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Found 10 results

  1. Lovethecars

    Car rental in Singapore

    Looking for car rental. wondering which company has a better fleet of cars and the rental rates isn't on the high side.... :)
  2. Anyone has experiences with driving around Taiwan? And tips to provide for left hand drive countries, car rental company etc. Generally public transport such as the Metro is far more convenient than a car (no need to find parking etc) but if we're talking about going out of Taipei, would you recommend driving or just taking the bullet train?
  3. If you have been dreaming of driving in Japan during your travel and want to start planning your vacation, you are lucky enough to chance upon this thread, and we hope by the end of this recommendation, you are equipped with tips and information about you Japan holidays! And we are currently selecting 50 participants that would like to attend! Join This Event! MCF HangOut proudly presents you with an all-new alternative of renting an almost brand new car in Japan. And to make the scenario more real, we narrowed down to Ishikawa Prefecture, 500km away from Tokyo, surrounded on three sides by the Sea of Japan, and on the fourth by Mt. Hakusan, allowing it to enjoy the best of both mountain and sea. Date: July 13, 2019, Saturday Time: 1pm – 4.30pm Venue: Singapore Recreation Club, B Connaught Drive, Singapore 179682 Registration Fee: $10 per registrant (Free goodie bag worth $50 for every registrant) Parking in available. Join This Event! About renting a car in Japan. You need to visit Ishikawa during the Autumn. Here's why. *Limited to 40 participants. Successful registrants will be contacted via phone or e-mail. Payment will be processed only if your registration is successful (payment must be made via Visa or Mastercard). Terms and Conditions There will be a registration fee of $10 once you have confirmed your attendance. The participating party agrees to pay the registration fee when they confirm their participation for the event. The Management of MCF will remunerate the registration fee in the form of $15 shopping voucher or grocery voucher during the event. Registration closes on 11 July 2019.
  4. Hey all, I am doing a survey to understand more about the local luxury car rental market, and will appreciate your help with the poll above and comments. Will you rent a Porsche 911 (Type 997) or an Audi R8 (V8) for the above prices? Thanks in advance! Here are some photos of the respective cars: Audi R8 (picture below shoule be a V10 model but the V8 model is similar looking): Porsche 911:
  5. So I did a 4D3N road trip to Cameron Highlands & Genting Highlands last weekend. Having been to Cameron three times (Rode up twice, drove up once) and Genting (Rode up once, coached up numerous times when I was much younger), this was my first time renting a car in Malaysia to drive up. To those who are interested in renting a car in Malaysia to self-drive up north, here's my personal experience with Wahdah. I will also include some places that I visited in Cameron and maybe Genting. Rented from https://www.wahdah.my/ due to reasonable rates and ease of convenience. Wahdah offers pick up services as near as Caltex JB Sentral which is right beside City Square Mall in JB for a small fee. 1. Easy to understand and navigate website 2. Pretty wide range of cars from the Malaysian brands, to the more common Japanese and Korean cars. Good mixture! Such as the small Perodua Axia, Myvi, Bezza, Proton Saga to the usual Honda Jazz, City, Kia Forte, Toyota Vios, Sienta, Camry, and even the super big Hyundai Starex etc. Prices indicated on this page shows the rate for the entire duration of your booking, not inclusive of other options such as additional driver, pick up and return fee, and also refundable deposit, just to name a few. You can select for prices to be shown in SGD, RM or USD. The next page will allow you to select extra options and all charges are indicated clearly. 3. Easy submission of documents - passport photo, driving license onto website. Just snap photos on your phone and upload it. 4. Confirmation details (in pdf file) sent to my email right after I confirmed my booking. 5. Live chat. Any questions, just use their live chat feature. I had to add an additional driver one month after I made the booking and it was a breeze. Confirmation email was sent to me right after I submitted my payment details. 6. Check your booking by just logging into your account. 7. Contact person details for your booking is also indicated on your booking slip, just in case. I whatsapp-ed the person just a day before my trip just to be sure. Paid RM 704.90 (SGD 235) for my trip from Friday to Monday, inclusive of collection, return fee and additional driver. You can choose collection and return time. Mine was collect 7am at JB Sentral and 11pm return at same location. There is also a refundable deposit of RM 300 which will be refunded to you at least 15 days after returned of car. Renting a car in Malaysia is a good alternative for those who don't wanna risk driving your own car up north for various reasons. Renting a car in Malaysia is also cheaper than renting a car from Singapore to enter Malaysia for those who do not have a car. For my trip, my friend and I rode our cheap kup (motorcycle) into JB and parked in a safe location there. This way we didn't have to take a bus across the causeway etc.
  6. Guys. . . I am going Darwin this coming November. I am looking for car rental in Darwin. Any lobangs????
  7. Dear all, Had scrapped my car last year end.. so I rented a car from a contact I saw on gumtree. It was a manual Toyota Vios, and was $1,100 monthly, with a deposit of $500. When I signed the contract, i checked and noticed the company name. Everything went well from the car collection to the driving. Until I went overseas for reservist. We agreed that I will return the after i drive for 3 weeks due to reservist, and collect back after CNY. After that, the day before I was supposed to return the car, the car battery went flat. So i called the person and he arranged tow truck to tow the car to workshop change battery. After that, I left and went overseas. When I was back before CNY, I called the person up and we agreed to collect the vehicle 1 day before CNY eve. Hours before the collection, he showed me pictures of the car getting into accident with a Malaysia Truck. So I have no car to drive. Fine, So i waited until after CNY. So this week, Monday he say will give me a reply. Call him/SMS, no response. So I keep calling and sms still no reply. Yesterday reply me say will give me answer by today. Up till now nothing. Call him no pick up. SMS no reply. I think I most likely kena conned already. Money fly away. I hope nobody else need to go through whatever I have gone through. Please only rent from reputable car rental companies. I have learnt a lesson in pain.
  8. Looking to rent a budget car for work for 4/5 days during weekdays. U can have the car back on weekends. Anyone who's looking to rent out theirs pls feel free to pm me.
  9. Hi all, A friend of mine range me up just now and asked me to check in the forum for quick advice. His son (less than 21 years, less than 1 year driving license) rented a car without his notice and got into an accident. The car run into the car park railing and damaged the bumper. Now the Car rental company wanted the son to pay $1k for damages. According to the Son story, the steering wheel suddenly locked up when he was parking and then he knocked the railing. My friend is of the thought that how could a rental company rent a car to a minor (less than 21 with less than 1 year license) in the 1st place? Is this legal? This is the question that I can't answer him. I thought youngsters can learn driving so car rental company should be able to rent to them right? I actually advised him to go outside workshop to fix the problem and return back to the car rental company. This could be cheaper. I know there are many experts here, kindly advise me on this. Thank you very much. Regards,
  10. Lent my car for a wedding with me the driver for a close friend Then dawned on me to do this as sth to do in my free time on sat/sun Rules of Sg stipulate that private rental allowed on wknds n ph only Did a quick check n noticed lots doing it. This, considering it as a viable free time activity haha But hv to be sure I dun conflict my role as hearse driver lolololol