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Found 20 results

  1. We provide transactional services for direct buyer & seller deals. All paperwork done by us so you don't have to! Visit connect.sgcarmart.com or call us 6744 3540 today! This service is part of the privileges for sgCarMart advertisers. To advertise your car for sale, Post an ad now!
  2. Many are unfamiliar with the benefits that come with their car insurance plan. Thankfully, Aviva provides a comprehensive guide for all motorists regardless of age! Whether you are a new car owner or have racked up years of experience on the road, it is still worth ensuring that you are protected against any sort of car troubles you may encounter. We break down the typical car troubles that different age groups normally run into, so you can check if your insurance plan delivers the exact sort of coverage you need! The young millennial go-getter You may be new to driving and eager to embark on some adventures behind the wheel. At this age, heading up North for driving excursions may become part and parcel of your holiday plans. However, you may still be uncertain of what to do in an accident. If you're afraid of getting stranded in an unfamiliar location, consider getting an insurance plan that provides a towing benefit. With Aviva's insurance coverage, you get to travel with the assurance that you are protected with unlimited towing benefits, giving you the peace of mind to better enjoy your holidays. As an additional bonus, Aviva's insurance plan comes with a claims promise that no upfront excess payment is required, and that your NCD will not be penalised if you are not at fault in an accident. This empowers you with greater control over your overall car expenditure. Use that extra money to save up for that housing loan you might be about to take on, or to plan for yet more adventures in the future! The young family with children At this stage of life, your children are your top priority. Ferrying the entire family around is now part and parcel of your weekend duties. Don't let your child's antics in the back of the car distract you from what is important - getting to the destination safely. Start off every journey on the right foot with Aviva's child-seat cover of up to $250 and ensure that your precious ones are safely tucked-in and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Even if you are not entirely up to speed on the inner workings of your car at this point, fret not. Aviva's complimentary roadside assistance service is open all day and night, every day of the year, so you can receive the best assistance to get your car working again, whether it be a tyre change or a dead battery. With the Standard and Prestige plan, Aviva will even tow your car to a service centre of your choice within Singapore if the breakdown is too severe for a roadside repair. With domestic expenses mounting, you do not want to be spending on unnecessary items. If you are a MINDEF or MHA group term life policyholder, you and all family members will get to enjoy an additional 15% discount on your Aviva car insurance plan, on top of any ongoing promotions. Save up on your outgoing expenditures with Aviva and ensure that you always have spare cash on hand for those extra diapers and milk formula! driving The older families with driving-age teenagers Watching your children grow up can be richly rewarding. Having them go on their first drives, perhaps not as much. Take the edge off that inevitable nerve-wrecking experience by signing up with Aviva's Prestige plan and be assured that even if your teenagers do get into an accident, professional assistance is but a call away with Aviva's Quick Emergency assistance, eCall. Thanks to an easily installed Bosch safety device, real-time crash detection will automatically alert Aviva's emergency team with data about the crash severity and the car's location if you or your teenage children get involved in an accident. The emergency team can then call you or utilise the information to send accurate information to emergency services immediately. Think about this: In a severe accident, those precious seconds and the delivery of accurate data could genuinely help to save the lives of your precious ones. Not convinced? Then also consider this - Aviva's Prestige plan also provides coverage without any additional excess for young or inexperienced drivers, allowing you to cover every driver in the household without incurring high auto insurance costs. The retirees You most likely have experienced your fair share of road rage and reckless driving at this point and have probably seen it all. Even if nothing on the road fazes you anymore, a good car insurance plan is still a must to ensure that you do not end up facing mounting medical expenditures in the event of a severe accident. Plan and make sure you do not have to face that harsh doctor's bill head-on with Aviva's high medical expense coverage of up to $100,000 on their Standard and Prestige plan. With the Prestige plan, you still get to enjoy the benefits of eCall, ensuring that Quick Emergency assistance is always on hand to render assistance, just in case you get so shaken up that you fail to note down all the information you need to report on the accident. Getting involved in an accident can be a nerve-wrecking and time-consuming event. Thankfully, Aviva's comprehensive range of car insurance benefits ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of what stage you are at in life. Don't get caught without the necessary assistance if you do get involved in an unfortunate incident behind the wheel, check out Aviva's suite of car insurance plans and find something that best fits your needs today! See what benefits you stand to enjoy with Aviva Car Insurance!
  3. I saw in the Straits Times that they advertise their premiums are low. Has anyone bought car insurance from them? Are their rates better than buying from agents, middleman etc?
  4. Bluemice

    AAS membership ?

    dear fellow MCFers, I had a conversation with a fellow driver and the topic of Roadside assistance came about. He commented that since most major Auto service centers provides some form of "free" towing / recovery services, or ins. companies as well. Is there any benefits of joining AAS or related types of groups ? any comments ? mice
  5. All bros, its the time of the year again. time for renewal of car insurance. i was shopping around online and found directasia. question is................... why directasia car insurance so cheap??? got wad ahm ahm clauses anot?
  6. Geoffrey-BudgetDirect_Comm

    Good driver? You deserve cheaper insurance.

    Hey We're new in town. Budget Direct Insurance launched in October last year, and we believe that Singaporeans have been paying too much for their car insurance for too long. Why? We're not entirely sure. What we do know is that insurance isn't hard. Or at least, it doesn't need to be. To buy your insurance is a relatively easy process, you can even see an initial price for your policy in 30 seconds. If you'd like to know, we'll be stopping by here regularly to read and answer your questions. Or visit our website at budgetdirect.com.sg We understand that because we're new, you may prefer to talk with someone. Feel free to stop by, have a coffee and let us see how we can help you, visit us at: Budget Direct Insurance 190 Clemenceau Avenue #03-01, Singapore Shopping Centre Singapore 239924. Or call us at 6221 2111. Our team are here and ready to help you from 8am to 8pm, Mondays to Fridays. If you've got any questions about how we can help you, please ask. Thanks On behalf of the Budget Direct Insurance team, thanks. Geoffrey
  7. SPEED CREDIT is please to announce the Auto Loan Services for all automotive vehicles. PROMO RATE 1.88% MIN 15K LOAN PROMO RATE 1.68% 50K MIN LOAN Subject to *Terms and Conditions HIGH LOAN RATE 2.68% MAX 75% Loan Subject to Approval. Loan From Major Banks and Financing Company in Singapore Speed Credit have been in the auto loan industry in Singapore since year 2000. USED CONSIGNMENT CAR AGENT and AUTO FINANCING Visit Us at WWW.SPEEDCREDIT.COM.SG
  8. Imagine you are fetching a neighbor to work and this neighbor gives you a bar of chocolate. If you get into an accident, the injured neighbor is not covered by your private car insurance and he/she sues you. This is because private car insurance excludes "hire and reward" usage. Carrying of passengers with payment in this case. Anyone knows which insurer is willing to extend private car insurance to cover "hire and reward" ? Buying commercial car insurance is out of the question because you are not running a business and the payment is low.
  9. This mofo shud be ! I believe there are more of these mofos and scamming workshops out there.
  10. Check out for this month's latest deals & discounts. One of the best deals, promotions and discounts specially for our members that could never be miss out. Hurry and Grab your favourite deals today! Quote SGCARMART PROMOTION to the retailer. Citi Direct Car Loan from 1.48% p.a Take control of your car loan with Citi & save on your interest. Get your pre-approved car loan now! Contact us at: 6657 3868 $38 Drive Home Service ChauffeurME-Singapore renders drive home service to party-goers who care for their love ones. Drink.Drank.Drunk? What ever it is, why put yourself at risk? Drink driving is a serious offence not only in Singapore but throughout the Globe. Worried getting stopped at Police road blocks or getting into accidents causing injuries or fatality? Well, we won't know what is exactly going on around us when we start getting tipsy. Put all these worries aside. We are just a call away! Our experience drivers will pick you from your location and drive you home to your loved ones safe and sound! Nothing else matters more isn't it? Advanced bookings are welcome. Our friendly operator will allocate you a driver to send you home SAFE! Only @$38. Contact us at: 8777 7087 Get an Instant Quote Choose Car Insurance That Suits You! Car Insurance - Instant coverage online for Comprehensive or Third Party insurance plans. SOS Car Insurance - Aimed at drivers who are considered 'high risk' by other insurers. Low Mileage Car Insurance - 'Drive Less = Pay Less' if you drive under 8,000km a year. Ideal for OPC - first time in SG! Best price guarantee up to 25%! No middle man. No agency comm. 0% interest monthly instalments. Contact us : 6665 5555 Mcwell Online Store Singapore's best car parts and accessories online store, discount up to 40% off! Visit us now! Contact us at: 6844 4640 Pro-Jex V2D 3-In-1 Package 3-In-1 Package at only $240. Includes oil change, air con restoration, throttle and intake manifold flushing. Contact us at: 8668 7676 Instant Cash For Your Scrap Car! We want your scrap car with parf eligibility! Instant cash on the spot! No need to wait for LTA refund. Contact us at: 9787 6217
  11. Hi - I'm kind of new to the forum - any members have any inputs or thoughts of this Company - HL Assurance ?? Could not find much about them; Seems like quite new kid on the block but apparently much cheaper than current insurer and even Direct Asia tks
  12. Detroit man with marathon walking commute surprised with new car "A Detroit factory worker who has walked more than 20 miles (32 km) during his daily commute to work for a decade was surprised on Friday with a brand new car, donated by a suburban car dealership. ... Leedy told Reuters he was initially quoted a $15,000-a-year premium, a quote that illustrates Detroit's notoriously high insurance rates." http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/06/us-usa-michigan-walkingman-idUSKBN0LA2E420150206
  13. As per the title, I shd scrap the car before 2nd March right? but after my calculation(not sure im right), im better off driving till the coe ends even after pay one more week of road tax which i chk from onemotoring is $36, and one more week of insurance (not sure how much). anyone in such situation before? advice pls? tks.
  14. Folks who own TC car. Is yr premium higher compared to another variant of same make? Eg. A sedan with 2 variant 1.4L TC vs 1.6L NA. Are you paying the same insurance premium as a 1.6L variant? Or maybe I should phrase it as "Should insurance premium for 1.4L TC be lower than a 1.6L NA"? TIA for your inputs.
  15. Heluim

    NCD for New Car

    Hi everybody, I need some advise! My car road Tax expires in 4th October 2015. However I am currently my insurance expires in 18th Oct 2015, and my current NCD is 40%. I was thinking of changing my car in October 2015. Is there any possibility to be to get directly 50% NCD for my new car without renewing my old car road tax and insurance? Or what is the best solution for this? Cheers everybody, for the the advise once again!
  16. Throttle2

    AIG Car insurance

    how come AIG car insurance premium is so low?? I ask for quotation for a coupe with 50% NCD NTUC $2350 AIG $1450 is AIG business so bad until the premium almost half of competitor?? anyone here with AIG motorcar insurance care to comment?
  17. Good Day Everyone In Here. Could any kind soul advise what is the duration/Time Frame for refund after I cancel my Certificate of Insurance for my car. I cancelled my Car Insurance Policy with China Taiping 2 Month ago but still no new on the refund. Just can't imagine what is the hiccup ? Thanks and Regards
  18. Not bad if it works well. A good alternative for car cameras. The pro of using this over the in car camera is that no need to retrieve/transfer the video footage from your in car camera, since you can just submit from your smartphone. More importantly it's free and also no cumbersome installation. I think this is a must for all drivers, who do not have a in car camera installed. Do note that the app will only be launched this Friday, and available for both iOS and Android. Now the thing is, where can I find a good bracket to mount onto the windscreen?
  19. [extract] Online insurance company, DirectAsia.com, is issuing a challenge to motorists to find a cheaper quote on their car insurance elsewhere. Singapore's online insurer is so sure safe drivers won't find a better deal that they‟re promising to reimburse