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Found 14 results

  1. SGMCF328

    Massive explosion in Lebanon

    Hopefully not an act of terrorism. Lebanese capital rocked by huge explosion https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/middleeast/live-news/lebanon-beirut-explosion-live-updates-dle-intl/index.html At least 78 people were killed in a massive explosion that shook the Lebanese capital, Beirut, on Tuesday evening, Lebanon's health minister told Reuters. The blast appears to have been centered on the city's port area. A CNN producer witnessed "chaotic scene" in Beirut emergency room following the explosion. Lebanon state-run NNA news reported that a major fire broke out near Beirut port and firefighting teams rushed to the scene and worked to put out the fire. Story developing.
  2. Carbon82

    Pasir Gudang Methane Poisoning

    The first thought that flashed across my mind when I read the news: I am very thankful that Singapore have strict legislation to prevent the occurrence of such massive chemical incident. Pasir Gudang methane poisoning: 111 schools shut, suspect to be charged on Thursday JOHOR BAHRU: Malaysia’s education ministry on Wednesday (Mar 13) ordered all 111 schools in Pasir Gudang to shut after a suspected chemical leak there left hundreds of people ill with methane poisoning. As of 8pm on Wednesday, more than 940 people have sought treatment for shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, said Johor Health, Environment and Agriculture Committee chairman Sahruddin Jamal. Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad refuted a viral report that a student had died due to the chemical pollution in Pasir Gudang. “I want to stress that the viral report about the death of a victim is not true. There is no death,” he told a press conference at the State Disaster Management Operation Centre on Wednesday. Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin also said that one of suspects involved in the case is expected to be charged on Thursday. In a statement on his official Facebook page, Education Minister Maszlee Malik said: “Unfortunately, I was told today that the situation is getting more critical. "I've ordered for all schools within a three-kilometre radius to be shut immediately. Teachers also don't need to be on duty because the situation is still dangerous.” Ms Yeo said that she has been in contact with the Attorney-General on the possibility of bringing multiple charges against the suspect, due to the serious nature of the offence and inadequacy of the penalty under the Environment Quality Act. Upon conviction, a person can be sentenced to a maximum of five years jail and fined RM500,000 (US$122,000) under Section 34B of the Environmental Quality Act 1974. “As the Department of Environment has completed the investigation, we will go ahead and prosecute but it is not limited to this (environmental) law. The person can be charged under the Penal Code and, possibly, other laws too," she said. Two schools - Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Pasir Putih and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Pasir Putih - were first ordered to shut on Mar 7, after students and school employees breathed in methane fumes from chemicals that were illegally dumped in the nearby Sungai Kim Kim. Over the weekend, at least 82 people were hospitalised or sought treatment. Three men were detained. A second wave of methane poisoning hit just hours after the two schools re-opened on Monday. By Tuesday evening, 13 schools in Pasir Gudang were ordered to close, as hundreds suffered methane poisoning. Johor Fire and Rescue Department’s director-general Mohammad Hamdan Wahid said on Wednesday that the second wave of poisoning would not have taken place if the dumped chemicals were immediately removed. He said the authorities did not dispose of the chemicals after concluding that they were no longer reactive, and believed it was due to the costs involved. “This was not a good decision. By right, it should have been disposed earlier," the director-general was quoted as saying by Malay Mail. “Due to the current hot weather, the chemical emitted hazardous fumes again, which then spread via (the) wind and made more people sick." Mr Mohammad Hamdan said the school closures were necessary as the current hot weather could trigger further chemical reactions. And that is the second occurrence. The 1st case was reported a week ago, on 7 March, with no further action taken. 35 treated for methane poisoning after illegal waste dumping in Johor's Pasir Gudang JOHOR BAHRU: Thirty-five people, mostly students, have been hospitalised after breathing in methane from chemical waste that had been illegally dumped into a river in Pasir Gudang. Those who fell ill were students and canteen workers from two schools, which were ordered shut on Thursday (Mar 7) while investigations take place. "Twenty-one people are warded at the Sultan Ismail Hospital here including three in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), five are being treated at the emergency unit of the hospital while the rest were given outpatient treatment and allowed to go home," said Johor Health, Environment and Agriculture Committee chairman Sahruddin Jamal. "All of them, aged from seven to 40 years, are reported to be stable." Dr Sahruddin had said earlier on Thursday that eight people were in critical condition. A student had fainted and five more started vomiting after breathing in methane on Thursday morning. A tanker lorry is believed to have dumped chemical waste into the Kim Kim River in Johor on Wednesday morning. The Fire and Rescue Department has identified an area with a radius of about 500m which was polluted by the illegal dumping, and has installed oil booms to prevent the chemical from spreading. While Dr Sahruddin said the situation is now under control, residents who show symptoms of gas poisoning, like nausea and throat irritation, have been advised to seek treatment. "The chemical is always moving in the water, so there is a possibility they are also exposed. If they experience symptoms like breathing difficulties, cough and red eyes, quickly go for treatment at the nearby clinics,” he said. Samples of the river pollution have been taken to be analysed. Those found guilty of illegally dumping waste can be jailed for up to five years and fined up to RM500,000 (US$122,000). The incident has incurred the wrath of residents in Taman Pasir Putih, a town near the polluted site. Several reported having headaches although their symptoms were not severe as the hospitalised victims. Mohamad Hazrin Mohamad Razali, 39, said he was worried about his children because both of them have asthma. Another resident, Asrul Abeli, 32, said the action was "thoughtless". "What more it is near schools resulting in children becoming ill ... I hope an investigation can be conducted to catch the culprits,’’ said Asrul.
  3. I bought this pre-stone flush and clean from amazon. After a bit of research, flushing 50/50 will sprung a leak from the cooling loop. Not sure should i do it or not. 2009 Avante, not sure whether the previous owner have done any coolant change so decide to do it 1 time,
  4. Wubb


    女郎晚上下班后搭地铁,坐在疑被人放置腐蚀性液体的座位,臀部被烧焦入院。 事发时,女郎在莱佛士坊转换地铁,一上车看到有空位就坐了上去。谁知坐下后,就感觉裤子湿湿的,发现座位上有液体,以为是水,也不以为意,换到对面的另一个座位。 不到一分钟,她的臀部突然传来阵阵的灼热感,原本打算在政府大厦下车,但想早点回家,决定忍一忍。 岂料到了多美歌地铁站,臀部的灼热感变成刺痛,她再也忍不住,马上下车到女厕查看,骇然发现右臀
  5. Hur........... Had been using 'Colgate' brand for the past 50 over years .... Yahoo news: Colgate Total Toothpaste Includes Chemical Ingredient Linked to Cancer Colgate's top-selling toothpaste, Total, is using a chemical ingredient that has been linked to cancer-cell growth and disrupted development in animals. The antibacterial chemical, triclosan, is used in the toothpaste to fight plaque and gingivitis, according to the company. Total received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in 1997 following the agency's rigorous process, and the toothpaste is safe, according to Colgate. However, an investigation by Bloomberg into the product found that "some of the scientific findings Colgate put forward to establish triclosan's safety in toothpaste weren't black and white". Colgate's toxicology studies on triclosan submitted to the FDA in connection with Total application had been withheld from view. The FDA released the study earlier in 2014 in response to a lawsuit over a Freedom of Information Act request. Later, the agency put the 35-page study on its website, following inquiries from Bloomberg. Three scientists who reviewed the pages at Bloomberg's request, taking into account new research on triclosan, said the FDA's approval of Total 17 years ago raises questions about whether the agency did appropriate due diligence before giving nod. They added that the approval may not validly stand in light of new research. "The pages show how even with one of the US's most stringent regulatory processes -- FDA approval of a new drug -- the government relies on company-backed science to show products are safe and effective," Bloomberg writes. The news agency noted that Colgate's studies on triclosan showed foetal bone malformations in mice and rats, but the company ignored the findings saying they were not relevant. Meanwhile, Colgate defended Total's effectiveness and safety, saying the product's approval was supported by more than 80 clinical studies involving 19,000 people. "In the nearly 18 years that Colgate Total has been on the market in the US, there has been no signal of a safety issue from adverse-event reports," Colgate spokesman Thomas DiPiazza told Bloomberg. More stories, the Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/colgate-total-toothpaste-includes-chemical-ingredient-linked-cancer-074918252.html#G1b6Nxk
  6. Darky8888

    Home Air Con Self Cleaning Chemical

    Hi Guys, Just to check if anyone know where can i buy those air con cleaning chemicals? Thought of DIY servicing my home aircon.. Anyone can share their DIY experience? Does not matter if it is car or home aircon... all are welcome
  7. Theatreofdreams

    Car Interior Chemical/ Petrol Odour

    Hi I have a stubborn odour in my car, like a chemical or petrol stench. I am not sure if it's because of a recent leak of my polishing cream bottle in the boot of the car, or a leak of the petrol tank. How can I determine? I have fabric seats and it's a hatchback so the boot area is connected to the cabin. I've tried febreeze and charcoal but to no avail. How can I determine the exact cause, before I resort to a steam cleaning of the interior? Thanks.
  8. Slonez

    Chemical Guys Anyone?

    I know many of the guys here uses DG products & they are not bad. I like the Aquawax a lot. Tried JW before & they're good too. How come not many people talk about Chemical Guys? Saw from their web site that they have many products, quite tempting...... Any feedbacks? Thks.
  9. Booboon

    What Chemical to use?

    Finally have some time as I start clearing my annual leave. Time to polish up my car and my old man car. Cars: Need to detail 2 toyota cars. Old man's ride is 3 yrs old Grey while mine is 1 yr old Green. Old man's ride have a condition of 7/10. Some swirl mark but very bad water etch mark. My ride has minor swirls and mild water etch. What I have: A few 5.5 LC pads(Orange CCS, Green CCS, White CCS, Gray CCS) 6.5" W8006. I have some 105, SRP Soft99 Carbuana wax and M26. Can recommend me some chemical to remove those paint defects (mainly water marks and swirls) I was thinking of M83 follow by M80. Thanks alot.
  10. When I top up battery water today, found some white powder/chemical sticking on the battery positive cable terminal, is it normal? or the battery will be flat soon? My battery is 19 month old, and voltage output is 14.2V / 12.4 V when engine is turned on the off respectively.
  11. Coltagious

    Golf GTI with Chemical Guys

    Here's a pretty new Golf GTI which came to me after "TLCed" by someone else who left pretty much swirls on the ride. Luckily, apart from some stained black trimmings, most of the defects were removed in a 2 step process and the solid red shine of the GTI was restored. The Process: 1) Wash n Clay 2) DA with Orange LC pad n IP ** This step got the paintwork back up to about 98%, the follow step was added just for that x-factor this solid colour keeps calling out for** 3) DA with white LC pad n PO106FF 4) Rinse again 5) DA with grey LC pad n Chemical Guy's EZ creme glaze 6) Hand application of CG's Factory Sealant Here's some of the defects and recovery made:
  12. Hi guys, I'm not sure what to call it, but we know one of the brand is called RainX. Personally, I've tried a number of brands. All are crap. Rain droplets still stick on the window. I have a privacy glass, and somehow, the chemical doesn't seem to wipe on properly on the glass. But water sticks on it very well. I've used rain x, causes all my wiper to judder. I used this japanese brand (some orange and black bottle) which also doesn't seem to work. Autobacs sells SOOOO many different sorts! Anyone can input their experience ??
  13. all CG stuff are ready for the next detailing session.Stay tune
  14. Maddriver

    Chemical guys and Smart wax

    For guys who are interested to know the dif betwwen this 2 product Dear sir, [/size] In reply to your query regarding the relationship between SmartWax and ChemicalGuys, it is true that the owner of SmartWax also owns ChemicalGuys. However to compare Smartwax products to those of Chemicalguys is to do disservice to both the brands. The best way to describe these two brands is to use the analogy between Toyota and Lexus, or between Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. The former are brands that symbolizes reliability, manufacturing excellence and good value for money. The latter are brands that has taken those virtue and raised the bar a couple of notches, where better design, more up-to-date R&D works and higher quality of materials were used to produce these automobiles. ChemicalGuys have many years of experience producing chemicals for professionals and the enthusiast users, where good products and excellent value of money is almost taken for granted. SmartWax was coined as a "cost-no-object" line of products for the serious car enthusiast and also for the discerning professionals who demands only the best products currently available in the market. SmartWax products are of a new formulation and uses the best raw materials currently made available to chemical manufacturers. It is also being produced in a much elaborate and stricter manufacturing process than ChemicalGuys. Therefore, it is unfair to have a direct comparison between products from these two brands as the quality, texture, product usage and final results are all very different. For example, there are no products than can stand in direct comparison, ChemicalGuys or otherwise to our SmartCompound #1, #2 or #3, SmartPolish or the SmartAll-In-One because these new products uses the latest raw nano-abrasive that is so new and still not made in large quantities. These abrasive breaks down very evenly and leaves a finish that will amaze you. We find no comparable products currently in the market. Our new SmartGlaze is also one of the best glaze you can find anywhere. We are currently finalizing our test for a new Sealant that will surprise even the most discerning users. It's manufacturing process and packaging are totally unique and innovative. You can expect it in the market before the end of this year. Our products are widely sold in Europe and across the United States. In fact Autopia, the most popular detailing website for serious car enthusiast on the net began endorsing and selling SmartWax products some 3 months back. In those mature markets, it would be foolish to sell the exact same products at a premium price with a different brand stickers. The market will filter you out sooner rather than later. Lastly, we are unable to give you a direct comparison between Cherry Wet Wax and SmartWax as Cherry Wet Wax was discontinued from our product lineup some 4 months back. While all SmartWax products are unique and newly formulated, some of it's formulation and technology will ultimately trickle down in new ChemicalGuys products in the future. We are happy that you achieve good success and results in both SmartWax and ChemicalGuys products. Both are good products designed specifically for different market and catered for different users requirement. We thank you for your interest and continuous support. Sm