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Found 8 results

  1. Zippaboy

    Best comfort/quiet tyres.

    time to change tyres. any recommendations? Looking for quiet tyres. However with good water drainage system, not prone to aqua-planning. LS2000?
  2. ** mod: please post in market place.
  3. Greddy82

    Dunlop Touring R1

    Anyone using this tyres? Need some real feedback. Cheers.
  4. Hi, I am thinking of changing my tyres on my Estima. Current I am using Dunlop (225/50R18) but few months back it hit a nail so I am contemplating to change it soon. The current model as I have checked with many shops are hard to replace (ie such models are not common in the marketl) so it's best to change all 4. I have been reading that certain brands have their pros and cons. In my previous ride which is a Toyota Wish from BM, I used to always use Yokohama (stock). I am not into tyres so basically safety is the top prority and I do travel to Malaysia quite abit with my family. Any brand of tyres to be recommended for safety and fuel efficency? Thks.
  5. I was recommended these toyo tyres for continental car. I am looking for tyres for ordinary family usage. Comfort will be the priority. I hardly drive in rainy condition and even if I drive it would be about 80km/hr. I was told these are made in Japan. Would welcome any comments and recommendations.
  6. Hamburger

    Toyo Proxes CF2

    Decided to go for a change as my wife French's yoko is unbearably noisy and harsh although the thread is still deep due to low mileage travelled. It is already a 4 yrs old tyre and for every reason, a change is a must. Was recommended this Toyo model and I have to admit to it is the price and that it is MIJ that enticed me to make the purchase. Initial feel is really comfy due to soft side wall and one look at the tyre design you know it will be quiet, judging from the non aggressive thread design. But want amaze me is the thread wear that is 400 but with a AA rating for traction. Need to run in I before I can have a feel of the tyre feedback. So for the price of a Korean brand tyre, can consider this MIJ Proxes CF2. Size purchased: 205/55/16
  7. Nojoke123

    Recommend tyre for Altis

    Need to change tyres soon. Currently am using 205/55R16 91V. Any recommendation for brand of tyres suitable and what is the price ? Need tyres which are safe on wet road as 2 times my car "skid" in company's car park and it was very scarely. Between, understand that new tyres need to be 205/55R16. Is the 91V important or it don't have to be 91V ? Thanks in advanced.
  8. Hi guys, what are some of the quietest 17" around that you have tried? Continental CSC3 CSC5 Goodyear Asymmetric 2