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Found 79 results

  1. Pic A. Color pic B. B&W look Pic C. Low color mode
  2. Thaiyotakamli

    Audi RS4 avant Car Paintball

    Interesting https://www.facebook.com/streetfx/videos/10156312015350112/
  3. Hi all, Need your advise on this; I did a servicing recently at a workshop in Ubi area. Decided to check the engine oil about 3-4days later, found that it was dark. Didn't think too much of it until my colleague saw and commented that the color was too dark. Compared his over 10years old car engine oil which was due for servicing, and the colors actually look similar. I contacted the workshop about this, and the boss and worker start telling me that the engine oil color is normal. They specifically say that only a clean/overhaul engine will have clean engine oil... It actually sounds bulls**tty to me, but I need advise on this. You can see the attached image of the engine oil, 4 days after servicing. Is this normal? Should I go and get them to change again? Engine oil is Xado, and I opt for the more expensive oil as it was suppose to be better. Car is Mazda 3 2014, bought in August 2015, last servicing done about 15k before this one. Image of engine oil attached. Note that this is at least after wipe-place in-wipe again checks. Thanks for reading
  4. Macross_vin

    Anyone hear of Color N Drive?

    Dear All, I have just came across an advert from Facebook on this brand call Color N Drive. Seems like the paint touch up product is good and easy to use. Any bros have heard and use before? Please advise and review. Thanks. colorndrive.com/en
  5. Hi bro, I am driving a silver car and intend to wrap the whole car black. Do i need approval from LTA or just inform LTA? There is no information on LTA site. Thanks in advance. Rgds
  6. Done the services about a month , and drove 1k + km since then . Check the engine oil today and notice overfill , so pump up about 500ml . The engine oil color is dark grey/ brown .wonder is this normal ? Or the workshop cheated me by just topping up engine oil and charged me 150 ? https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbprsemlo2a25m7/engine_oil.JPG?dl=0
  7. I am trying this, I think it works... every night walking home along the corridor, the lizards running around and jumping down to escape....some hide at the edges of the gate waiting to slip in when I open the door. So i print 2 big lizards with a color printer and stick it at my gate.... so far didn't see any lizard around for the past 2 weeks..... but at first it does scares my sister now these two lizards picture are my 門神
  8. I was looking at the MZ6 this weekend and was close to buying one. In the end chickened out, haha. Anyway, I spent some time also looking at the colors in the brochure. I like the red, but the missus insists cannot choose that color. Black is also nice, but I had issues with black car before as dust and scratches show up easily. I look around Singapore and it seems like popular colors are Silver, White, Black and Grey. Do you guys agree? Seems boring to choose one of these colors, but the Mz6 blue is also not very nice. Reminds me of taxi.
  9. Obscurest

    Help - HID Light Turning Purplish

    Hi all, This morning, I realized that one of my HID light becomes purplish in color. Any idea what is wrong with the bulb? Does that means is time to change? If yes, any idea where can I get them and how much it cost? My is Honda Stream and wondering what are the maximum legalized brightness level that I can go? Thanks.
  10. Kurty

    Car seat color

    Thinking of changing my car seat which I had been using for the last 10 years. It's fabric but really good on hot day Tried pu but don't really like, quality is poor after a few years and tend to glade during corner. This time round, thinking of going semi leather, cow hide. Realized there's many colors to go for, from grey to red, brown, blue, purple etc.. I'm a lazy person who don't maintain my car.. which is the best color that maintainence free? Actually I'm comtemplating between black and red. Red sure looks posh but I'm only driving a small car... As for black, I fear it's difficult to maintain
  11. Thaiyotakamli

    Cool Color Changing

    One word, AWESOME!
  12. Ender

    What color do you see?

    I see Blue and black.. Most of my dept see gold and white. http://www.businessinsider.sg/white-and-gold-black-and-blue-dress-2015-2/#.VPAPxPmUduI http://www.businessinsider.sg/origin-of-white-gold-or-black-blue-dress-2015-2/#.VPAPs_mUduI
  13. Hi, Shop assistant at Concord told me: Soft99 claybar color Blue - for white color cars only Green - for dark color cars and metallic surface My car is silver, which color claybar should I use? Thanks in advance. Regards, limws1
  14. Remember as a kid when you yearned for those crazy Hot Wheels cars that changed color when you dunked them in hot and cold water? It was about as much fun as you could have, short of striking first in a game of roshambo. It's the kind of fun you just can't have as an adult. Fortunately, a small UK body shop called Auto Kandy claims to have created a solution for those still dreaming of multi-colored Mustangs: Paint your car in thermochromic paint, and have yourself a full-size Hot Wheels color shifter. As the video below documents, the car used to showcase the wacky paintwork is an orange Nissan Skyline R33. By pouring cold water on the car, the paint transforms from orange to deep purple. While lacking smoke, the heat-sensitive paint adjusts its coloring via pigments, changing color as the temperature swings. The whole process costs just $320, but it will only last four to six months, due to excessive damage from UV light exposure. It begs the question: What's the point? After all, it looks as if the car's been vandalized by a giant flock of pigeons that feed only on purple Skittles. And how bored must you be to pour cold water on your car, only for it to change back minutes later as the temperature normalizes? Personally, I'd rather the ChromaFlair colorings used on cars like the TVR Tuscan. That way, I wouldn't look as if I'd bumped into Barney after an all-night bender. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT6raekYHG4&feature=player_embedded
  15. is the driver of the silver Mazda3 color blind??? the RED light is on quite long somemore...what's happening nowadays? too bad i didn't remember the no. plate, and i can't see clearly from my cheapo camera. Hiaz...
  16. I purchased a black colour sport rim from LS tyre shop in payaubi. Initially they used the chrome colour metal nut to secured the rims. I don't really like the metal nuts as it look a but odd and don't blend with the black rim. When I asked if can change to black colour, they claim there a charge of $50 (total 20 nos) as the black colour is made of better quality and would rust whereas the chrome metal colour one would rust. Anyway tried to bargain for better price but not successful and purchased from them.It is reasonable for them to claim so and charged that amount for black colour nuts?
  17. Soda Wars: Can the Color in Your Cola Give You Cancer? A public-health advocacy group is on a mission to get caramel coloring banned from soda on the grounds that it may cause cancer. By Bryan Walsh | @bryanrwalsh | March 6, 2012 | +Tweet Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty ImagesIf some public-health advocates have their way, sodas could become the cigarettes of food. Doctors already dislike the sugary drinks for their teeth-dissolving properties and for the role they may play in childhood obesity. There
  18. If I want to respray the car to a diff color, does the workshop needs to remove parts in the engine bay, including the engine? How much will it cost? And how long is the down time?
  19. Donut

    Nook color or Kindle Fire

    Any difference between these 2? How do I buy the ebooks for either reader?
  20. Recently I was tailed by a white Forte at night without headlight but just the pole lamp. To make things worst, the pole light was is RED color! At first I thought is was the back of a car! This was only one of the so many vehicles that have changed the color of their vehicle's lightings. Turning signal changed to white/blue or even red. Back number plate lighting using bright white LED Using yellow spot light color (though not the spotlight itself) as headlamp. All these lights modifications are being nuisance to other road users if not sending a wrong signal to them.
  21. Would you buy car based on color compatibility of your zodiac sign? Say monkey "good" color is red, would u go for red car? I checked mine and seems like different website gave me different colors .. haha
  22. Friendstar

    Nook Color

    Who has bought the highly acclaimed Nook Color and hacked it to become a full Android tablet? Nook Color
  23. Jerrimie

    Color Change

    Anyone has any lobang for whole car change color? Sg / jb also can lol on a tight budget.Thanks
  24. he wears pink again...is it due to fengshui advice?
  25. Sp33dst3r

    Engine oil & its color