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  1. My cars carpet(the furry part throughout the whole car flooring) which is originally light beige color is now very stained, lots of black patches. Especially those spots where footwear rubs against. Is there a good way to restore it? Or would changing the whole floor carpet be easier/cheaper?
  2. Any recommendation for good car wash w/ vacuum in JB? What price do you guys normally pay? Plan to go pump petrol and wash car.. Also thinking about doing some paint correction and wax if price is reasonable. But shop should be trustworthy la, I scared got car go in no car come out
  3. Hi all heading down to JB tml. and most probably going to shop at Paradigm Mall. Is there any trusted car grooming service near there?
  4. urgently need help !! a week ago i fetch my friend whom decided to spill his bubble tea in my car and apparently it had soaked up the carpet below the car mat and now the whole car has a weird smell now. i have tried cleaning it over and over again but it's not helping. it smells mouldy!!! Is there any places or recommendation for car wash that will be able to clean the mess out?
  5. i was quoted, 150! is it chop carrot head price?
  6. Just want to ask who is using night car wash services from HDB carparks. I would like to find out 1) What is the price you paid per month 2) Do they wash daily 3) Is the service up to your expectation
  7. Hi guys, Just wanna recommend a pretty good car wash service in Sin Ming area. For $15, you get the following : 1. Proper car wash using Sonax shampoo 2. Vacuum 3. Tire Shine 4. Finish of with Sonax 3-in-1 mirror shine Compared to those petrol kiosk manual wash, i will definitely go for this as u're only paying $3 more. I do wash my ride frequently on my own (weekly), but usually dont wash my rims cuz i using no-rinse wash. So this is a good alternative to complement my weekly/monthly car maintainance. Disclaimer : I've completely NOT RELATED in anyway to the service provider. Those interested can pm me for the address.
  8. Hi guys, my pet dog accidentally peed in the rear seat (my fault for not walking her earlier). I used tissue to soak the urine from the seat (leather seat) and clean it. The next day when I came to the car, there was a strong smell. Can’t really pinpoint where the smell is coming from but it’s at the rear seat. Realised that some parts of the seat were made of fabric (those sections for the seat belt buckle and child seat Anchor Point). Suspect the urine might have gone through these fabric parts and soaked and lying at the underneath of the seat hence giving out the smell. Tried the following: 1) vacuuming the area 2) fabreeze 3) baking soda on the seat overnight 4) charcoal deodarizer with fragrance gel The first 3 did not help much. The deodorizer help in masking the smell (since it has fragrance) but I’m still able to smell the pungent smell now and then. I have tried spraying fabreeze on the suspected areas lots of times. But it doesn’t help much. When open the car door, I can still smell abit of the pungent smell. Is it possible that the urine might have seeped through the leather seat and hence the smell is coming from inside the leather? If that’s the case, any advice on how to remove the smell from the leather seat? Thanks in advance. Anyway the car is only 4 months old
  9. How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRSoRkM8GcM
  10. Had car wash at caltex station with 1 for 1 promo. Only available at the 4 stations stated in the photo. Its also decently clean and thorough unlike some stations whom brush and go. Worth a trip if you are nearby. Mods, pls merge if there already has a suitable thread. Searched car wash, caltex, 1 for 1 and nothing matched
  11. Tried the above and it’s not bad. Hv 3types to choose from and this cny you can wash up to 11pm Details here: http://www.smartenergy.sg/blog/touchless-car-wash-coming-your-way Had a word with the mgr that day and a very nice gentleman. Its a Startup and they are partnering smart energy with this Currently you wash you get 2 tetrapak drinks haha
  12. Anyone tried their service? Can share reviews?
  13. Anyone saw DIY car wash bay in Singapore? Where a place you pay and they provide water jet for you to spray your cars? Maybe can book a time slot of something and spend a whole afternoon cleaning the car
  14. Where can I buy Gtechniq products in Singapore? maddetailer/mxtradings only does Duragloss.
  15. Hi, just need inputs for a good place to go get my windshield pits n swirls corrected and polished. The swirls can be caught with fingernails and cannot be removed with arm power. Thanks to advise.
  16. I am sure there are way too may polish company out there. Some have mention 9H hardness Some say glass coating other says ceramic coat But is there like a standard where optical brightness or coating before and after have a benchmark of quality that you can identify with other than, wah swee. Polish liao kilat kilat. May not mean much. Plus you spending a $1xxx into it. Only to have word of mouth from one person to the next. Is there like a tick, check box like window tint to validate the shine ?
  17. Hi guys & gals, Does anyone use before or know which good car groomer to recommend? There are too many car groomers around and most of them feature premium product but in the end none is good... I stay in at AMK and hope to find a good car groomer with value for money service for my beemer. Thanks....
  18. Hi Bro/Sis I had Recently gotten a second hand vehicle and the cigarette Odour Is quite strong I had tried using interior auto cleaning, soaping of the interior and even Lysol but the odour doesn't go off any tips/advice to kill the Odour all help will be greatly appreciated Thanks :)
  19. My 10 year old car has a lot of scratches around the door handle area, probably caused by fingernails. I'm changing car this year so I was wondering how to avoid that again. Nowadays I heard there is a nano-coating treatment that forms a protective layer around the paint. Is that enough to protect against these kind of scratches, or still need to install the transparent laminate film?
  20. Hi, I would like to seek your opinions on the choice of these 3 detailers that have shops in the West part of Singapore: 1. Ceramic Pro by 5dSolutions, ~$1100+ 2. Revol, ~$800+ 3. Blacknano, ~$400-$500+ 4. Supremo, ~$500+ I am prefer packages with 3 years warranty (for apple to apple comparison), covers interior coating and provides post sales car wash services. All packages expect you to go back for annual checks or maintenance which usual is around $100 - $150 range. Which packages would you recommend? It seems that Ceramic Pro and Revol have a lot of good recommendations. As a side note, Ceramic Pro and Supremo have 5 years warranty packages but I am not sure if it is good to for those? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi guys, those stay near Sembawang MRT station just found this car wash place recommended by my friend. Very good service, for those interested can try it.
  22. I resprayed my car last year after an accident. But I'm a lazy b**tard and don't wash my car often, so the paint is a bit faded. Quite obvious because it's black. I also didn't do any coating or waxing after the respray, wasn't even aware of such things until recently. The car is coming to 10 years old but I'm thinking of possibly extending the COE by 5 years and I want to make it look nice again. Is it possible to send it for a thorough polishing job, and then do a new nano-coating to keep it shiny? Do I need to respray?
  23. Anyone know is there any car washing package? I only know have the daily car wash provided by the MSCP Indians which charging about $50/mth.
  24. Anyone have any recommendation for Disinfectant and Deodorizer Car Interior Service (Sg & JB)? Passengers complained that they always smell something & feel like vomit after sitting the car.
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