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Found 39 results

  1. Just wondering if you are using an IU cover to conceal your cash card. I am not using one and while I am driving a friend's car that having the cover, I find it quite inconvenience. 1) can't see the deduction and remaining amount properly 2) can't remove the card easily 3) doesn't the cover hint that a card is in there?
  2. Hi all, anyone else experiencing carpark that accept the traditional cashcard with chip only? Due to my old cashcard expired after 7 years, I am using flashpay netts in my IU now. Not facing any issue with all erp and every carpark till Cathay Cineplex. When exiting the carpark, the system only can take cashcard with chip. Anyone experienced any other carpark as well?
  3. Hi guys, my IU came with the new car and is about 1 year old. Recently after deduction of fee from exiting a HDB carpark, the IU start to show Err SC. The strange thing is that it can still detect ezlink card/net flash pay. I have checked my Cashcard using a top up machine and I was able to read the balance so I assumed the Cashcard is working fine. Now I am still able to enter my season parking and able to pay for parking using ezlink card. Anyone encountered this before? I am contemplating to change the IU a not as next year, the new IU will be introduced. I don't wanna waste time going to LTA. On the other hand, as my job requires me to run around Singapore and I know some car park only accepts the old school chip cashcard. Zzz. Uploaded a video to show what I mean.
  4. Hi guys what does 'purc' means and what is MC2295? Anyway to check? Need to do claims
  5. Dear all, My cashcard is expiring end of this month. Any idea where can I buy a new cashcard? And is there any refund for the value in my existing cashcard? Thank you :)
  6. Was driving to town early in the morning, then realize that when i passed through the gantry there no deduction. Some more i have to went through 3 before reaching my destination. Is there anyway for me to void the payment? like maybe i could explain to them what happen and hopefully they would not fine me? By the way, first time encounter this problem... any workshops that help to repair the machine? perfer some where near to AMK? and roughy how much is it to repair it? Dun really know the exact price for that, if not later kenna "chop" i also dunno... Thank..
  7. Lightfinger

    Cashcard Deduction Error

    Was at suntec this afternoon, didn't realize I was deducted twice for the parking charges! What should I do? Go back and ask for refund from the carpark management? btw, the parking was quite steep, $10.50.
  8. Hi bro and sis, My scenario is: I just went through HDB cashcard parking system at boon keng without cash card in and out. I forgot to insert in. When I come out of the gantry, there was a "TEEE" on my erp unit and then i went off after the plank lift up. I caught a glace from the display, only the bottom part. It says pls insert cashcard. My question is: 1)Will i get fined via letter? 2)Why did the plank lift up if one doesn't have the cashcard in it? 3)There was an allowance of 10 min/ sunday free parking, is it if within these limits , we can go in and out without cash card? Pls advise. Regards, Sk
  9. Was at customer site and parked the whole day, then when I exit the carpark, I forgot to press to receipt for claiming!!! Freaking $13 parking. Anyone know if the ATM or AXS can print the details from the cashcard usage? Thanks a billion!
  10. Anyone used it as a cashcard in your vehicle IU? Does it require the new IU to be able to read? I tried on my IU but "error".
  11. Hoppie24

    NETs cashcard refunds issue

    Yesterday when i was trying to top up my cashcard at the ATM machine, it keeps giving me error etc. So no choice i bought a new Cashcard which cost me $10 (Only $5 is the store value), tried topping up at the ATM again but still problem so lan lan go Cheers top up and cost me 50cents. I just realise that the refund is only the remaining store value in the cashcard, meaning $5 is kena makan. My question is if a cashcard is having problem, do we have to spend another $5 getting a new one or can NETs replace a new one for us? Is there a way to return the stupid card to NETs and take back the money? Sorry to rant, Seriously, so much money goes to ERP every single day, is it still necessary to charge for top-up and also the card is not refundable when return to NETs?
  12. Rezorn86

    Cashcard Refund

    Does anyone knw how to refund the remaining amt from the cashcard via POSB ATM???
  13. Spiderman302

    Cashcard expiring question

    My cashcard is expiring soon. Anybody knows how to get back the remainng value ? Thanks
  14. As above, what should I do with the card? Donate to charity??
  15. what a fool! Eat and s--t at the same place ================================= http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_689733.html AN IMMIGRATION sergeant at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Monday admitted swopping the CashCards of motorists leaving Singapore with cards that had no money stored in them. It was how Edmund Jeghan Anthony, 31, came by $2,226 for personal and family expenses within a two-month period. He pleaded guilty to criminal breach of trust and dishonestly encashing the money stored in 130 CashCards for his own use, and was jailed for nine months. A district court heard that in Anthony's job manning an immigration booth at the checkpoint in March and April last year, he would process passports and check that the toll of $4.80 was paid by each motorist, who had to pass his CashCard through the reader. On April 4 last year, Mr Vincent Ma Yekai, 29, drove up to Anthony's booth at 7.45pm. The reader at the booth was faulty, so Anthony took the CashCard to the next booth for the toll to be deducted. Here was where the swop took place. After finding out that Mr Ma's card had $90 in it, Anthony kept it and returned to Mr Ma another card with a similar design but with zero value.
  16. Saw the other thread where Pierre Png did a dangerous stunt to stop on the PIE to confront another driver, so just relating an incident this morning. Anyone here witnessed a "champion" auntie who stop right in front of the ERP gantry after Kallang Bahru towards Tuas this morning on the 2nd lane of the PIE to insert her cashcard, and I meant stop as in 0km/h not slow down. Luckily I was on the first lane approaching the gantry when a whole row of cars on the 2nd lane came to a stop. Drove pass the car and saw an auntie stretching to insert her cashcard. Think that is a damn dangerous act especially on the expressway. Wonder if the ERP gantry have any camera to capture the incident.
  17. I was going through the ERP near the Istana towards plaza sing, i remembered my cashcard had 2 bucks in it, however, the value was deducted before the white line, possible?
  18. Today i went to SMU for my matriculation, drive my OPC there... park for 5 hrs plus and the parking charges was $12.82... then proceed home.. took CTE during peak hours and the last gantry, got a 50cent toll charge but my card left 48cents.. Is there anyway to avoid the $10 adminstrative charge? I heard that if we go pay on the spot it ok alr.. but where is the place? ERP is crazy man... i think i kanna $3-$4 in town area... not gonna drive to school anymore.. suck my $20 cashcard dry in a day!!
  19. Was charged twice at bras basah carpark, any bro here knows who to contact to get the 2nd charges back?
  20. Hi all, Where can I get a new Cash Card? I tried DBS Bank, Shell Petrol Station and 7-Eleven. None of them carried. 7-Eleven told me that they were informed of some manufacturing faults and hence were advised to halt sale. Besides the above, does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks.
  21. take down your serial number and report to the police once your cashcard is stolen, not many pple do that including myself. last night around 9pm, i was waitin in my friend's car for another friend to come. we were chatting den i see this guy walking around at the opp MSCP. he was slowly lookin at every bikes, n den at some point, he went to touch somewhere near their speedo he den went up to the 2nd story, we decided to drive up n saw him trying to lift up my friends bike cover. he saw us coming and walk off, we decided not to confront him as we are still unsure what is he looking for and continue to watch him he went out in the open carpark n remove a coupon from another bike (i suspect he knows we are watching and hes trying to create a diversion) he den cross the road, my other friend came, n i decided to go on foot, the rest drove to the opp carpark, spotted him again, fiddling with their IUs so it is confirm now he is indeed lookin for cashcards. i continue to follow him while the rest call the police. i follow him and he went a few more streets doing the same thing, at one point we were face to face as i walk in another direction, he saw me another time few streets later n he start to panic, he knew he was bein followed, so decided to switch with my friend to go on foot n i drive, i blown my cover, lol same thing followed for 30mins, no police in sight, we were constantly updating them of his location, at one, point, he entered one block, n went up the lift, seeing that the lift stopped at 5th floor , i sprinted up the stairs only to turn left to catch him taking of his shoes abt to enter a unit, he stays there !, he was shock to see me outside his home, i also shock to see him cos i didnt expect him to live on the first unit from the lift. i look him in the eye n left. his face was white like ghost police came ard 15mins later, n went up they questioned him for ard an hr n police took our statement, police told us, they are unable to do anything as they search his home but could not find anythiung, he admitted to opening IUs of bikes but he claim he was trying to test his own cashcard,i told the police he is BS, cos he walk from ST 51 to ST 11 and he even try to lift my friends bike cover. the police says they only can take down his particulars, give him a stern warning and wait for reports for lost cashcard to come in. the guy is in his 20s, chinese male, speaks good english, sgporean, quite decent looking.. if i know this would be the outcome, i seriously would wallop him at my blk first. few yrs back, my friend n i chrome one panty stealer under our blk until he beg us on his knees only to receive a slipper mark on his **** face. since somone already set the standard for non seizable offence, like broken teeth (gang attack at tamp ) n broken nose (navy maj vs doctor) i think if the law cant handles it, we got to handle it ourselves the incident happen in pasir ris. so pls note down your s/n of ur cashcard n report for lost. i believe if many reported cash card theft, they will take some action.
  22. May 23, 2008 CashCard glitch: One-stop relief from next week Drivers can get fines waived, new cards or IUs if gear found faulty after checks By Tan Weizhen THE hundreds of drivers who are plagued every month by CashCard problems will soon find some relief. From next week, motorists who have been fined because their wonky cards and in-vehicle units (IU) were not detected by Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries can get the penalties waived in a single stop. The scheme, which debuts on Wednesday, will let bedevilled motorists head to Land Transport Authority (LTA) authorised mechanics for a quick inspection. If their gear is faulty, the fines disappear and they will be given new CashCards or IUs, said the LTA and CashCard issuer Network for Electronic Transfers (Nets). Every month, 250 to 300 drivers face 'compatibility problems between the IU and CashCards', said the LTA. In the past two weeks, several readers had contacted The Straits Times to complain about such hitches. Previously, motorists faced a time-consuming challenge to get the fines expunged. They had to get waivers from the LTA office, head to a mechanic to have their CashCard or IUs tested and finally go to a customer service centre run by Nets for a new card. Drivers welcomed the new plan, but said it does not do away with the faulty CashCard problem. 'This one-stop solution is only temporary as I still have to go to the centres to nip my CashCard problems,' said Mr Eugene Tay, a 29-year-old business owner. 'When will they get to the root of it and stop the errors for real?' In a joint press release, LTA and Nets said they are 'investigating the cause of these incidents'. Many drivers have blamed the faults on the CashCard material, which they say is too weak. Some say the cards develop ridges over time, making them harder for IUs to read. A list of authorised LTA vehicle inspection centres can be found at www.onemotoring.com.sg. Motorists wanting cash refunds from the CashCards will still need to get them at the banks. http://www.straitstimes.com/Free/Story/STIStory_240113.html
  23. Nolicense

    ERP woes: What's to blame

    Bros and sis of MCF, a sample poll for those who had this problem, please indicate what the faulty component was in your case. NOTE: Option 4 is just for fun! http://www.todayonline.com/articles/252411.asp
  24. CashCard woes: Specific batch to blame Letter from Suhana Kharudin Manager, Media Relations Land Transport Authority I refer to "CashCard Woes: What's to blame?" and "$10 fine an unfair slap" (May 1). . Our investigations show that of the total number of ERP transactions in a month, about 300 cases of infringement are due to CashCard errors. Only five cases a month are due to a faulty IU. The 300 cases have been traced to a specific batch of CashCards issued in 2006, which had earlier passed Nets validation tests at that time. . We are working closely with Nets to determine how they will address the problem and to assure motorists that their cards will work well. . Currently, Nets is the only card issuer for the IUs. LTA is working on the next generation of e-payment system by allowing multiple suppliers to issue contactless smart cards. This will give motorists more options on paying ERP charges. http://www.todayonline.com/articles/251971.asp so really who many drivers were pwned becos of faulty cashcards, why LTA did not come out to state, which cards, wat serial no. and how does LTA intend to compensate them?
  25. I didn't know my cashcard expired on 31 March 2007 and today(2nd April) I drove thru ERP gantry with it. What will happened?