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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys, So I decided to compile this list of complains of mine. I know its probably irritating to some as well but we all share the road so here I go: 1. Head Lights I start small with this pet peeve of mine. Similar to the "say until sian already signal light" can people turn on their bloody freaking headlights? You know Singapore is well lit so you take it for granted? I mean come on la, if you are lazy hit the auto on and leave it there. How many times do we see cars that drive late at night without headlights. You are assuming all of us have amazing vision and that we can see you coming through the darker alleys / side roads? Can you be any lazier? 2. Chiong-sters I am a firm believer of you reap what you sow. You want to chiong go ahead. But can you dont chiong and danger our lives in the mean time? We all went through basic theory test right? What is the first lane of the expressway for?. . . . OVERTAKING. Please keep your charging activities to the 1st lane or make sure you drive at 11pm - 6am. You can race all you want without getting us involved. You want to drive beyond the speed limit? Sure go ahead not my business, just don't swerve in and out of the lanes like an a**hole. 3. Motorcyclists Dear Motorcyclists, I dont mean to say all of you but a LOT OF YOU do ride like a crazy person. You are assuming that we are all pin-point technical drivers that will check our blindspot religiously. You know driving on the road is not fair to you guys in terms of safety right? You know that a lot of us work super hard; drive our kids; had a bad day; and we might not be 100% focus to the "T" that you can risk your lives like that right? Many of you are a friend; a brother; a sister; a husband; a wife; a dad; or a mum. Can you be more responsible and drive safer? Its a combination of ALL of the above: Driving on without head lights; SQUEEZING through 2 cars on a highway; Riding on the line; Hogging on roads to smoke while riding. OH COME ON. Man, the culture of driving is so straightforward. You see a signal light: I give you way; and hopefully, when I show a signal you give me way and not SPEED UP AH!! TIME TO NOT LET HIM PASS. I am so confused? Does getting to the destination 5 - 10 mins faster make your self esteem grow? Sian....... Anyway... just a complaint post that I need it out there.