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Found 17 results

  1. This is a good start The bosses interviewed said the surcharge is similar to previous years and has not been significantly increased due to recent inflation.
  2. After so many years (3 years since 2019), finally Chinatown Lights-up coming back again. Missed walking among those crowds within rows of stalls selling new year goodies. I believe the Lights-up is tomorrow night. 🤭
  3. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/could-cancellation-chinese-new-year-bazaar-chinatown-have-been-avoided The author of this article is asking the obvious question. U can still get your cny goodies without goin to the bazaar n i think its absolutely sensible to cancel the bazaar becuz theres no way to prevent overcrowding u can manage/regulate the number of people goin to the bazaar but there will be a long string of queue n thats still overcrowding geylang serai bazaar/christmas bazaars all cancelled so i dun see why we chinese would feel that we are entitled to have our cny bazaar in the middle of a pandemic where covid-19 is still raging around the world and even our closest neighbours i am appreciate that living in Singapore almost feel like living in a bubble enough of my lor soh..... where is everyone getting your cny goodies from? i usually get from Gin Thye this year wife also ordering pineapple tarts from home bakeries some misc stuff we intend to get from ntuc or sheng siong early to avoid overcrowding closer to cny
  4. Flowers around Mount Xiqiao here💮 Wishing everyone a happy Year of Mouse😄
  5. OUTDRIVE THE RAT RACE WITH MOTUL Snag a limited edition Motul T-shirt when you purchase 4L of 300V / H-Tech / Hybrid or 5L of Specific / 8100 range of products. Buy from our list of authorised dealers at motulconnect.com/sg 
  6. A video submitted to Singapore Reckless Drivers and circulating on Facebook depicts an accident that took place along the PIE towards BKE after Steven Road exit around 9:24 am on 20 January 2020. In the video, you can clearly see that the BMW abruptly cut the Trans-Cab's lane. And then, this typical BMW driver decided to hit the brake to show his macho-ness. And due to some ego issues with the cab driver, they bang on each other. Here's the full video. Let this serve as a gentle reminder to all drivers out here! Please drive graciously this Chinese New Year! Don't risk you and your passenger over such trivial disputes. Anyway, there is a reason why BMW drivers are hated so much. Drive safe BMWs! 🙂
  7. ICA Warns Of Heavy Checkpoint Traffic Over CNY, Start Your Journey Earlier So You Reach On Time Source: https://mustsharenews.com/heavy-traffic-checkpoint-cny/ Traffic At Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoints Will Be Heavy For CNY, Don’t Cut Queues To Save Time Many people in Singapore will drive to Malaysia during the Chinese New Year holidays, either to celebrate with relatives or just to take advantage of the break. Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has warned that traffic is expected to be heavy between 25-28 Jan, reported Channel NewsAsia (CNA). Heavy traffic during CNY, delays expected at checkpoints According to CNA, ICA cleared a whopping 475,000 travellers on the Friday before Christmas in 2019. This is around 60,000 more than their daily average of 415,000 travellers. For the upcoming festive season, delays are expected since there will be security checks on top of the higher-than-average number of travellers. ICA said that “traffic build-up is inevitable”. Traffic departing from Singapore is anticipated to be heavy from 17-28 Jan. Meanwhile, arrival traffic to Malaysia during 25-28 Jan is expected to be slow too. Factor in extra time for travelling In light of the festive season, it’s safe to assume that crossing the checkpoints will take a few hours. To avoid any delays in your travel plans, it will be wise to factor in extra time for travelling. You can also check OneMotoring to check out the traffic conditions before you leave the house. Most importantly, remember to visit the bathroom before you head for the checkpoints. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a jam with nowhere to run to. Check your passports ICA also reminded travellers to ensure that their passports have a validity of at least 6 months. Prohibited and controlled items like bak kwa and eggs, as well as firecrackers, cannot be brought across the checkpoints. Those who bring such items in should “proactively make declarations to… officers prior to checks”. Be gracious when travelling across the border While we might be in a hurry to get to our destinations, we should not forget to be gracious. Don’t cut the queues during the peak periods and be courteous to the officers who are working during the public holidays.
  8. Chinese New Year is coming. Yu Sheng, or Cantonese as lou hei, is one of the main dishes that most people will get to eat during Chinese New Year. Yusheng, yee sang or yuu sahng (Chinese: 魚生; pinyin: yúshēng), or Prosperity Toss, also known as lo hei (Cantonese for 撈起 or 捞起) is a Cantonese-style raw fish salad. It usually consists of strips of raw fish (sometimes salmon), mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Yusheng literally means "raw fish" but since "fish (魚)" is commonly conflated with its homophone "abundance (余)", Yúshēng (魚生) is interpreted as a homophone for Yúshēng (余升) meaning an increase in abundance. Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. While versions of it are thought to have existed in China, the contemporary version was created and popularised[citation needed] in the 1960s amongst the ethnic Chinese community and its consumption has been associated with Chinese New Year festivities in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Today, the common form of yusheng is the qicai yusheng (七彩鱼生; “seven-coloured raw fish salad”) served in local restaurants during the Chinese New Year period. Also referred to as facai yusheng (发财鱼生; “prosperity raw fish salad”) or xinnian yusheng (新年鱼生; “Chinese New Year raw fish salad”), this colourful take on yusheng was said to be created in the 1960s by chefs Lau Yoke Pui, Tham Yui Kai, Sin Leong and Hooi Kok Wai, together known as the “Four Heavenly Kings” in the Singapore restaurant scene. The recipe included ingredients such as shredded white and green radish and carrots, ginger slices, onion slices, crushed peanuts, pomelo, pepper, essence of chicken, oil, salt, vinegar, sugar and more. To enhance the taste, the chefs began the practice of pre-mixing the sauce in order to ensure a balanced taste for each dish as compared to the past when diners mixed the sauce themselves. This new way of eating yusheng was not readily accepted until the 1970s when younger diners embraced it. From then on, the popularity of this yusheng recipe soared and spread overseas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yusheng So, any good recommendations for good yu sheng this year? And how often do you eat yu sheng during the 2 weeks of Chinese New Year celebrations?
  9. During Chinese New Year, we will definitely buy some Chinese New Year goodies, aka snacks, junk food, etc, to serve our relatives and friends when they come to your house for visits during this period, or for won consumption. Some families will buy a lot of these goodies because of sales and some will buy very less, as to not to waste food and money. The common food that people will buy for Chinese New Year are snacks like pineapple tarts, kuek lapis, egg rolls/love letters, Bak kua, packet/canned drinks and other food like canned abalones, dried mushrooms and fish maws, sao la, etc. For those who buy a lot, they will take months to finish, even months after the 2 week Chinese New Year celebrations. For those who buy too little, the food is almost finished even before the first day of Chinese New Year celebration starts. How long do you take to finish your Chinese New Year goodies and food?
  10. Hey bros It's the Chinese New Year new week! Most shops will be closed and I figured after a few days of steamboat and other types of Chinese food, a change might be in order.. So how about some tasty prata! Halal and they offer other types of food too Two alternatives both Enaq prata https://www.facebook.com/pages/Enaq/205088869506376 Plan A Supper on Day 1 9pm 16th Feb 303 Jurong East Street 32, 600303 Plan B Breakfast 9 am Day 2 17th Feb 21 Ghim Moh Rd, Singapore 270021 Anyone interested?
  11. A blessed Chinese New Year everyone.. I hope everyone makes it home for dinner, and be safe when you go back tomorrow night.. But most of all, remember your folks.. I know that no matter what the old folks say, they are really happy to see us eat dinner with them... This video always gets me.. and I can totally relate to the video. I only missed it twice, when I was on duty, and it was one sad day..
  12. Chinese New Year is coming in 2 days time. A lot of places have put up Chinese New Year decorations since last month to spice up the festive mood. They can be seen in many places, especially shopping malls. Which place/s do you think has the best Chinese New Year decorations this year? What do you think of the modern designs decorations for the recent years?
  13. I'm here to share another bazaar, this time round for CNY! Happening at Punggol. I've been here once already last Saturday. Just like your regular pasar malam except with shops selling CNY decorations! Brought my mum to see see look look and buy some decor for the year of the dog. Skipped the food section as it was too crowded and we had dinner at Waterway already. If you wanna soak in the atmosphere though it's still a good place to visit and kill some time! It's located just beside Waterway Point btw. The Punggol MRT. http://thesmartlocal.com/read/punggol-cny-bazaar
  14. Huat arh ! Let bygones be bygones and be happy . As the saying goes , we are not going anywhere at the end. Disclaimer :2016 CNY "DONG DONG QIANG 咚咚锵" is not affiliated with @radx in any way. Despite the Dong Dong Qiang sounded the same but totally different meaning.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9i08erqdpY Going Johor to pump full tank of Petronas now!
  16. One Kueh Lapis has a whopping 157 calories! This equates to climbing 100 floors. Oh wow. Anyway, this infographic produced by Khoo Teck Puat hospital is for sharing. Wishing everybody a happy and healthy Chinese New Year!
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