools and types of equipment in your boot to change into your spare tyre? Call The Battery Shop, we will come down to get your car tyre repaired, if the car tyre is beyond repair, we will help the customer to change the spare tyre or get a new tyre replacement to get them back on the road AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PICTURES TELL NO LIES Car Battery Replacement Service Car Jump-Start Service (We Will Come to Your Breakdown Location to Assist You) Forgot to switch off electronics or headlights of your car? Or you might have a faulty brake switch that drains your car battery flat. (We can help you fix your brake switch) Alternatively, you can engage us for a jump-start service, our price at $30 -$50 depending on location. After the jump start, we will perform the car battery test and alternator to ensure the battery is still in the good state to use. *** Do not attempt to jump-start your car yourself if you are not familiar with it and only use thick jump start cable to jump start. Incorrect handling of jump start cable might result in damaging your vehicle/battery and injuries might occur for the person that jump start the vehicle. Below are the videos you might want to take a look. WHAT HAPPEN IF YOU JUMP START WRONGLY! CORRECT WAY TO JUMP START YOUR CAR Car Tyre Repair Service - Tyre Puncture No More WE ACCEPT NETS TOO. PRODUCT WE CARRY:
  5. Experienced a time when your car could not start in the car park? It may be at home or in the office car park, and you need to get going soon! So who do you call? FastFix Car Battery Replacement Service Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service Anywhere Anytime in Singapore (Car Battery Shop). More than 300+ 5-⭐ Reviews on Facebook! (Click to see!) The original trusted service for car battery replacement onsite, anywhere you are in Singapore (after Automobile Association) Call 8114 5500 You may be asking, other than 300+ 5-⭐ Reviews on Facebook, why should I choose Fastfix Car Battery Replacement Service? Here are some reasons to consider: ✔️ Fresh batteries! Do you want batteries that have been on the shelf for a long time? Batteries tend to deteriorate over time (slowly, we admit) but the freshest ones always work the best! ✔️ Triple-One Warranty! Exclusive one year, one-for-one exchange to a NEW (not used or recon) battery! Warranty coverage for petrol driven cars is battery defect causes your car to be unable to start. Diesel vehicle covered for six months. ✔️ Onsite Service = Onsite Warranty Have you encountered workshops that tell you to go back to them in case of a problem with your car? Such a warranty does not work when it comes to batteries, because your car cannot start to drive back to them! Our warranty covers us going to you for FREE in the event of a battery defect! Fastfix Car Battery Replacement has been in the market for some time, we are known for honoring our warranty, so much so that, strangely, other battery replacement services have asked their customers to look for us when their batteries failed! Even for such cases, we go out to help the customer! And because we intend to honor our warranty for every battery sold, we do not just sell any brand battery from less than reliable brands! For if we did sell cheap batteries, it would be warranty nightmare to serve and go out to all those customers that have battery failure! Many years of experience and actual testing, we have narrowed down the battery brands to just two highly regarded reliable brands: #Amaron and #Hoppecke Many are very familiar with the "green battery" Amaron - why are they the best? They simply are at a price point that is best value for money - not cheap but for this price, it is the BEST there is on the market for reliable starting of your vehicle. This is attested to by the largest fleet operators in Singapore - the taxi fleets from run Amaron only! Why? Because in case of any breakdown, they immediately lose revenue $$$! For reliable starting of your car each time you need to get going - Choose Fastfix! Call 8114 5500